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  1. Serious question ...

    With Copeland eligible all season, and barring key injuries, how can we not be better this year than last? ’16-’17 ’17-‘18 Watson, So. Watson, Jr. Webster, Sr. Palmer, Jr. Taylor, Jr. Roby, So. Jacobson, So. Copeland, Jr. Morrow, So. Tshimanga, So. McVeigh, So. McVeigh, Jr. Roby, Fr. Taylor, Sr. Horne, Fr. Allen, Fr. Tshimanga, Fr. Akenten, Fr. Fuller, Jr. Okeke, Sr. Gill, Jr. Gill, Sr.
  2. Big 10 Talent

    Yeah, I kinda made that point ...
  3. Huskers Preseason Event - Oct. 6

    They're saving up money for an expensive buyout. Of someone not hired by TO.
  4. Huskers Preseason Event - Oct. 6

    No scrimmage?
  5. Big 10 Talent

    You also have to consider the fact that some kids who weren't top 150 clearly ended up belonging there. Dererk Pardon, for one. Shavon Shields for another, just by way of example. But the system is arbitrary enough that it isn't going to be weighted in a way designed to favor the Huskers and, applied consistently as a sort of objective measure, does really give you an idea of what we're looking at.
  6. Big 10 Talent

    Reasonable point, but some kids transfer up and some kids transfer down. So, the kid who transferred from UNI or Drake or one of those Mo Valley schools in Iowa and went to Illinois, he transferred up. He was pretty good. And then some guys just transfer. Isaac Copeland would be an example of this latter type of transfer. He's already proven himself at the high major level.
  7. Next Years Starting 5

    But it does suffer paper cuts.
  8. Countdown to College Basketball

    Please. 50 days? Yawn. Call me when it's 48. That's when I'll get excited. Till then, it might as well be a month-and-a-half or more away.
  9. Anton Gill

    Y'know, I'd love to see him rebound from this injury and return to the form he exhibited in his first open scrimmage here where he just torched the nets to the tune of around 30 points and everyone (everyone meaning me) thought he and White were the two best players on the floor. If we get that Anton back, we'll really be in business. But I'll just chill on that idea until I see what happens because I'm sure not going to expect that he recovers that well. But if he does, it'd be awesome. He inhabits the one spot that we feel the least confident about who might start there.
  10. New roster posted; new weights and measures. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=24&SPSID=23 Jordy is under 270# as is Tanner Borchardt. Lean, mean low post machines. Isaiah Roby measures in at a robust 226#. Duby is just under 250#. And built like a brick shithouse. I think Jack might have gained a pound. And Nana is 2 inches shorter and a pound heavier than either Jack or Isaiah was last year. I thought he'd be a stick but he's clearly not. Those are the biggest takeaways that I saw.
  11. Next Years Starting 5

    Just so we're clear, the discussion was about the Big Ten, so my comment was also limited to Big Ten. There might have been times before we joined the Big Ten where I felt we had solid players up and down the roster and a kid for every position. But I don't recall that happening since we joined the Big Ten. And not for a long while before that, either, frankly. I don't mean to pick on David Rivers, because I think he was a good kid overall, but anytime you have David Rivers in your starting lineup, you cannot say that you have a legit Big Ten level player at every spot. And he was a starter on 3 Big Ten teams for us, including one that danced. So, even if Pitchford had built off that sophomore season, we still had David Rivers starting 25 games.
  12. Next Years Starting 5

    Personally, I don't ever remember looking at our roster and thinking it was a legit Big Ten depth chart. To me, there have always been missing pieces. We've had a couple of good players and a role player or two, but there's always been that spot in the lineup where I've always kind of had the "if only" sentiment. If we just had a quality whatever to go along with what else we have. So, even the year after our tournament trip, when everyone was giddy about bringing back the bulk of the talent from the year before, who would claim we had a legit center on that squad?
  13. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    All I can do as I sit here reading these comments and reflecting on the game today is to thank my lucky stars that Tom Osborne isn't there to pick the next head coach. Man, if he was still around, I shudder to think that he might not have fired Bo. And we'd have probably struggled to win 9 games each of the last two years and we'd probably struggle to win no more than 9 games again this year. Nine wins, man. Husker fans won't tolerate that kind of mediocrity. TO just didn't seem to get that. We need to hire a real coach. Like Matt Biondi. Or Pat Sajak.
  14. Serious question ...

    Fair concern. Mitigated somewhat by the fact Palmer has been practicing with the team for a year. And while Copeland has been rehabbing, he's been getting mental reps with the team for the last 9 months. It's not like a juco kid attempting to assimilate in 3 months. In a way, Ed's injury was also a bit of a blessing because it gave Jordy some starts and a lot more minutes, and gave players around him a chance to play with him in the lineup. So, actually, 5 of the top 8 have a season or more of playing with each other and two more of the top 8 have been around the program more than a season.
  15. Serious question ...

    I might be ok with it, but I won't be excited about making the NIT. Making the NIT should be the most modest of our goals for this year.
  16. Next Years Starting 5

    Jacob, seriously? Don't be deliberately obtuse. And please don't employ straw man arguments with me. Not saying 3-pt shooting is a prerequisite to play. Not saying 3-pt shooting is a prerequisite to start at each spot across the floor. I'm saying, on this year's team, where we appear to have options we didn't have last year, I think it's unlikely that a guy who doesn't shoot well from 3 is going to be able to pull down the starting job at the 2-guard spot. Last year, Taylor started 21 games. He basically took Jack McVeigh's starting spot at the 3 after about the first 10 games. You are not projecting Evan as a 3. You're projecting him as a 2. He wasn't a 2 last year; Tai Webster was. Glynn and Tai were the starting 1 and 2; Evan Taylor was the 3. Last year, we were a bad 3-point shooting team with limited options on our roster. I've detailed how basically only 8 players attempted 3-pt shots on the season and only one of them shot better than 35% and only 3 were better than 30%. Taylor was among the bottom 3 players on the team in 3-pt accuracy. He might have been able to come in and start at the 3 on a 12-win team that lacked shooters last year; I do NOT see him coming in and starting at the 2-guard spot this year -- on a team that appears to have options last year's didn't have -- if he's shooting less than 25% from 3. Mic dropped.
  17. Next Years Starting 5

    Jacob Padilla put together a depth chart: https://hailvarsity.com/nebraska-basketball/depth-chart Can someone cut and paste his spreadsheet? He did it before Copeland got cleared and he has Jack starting at the 4 with Isaiah Roby at the 3. Now that we know Copeland has been cleared, I assume he'd move Jack down in the rotation at the 4 instead of sliding him to start at the 3 and dropping Roby into a bench role. I have Roby starting in part based on expectations I have for off-season improvement in his game. I know the kid can drive to the rack. Seen him do it. He has that tool in his bag. What I think expect he should have developed in the off-season as far as offense is concerned is that I expect to see him be nearly automatic from the short corner in a catch-and-shoot situation, reliable from the high post, and competent from beyond the arc. In essence, a Shavon-esque kind of game. I disagree with Jacob on Evan Taylor's role. He says Evan is not a point. Notes his turnover issues. But he's not a shooter and we saw what happens last year when you field a starting lineup with limited long-range firepower.. He has handled point duties in the past. He is not good enough of a three-point shooter to be in the 2 guard spot in our starting rotation. We need another guy on the floor who can bury the deep ball. If Thomas Allen is the primary backup to Glynn as Jacob says, then Evan will probably back both. The other alternative is that he beats everyone else out at the 3, which is where he was last year. I see that as a possibility but less likely than him coming off the bench as a 1-3.
  18. Serious question ...

    Well, that better be reflected in our conference RPI. There are some good schools with good players ahead of us in the league that we're going to have to leapfrog. This is as talented and deep of a team as Miles has ever had here. I think that's about as close to an objective statement as you can get. The only question is whether we have that one guy who can just take over a game, get buckets when we have to have them so that we don't go on long scoring droughts, and make the other guys in the offense better. We had a guy like that in Petteway. For whatever his shortcomings (and he had them) his ability to create his own shot and get buckets when we had to have them was unmatched in modern Husker history. And he delivered us an NCAA tourney ticket. If we have a guy who can do that, we have a chance for a run of historic proportions because we have the supporting cast to be sure.
  19. Serious question ...

    No offense, but not me. I think that's a minimum expectation for this year.
  20. Offseason Potpourri

    Here's hoping we don't have to play them twice.
  21. Serious question ...

    So, '14-'15, you're saying we had a major hole in our lineup? I agree. You almost have to go back to last century to find a Nebraska basketball roster that had legit players at every spot on the floor. I think I did a thread about this not long ago. Also, '16'17, in addition to the injuries you mentioned, don't forget we lost Andrew White in June. He'd have made a huge difference for the team last year. As far as it being a "trend" I would say I can't call three years a trend when the middle of those three years was one you might exclude from the list of "underperforming years." The other two were definitely disappointments in which we hoped for better.
  22. Serious question ...

    Let me put it this way. Last year, the W/L record was worse than the team was. The team was better than their final record would suggest. They were just in a total funk the last half of conference play and one guy in particular with a hidden agenda -- I won't say sabotaged -- certainly undercut the team's potential for success. The players weren't all on the same page. I'm not talking about last year's record because I think the quality of the team we had last year was an over .500 caliber team. I'm talking the team that beat Dayton, took Clemson to the wire, beat Indiana and Maryland on the road. That team. I think that team was better than their record and I think this team will be better than that team should have been. How's that?
  23. Serious question ...

    Head-to-head, there's only one spot where I'd say last year had a better player. (Obviously, I'm anticipating some improvement from Roby such that he leapfrogs Taylor.)
  24. Serious question ...

    I'd take this year's starters over last year's at every position except SG (Tai over either Palmer or Taylor.) And this year's bench is significantly better than last. In my opinion anyway. And we don't have a meat-grinder non-con (tough but not brutal like last year). And we have a reasonably favorable conference schedule. Not saying I'm getting out my dancing shoes, but I do want to make sure I know where the polish is at.
  25. The more I think about this, the more I think the best rotation is for Taylor to sub in for Watson at the point. Taylor has PG skills moreso than SG skills. He's a good ball handler who can penetrate and distribute (to all these young shooters we'll have coming off the bench.) I just don't think we can have a starting 2 guard who only shoots ~25% from 3pt range.