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  1. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Ha love me some Carl Hayes and good comp. Had a few classes with him and he was a good dude but lets hope Roby takes his education a little more seriously
  2. Anton Gill

    My daughter did this to both knees. She was never the same after the first surgery speedwise and had to quit soccer / basketball after the second. They do not think she will ever get 100% again but she had some additional issues in there that Gill might not. Just saying it is no certainty even a successful surgery gets him back to what he once was.
  3. Agree with this a lot. I also think Allen was told he will get time at the point. For a smaller guard if he wants to keep playing he needs to develop his PG skills so I think he will get some minutes there. I like Taylor as a catch all who can guard 1-3 and hopefully get minutes as needed, ideally GW, Palmer, and Allen get most of the minutes and he fills in where needed.
  4. Offseason Potpourri

    I think he thinks Watson and Roby can be pretty special as well, hopefully he is right about their potential, could be fun to watch
  5. Next Years Starting 5

    This is what I want to see as well but I think we see ET in the starting lineup to start the year. I like his versatility off the bench but does not bring much offense. I am really hoping Palmer is good enough he has to start, then I think we are really on to something. Bringing Palmer, Allen, and Jack off the bench would not be terrible either, lots of offense in that group. I am also hoping Nana is good enough to earn minutes but not hearing much on him so far. Miles said Copeland is one of his top 3-4 guys and I am assuming GW and Roby are two others. Just do not see Jack starting in front of those guys but if he is your 6-8 guy we should have a pretty good team.
  6. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    So those of you talking to the little birds about Thor. What are those birds telling you about Nana and TA?
  7. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    Mason, McIntosh, GW, Cowan, Carr. Went with potential but was torn leaving out Sanders and Bohannon is 7th
  8. The more I think about it the more I think we will see that front line Roby, Copeland, Jack quite a bit. Anytime the other team does not have a big true post scorer we could do it in my opinion. Then you add GW and whoever at the two gives us a lot of scoring and mismatches. Could be a lot of fun to watch. That is the type of team I hate playing against
  9. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    Is it me or does Tai always looks like he is fading back from the waist up on his jump shot, think he would be more consistent if he went straight up and down.
  10. Justin Costello is N

    I agree with Jacob that Costello is a really good high school player that I do not think will ever get minutes. He does have one specific skill that Trueblood did not and that is a knock down 3 point shot. Those guys always have a chance to contribute if they work their back side off to become good defenders, etc. I am glad he is giving it a shot but there is a reason there were not a lot of even low level D1 or D2 offers. Hope like hell he proves me wrong though.
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Isn't it possible they needed to wait till the surgery to get some more medical information to base their claim on? I have no idea how these things works but guessing they have to provide pretty detailed medical documents on why he is basically taking a medical redshirt after 7 games.
  12. Looking forward

    Man I hope Copeland gets back to 100%
  13. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I agree and I was not trying to criticize his parents at all, you have to look out for your kids first and I would be emotional as well. I just think the expectations were not matching and it is not surprising to me that they are making this decision. I wish Jeriah and his family the best and wish they would reconsider, I see a lot of potential.
  14. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I do not know or have not talked to his parents but I have seen them at games. It was very obvious to me from early on they were not real happy with his PT. In one of the first few games he was not getting any time and they were not happy, then he got in late and hit a bucket or two and he was pretty fired up. I am not saying they were right or wrong but just that I have thought all season he might be gone after that.
  15. Sipple checks in

    I am not a fan of his post moves. Although he had a nice one to start the Mich game. He either tries to over power or get to the other side of the rim. He needs to perfect the face up 10 footer and really get a go to jump hook since he is always shorter than his defenders. I wish he would watch the kid from ND, similar size post guy who scores at will it seems.