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  1. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    What is her primary position on her team. Espn has her as a forward and a 3 star.
  2. i'm going to date myself here a bit but back in 1967 I was living in Seattle Wa. and we just were awarded an expansion Pro team the Seattle Supersonics. My buddy and I each bought a season ticket for 41 home games at the cost of $102.50 for the season. That team was made up of players that were available from other teams in a draft process. i will never forget those early seasons out there especially when the great Lenny Wilkins came in as player coach. They basically played hard and for each other with great team chemistry. This NU WBB team plays the same way. It's the type of ball that the fans will fall in love with. We're not world beaters yet but congrats to coach Williams for getting the players on the same page in her second year.
  3. I went back and reread this post that came out before our first game. As noted my big concern was interior defense which wasn't very good last year for those reasons noted. I had hopes with the returning players at those positions and the addition of Kate Cain that things would improve. Those hopes have been met and far surpassed. All the players including the full time use of Maddie there have played well and are ready at any time to mix it up. All five return next year as well. Hopefully Rachel's knees are doing ok because we need her leadership on the team.
  4. Thanks for the link. Hard to see the inbounds with out having slow motion. But it is very clear what coach Williams says after informed of the refs decision. Woody must have felt a little snake bitten as she was guarding Bachrodt on at least two of her buzzer beaters.
  5. Hey Red Don could you walk me through the play as to who passed it in and who caught it. All I know from the crappy radio broadcast is that Nicea took the shot. How long of a shot was it. Thanks
  6. Even though there was a lot of crap going on in the Drake game we learned how to face adversity in an away game and fight through it for the win. I think this will pay big dividends down the road as we continue to get tougher as a team.
  7. I'm pretty happy with our progress. Bria and Janay came in as starters on their previous teams so there is some adjustment to coming off the bench. I think it will all work out if we can just stay healthy. Great to see Maddie putting her game together at the forward position. Jasmine has totally taken me by surprise. With eight days off we now have time to work on some deficiencies like free throws.
  8. I listened thru 2 overtimes and with the breakup on the radio from husker.com I just couldn't take it any more so went for a bike ride. Tried the app for watch espn.com but our cable company doesn't carry espn3 so couldn't watch. I think I will try to stir the pot and ask the administration why the hell we can't get better service for our WBB program. Anyway it was a great win and we probably have more to learn watching the tape of this game then the rest of the season put together.
  9. Pretty obvious from this game and the Kansas one that we need to keep Kate on the floor. Healthy and out of foul trouble.
  10. Huskers vs Drake...

    Unfortunately I don't get Espn 3 but will attempt to listen to radio through huskers.com. with a lot of breakup but better then nothing. I think our defense is improving and will continue to do so with a young team but we do need Taylor healthy. if we can get Hannah, Taylor and Woody hot at the same time we are a decent team. Beating Drake isn't the same as Iowa but it would be a nice road win.
  11. We should have 7 wins right now. That Clemson loss shouldn't have happened. Refs took that one away in my estimation.
  12. One of Kate's biggest assets is her smarts. If I remember correctly she was Salutatorian in a rather large high school class. If you watch her she adapts well to things as they change during the game. She efficiently positions her self as she moves around the post. Having a great defensive center to defend the middle does more then just block shots it makes everyone driving in there think twice about whether to shoot or not. She came to the team late missing a lot of summer practices and had the injury then as well. Just look at her development to date and we still have games left in the non conference. She may not be in the great category yet but her upside for all the reasons mentioned in other posts is tremendous. She officially has 30 blocks for the season and leads the conference with an average of 3.3 per game. On a side note Woody leads the league in 3 pt. shooting at 55%.
  13. Sam Haiby...

    Besides Moorhead's Haiby playing at 1:30, Western Christian's Verbeek plays at 6:00.
  14. That happens when the other team has 24 more shot attempts coming from getting 11 more steals and giving up 14 less turnovers. Doyle had 7 of the turnovers. Yes Gustafson is the real deal and was 1st team all big ten last year.
  15. Maddie Update

    My favorite vision going forward. Kate rips down a rebound and immediately hits a guard starting down the court passing to a streaking Maddie for a layup.