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  1. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    Tell that to Arizona who only beat them by 18 in the tourney last year as a two seed, so I remain confident a 22 point win is a good win.
  2. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    Do not agree these guys are horrible, anytime you beat a tourney team by 20+ is more than acceptable. They were small but so was E Illini and St Johns, we played much better on both ends than those two game. I do agree Roby / Copeland is our best line up. If we want to reach our potential we have to get Jordy playing better, at least as he was to end last year. There are to many big guys in the BIG10 that would really wear down Roby and Copeland. So we need to play Jordy as much as possible without giving games away to get him back up to speed. On a bright note he is passing better than before, just needs to stop thinking what move he is going to go and just go. Previous years this might be an L with our two top scorers having subpar games and this year we win by 20+, so that is a good sign. Hopefully it translates against better opponents.
  3. Husker Signing Day

    It looks like X has worked on the shot. On the second video the release looks much better. Still a lot of work to be done but it seems like he is working on it. If that comes around look out, one man fast break and I bet he can be a terror on Def
  4. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    They were moving IC around from what I saw. He was taking the first pass and then diving to rim or floating out to the three. I agree I like him in the mid range more right now but it seems he caught it in a few different areas and was not afraid to go to the rim. If he starts hitting his threes he will be a handful as last night they were sagging off and giving him that shot. I am assuming once he gets back in shape he will at least be a decent 3 point shooter.
  5. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    I disagree, I like that we start out going to Jody, we need him and IC to be scorers. If he starts off well it opens a lot of things up for others and I have noticed he is looking to pass out of the post when doubled which is great. They also did some high low with him and IC early but really those two did not get a lot of minutes together so hard to get in a rhythm. Jody seems to struggles against small quick defenders more than true big, he likes to bang a little and when they don't it is almost like he gets off balance or tries to complicate things. IMO our season if we want to be a tourney team depends on Jordy being a legit post presence on both ends and IC hitting jump shots. I think our guards will be very good but need those compliments.
  6. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    This is pretty accurate Jacob. I think JT was a better high school player but do not think his game translates to upper D1. Costello IMO has a better chance to contribute someday because he is a knockdown shooters which is always valuable. Still do not think he will be able to guard or get his shot off at this level but who knows. He comes from a good family and will work for it no doubt.
  7. Closed Scrimmage

    I agree this will not be a normal ISU team and I was expecting us to fair well. However if you told me they would shoot 60% against us I would not have been confident and to still win fairly handily is encouraging. Even better we did it without a lot from our big guys. I just hope ISU was hot and our Defy is not that poor, which I doubt it is. Wonder if Nana has an injury or something with no PT and the tweet the other day
  8. Copeland

    I am not positive but I think Joseph has been hurt, maybe a hammy or or something. No clue who will be their starting PG but do not think Joseph has been 100% yet.
  9. Nana to Redshirt?

    Everyone has to remember they are only a couple weeks into practice. I think it reasonable to think that is why T Allen got very few minutes and zero for Nana. In normaly years they have a couple more weeks to prepare for an exhibition or scrimmage, it is a big jump even for highly ranked freshman. I think Nana especially will have a little steeper curve learning to guard on the wings in major college hoops. I would not be surprised at all to seem more PT for them a month from now depending how much work ethic they have.
  10. Guard play

    I agree, if IC gets as many open looks at Jacobson he might be a 20 per game scorer. Can not see that happening but should really help open the floor for Glynn and Palmer
  11. Robin's Predictions

    I think we have a top six for sure after listening to the Miles radio appearance this week. If Palmer can knock down 3s and be a double digit scorer I will be very optimistic for this season. He said that Roby is in the top 5 or for sure 6 I believe or something like that. So starting GW, Copeland, Jordy and you then have Roby / Taylor / Palmer at the other two spots. Guessing he will play a few different starting lineup early to see what clicks. Jack and Allen (TM said he is a 2 guard right now) would seem to be 7-8 I would guess. If that is the case I would vote Taylor being 6th man as he could sub for basically anyone and we can still have a solid 5 and he would seem to be the main PG back up as well. Wildcard is Gill, I do not think he will get big minutes but TM always mentions him so if healthy he might get lots of time. Season can not get here soon enough
  12. Next Years Starting 5

    That makes sense, I could see him going with a small line up with Copeland and Roby at the 4/5 for a few minutes a game as well. Taking some more Duby minutes. Nana seems to me like someone who could make a jump once he gets comfortable with playing at this level, so PT here and there would be a good thing early if we need him down the stretch.
  13. Next Years Starting 5

    Hope they podcast that, sounds interesting. Eight would be hard, you figure GW, IC, JT are sure starters Then ET, JP, and IR will most likely fill the other 2 spots in the starting line up That leaves only 2 for Jack, Allen, Ruby, and Gill (wonder if Nana is a redshirt candidate, assuming not but PT might be hard to come by)
  14. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Thank you Jacob, I appreciate anything we can get right now and that seems pretty encouraging. It is going to be strange actually having depth and having options when your main guys are having off nights.
  15. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Any good tidbits from practice yesterday? Seems like you were there with other reports but I have not seen any articles? I need some info man , it will be a long month