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  1. Art Vandalay

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    That is where I was completely wrong and Actuary was right but what I think needs to change. They place so much importance on analytics and do not use the eye test enough (not just this year with NU either). Maybe get some basketball folks instead of school ADs to be on the committee but not sure how that would work either. I know Rasmussen watches a lot of hoops but wonder how much others do and if not do they just rely on analytics. Picking that many teams from that many choices is going to be a flawed process no matter what I guess.
  2. Art Vandalay

    Costello Redshirt

    I agree with this. I do think I like his upside a little more than Trueblood. Johnny seemed to be better attacking the rim but not sure if he will ever be able to do that at this level without having a knock down jumper like Costello.
  3. Art Vandalay

    18-19 depth

    I think Allen will step into the 2 spot if he can hold up defensively. I would bet he does a lot better off the ball and focusing on knocking down shots like AG did for us last year.
  4. Art Vandalay

    Morrow leaving

    He has something when he is healthy that they just do not have and that is strength / toughness. I bet he finds minutes and if he adds that they should be a pretty good squad.
  5. Art Vandalay

    Amir Harris is N

    I think I saw some stats for one of his AAU teams when I was digging. It might have been a small sample size but he did not shoot very many threes at all and of those he attempted only made a low percentage. When I get time I will see if I can find it again but was thinking it was only like 2 for 13 or something like that. Thrilled to have him though.
  6. Art Vandalay

    Contract Extensions

    I would have guessed you would think this way Petaluma. Why we are making things harder on ourselves for no good reason is baffling. Even if it makes things only slightly harder (I believe it is more than that) it seems stupid. It hurts the program as much or more than Miles.
  7. Art Vandalay

    Contract Extensions

    It is a no confidence flag from the AD and of course it hurts a lot. Coaches are smart and will constantly be in a recruits ear about it and that plants a lot of doubt in kids/parents mind. What is so frustrating is if it is just about the money just reduce his buyout and extend the years, that happens a lot. So if you do end up having to fire him you are not out a lot more money. it was pretty simple and I am surprise by what Moos did. Hurts the program with or without Miles but doing it this way.
  8. Art Vandalay

    Hank Bounds interview

    I would bet the indecisiveness on Miles led KH to at least put some feelers out to see what options he had. Then UCONN makes an offer and it is a no brainer for him and I do not blame him. If Moos came out right away and extended Miles and showed some confidence maybe he does not even put out feelers.
  9. Art Vandalay

    Let me get this straight...

    There is simply no chance this does not hurt recruiting a lot. Every coach we go up against will be using it without a doubt. This will also impact the type of assistant coach we can get. This is a very loud and clear no confidence vote by the AD, no other way to look at it. It sucks because it does kill momentum and is needless. give him 3 years, lower the buyout, and praise him to everyone for a great job last year. It should not have been that hard unless Miles took a hard stance in negotiations which I doubt since he does not have a lot of juice.
  10. Art Vandalay

    What to do with Miles contract?

    There seems to be a regent floating the rumor about Altman at 8 years / 30mil, so who knows who old Herman talks to.
  11. Art Vandalay

    Name that Coach

    I was not that upset at 2015 either. Having 3 freshman, even good freshman, playing that big of a role is going to be hard to compete in normal big 10 years. Outside of top 25-50 guys, most will really struggle at times as freshman. 2014 and 2016 I agree were issues for me. I really believe if we fired Miles this year we will really be setting this program back big time. I do have faith in Moos to do the right thing though. I will have serious concerns if big contributors leave for shaky reasons again.
  12. Art Vandalay

    Name that Coach

    I will disagree, think his first season was one of his best coaching jobs. We did not have much at all to work with. I have really only thought we really under performed in 2014 and 2016.
  13. Art Vandalay

    OT- Boy's State Tournament

    Don't think anyone will beat Prep but weirder things have happened for sure. I would not mind seeing Bryan win as that young coach has built them up from the below the basement. Hope Platteview gets it done as well in B
  14. Art Vandalay

    NCAA or bust.

    If you do not think at least part of the reason those guys left is because of better competition I do not know what to say. Ed basically lost his job last year to Jordy who continued starting after Ed came back from injury. You could tell at the time that did not sit well with him. They fully knew the hype on Copeland and I bet they saw Roby's potential everyday. I agree he probably did not want to play the 5 either but he saw the writing and I am not sure he just needed a fresh start. Miles also said after that recruiting class, it is his job to go out and get even better players every year. He did that so those guys were in a tough spot but you seem to be blaming Miles for good recruiting. Also crazy to blame the BIG10 issues as pointed out we are the reason some of those teams do not seem as good. We should not even be having this conversation and hopefully he doubles down next year and we get momentum but who knows I am going to enjoy the success while it is here.