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  1. Norm Peterson


    This is the sport in which I'd rather have Nebraska develop a rivalry with Michigan. We're shooting low if we shoot for Iowa. Actually, I think Wisconsin lines up to be more of our natural rival in football, and those things tend to bleed over into other sports in which both schools are competitive. I'd like nothing more than to have Wisconsin become a natural rival in football and, therefore, in basketball. If our two schools can become the top two programs in the western half of the Big 10, we'd be doing OK. Let Iowa have Minnesota. Let them fight over Floyd of Rosedale. I'd rather rival Wisconsin, a more worthy foe.
  2. Norm Peterson

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    I think I was at that same game, Swan. Going into that game, I didn't expect much of JR. After watching him I was like, OK, this kid can play.
  3. Norm Peterson

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    This is actually where I was going with this thread. I think we have some underrated players in this recruiting class. I think we have some recruits who are a lot better than a lot of the gurus expect them to be. And, from time to time, it happens that you have a player who comes in and turns out to contribute right off the bat when you didn't think he was likely going to amount to much at all. Or gets there a lot faster than you even hoped he would. Whoever said Shavon Shields upthread is on the mark. Shavon is a good example. I think Davis could be that kind of player for us. It'd be nice to have one or both of these freshmen guards be that Trey Burke kid who is so much better than anyone thought he'd be and who comes in and commands serious minutes if not a starting job right off the bat. Actually, this would be a really good year for us to have that kind of player. Be nice if one of these freshmen is like a poor man's Trey Burke in that way.
  4. Norm Peterson

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    I'll start. JR Strowbridge was a whole lot better than I thought he'd be. The players we'd typically picked up late in the late signing period had historically not been very good. Can't even think of some of their names because they'd be here a year, never play, and then transfer. So, when we suddenly extended a late offer to JR and we brought him in, I was expecting another guy to sit at the end of the bench and never see the floor. I figured it was particularly likely since we had a lame-duck coach at the time. But dayum. He comes in, he's a smart kid and a hard worker, and even though the new coach never thought he was quick enough to be the kind of guard we needed, he played really tough man D and developed a solid jump shot. Would have liked to have seen him stay 4 years. Another one that fits that mold is Evan Taylor. No real offers until we came along in June with a need for a guard. He was so much better than we had any reason to hope he'd be. Very fortunate for us that he was still available when Andrew White bailed on us.
  5. Norm Peterson

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    In the Huskerpapa spirit of getting some off-season banter going, thought I'd throw out a question about which recruit came in and turned out to be a lot better than you were expecting? We've had guys come in and fail to live up to hype. But who do you remember doing the opposite? Are there any players you remember coming in thinking "man, I wasn't expecting much out of him, but dayum!"?
  6. Norm Peterson


    There was a period of time that our most heated rival was whoever Dana Altman was coaching. While he was at KSU, we seemed to be battling with them year after year for the 4/5 seed in the Big 8 tourney. Back then, we didn't really care so much about that other team he coached. Then, when he took over Creighton, he put a big target on our backs and their fans followed suit. He left but their fans stayed, and so CU continues to treat this as a rivalry game.
  7. Norm Peterson


    He has a roster good enough to knock off some good teams. We might lose some, but we'll win some, too. As last year proved, quality matters and just winning games isn't enough. Hate to be left out again because we don't have enough good wins because we didn't have enough opportunities to get them. We need to control our own destiny and not leave it in the hands of a selection committee trying to sort out bubble teams. It's like the difference between standing at the plate, bottom of the 9th with 2 down and 2 strikes, and taking a swing versus watching a called 3rd strike. You have to take a swing to have a chance at a hit. Miles is swinging for the bleachers.
  8. Norm Peterson


    Well, if he had to pick a do-or-die season, this one would be the roster he'd want to have to do or die with.
  9. NAME POS LOCATION HT WT STARS RATING COMMITTED Seketoure Henry G Lynwood, CA 6'3" 180 0 9/1/06 Jay-R Strowbridge G Harvest, AL 6'1" 175 0 5/23/06 Roburt Sallie G Laurinburg, NC 6'5" 190 0 3/7/06 Kris Douse F Toronto, ON 6'7" 215 0 2/23/06 Ryan Anderson G Seattle, WA 6'4" 175 0 10/30/05 Toni Soda C Å ibenik, Croatia, null 7'0" 230 0 9/30/05 This was our 2006 recruiting class. I don't think Soda ever showed, and Sallie was enrolled but never played. Otherwise, the recruiting class arrived intact. Sek was a Doc find but the others were all Collier recruits. Anderson was a 3-star outside the top 150, but turned out to be a pretty good find. Strowbridge was shockingly good for a kid who was unranked and unrated and still available at the end of the spring signing period that year. Douse was not good. Not ranked, not rated, not anything. And he left mid-year his freshman season for Delaware State. Not to bag too much on Douse, but he played 68 minutes in 7 games under Doc before transferring at semester break. He played 102 minutes as a senior at Delaware State. That should tell us something about Collier's last recruiting class here. Had he not quit, he'd have been fired. There's no way he could have achieved any measure of success with that crew, assembled in his 7th recruiting class.
  10. Norm Peterson

    Way too early Top 25

    And there are people who actually thought we should have fired the coach after each of the last 4 seasons. #SMDH
  11. Norm Peterson


    If he takes this team to the dance and wins Nebraska's first ever NCAA tournament game, you'll be amazed by how many P5 opportunities he'll have, and they'll be amazed by the bargain-basement buyout figure.
  12. Norm Peterson


  13. I believe it was Ryan Anderson. They slow-played this Jonathan Hall out of Miami to try to get Ryan to commit. They finally got Ryan to commit and he stuck to that commitment in spite of the coaching change. (Not much he could really do by that point.) The other commit didn't de-commit, exactly. He might still be trying to locate his middle-school homework assignments in order to prove to the Clearinghouse that he actually went to school.
  14. He really underestimated what it would take in terms of recruiting to hang in a big boy league. That really put him behind from the very beginning and made it virtually impossible for him to catch up. I think he was a nice guy. I think he was a decent enough coach. He was not charismatic -- quite the opposite, in fact -- and not a very good recruiter, and by the time he figured out that he couldn't compete here with mediocre players, the die was pretty much cast that he was going to be replaced. If he had brought in a top-notch recruiting assistant to begin with and landed some difference-maker players in his first class, he might have had a different run here.