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  1. I don't see her having a sophomore slump. She has a big upside and will continue to improve each year. The 3 point shot is becoming more important all the time for both WBB and MBB.
  2. I guess that's why we pay the coach as well as we do to facilitate as many of the positives as possible.
  3. I think we will be improved at guard next season but it's the depth at the post I worry about. Maybe they will use one of the wing players as a stretch 4 that will give them 3 point scoring and open up the middle a bit more.
  4. Well for one thing there is a big difference between USD and NU in such things as facilities such as PBA, weight and training, practice, academic support and you are playing on a bigger stage in the Big Ten.
  5. Red shirting didn't seem to help Darrien Washington much. Pretty hard to say at this stage that a commit who is a junior in high school should be a redshirt when she gets here. I'll let the coach decide on that. A lot of factors go into those decisions.
  6. Katie Lou Samuelson sophomore for Connecticut set an NCAA record in her last game hitting 10 three pointers out of 10 attempts. Glad we don't have to play them again.
  7. This reply pertains to several topics brought up recently. 1. Concerns about recruiting players from smaller schools. Several examples of such players that went on to great careers have been given. I will add another although from volleyball. Mikaela Foecke was from Iowa 1A which is the smallest class. 26 students in her grade. Although she played for a good club team her high school years with lesser competition sure didn't hurt her. 2. With a losing team it is hard to get better players. I believe that the Coach and staff doing the recruiting have more in getting recruits to buy into their program then a losing record has in hindering it especially in the first year. If the losing continues at it's present pace then that's a different story.
  8. I don't think it's necessarily a lack of hustle or want to but more one of a lack of experience and a lack of speed which is a deadly combination on defending the outside shooting. The turnovers are another story with a big percentage of them coming from our posts. Many times they try to do too much and force something instead of kicking it back to our guards where we have 2 freshmen that were shooting pretty well by the years end.
  9. The season isn't over yet and I can't believe some of you want to continue to dredge up the past. This seems to me to consist of old wounds that some are looking to find some sort of "I told you so to help them heal". All I know are a couple of things. Coach Williams did inherit a mess. We have a roster of young players who are working hard and making progress. The coaches and players need our support. They for one have mine. GBR
  10. I think your analysis reflects the difference especially the "won a few more games". My point would be Doyle got an earlier start which benefited her for season long statistics. But I think if you just looked at the latter part of the season Hannah would have the upper hand. As for assists both players had excellent centers to pass to but Doyle's big advantage was she had Ally Disterhoft to work with.
  11. I believe we will come out next year with a chip on our shoulders which may serve us well.
  12. No problem. I did notice that Illinois is 0-12 away from home so maybe we can get another win. Purdue may be another story. Anyway things are looking up.
  13. This year we are a far different team away from home. Unfortunately not near as good. Time to change that! GBR
  14. I have watched Maddie with great admiration over the years. Her athleticism and dedication were never in doubt. I think the whole saga of a new coach, offense etc. set her back mentally this year as her confidence took a big hit. The last two games have given us a glimpse of her upside. I believe she will continue to absorb the changes and will be a big asset going forward.