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  1. Yep, I think Jordy got a little body but Roby slapped and it was right in front of the official is what it looked like to me
  2. Two Questions (1 X's and O's, 1 Personnel Decisions)

    I think he needs to get his legs stronger and then mix in a lot of yoga or balancing type training. If he just had more body control he would be on to something
  3. Two Questions (1 X's and O's, 1 Personnel Decisions)

    Agree a lot with this. He gets lost a lot and that includes offense. Watch him try to set a pick as well, not good, not good at all. I have no problem playing him when we are straight up man and they have a big guy to bang but that is about all at this point. No clue what they are but I would guess Jordy gets way more rebounds per minute as well but that is just a guess.
  4. One thing that has always bothered me is what a poor passing team we are. A couple people have commented on Roby being wide open on rolls numerous times. That should not be a hard pass and we are very poor at it (horrid last night). We also do a bad job of post entry IMO. Indiana was smaller and more physical preventing the drives. Would have loved to see Palmer just go to the post on Johnson and shoot over him, same with Copeland. Might have been some fatigue last night as well so hopefully we rest up come out with our A game on Sunday
  5. Jordy is frustrating for sure but man he had a couple needed buckets and 9 rebounds in not a lot of time. We definitely need him.
  6. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I think we put our top 10 teams vs the Big12 top ten and we more than hold our own as well. Talk about a lot of good but not great teams
  7. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I think you jinxed Jordy and Copeland with these tweets That is pretty amazing for Jordy would have never guessed. Hope they get back on their hot streaks for Sunday
  8. WNIT vs. The Dance

    Impressive with the name calling. I have watched Sam's act on message boards for many years, lighten up
  9. WNIT vs. The Dance

    If Sam knows as much about women's basketball as he does about football I would not trust any of his projections
  10. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    So tired of this take already. You or anyone else has no idea if this is really the case. I might be wrong but really think 23 wins still gets us in. Things change when you are on the bubble and there is time left. Extreme positions suck, in politics, religion, and most definitely bubble discussions.
  11. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Nice try, your the one changing words. This whole thing started because you said our conference record means nothing to the committee and being in a P5 does not matter. You cited things like SOS, Quadrants, etc. I agreed those things matter but so does other things like how we did in conference will be discussed as well, which you denied. Bruce said many things are discussed that are not on the sheet, which is what I said. You now get pissy for that being pointed out. Maybe we will not make it and you can go back to hating Miles. HuskerActuary, "I am with you.The BIG10 is still a power conference and if we are in the top 5-6 with 20 wins we will be at worst on the bubble and I think we get in. We played some good non con teams at least so it is not like we played a embarrassing non con that they would hold against us." I am still fine with that comment. With how things have shaken out we probably would not get it but would still be a bubble team. You still do not even know that for sure either, no one does. Maybe the things Bruce talked about are more important than we think and we are solidly in right now. The eye test and looking inside the numbers apparently do matter.
  12. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    It very well could but I want to be safe and these things are fluid, not just black and white numbers. Tell us again how our non con SOS will kill us? or how quadrant win/losses all count the same, or how we did in conference does not matter. Your the one who has been talking in absolutes. My point along there is that there is more to it than numbers which the head of the committee seemed to confirm, odd.
  13. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Very good to read. Really makes the metrics only guys on here take a second look. Non con SOS is not really a factor, they look at each game individually, No bad losses is a big factor, etc. 3 more wins, just get them somehow.
  14. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    I agree Bruce is most likely but these guys attend a lot of conferences etc, and they all know each other. Friend of mine used to work for the AD and knows tons of people at different schools around the country. Could very well be he is buddies with one of those guys on the committee.
  15. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    E Illi lost their top 3 PGs I believe, unbelievable bad luck for them