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  1. To borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton, what difference, at this point, does it make?
  2. I'll prefer to just stand and applaud on senior night when he gets his framed jersey handed to him by our head coach.
  3. See, I have NEVER defended Tim Miles by saying, "Oh, but he was hired by Tom Osborne; therefore, he must be good." So, I don't understand why certain jackasses have to shove that shit in my face all the time.
  4. One trick pony.
  5. Really? Because it sure seems like you take particular delight pointing out the failures of the coaches hired by the last AD. Which, by the way, I get really sick and fucking tired of reading because I seriously don't think Tom Osborne has anything to do with the success or failure of this basketball program and I'd like nothing more than for you to shut the fuck up about that and a couple other tropes you like trotting out from time to time.
  6. For the record, when I was projecting next year's starters on March 9, almost 3 weeks ago, Ed Morrow wasn't in my top 5.
  7. Just going by what royalfan said above, and not trying to speak for him, it appears his point is that we could somewhat close the talent gap that exists by shooting the 3 ball more and shooting it more effectively. So, rank of the top 4 teams in the nation in terms of 3pt attempts to overall attempts doesn't disprove his point. It sounds like he's saying the better teams don't need to rely so much on it, but we do in order to serve as an equalizer against teams that have more talent. I'm just guessing based on the discussion here and what I've seen him post before. I'm not defending either position or attacking either position.
  8. He shoulda come out as a freshman. Not sure his name has the cachet it had back then.
  9. Well, my basketball experience may be a bit dated, but for me it was always plant your heel and rotate around the sole of your foot to the ball of your foot. I don't think I could do it without touching my heel to the ground.
  10. And I'm just going to anticipate that some of you are going to say that every other team in the conference is going to put in off-season work as well, so we'll just continue to be where we are relative to them because they'll do those things to improve, too. Two observations in response to that: 1. We had some very untimely and unfortunate injuries that probably cost us at least a few games. Getting healthy matters more for us. 2. It's about pieces. Jordy has a very high ceiling and could make a dramatic move forward in the off-season. His improvement alone could change the outcome in a couple of games. Think what a beefed up Jordy would mean to our post defense and therefore our perimeter defense when we don't have to always throw double teams? And I'm convinced we'll have better shooters available next season than we did this one. The guys we have (and have coming in) can get there. The only question is whether they'll put in the work. Winners are made in the off-season.
  11. Let's just say guys get healthy. That's not a far-fetched prediction at all. And I'm not saying everyone perfectly healthy. I continue to worry about Anton Gill, for instance. (Hoping for the kid's sake that he makes it back but that injury is worrisome.) Anyway, let's say Ed's foot, Isaiah's hip, and Isaac's back all get clean bills of health. Then, let's just say guys physically develop. That's not far-fetched either. Jordy has already done a lot to transform himself physically from apparently a fat kid who was over 300 pounds to a pretty fit guy at 6'11" and 280#. But let's say Jordy adds some major muscle over the summer, like what Ed and Michael did last year. Let's say the same thing happens for Isaiah and for Isaac. And maybe even Jack to a certain degree. Then, let's just say some guys work on some areas of their games where they can achieve the greatest returns in the least amount of time. So, for Jordy, he's wearing the tread smooth on the heels of his hightops with all the pivot moves he'll practice and Isaiah is grooving his shot and Glynn is working on his left hand dribble drive and Ed is polishing some post moves and mid-range jumpers. Let's just say that most of the guys make some incremental improvements in parts of their game and a couple guys like Jordy and Isaiah take major strides forward (as freshmen tend to do in the off-season before their sophomore years.) None of this is far-fetched. If we come back healthy, and a little bigger and stronger across the board, and incrementally improved in basketball skills ... I still believe this team can take a major step forward next season. I don't think it's far-fetched.
  12. Niko's Furman squad was definitely on the right trajectory. Furman averaged 11.67 wins/year in the 6 years before Niko took over. In his 4 years with the program (so, a decade in all) they won 9, 11, 19, and now 23 wins (with the possibility of another W on the 29th when they play St. Peter's in the CIT semis. He is a grad of Minnesota. Wouldn't be surprised if his plan is to take over at Drake and build recruiting contacts into the Twin Cities area and then take over for Richard Pitino when he gets fired or moves on. He's taking over a Drake program that, in the last 5 years, has won 16, 15, 9, 7, and 7 games respectively. If he can reverse that trend and get them to the 16-20 win mark in 4 years or so, he'll be looking to take another major step forward in his coaching career.
  13. He needs a rebound job like that.
  14. I'm guessing there were some awkward moments ...
  15. Yep, nuff said.