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  1. I live a couple hours away from Lincoln & don't have any program contacts, so the only way I get info on the NU WBB program is primarily through this website. As noted in some of my past posts we just don't get the press coverage we should so I echo those who have thanked the posters that have given the rest of us accurate and timely posts here like Row6Seat10.
  2. As for having a much better record I know some people will say "I will have to see it to believe it". My optimism stems from the following: More depth and experience, 2nd year under a new coaching staff, one more year in the training room for all returning players & two highly rated recruits. The biggest will be a big uptick in team chemistry which ties everything together.
  3. 10-3 since the first game is an exhibition which doesn't count on the official season record.
  4. Agree on Drake and Creighton but predict we will upset either Wash. St. or Clemson.
  5. With the addition of Kate we now have enough players for this fall. Wouldn't it be great if everyone stayed healthy, worked hard and all given a chance to show what they can do. Our schedule should afford us a little more opportunity to experiment a bit as well. We will have a lot more flexibility going forward. Can't wait to see if we can become a running and pressing team. GBR
  6. We will probably be higher next year with the class of 4 that we have coming in. I guess coach Williams can recruit after all. GBR
  7. I haven't seen her play in person but to be ranked a 5 star #38 player in the nation would mean to me that she is more then a 6' 1"deadly 3 pt scorer. She must have faced a lot of double and triple team defense's. For her to still maintain her scoring stats thru that I believe she must be athletic. My only worry would be how will her wrists hold up in a 30 game schedule.
  8. I'll go on record right now and say we will have a winning season.That means we will need at least 15 wins. Vastly improved chemistry will be evident. GBR
  9. Our shooting % including free throws should be better. Defense needs to take a step up including rebounding. One of our biggest improvements is to cut down turnovers.
  10. We are in a dead period for news for the next couple of months so I'm throwing out the question to anyone interested. We pretty much know who our players will now be so how will the coach use them. To start the discussion I think the days of having two posts/forwards in the game together are waning. I see a low post filled with Rachel and Kate. The other forward position will become a stretch 4 with players able to hit the 3 and also drive the lane. Filling that could be Maddie, Grace or even Taylor. The wing will be Nicea and possibly Taylor. Maybe even a few minutes for Jasmine there. The 1 and 2 positions will be shared by Bria, Janay and Hannah pretty well getting most of the playing time there. Sure hope that Emily can go out with a bang and get some quality minutes especially if we are more of a running team which she and Maddie look to be more comfortable with. Don't know about Darrien maybe attitude will determine her contribution.
  11. Thanks for the update. If they only play one I guess the coaching staff has their reasons. Exhibition games are usually not very competitive anyway.
  12. Simple math tells me you can have a ten player rotation like Coach Williams wants and has used in the past with your starters averaging 30 minutes and the next five 10. That is plenty for the starters especially if you are a running team. You also have many variables about who plays how much with injuries, foul trouble, someone having a hot hand or someone else having an off night. The biggest of all may be match ups against our opposition that night.
  13. I have to believe that if you know you will be playing at least a few quality minutes that will have a big impact on your attitude.
  14. How many exhibition games do we play?
  15. With our easier non conference schedule this fall we will have a better chance to get some playing time under better circumstances for our 4 new players then we had last year. Another big change will be the amount of competition at the guard position which will serve us well. We will have a big improvement in experience and talent. At his time we have four players (Bria, Janay, Nicea & Hannah) who have been regular starters competing for three positions which should be fun to watch. Right behind them we will have part time starters in the past in Jasmine and Maddie who hopefully will play with more confidence with a proven PG. The most interesting may be where and how much Taylor plays. As a 5 star recruit she will be a key for us somewhere.