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  1. Creighton - Nebraska

    6,000 minutes in a season is a lot to distribute among 7 women. You'd be talking an average of 29 minutes per player there. You'd probably also be talking walking boots and crutches. That's a lot of minutes across a 30 game season. If your bench is deep and your freshmen are good, get the freshmen in there to develop for down the road and give your starters a blow so that they're strong for the final 5 minutes of the game. If your bench isn't deep, well ... make sure your athletic trainer likes you.
  2. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    We had a top tier of candidates that included names like Chip Kelly. It did not include Scott Frost. Frost was in the next tier down.
  3. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    I found this funny so I thought I'd throw it out there: At one point in the 2nd half, we'd been whistled for 5 fouls and them for just 1. Really inconsistent calls on blocks/charges depending on what end of the floor things were happening. After one semi-egregious charging call on one of our players, Miles was giving one of the officials a little bit of the business and the official told Miles to sit down and shut up. After the game on his radio show, there was a lot to be happy about -- Copeland and Gill breaking out and having good games, etc. Kent asked Miles if there was anything he wasn't happy about. "The officials. ... This isn't going to get back to the league office is it?" I laughed.
  4. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    Scott Frost was not the number one candidate.
  5. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    That beautiful post move Isaiah executed to perfection early in the first half? There's no reason at all that Jordy couldn't do that from the other side of the lane. No reason other than needing to practice it. But, see, that's one of the shortcomings of his style of hook shot that we talked about. When you try to shoot a hook from your shoulders parallel to the target rather than rotating into the shot, it's not a counter move and there's no counter move out of it. You have no lateral movement at all to create separation. Your hips are static. Your shoulders are static; you're just using them to create the separation. The reason Isaiah found himself so wide open was his defender bit on the head fake and lunged toward the baseline while Isaiah spun clockwise away from the defender and had a wide open jumper. Jordy could do that if someone would work with him on the footwork. Maybe Isaiah could be that guy. We know Isaiah knows how to do it.
  6. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    This is weird, not sure I've seen it in a long, long time if ever. And it probably won't last another game. But, if my math is correct, right now we have six (6) guys averaging double figure scoring. After 4 games ... Glynn has scored 54 points James and Isaac have both scored 51 points Evan and Isaiah have both scored 41 points And, in 2 games, Anton has scored 20.
  7. I'd match IQs with you any day, buddy.
  8. Dale, you're like the angel of death. You show up when things look bleak and everyone kind of checks their pulse to make sure they're not the ones dying. When you show up it means something bad happened.
  9. What do we need tonight to pull out a win....?

    FORTUNATELY ... this is a St. John's team without a real dominant big man, so we're not likely going to have to worry about doubling the post. At all. They have a 6'11" back up center, but he weighs in at 205# pounds. Not kidding. That should help with our ability to defend the perimeter. Which is really important tonight because 45% of their shot attempts have come from beyond the arc and they have 6 or 7 guys who are legit threats to hit them. We need to be in their grills and make those shots tougher shots. Our length should be an advantage. Their guards aren't real tall. Their back court of Lovett and Ponds is 6'0", 6'1". On the wing, Justin Simon is 6'5". Their 4th guard, Bashir Ahmed, is 6'7". And then they run a starting PF in Mich St transfer Marvin Clark and he's also 6'7". So, in addition to not having to double the post and recover to shooters (please, please, please) we also have an added advantage of length on the perimeter. Hopefully that length causes them problems in us both closing out on shooters and pinching the driving lanes. On offense, mostly don't turn the ball over, be aggressive going to the rim and drawing fouls (they aren't very deep either), and, when you get to the line, hit the damn free throws. Really hope either Allen or Gill are available and ready to play tonight. Our guard depth is not good right now if those two are out.
  10. Scouting St John's

    Went from having abundant depth at guard to having zero depth at guard. Really got a sick feeling in my stomach seeing TA walking off the floor after hitting that FT. We need him and Gill both.
  11. 2017 Gavitt Games Schedule

    In other words, no big deal.
  12. Scouting St John's

  13. Scouting St John's

    Having a rim protector helps, too. Our players are going to be less worried about giving up the drive if they play a little tighter on the outside. Hopefully.
  14. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    This is probably old news by now, but I heard from someone who knows Hank Bounds that Riley is for sure done at the end of the season as are all of his assistants. There's a certain game before which they cannot talk to Frost directly but they can and have talked to his agent. The package they're putting in front of him is in the $30 million plus range. I've read $5million/year for 7 years. That sounds about right from what I heard.
  15. 3 point shooting

  16. Mi'Cole Cayton

    I got your back, Don.
  17. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I inferred that you were implying that you acted in commercials. I was going to ask if you knew "Johnny" from the old "I love you, man" Bud Light commercials.
  18. North Texas

    Put up 122 points on their first opponent. Granted, they weren't exactly playing Northwoods, but still. Scoring 122 points would be good against ... the team managers. Anyway, they're coached by Grant McCasland, who spent one year at Arkansas State last year and improved their record from 11-20 in 2015-16 to 20-11 his first season, which included a road win against G'town. And now, he's at North Texas. And I'll just leave this here:
  19. North Texas

    Their take on us before hand was we get to the line a lot. So, totally consistent with their scouting report.
  20. The best I've seen out of our offense was the first half against MSU and then the first half (and mostly just the first 10 minutes) tonight. We've had 2 second halves (granted one was just an exhibition, but it was against a Power 5 team) that were pretty bad. We need to get our 3-point shooting going. The guys who can hit just aren't looking enough for their shots. Was a bit worried about Thomas Allen going down hard. And then Miles said in his post game that Copeland's back is stiff ...
  21. Our pick-and-roll D sucked. Several times tonight, the guys switched big/little and the ball handler didn't immediately attack and so our bigs were confused about whether to recover to their man or stick with the ballhandler, and their ball handlers be like "While you two talk that over, I'm gonna go score a layup." And they'd walk unescorted right down the middle of the lane, pause a couple of seconds, yawn, and hit a layup. Meanwhile, our guys were still out up top saying, "Hey, there goes your man." And "Oh no, I switched, that was YOUR man." And, "Well, are you going to go get him before he scores?" And, "What, are you kidding me? And leave this deadly 3-point shooter open? Surely you jest."

    Not ALL sports.
  23. North Texas

    Keep an eye on North Texas. They were 8-22 a year ago. McCasland manufactured quite a turnaround in his only year at Arkansas State. Another similar turnaround at North Texas and some bigger name programs are going to start taking notice. He's a Baylor alum and was an assistant to Scott Drew there before taking the Arkansas State job last year. He's not much younger than Drew, though, so it probably doesn't make sense to bide his time until Drew retires and then take over at his alma mater. Have no idea how long he plans to be at North Texas but if he turns them around as quickly as he turned around Arkansas State, he's going to get a shot at a bigger program soon.
  24. North Texas

    In other words, we better not take these sumbitches lightly.
  25. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Oh good. I feel much better. I was worried this was the most embarrassing loss in program history. Instead, it’s just the most embarrassing since 1943. Whew.