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  1. D1 minutes

    Oh ... that is so true.
  2. D1 minutes

    There are a couple of outliers in that sample. Try dropping the high and the low and then take a look at it.
  3. Seat Yourself Process

    Kinda sucks for the people who got slotted to seat themselves at 1:00 p.m.
  4. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    No official word on Isaac Copeland and "it's out of our hands now." He hopes he's available for the early Big 10 games. That seems to suggest that the paperwork for whatever appeal has been filed. And that there's still a chance they think he'll be available. So, all that stuff a week or two ago about it being "official" that he wasn't going to be eligible, well, rumors of his demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated.
  5. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Or Mazatlan.
  6. OT: Eclipse Plans

    One of the big things about this one is that, from what I've read, it will be the largest population of people ever to be in the line of totality. But I think the next one is likely to have even more people. Some of the cities within the Zone of Totality next time around: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Evansville, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toledo, Buffalo, Rochester, Montreal ... And that one's going to have a much longer duration of totality.
  7. OT: Eclipse Plans

    There's actually a place in Missouri/Illinois that's in the path of totality for this eclipse that will also be in the path of totality again in 7 years when another eclipse crosses from Mexico, up through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, etc., and finishing in Canada. So, if you do happen to miss this one ...
  8. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    When the hell did this happen? Any chance we can get in on the Mitchell Robinson sweepstakes? We still have an open spot after all.
  9. OT: Eclipse Plans

    I don't know. What were you doing while you were looking at it?
  10. D1 minutes

    Dropping the high and low from this season and from last season yields the following: This year: 7,978 total minutes, or an average of 1140 for the players with returning D1 minutes (not counting the high and the low.) Last year: 3,622 total minutes, or an average of 604 for the players with returning D1 minutes (not counting the high and the low.) The player with the most D1 minutes this year accounts for 18% of the team's total D1 minutes. The player with the most D1 minutes last year accounted for 39% of the team's total D1 minutes. Going into last year, we had one player (Tai Webster) with at least 900 career D1 minutes. This year, we have 6 such players. I think someone was asking if we're really any more experienced as a team this year than we were last year. This might answer that question.
  11. D1 minutes

    The median for this year's squad is Jack McVeigh at 1267; the median for last year's squad was Jack McVeigh at 577. The mean for this year's squad is 851 career minutes (including adding in zeros for the freshmen); the mean for last year's squad was 523.
  12. D1 minutes

    OK, I'll do last year. Going into last year, it looked like this: 1. Tai Webster, 2,221 min 2. Glynn Watson, 826 min 3. Evan Taylor, 758 min 4. Michael Jacobson, 623 min 5. Jack McVeigh, 577 min 6. Anton Gill, 427 min 7. Ed Morrow Jr., 411 min 8. Nick Fuller, 318 min T9. Jordy, Jeriah, Isaiah 0 min
  13. D1 minutes

    I'm assigning that to you as homework. I get to do that (assign homework) because I'm Norm. And you're not. So ... get to it.
  14. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Except you quoted it, so it became twice in a lifetime. And then Auroran did too, so it actually became three times in a lifetime. Just saying
  15. Next Years Starting 5

    Huh? You said he'd miss all of non-con and 4 Big Ten games. I said he'd be eligible for the KU game on 12/16 at the latest. How am I wrong and you right?