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  1. The Media Thread

    Excuse me all to hell. Just trying to share.
  2. The Media Thread

  3. Season ending Banquet

    The ten remaining players will all be able to contribute and would probably be enough players but only if we stay healthy. When was the last time that happened. We probably need another guard with experience even if only for one year.
  4. Season ending Banquet

    So I take it that here will be some announcements made in the near future.
  5. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Can't wait to have her here hopefully at the beginning of summer. With 3 guards graduating there are lots of opportunities there.
  6. Allie and Esther seemed to be very close friends. Could have been some influence from one to another there.
  7. I also think she was spoiled a bit and needed to do some growing up which had to happen if she was going to play at ND. It obviously did happen. And yes ND owes coach Williams a big one.
  8. Bye bye UConn

    It was a tough time for Kia Nurse to have an off night. She had the open shots but they didn't go in.
  9. The stats for our 5 posts/forwards were in total 4 points, 8 rebounds and 9 fouls. Not going to win many games against decent competition with that stat line. When Maddie doesn't show up and we don't have the quality backup that we need it forces Jasmine to have to play the power forward which hurts for obvious reasons. Next year that will change. You need an active and consistent power forward to help keep pressure off of our posts. I'm sure Kate has learned a lot this year and will take a step up next year also.
  10. Non-con schedule next year

    I think having Creighton every year would be good. Kind of a rivalry game. K state would be good as well since we seem to recruit Kansas relatively hard. We will still have the ACC challenge game which hopefully will give us a better team to play then Clemson. Northern Colorado would be another good one. As for the freshmen I think they will hit the ground running. Especially A. Veerbeek. I think she will contribute early. She is tough as nails. When you are a 4 star ESPN recruit rated at 95 you are expected to get a fast start. We will need for at least one of the guard recruits to play a lot early since we are graduating 3 at that position.
  11. Non-con schedule next year

    Buffalo, Drake and Creighton were OK this year but the trouble was we only beat one of them. I would like Oklahoma on the schedule which should make Bugeaters and Cazzie happy especially if it was a home game for us.
  12. Coach firings

    They did beat Rutgers when Rutgers was playing well. Wash. St. went to hell when their conference season started.
  13. Not really. I saw her in person a year ago.
  14. When you are in the process of restoring a team to prominence you need measuring sticks along the way. We had several of them already this year. We now have an opportunity for another one or two before the off season.
  15. WNIT vs. The Dance