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  1. They lost their last 11 in a row to end last season. Maybe that's why they got a new coach.
  2. I see where we finally updated our WBB roster found on Huskers .com for 2017/2018. I was getting tired of looking at the outdated one. Of the 11 players shown only two are listed as forwards with 2 more listed as guard/forwards. Should be interesting. Does anyone know if the coach will be on the sports nightly show tomorrow night? I'd like to call in with a couple of questions.
  3. We can speculate all we want. Wouldn't it be nice if one of our sportswriters would ask our coach that question. I don't think that's too much to ask. We need to have more articles/interviews of the WBB program. It was the same way under coach Yori. Very little news. Disappointing.
  4. I was of the same mindset. But maybe she likes what she has with Maddie and Grace at the 4 position. Obviously Rachel B. must be doing good in her rehab and hopefully Darrien W. is getting in shape. Also I'm sure the coach wants someone who will fit in and not just a warm body.
  5. Makes her teammates better is a real key. I think of Nicea in the same way.
  6. The future of our WBB program is in our Sophomore class this fall with at least four starters coming from that group. The best part of this is we will have that nucleus for 3 years. We need to find a stretch 4 that can shoot from the outside from Maddie, Grace or Taylor that can be the other starter. We then need to develop depth around this group and all stay healthy. We still have room for several more commits as we have 4 open scholarships for this fall and with the 3 commits so far for 2018 we have 4 open for 2018 as well.
  7. I hope this will be my last blog on the subject of what happened with coach Yori. I'm sure some believe what happened was totally justified and others think it was totally wrong. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. It's over and done and we can't change anything that happened. We can always learn from the past and I'm sure many have. I have been a big fan in the past and will continue to be in the future. My biggest complaint is the poor coverage we get from the sports writers. As noted in the past NU WBB gets much less coverage then about any other sport we have.
  8. I agree totally with your analysis. Thanks for posting and saving me the time to summarize what I believe a lot of people are over looking.
  9. The only thing in the toilet are your comments!!!!!!!
  10. Well I'll go on record and probably upset many of you following this forum. Due to the fact that I wasn't privy to all the information on coach Yori's firing I am still standing by our athletic director. Even though I was a big coach Yori fan for many years I believe he must of had justification for doing so. I do believe coach Williams inherited a mess and will need time to clean it up. All i'm looking at is reasonable progress each year.
  11. I have to believe that we will still see an additional post come in that will be eligible for this upcoming season.
  12. I believe that it will be very hard to keep Bria Stallworth out of the starting line up as the point guard. She seems to fit the bill as a true PG and her quickness will be invaluable there. Hannah seems to fit the 2 position as a shooting guard.
  13. i think one of the early indicators on the recruiting acumen of the new staff will be how well J. Morton and B. Stallworth do.
  14. I think that having Jess on the team and being the center of most things hindered us a bit in getting additional forwards to come here. I think we will get a Juco or 5th year player to come in now as there will be plenty of opportunity to play.
  15. Well if no one else leaves and the chemistry problem we experienced the past two years disappears then we will know where it likely came from.