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  1. Watkins out

    Per LJS (print edition.) If we don’t get credit for beating Minnesota at full strength, will we get credit for beating PSU when they’re not?
  2. It's Time to Subscribe

    demone, thanks for the reply. IMOO, I find your response here much more constructive than a down vote. But that's just me.
  3. It's Time to Subscribe

    That's not the article I'm talking about.
  4. It's Time to Subscribe

    In fairness, I should add to my above post that I do like the sports writers at both the LJS and the OWH. I have no problem with Sipple or Basnett or McKeon or Chatelain or Barfknecht or any of the rest of them on the sports side. On the news side, however, I'm disappointed more often than not.
  5. It's Time to Subscribe

    Do they? I haven't seen evidence of it. A topical example: A couple of years ago, the LJS printed an article about the Connie Yori situation. At the time, I was just trying to read up about what happened and hadn't formed opinions. The article was incredibly one-sided and really pissed me off, so I went through and fisked the article and pointed out at least half a dozen ways in which their reporting failed to source assertions of fact, quoted a biased source without revealing the bias, printed a source's opinion as though it was fact, etc. etc. etc. I sent it to the writer and copied the editor, and the response I got back was sort of a dismissive "Thanks for the note; this is obviously an issue you feel passionately about" as though I'm the one who's biased. At that point, I hadn't taken sides, but that story made me really try to see things from Yori's point of view because it was clear to me the Urinal Star had thrown in with the AD. That's just one example. I find their reporting generally wanting, and more so their hard news content than their sports content. And I'm a subscriber even!
  6. It's Time to Subscribe

    I didn't upvote this post because I agree with it; I upvoted it because I think it's stupid to clobber a guy with downvotes just for expressing a fairly innocuous, on-topic opinion.
  7. He's better at post D than Michael Jacobson was.
  8. Just in the last minute, I think we were 0-6. Palmer drew a foul call and went to the line and bricked both. Then we got the offensive rebound and Taylor, I think, went to the line and missed both. And then did we get a 2nd offensive rebound by Roby and he was fouled? I know Roby went to the line next and I was thinking, OK, we got these now. But no. Roby misses both. And I'm thinking thank goodness we're up 11.
  9. I disagree. Isaiah has some of the best post moves on the team.
  10. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Yay, so Del State is NOT the worst team in the country! Yay us.
  11. The Happy Place Thread

    Did someone say beer?
  12. Considering three of the last four were at home and all four were against teams below us in the conference (and all but Maryland below us in rpi at the time) I think we were at least twice as likely to win out as lose out.
  13. Mitch, toss out what the computers tell you and just look at how the Huskers had been playing to that point in the season and answer me this: Can you honesty say with a straight face that, at the point in time when we only had 4 games left in the regular season, you thought the odds of the Huskers winning out in their last 4 games, 3 of which are/were at home and one on the road against a Big Ten bottom dweller (Maryland, @Illinois, Indiana, Penn State), would be less than the odds of losing out? In other words, that it would be more likely we'd lose all of the next four than that we'd win them? Keep in mind, at that point, we were on a 5-game winning streak and had only dropped 3 road games in our last 15 contests since dropping a home game to Kansas by 1 point. Now, to me, a mere human, it seems a lot more likely that we'd win those last 4 games, all against teams below us in league standings, than that we'd lose them. But what do I know?
  14. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    Quote »" After last season, Boehm said Tim Miles sat down with Tucker Zeleny, who runs analytics for Nebraska sports. In that meeting, Zeleny said a good number of Nebraska’s issues were because of 3-point shooting, both defending the 3 and shooting the 3. Boehm said Miles took that advice to heart and began retooling an offense with higher efficiency 3-point shooting. The Huskers are shooting 35 percent from behind the arc this season. They also rank first in the Big Ten in 3-point field goal defense, holding opponents to 31.5 percent ." Jeez, ya think? Considering we were ranked somewhere in the 300s in both of those categories last year? Doesn't take any genius analytics guy to figure that out. We were (hell, even I was) talking about that a lot since the end of last season.
  15. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    And talking about how the only real quality wins we had were against Ohio State and Michigan State in the BTT.