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  1. Shepard Transferring

    Just part of the growing trend and existing epidemic that exists in women's college basketball. This news is disappointing. What is happening to these type of kids? If you face adversity, rise up and be a leader and be a good teammate. Why are kids today programmed to make these type of decisions? Student athletes shouldn't be entitled to make these type of decisions. Life is not always fair and kids today think they are always entitled to bigger and better things. Nebraska and its fan base can appreciate a solid work effort. Kids that love the game and are team players with drive and passion for the game should be recruited to come to Nebraska. All others should not apply. Entitlement is killing college basketball. What a disappointment!! UConn's coach said it best when it comes to recruiting. No wonder they have sustained such a winning tradition. See below. This is spot on.
  2. WBB: Game #8 vs California

    The combined records of Virginia, VT, Washington St and California is 25-5. That's tough competition. The turnovers are killing us. 25 today which makes it hard to keep a game close. We have showed flashes of competing with teams but no consistency. Defensively, we are giving up easy baskets. The team is gritty and plays til the end. Until we can play more consistently and put 4 quarters together it's going to be a work in progress. Is Washington hurt? We don't have room for injuries with a depleted roster. Need two wins this week to get back on track.
  3. WBB: Game #4 vs Omaha

    If we can hold teams we face to under 60 and we can beat the zone and take what defense gives us, we might be competitive during the next stretch of our schedule. Quick passes beat the zone. Not as fluid as I like to see. Lots of question marks but allot of improvement in a span of 5 games. Coach Williams seems to have solutions for addressing areas of improvement. Scoring was balanced and the 3 ball is falling. I'm not sure we have played a tough team yet. Missouri was good but beatable. Matchups will be key this week. If we don't show up to play in the next 4 games, we could get beat by wide margins. The competition will challenge us offensively. Defense wise we are good enough to keep games close only if offense can figure out how to be consistent. Happy turkey eating day!
  4. Defense will keep us in ball games. Better performance tonight. We are improving. The schedule is ridiculous. As much as I wanted to close out this game, nothing came easy late in the game. As a fan base, we have to remind ourselves we are young and inexperienced but progress is being made. My biggest concern is a balance in scoring especially when they key on Jessica S down low. Tonight...Hannah knocked down some clutch shots. We need that from everyone in the rotation to take the heat off of Shep. As bad as the shooting was against Missouri (15%) and outside of a 16-0 run at the end of the 1st quarter and running into 2nd quarter, our defense was good enough to give us a chance to win. I don't like the schedule at all and can only hope it prepares for the grueling stretch of Big 10 play. In the meantime, enjoyed the win.
  5. Improved play against UTRGV. Made some strides in offense. More balanced. Threes started falling. Confidence building in younger players. Areas of Improvement 1) Beat the press. Still struggling to bring ball up the court. 2) Rebounding was good but we need to get the ball to an outlet quicker. Too much passing to get ball up the court. 3) Need to pass the ball quicker in the zone to create open looks. 4) Reduce turnovers. 21 is too many. Missouri will be a good test of where we stand early on in this young season. They have experience but seemed to struggle against Abilene so I'm optimistic we can hang with them. Offensively - Develop a balance to take some pressure away from Shepard. Defensively - Win the matchup. Tough week. The schedule is brutal and will catch up to us at some point. So far so good. Go huskers.
  6. The season has finally started and it's obvious the team will encounter growing pains until the system is truly in place. I think the freshman will be asked to grow up early on in this rebuilding process. I wish another exhibition game could be played so Coach Williams and staff can work out the kinks in the offense. Listened to the broadcast and the backcourt play will need to improve but I think we will see adjustments made. Playing in front of 4200 fans can be intimidating for the first timers but the minutes logged this past Sunday will serve us well moving on to the next game. We can shoot it from the outside. Our 3-point sharpshooters just need to have the confidence to knock it down. Patience. Patience. One game at a time. I'm bullish on what the future holds.
  7. Nicea Eliely is N

    http://gazette.com/ramparts-nicea-eliely-is-this-weeks-gazette-peak-performer/article/1568105 Another article on Nicea
  8. Nicea Eliely is N

  9. forming, storming and norming