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  1. Washut had a write-up on Miles' appearance on Sports Nightly last night. If you missed SN, you can read Washut's recap. Basically, they've got people working on the Copeland appeal. Sounds like they're optimistic, but ready in the event things don't go our way. There's no plan to fill the two open scholarship spots at this point, but never say never. Just not looking at anyone in particular right now. If we don't add anyone else, Miles feels pretty good about the roster and the players we have and thinks we'll be pretty good. Post-season team. (Maybe he's afraid to jinx it and say "NCAA tourney team.") Thomas Allen is a stud and they expect him to come in right away and help. Good complement to Glynn. He ran into Bill Self recently who told him he got a good one. Everyone who was hurt is healing on schedule, including both Copeland and Gill. Both should be healed up and ready to go by fall practice. Staff vacancies are still up in the air. He's not quite sure if he'll fill Ali's spot or how he'll reshuffle responsibilities. He does hope to exploit Teddy Owens' recruiting connections in Florida because he'll be coaching a team with D1 talent on it.
  2. Potentially the best walk-ons in the conference!
  3. There's something inherently flawed about trying to compare players of different eras by suggesting what the modern guys would have done if they'd played against guys from 30 years ago. If Lebron had been around in the 80s, he wouldn't be 30 pounds heavier. He'd weigh what those guys weighed. It's like the argument about the best college football teams of all-time. According to some pundits, the 70-71 Huskers were among the best college football teams of all time. But I've heard people like Kirk Herbstreit make the claim that they would get destroyed by 2014 Ohio State team. Well, yeah, with modern weight training, etc., of course Ohio State would obliterate the '71 Huskers. But compare them against their peers. If Michael Jordan were playing the game today, he'd be stronger and even more explosive. If Lebron had played 30 years ago, he'd be a smaller, less physically dominant guy. You can't put Lebron of 2017 onto a 1980s basketball court and say that you're making a relevant comparison. In that case, few players from the last century would even play in the modern NBA. The better comparison is how did they do against the guys they played against back when they were playing. By the way, Dustin Johnson of 2017 would absolutely obliterate Jack Nicklaus of 1964 off the tee. Who owns more Major Championships?
  4. Kinda like "select" baseball.
  5. Michael is the kind of player who could be a star player on a RPI 150 or lower ball club. He'd be a good role player for an NIT level team. He'd only start for an NCAA tourney team that had better players at every other spot on the floor, including a couple of studs. And that team probably doesn't advance. He's a bench player for any team that would hope to slip into the round of 32. So, if he wants to make some NCAA Tournaments, he wants to do it with some of the best seats in the house.
  6. I agree Jacobson is a good role player who would have added important depth. I didn't have him in my starting lineup even back in early March before he announced his transfer. But, yes, he would have been a good 6th man and would have provided depth in the low post. Take Copeland out of the equation and maybe MJ starts and maybe he doesn't. Either way, MJ was far from an impact player and the gap his loss creates can be spread among a number of other players. I still think we can field a very solid and respectable starting 5 even without Copeland in the early part of the season (better, obviously, if Copeland plays.) I think our top 8 or 9 rotation with Copeland is very good and, without Copeland, is at the very least solid and respectable. We got this.
  7. See, I'm kinda chill about this. We got Jordy and Duby on the inside, right? Back court, you got Watson and Gill and Evan Taylor and that Thomas Allen kid. On the wing, you got James Palmer and Nana. And then, your stretch 4s are Roby and McVeigh. We got this.
  8. Wow. That was fast. Gotta be some kind of record.
  9. Yeah, I know. It was kind of sour grapes on my part. I'm still a bit bitter about how he left. Especially the part about him having lunch with the Xavier coach at a local joint a short walk from PBA. I mean, right there in the very place where his loyal followers cheered him on. Imagine how his mom would have felt if his dad had screwed some bimbo in the marital bed. I mean, every time his mom eats at Lazlo's now, she's going to think about how her man nailed that skank ho there and she'll just never be able to sleep comfortably there again without thinking about daddy doing the nasty with some cheap tramp there. In her bed! Er, Lazlo's. Or whatever. You get my point. I mean, it just pisses me off.
  10. Let's be a little real, here. Over the course of the season, in 24 min/game, Jacobson put up 6 and 6, whereas, in just 12 min/game, Jordy put up 5 and 4. As a true freshman. And his numbers got better as the season went along so those season-long numbers might favor Jacobson a bit. In fact, they do paint a slightly more favorable (less unfavorable?) image of Jacobson's productivity than if you just look at the last roughly third of the season when Jordy started to really catch on. Beginning with the Purdue game, Jordy really started to show signs of big improvement. He started getting more minutes and started being more productive with the minutes he got. There's a clear dividing line between the first 60% of the season and the numbers Jordy put from Purdue on. If we look only at the numbers from Purdue onward, just the last 11 games of the year, here's how things look: MJ averaged 21.4 min/game, 5.5 pts and 4.9 rebounds. JT averaged in that same span 16.9 min/game, 7.3 pts and 5.9 rebounds. Converting those stats to 40 minutes, MJ is putting up 10.28 pts and 9.16 bds per 40 minutes. In 40 minutes, Jordy was putting up 17.28 pts and 13.96 bds. Whether MJ or Ed was a better compliment to Jordy is up for debate. Neither starts at the 5 this year and both might have been bypassed at the 4 by Copeland had they stayed. Good chance neither Ed nor Michael would have been in our starting lineup this coming season. I think that, more than anything else, probably explains why they're no longer here. Wish both of them the best coming off the bench at ISU and Marquette.
  11. Good list, jimmy.
  12. Well, if Osborne is batting .333 in coaching hires, then I guess I'd have to assume you're saying two out of his three hires weren't good hires. Osborne might not have a great slugging percentage, but his on-base percentage would be pretty good, it seems to me.
  13. Really? Because I coulda sworn ... Bottom line: hiring coaches is not an exact science. Even Kentucky hoops screws it up from time to time (See Gillespie, Billy C.) Miles has as many NCAA tourney appearances at NU as Moe, Barry and Doc combined. If he completes this next season, he will equal their tenures here. If he survives this next season, he'll have done them at least one year better. Not sure how you could call that a "miss" or a "strikeout" or whatever metaphor you want to use. Not sure you can call that a "bad hire" or whatever it would have to be to count as something less than a base hit. Might not have been a home run hire, but sure as hell wasn't a strikeout.
  14. What's par for the course? In terms of coaching longevity, since 1980, how many seasons have Nebraska's men's basketball coaches typically lasted? We got six seasons out of Moe, 14 from Danny, and six each from Collier and Doc. And this will be Tim's sixth season. If Tim survives this coming season, he'd move into 2nd place on that list for longevity. But if Miles doesn't survive next season, he's done no worse than 3 of the 4 guys who came before him. Using your baseball metaphor, is that a strikeout or is it a walk? Or maybe just a single? If it's a walk, then it improves Osborne's batting average to .500, no?
  15. Not bad for an Osborne hire.
  16. Yeah, a program that had zero interest in him coming out of high school. What changed? Oh yeah, he was given an opportunity to shine and develop under Tim Miles at Nebraska.
  17. Just read Chris Basnett's piece in the LJS this morning. Evidently, we won the Big Ten championship in 2005 as well. Which is kinda crazy beings we were in the Big Twelve back then. Not sure how they pulled that one off, but our AD back then was Steve Pederson, so gotta give the guy credit for something. That had to be some pretty creative scheduling.
  18. Is it a baby whale?
  19. ajb, I'm no expert either, but we always yell at defenders to guard with their feet and not their hands. Good defense depends on redirecting the offensive players away from where they want to go by getting in their way and holding your ground. I think what you suggest would lead to more reach-in fouls and hand checks. If you want to get rid of flops and penalize flopping, I'm OK with that. But the reason that flops exist is because of bad officiating and not because of the charging rule. Officials allow a certain amount of physical play. The offensive player has to adjust to that allowed level of physical defense. And then, sometime down the court, the officials pull the rug out from underneath the offensive player and call a touch foul where the defender flops. In my opinion, that is the problem.
  20. If this is the kid I think it is, Norm approves. Extremely good off the dribble. Gets to the rim and finishes. Three point range. Adequate quicks for a power 5 guard. But being aggressive with the ball in her hands is a trait you can teach, but it's a mindset that kids either have or they don't and this girl has it. Still need a big.
  21. Maybe the guy they want already has one and so they are trying to limit the field to just him.
  22. Somewhere other than here. That's really about as far as I care. Go Huskers!
  23. Copeland will be eligible by mid-December at the latest. Even if he loses his application for a medical thing, he becomes eligible immediately upon the end of the fall academic term at his current institution. Nebraska's graduation is on Saturday around December 16. Whatever the day would be. That Saturday. As soon as we complete our commencement exercises, he's eligible. So, if there was a game that night, he could play in it. That's how I understand it, anyway.
  24. One of those was like the dagger he hit against Wisconsin that basically put us in the NCAA tourney. Makes such a difference when you have a guy who can just flat out hit shots. At the rim, beyond the arc, pulling up from 10 feet, whatever, Petteway could do it. Great video. Hope Terran makes the jump to the league. Would be sweet to see.