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  1. I agree and I was not trying to criticize his parents at all, you have to look out for your kids first and I would be emotional as well. I just think the expectations were not matching and it is not surprising to me that they are making this decision. I wish Jeriah and his family the best and wish they would reconsider, I see a lot of potential.
  2. I do not know or have not talked to his parents but I have seen them at games. It was very obvious to me from early on they were not real happy with his PT. In one of the first few games he was not getting any time and they were not happy, then he got in late and hit a bucket or two and he was pretty fired up. I am not saying they were right or wrong but just that I have thought all season he might be gone after that.
  3. I am not a fan of his post moves. Although he had a nice one to start the Mich game. He either tries to over power or get to the other side of the rim. He needs to perfect the face up 10 footer and really get a go to jump hook since he is always shorter than his defenders. I wish he would watch the kid from ND, similar size post guy who scores at will it seems.
  4. Agree Norm, that shot looks nice to me and not real slow at all. I would like to see more of his handle but the shot does not concern me and it looks like he has deep range. That being said we need another guard who can play. A real good frosh or a grad transfer. I am not convinced on Gill and Taylor will never shot close to 40% on threes in my opinion. I do like his pull up but there it is not pretty from deep.
  5. Previously I had the same line up Norm except for Morrow instead of Jordy. I think you are right though about this and I would favor Ed off the bench maybe save his foot a little as well. We need to consistently have 3-4 guys who can knock down shots and demand to be guarded at all times. We just do not have that this year or really since forever. I really wish MJ would consistently hit his jumper, he seems to get unlimited 15 footers to 3 pointers. If Copeland gets those same looks he might average 20
  6. People would have freaked out if Daum would have been given a ship. He was almost run out of SDSU his redshirt year. Give the kid credit for working hard and blossoming late but I do not blame NU or CU for not going after him at all. Hollins would be a better Taylor and Thurman could have been a nice bench player but I do not think either make us a significantly better team. I think they are at the right level and good for them on the success they have had. Wish they would have made the tourney, UNO is a fun team to watch.
  7. I somewhat agree. I think TDH would be a much better version of Taylor but he gets a lot of leeway at UNO giving up a lot of easy buckets but he does get a ton of steals as the trade off. I also think Thurman could be a bench player in the Big10 but not a star like he is at UNO. Do not think Hahn would even play, good shooter but no def and no other big contributions. Think Jack is much better than him overall.
  8. Plus Tai is basically our PG at least half the time. Glynn lost his aggressiveness the last month for some reason. People know to make him go left but he still gets open looks but he has not been taking them, seems to over think like someone told him to distribute and not just score.
  9. I do not think we can this year which is a problem. I still have hope MJ can start making those shots but if not I think we will need to look at him coming off the bench. I think he would be perfect for that role anyway as he brings a lot of energy.
  10. I am still in Mile's corner but you hit on my biggest complaint. I think he is just too old school in his philosophies. You have to embrace the three on offense and try to limit it on defense. It is too easy of a shot anymore and teams are rolling out line ups with 4-5 guys who can hit it. A Lot of the time we only have 1 or 2 guys who can shoot it well. I really hope Copeland, Nana, Palmer are legit shooters and Jeriah, MJ, and Roby improve their shot before next year. I only feel Glynn and Jack are reliable at this point. Jeriah probably would be but does not get the minutes to prove it. It would be nice to have 4 shooters with Jordy/Ed down low
  11. He was tough but I think Glynn took Glynn out last night more than anything. He had numerous times he could have attacked or got a shot but did not look like he wanted to score. Open FT jumper, floaters, he was real out of sync for some reason maybe it was Lucas but it was noticeable.
  12. Exactly, SE is actually hurting the program with this type of communication. Do what is best for the program, support Tim as long as he is our coach, make it easier not harder to recruit. Then if things fall apart and you make the decision to fire him and do it. Sure short term SE might be called a liar or whatever but it will go away and it is better for his image to suffer a tiny bit than letting the program suffer. Take one for the team Sean after all you claim to be doing everything possible to help our programs.
  13. I would have Ed watch film of the Colson kid at Notre Dame. Think they are similarly sized guys and that kids scores on everyone down low. He even added a 3 point shot this year I believe. Ed needs more jump hooks, face ups, and others to compliment the power. If he does that watch out.
  14. Do not have to be great 40%+ but I think we need someone who is consistent and I am not confident Gill can be that guy either. Unfortunately I am not confident he will get his explosiveness back either, hopefully I am wrong and he gets back 100%. That is why I am hoping Palmer is legit or Nana is able to contribute from the jump. I have always thought Tai is more of PG, just not consistent enough jumper
  15. Agree with Dimes, we need shooters. We need Palmer or Gill to be a legit shooting guard who can knock down shots contested or not. If we find that we should be pretty damn good next year. Think Copeland will be a much needed shooter as well at the 3-4. Will be nice to have depth and competition every day in practice for PT If the kid from Elkhorn MM plays we are in huge trouble, he is not a consistent shooter at all from what I have heard. Very good athlete though but he is not going to play. Realistically non of the walk ons should be playing with the depth we are lining up.