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  1. Dayum, Zay, that's totes cray!
  2. This is a year I think I'd like to play tOSU twice.
  3. You see that last dunk by Duby? He was still going up when he threw that thing down. That's some ups. For those wondering how good touching 140 inches is, it means he could dunk on an 11 ft rim with a two-foot standing takeoff. OK? See that first shot by Glynn? Textbook. Absolute perfect balance going up off the dribble. Guys can spend a career trying to develop that and never have it; Glynn comes by it naturally. Isaiah? They didn't even show his best highlights. Maybe the video coordinator was too busy with his new DOBO responsibilities to cut tape from the Indiana game. Evan Taylor can go left or right (look at the film). Plays really solid D. If he can get his shot to drop more consistently, there's no reason why he shouldn't be in the discussion to start. I'm totally serious. We have two freshmen who can bust a zone. Whoever was worried about Nana having a slow release should watch that film above. I love Jordy, and he's shown he can drive to his left. Ideally, he needs to be able to spin counter clockwise off that move and go to his right hand. That's not a tough move to learn. Nothing like Glynn shooting off the dribble. And Jordy should be able to get the footwork down just by repetition and practice. I'm geeked. That's all.
  4. Well. That had the desired effect. Where do I order my Final 4 tickets?
  5. That comment is ... shall we say ... cryptic.
  6. I agree, Handy, and I'm pretty sure he is. You have to have a couple of those guys who can just flat out score. You don't have to have 5 guys who can flat out score, but you'd like to have at least a couple on the floor at all times. If you can match two guys who can get to the rim or pull up from mid-range (defense would be hard pressed to take away both -- if they cut off the drive, probably won't be in position to stop the mid-range pull-up j) like Shields and Petteway and match them with a third guy who can hit over 40% from three, you make the NCAA tourney. This year, it looks like we'll have a couple of shooters who will be credible enough from three that they can't be ignored and left open. Do we have enough guys who can put the ball on the floor and just flat out get it done? If so, we should be pretty successful this year.
  7. Maybe he should move to the top of the key to shoot his foul shots.
  8. Although, from Andre's perspective, he probably would have liked to have gotten a green light to shoot threes because it would have reduced by about 25% the distance he had to run to get back on D. That shaves off about 42 feet every round trip; that adds up.
  9. Basketball? I don't know, man. Maybe that's what you've been talking about. I've been rehashing Philosophy 110, Elements of Logic.
  10. And there's the ol' straw man argument. Wondered when he'd surface. No, I don't think it's a waste of time for Jordy to shoot threes. He's obviously not doing it during any scrimmaging or group coach time. If he wants to go to the gym and shoot some three balls, I'm all for it. The better he gets shooting threes, the better he'll be shooting 10-15 footers. And if he can develop that 3-point shot to where it's a usable weapon, there will be PLENTY of opportunities for him to use it. One of Jordy's jobs in Miles' offense is to come out and set high ball screens. From there, he can either roll to the basket or pop. Like Jacobson used to try to do. And you can try to differentiate between Jacobson's role as a "forward" and Jordy's role as a "center" but in reality they'd pretty much be doing the same thing. Edited to state: I should have said "I don't think it's a waste of time for Jordy to PRACTICE shooting threes."
  11. There's some realism in there. Yeah, off-season talk is always full of optimism, but these guys feel like they really have something to prove because they think they were better than their record. “But we’re tired of losing. This is a big year for everybody.”
  12. Ah, yes, the "appeal to the stone" fallacy (i.e., "I don't have an argument, so I'm just going to call someone else's comment absurd.") Also, a version of what I like to call the Fireswamp Fallacy: something is impossible or improbable (Jordy having the ability to hit treys) just because you've never seen it done before. Ah, yes, the fallacy of relative privation. He shouldn't spend time on this because there are other, more important things for him to be doing. Of course, there always are. By the way, until the polar ice caps stop melting, I don't see how you have time to spend on this board. Wouldn't you agree that saving the planet is more important than debating basketball? Well, then, get moving. Humanity is depending on it. Anyway, three logical fallacies in a 3 paragraph post. Nicely done.
  13. Yeah, because there's never been any opportunity for a big man in Miles' system to shoot treys. Well, except for Jacobson. And I guess Pitchford. OK, I guess there've been plenty of opportunities for big men in Miles' system to shoot treys. If only they'd worked on it like Jordy.
  14. It had to suck so bad being hurt and not being able to contribute. Let's all hope everything goes smoothly for Rach from here on out.
  15. Well, according to this article in the Journal Star today, Nana and Thomas Allen want to EARN playing time this year. Just to settle the question for everyone, hopefully.
  16. I think we're free and clear on any Roburt Sallie situations. He's a Husker. Barring the unexpected injury or something weird, he will suit up and play for the Huskers this season. It's just a question of which game will be his first game.
  17. If they extend the defense, would that help them with a high tempo, push the ball, transition, run and gun type offense?
  18. I get the sense that some people think "run and gun" versus "half court" offense in basketball is analogous to "drop-back passing" versus "power running game" offense in football. In football, those things are entirely within the control of the head coach/offensive coordinator as to which style they choose. In basketball, obviously, it's not quite that simple. You might want to get out and run and force the tempo but the defense has a lot of control over whether transition opportunities are available. So, Dean, let me lob a softball for you: If the opposing team is willing to concede the glass on their offensive end by only keeping one guy in and dropping 4 guys back, is that going to have an impact on transition scoring opportunities for your team? Can you explain how that might be?
  19. Same basic thread as in years past. Divide vets and newcomers into two teams and scrimmage them against each other. Which team wins more?
  20. I'm sure they have a position for you.
  21. First since Isaiah Roby last year.
  22. I went whites just to be different. Whites have an advantage in shooting ability and the white front line has an experience advantage over the reds. Watson is probably better than Allen, but I bet Allen can hold his own. And Akenten is an appreciably better shooter than either SG option for the reds.
  23. Hey, I was just playing off your leave. Nice setup. #fistbump
  24. One thing that really confuses me about that article is that it says Glynn Watson never considered transferring. Even though Ed and Mike were his roommates; even though they were part of his recruiting class; even though Ed was a fellow Chicagoan and legacy recruit. Hmmm. I remember being told Glynn couldn't stand the coaches, didn't like it here, etc. etc. Maybe I'm just misremembering but I coulda swore someone came on here saying that.
  25. Was there a coach dismayed? Not tho the players knew someone had blundered. Theirs not to make reply Theirs not to wonder why Theirs but to do and die Into Death Valley rode the six Huskers