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  1. Under the topic of Rachel B. update If you look at the team and staff picture posted by Norm on Sept. 8th you will see that Janay has a boot on her right foot at that time. Since that was over five weeks ago and coach Williams said she hoped Janay could be be ready for the first game in Nov. it must have been more then a slight ankle sprain. We need her for her substantial ball hawking and over all defense.
  2. This years starters

    Don't know about the 4 and 5 positions due to injury and the opportunity to change the style of play from those two positions since Shepard left so will not even try. I will stick with my previous post from months ago for the other 3 positions. Bria is a natural and talented point guard. Hannah fits the shooting guard well and Nicea has the physical toughness to scrap inside for rebounds and still handle the ball and shoot from the outside at the 3. My problem previously was where to put Janay but since she is hurt at present it will take some time to fit her in. Probably can play multiple positions coming off the bench. Irregardless of who starts everyone will get a chance to earn valuable minutes. I am looking for a big improvement in defense.
  3. Practice starts today.
  4. Jess Shepard

    I think she's a freshman as are the other two commits she was talking about. All three 2021 commits. A big plus for Cook in recruiting top talent is his ability to coach them to become top international players and Olympians. No present women's college volleyball coach can compare in this area.
  5. If my calculations are correct our WBB team can start practice next Saturday which is 6 weeks before our first regular season game. Maybe we will see some articles about our team then. We sure have been getting them on the the mens team as of late. Anybody know how things are going with the team. It is amazing how a lot of stuff comes out on the men but nary a word on the women. Maybe no news is good news. Can't wait to get the season under way.
  6. SE GONE

    The past is the past. Can't change it but can certainly learn from it. Hopefully we have learned enough that the next AD can clean up this mess.
  7. SE GONE

    Don't think new coaches all over the place will happen. Maybe one big one over the next couple of weeks depending how the football team performs. A new AD will come and evaluate all programs looking for ways for the teams to improve. After football the only other possibility I see near term would be MBB coach depending on how the team does this year.
  8. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    Also she has a lot of family history with NU. GBR
  9. SE GONE

    Well I was hoping for news from this Forum but wasn't expecting this.
  10. The Nebraska football team just got upset as did the volleyball team. I turned to my favorite team which is NU WBB and as usual have found nothing in the news papers so I came here looking for anything to cheer me up. Anybody have anything positive?
  11. Summer workouts ?

    Hopefully the reason Janay has a walking boot on her right foot is not due to a serious injury.
  12. Jess Shepard

    Notre Dame coach goes on to say that players transferring in must be able to contribute to the all important "team chemistry". Good luck with that one!
  13. A lot bigger stage to play on at NU then Creighton.
  14. Non Conference record

    I live a couple hours away from Lincoln & don't have any program contacts, so the only way I get info on the NU WBB program is primarily through this website. As noted in some of my past posts we just don't get the press coverage we should so I echo those who have thanked the posters that have given the rest of us accurate and timely posts here like Row6Seat10.
  15. Non Conference record

    As for having a much better record I know some people will say "I will have to see it to believe it". My optimism stems from the following: More depth and experience, 2nd year under a new coaching staff, one more year in the training room for all returning players & two highly rated recruits. The biggest will be a big uptick in team chemistry which ties everything together.