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  1. And still let me keep my seats? Asking for about 15,000 friends.
  2. Norm Peterson


    Those girls tryna play defense against her be like "oh shit …"
  3. Norm Peterson

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    I'd make one slight change: 1. Illinois (0-0) 1. Indiana (0-0) 1. Iowa (0-0) 1. Maryland (0-0) 1. Michigan (0-0) 1. Michigan State (0-0) 1. Minnesota (0-0) 1. Nebraska (0-0) 1. Northwestern (0-0) 1. Ohio State (0-0) 1. Penn State (0-0) 1. Purdue (0-0) 1. Wisconsin (0-0) 14. Rutgers (0-0)
  4. Norm Peterson

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    He developed a guy who hadn't played for them until this year? How do they know?
  5. Norm Peterson

    Morrow leaving

    A lot less competition at ISU for playing time along the front line.
  6. Norm Peterson

    Morrow leaving

    He'd need a 2nd redshirt year.
  7. Norm Peterson

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    Is the idea behind moving the three-point line back that we're losing the mid-range game and it's all threes or trying to get something at the basket?
  8. Norm Peterson

    Morrow leaving

    Now, I don't profess to know a ton about Marquette basketball, but I question how well Ed scouted out his options before choosing them as his transfer destination. This year, when Ed will be eligible as a junior, Marquette returns 7 of its top 8 players. These include the following players potentially competing against him for minutes: Jr Sam Hauser, G/F, 6'8", 220 (returning starter) Jr Sacar Anim, G/F, 6'5", 210 (returning starter) Sr Matt Heldt, C, 6'10", 240 (22 min/game) So Jamal Cain, F, 6'7", 195 (17 min/game) So Theo John, PF, 6'9", 240 (49 min, 18 pts, 13 bds as a true frosh in 3 NIT games to end the season) (plus two guards who combined to average nearly 60 minutes and 26 points/game on the season) In addition, besides Ed, they add the following: RFr Joey Hauser, 4-star PF, 6'9", 230 RFr Ike Eke, 3-star PF, 6'9", 220 Fr Brendan Bailey, 4-star (Rivals #54) G/F, 6'8", 190 So, if Ed sees himself as more of a big (PF/C), he has plenty of competition; if he sees himself as a wing, he has even more competition. If he wants to start, I don't see it happening. Not at Marquette.
  9. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    Recruitniks who watch video of basketball prospects too often get fascinated with monster dunks and high-flying drives to the basket. If you do that with Nebraska’s latest signee — guard Amir Harris from Hagerstown, Maryland — it means you’ll miss his best attribute, according to his high school coach. *** “He brings a defensive intangible to the game,’’ Prete said. “We all worry about the offensive side so much that we sometimes forget what wins championships. “Amir has a chance to be an elite-level defender. He is long and athletic, and that is going to get him playing time immediately as a freshman. He creates offense with his ability on defense.’’ http://www.starherald.com/sports/big_red_wrap/mens_basketball/husker-signee-amir-harris-has-highlight-reel-attributes-could-be/article_e626a73b-9fcf-5eac-b972-d77f518bd82c.html
  10. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    I'm not an on-line subscriber to the OWH. Who were they quoting who called Amir an elite-level defender?
  11. Norm Peterson

    Emily Wood

    I’m thinking some future in-laws fared pretty well too.
  12. Norm Peterson

    Athletic Department shake up

    I have some personal feelings on one of these and let's just say it's about time they let Spangler go.
  13. Norm Peterson

    2018-2019 WBB conf. schedule

    They have Sam Haiby as an unranked 3-star. Let me just say I think she's seriously underrated. I think she has the best chance of any of the recruits of having an impact next season. Part of that is the position she plays. We lose Cincore and she's the only recruit in that category. But part of that is also that she's just damn good. She's very athletic, she attacks the rim, and she has range on her jumper. She can score at all three levels. I anticipate she's going to make it into the rotation next season and be a real sparkplug off the bench.
  14. Norm Peterson

    Emily Wood

    Does this mean she's off the market?
  15. Norm Peterson

    Emily Wood

    Congratulations, Emily!
  16. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    That could very well be. I was hoping for his sake that he'd have a better end to his career. From a distance, he always struck me as a good, supportive teammate who handled his injury adversity with a great deal of maturity and class. If he'd finished the season the way he started, we likely would have danced. Just sayin.
  17. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    Good points, but I look at this slightly differently. Slightly. I've always attributed our slow starts to the process of trying to meld a bunch of newcomers into the rotation. It just takes a bit for guys to figure each other out and know where their opportunities are going to be coming from and what the other guys are going to be doing. We don't face that next year (assuming things hold the way they're looking right now.) We bring back a veteran team with guys who've already gotten used to each other and I suspect we won't have the kind of team learning curve we've seen in past years. So, the big point to take away from this is that it could present an opportunity almost the opposite of St. John's from last year. This Seton Hall team could get a ton better as the year goes on. We'll face them at a time when we have a probable advantage of being in sync and they'll be just getting used to each other. Whereas St. John's beat us and then became somewhat of a bad loss as they floundered for much of the rest of the season, we have a chance to get an early win here against a team that might look a lot stronger as the season progresses.
  18. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    I looked at this the other day. It's actually worse than that for Anton. Anton missed the first 2 games of the season, so he only played in 31 games on the year. In his first 16 games (roughly half the season), Anton shot 37 of 80 from beyond the arc for 46%. In the last 15 games, he was only 17 of 63 for 27%. And in our last 4 losses down the stretch, Anton was an abysmal 4 of 21 from 3-point range for 19%. For comparison purposes, in those same 4 losses, Isaiah Roby was 5 of 11 for 45.5%.
  19. Norm Peterson

    OT: Sports Betting and the Supreme Court

    What's the line?
  20. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Not exactly. I think Frost's offense differs significantly from Osborne's. In the old option I, the QB was a potential run option on probably 50% or more of our plays. The passing game worked because the defense was drawn up to stack the box in order to stop the run and we didn't need precision passing. You could lob a long pass to a TE running alone and he had next to all day to adjust to the ball. Most deep passes were significantly underthrown to wide open TEs who would have to slow down to almost a stop to catch the ball before being overtaken by the defense. And, keep in mind a lot of Tommie's and Brooke's pass attempts were shovel passes to a running back up the middle. Almost like a forward hand-off. So there wasn't even as much passing involved as the old stats would make it seem. What I saw in UCF's bowl game and the spring game was an offense that seemed to utilize the QB still for his feet but more for his arm. I expect there will be a lot more balance in the offensive attack under Frost than there was under Osborne. Yeah, the QB is going to get some carries, but he's going to be slinging the ball around the field as well in ways that the old Power I never envisioned. And that's one of the reasons I think we'll need a guy who can throw it like Brooke more than a guy who can run it like Tommie.
  21. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    That was my thinking as well.
  22. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    Hey, I was giving you cover to blame it on your keyboard!
  23. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Fever, thanks for starting this thread. Not to change the topic -- keeping it on football -- but something has kinda been percolating in my brain since watching the spring game and I'm curious what other people think about it, and that is what kind of QB best fits in Frost's system? A guy who's a top-notch runner who's maybe a B-average passer? Or a guy who's maybe a B-average runner but a top-notch thrower? I think I saw both kinds of QBs at the Spring Game this year, and while I think a lot of people seem to assume that Martinez is the odds-on favorite to start, I'm not so sure. What I saw in the spring game suggests to me that the ideal QB for Frost's system is a QB who can run AND pass very well, but if you had to lean in favor of one particular trait or skillset over the other, based on what they were actually running in the spring game, I'm not sure you wouldn't go in the direction of the guy who can throw it better. Seemed like there was a lot of vertical passing in the spring game, a lot of downfield throws. And I saw a couple of QBs in Gebbia and Bunch who could fit that ball into tight spaces downfield. Those guys had wheels enough to get out of trouble and scramble when needed even if they didn't have the kind of burst and change-of-direction you'd look for in your running back. So, they probably aren't going to be big-time running threats in zone-read situations. But passable. On the other hand, you have a guy in Martinez who has the speed, quicks and change of direction to be a real running threat. I do, however, question his passing touch. He had a medium-long TD throw that was behind and short and the receiver had to adjust on the ball to make the catch. He was wide open and so the throw didn't have to be perfect, but that's a good thing because it wasn't. It also wasn't a tight spiral. Granted, that's the only long pass I saw Martinez throw, so it's a very small sample size. And, yes, I realize Martinez's completion percentage was probably the best of any of the QBs, but he was throwing a lot of short routes and high-percentage kinds of throws. Seems to me that Gebbia and Bunch can both hand the ball off or pitch the ball to a running back just as well as Martinez. So, the only time the running game would really benefit from the better running QB is in zone-read situations. How many zone read plays will we run in a game? I have no idea, but probably not as many zone reads as there will be passes that require pin-point accuracy that I'm not sure Martinez has. In other words, I could honestly see any of the three QBs starting this fall. And I think the offense would be in capable hands with any of them, based on what little you get to see in a spring game. Just thinking out loud here. Anyone want to chime in?
  24. Norm Peterson

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    cough cough bag men cough cough
  25. Norm Peterson

    Amir Harris is N

    Your keyboard thinks it's a Monday or something. Cock-a-doodle-doo.