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  1. Here's something interesting. Our team 3-pt % last year was 32.0, which was good enough for 303rd out of 347 D1 programs. If we improve our 3-pt % by 5 percentage points to 37%, it would move us up into the top 80 teams but only result in 2.7 more points per game (just a shade under 1 additional make per game.) Our team 3-pt defense last year was 39.9, which placed us 345th out of 347 D1 teams. If we improve our 3-pt defense by 5 percentage points to 34.9%, it would move us to about number 180 out of 347. And that would make a difference of about 2.9 points per game. But add those two figures together and it's a swing of almost 6 points per game. It would push our scoring average to 72.9 and our defensive average to 70.1. Given the influx of shooters that we're going to have and the fact that, with an emerging Jordy Tshimanga, we won't have to double the post as much on defense, I think those differences are reachable. It's going to be really interesting to see how all of this unfolds. This team might not end up being much better than they were a couple of years ago. But then again, they might be a whole lot better. I think we finally have a full array of pieces to play around with.
  2. Good post CWG, and good questions. I don't have a magic crystal ball. Magic 8 ball is about as good as it gets with me. But, having said that, I think there's good reason that the BTN folks named Jordy as one of their breakout players for this coming season. He has a lot of tools to go along with fantastic size and a great work ethic. He was raw at the beginning of last season and just improved by leaps and bounds. I suspect the player who takes the floor for us this fall will be virtually unrecognizable compared to his beginning freshman self. Copeland has put up some numbers already that give us a barometer of what we can probably anticipate there. Palmer is sounding like a better shooter than he had the chance to prove at Miami. Same thing happened to Andrew White, so it's not out of the question that Palmer could produce a sizable increase in perimeter accuracy. Will he? Who knows. I do know this: We won't have room for all the guys who could get a lot better to show it. Only 200 minutes per game to spread among an entire roster and some will play a lot and some only a little. I think our starters will all be improvements over their 2016-17 counterparts except for the SG position (Tai.). And I think our depth will be better. Bench scoring should improve. Biggest jumps we might see are team 3-point shooting % and 3-point shooting defense. If that happens, we could be pretty good.
  3. I sure hope you hold paid writers to a higher standard than some anonymous dude behind a keyboard who posts on a message board.
  4. We'll have to see. Duby's junior numbers are probably misleading. He was much better as a freshman and sophomore. If he'd taken a jump forward from his sophomore year, he'd have averaged Ed-like numbers for Winthrop but, instead, he took a leap backwards. It's clear he has athleticism in spades. Great length. Good size. Does he have Ed's nose for the ball? Let's be honest. Ed wasn't very skilled, but he was athletic (so is Duby) and tough (yet to be seen with Duby.) Ed's primary strength as a player, in fact, was his toughness. Among his many weaknesses were that he didn't want to play the position for which he's best suited (which Duby obviously doesn't have an issue with) and, from what I understand, he wasn't willing to put in the work that would have developed the skills he needed to develop in order to play the position he wanted to play. I have a prediction that we'll never know the answer to: If Ed had stayed, he would not have started. He would have backed up Jordy at the 5. Which is what Duby is probably going to be doing. And, when you're talking about a backup, you're not going to probably see a whole lot of difference between the numbers Ed would have put up in 15-18 minutes versus the numbers Duby will probably put up in 15-18 minutes. I mean, to be somewhat crude about this, comparing which back up would have posted the best stat line is a little bit like arguing which Shim Sham dancer had the best legs. (That was a visual even I didn't need and I'm mad at you guys for making me try to come up with an analogy. Darn you.)
  5. He might be a good dude, but he's way too much of a Creighton homer to be writing for a Husker periodical, IMO. Someone sent me a link of a BJU discussion, which I clicked on against my better judgment. And there was a discussion about Husker recruiting in which Mr. Padilla made a comment damning Nana Akenten with faint praise. (Don't recall his exact words and I'm not going to look for them.) Basically said he was mediocre and wouldn't make our mediocre team any better. Something like that. Our recruiting is blah, we got one player who isn't horrible, but ... Kind of about that sentiment. Very superficial analysis, which was the word that popped into my head while reading the above-linked piece. I'm sure he does a much more thorough job of analyzing Husker football.
  6. Perhaps, but that wasn't the question or the way it was presented. The way the question was presented is whether we're upgrading the talent over last year with all the newcomers versus the guys who transferred away. Hsker4life thought it was a push basically between the guys who left and the players we added who weren't eligible last season. He's got a point about experience, but I think the overall talent of the players we've added since last year is better than the overall talent of the guys who left early.
  7. Padilla had that column 80% done and a submission deadline looming when the kid who was supposed to commit to KU decided to buy into Miles' vision of Nebraska Basketball. Ooops.
  8. Copeland, Allen, Palmer, Akenten, Okeke >>>> Morrow, Jacobson, Horne, Fuller. That's a 5-star, two 4-stars, a Rivals 150 plus whatever Duby was compared to one 4-star, a 150 kid and two unranked guys. If recruiting rankings mean anything, then clear advantage to the newcomers.
  9. Numbers suggest a bit of a story here. He averaged 13.7 minutes as a freshman and scored 4.4 ppg. Then, he jumped up to almost 18 minutes as a sophomore and was averaging about 5 pts and 5 bds/game. Then, junior year, instead of taking a big leap forward, he drops back to 14 min/game and 3.2 pts, the lowest scoring output -- overall but also in terms of points per minute played -- in his career at Winthrop. And then he transfers. My best guess is we'll get something more approximating his sophomore year numbers from him. Fewer than 20 minutes, but he'll have room to score and rebound at a Michael Jacobson-esque pace.
  10. Updated with the recent commit. Now, I'd look for another Andrew White/Anton Gill kind of transfer player, probably shooting guard, who would sit a year and join Roby and Tshimanga as juniors in a year, and then a freshman big like Isaiah Chandler. That'd get us to 13 and that's how I'd fill out this roster.
  11. So, you're saying if we hadn't lost anyone and the veterans all returned and took on the newcomers in a scrimmage, who would win? Is that how you've divided this out? Because I don't think Horne is a 2. I think your 2 in this scenario is Anton Gill when he recovers from surgery, which I hope he does but have my concerns. All 4 of the guys who left would probably have been in the 4-5 group. And that includes Fuller. I will say that Team White -- 1 senior, 2 juniors and 2 freshmen -- is a lot more veteran group than some of the groupings we've fielded in actual games in recent years.
  12. Agree w/ Ttoy4. Palmer and Copeland haven't just been hibernating this past year. They've at the very least been attending practices and film sessions, and, in the case of Palmer, actually practicing. Look what happened with Andrew White when he came off his redshirt year. Didn't take him a semester to get going. (Some of you might say, yeah, but Anton Gill ..., and my response is I'm not convinced Anton was ever 100% healthy this last season; he did NOT look like the guy I saw rip the nets in an open scrimmage the fall after he left Louisville.) Also, let's be fair to our offense a little bit with the "does Miles have the pieces finally" stuff. The offense needs to have certain pieces in order to click, but this team scored 71 against #14 UCLA and 72 at #3 KU. They also went into Assembly Hall and scored 87. What you have to have is a couple of guys who can get to the rim (Webster and Watson) and a couple of guys who can bury it from deep (White and McVeigh) and then a big man who can clean up the offensive glass and get putbacks or receive a dish from one of the guys getting to the rim (Morrow or Jacobson.). I think if last year's team had had White, it would have changed the entire complexion of our offense, our season, people's long-range view of the program, etc. etc. This coming season, we'll have a couple of guys who can drive (Watson, Roby, Allen) and a couple of guys who can bomb away from deep (Watson, Palmer, McVeigh, Copeland, Akenten, Allen) as well as, now, a couple of guys who are capable of cleaning the glass and hanging out for the dish (Jordy, Duby.) We would have had the pieces last year. I think we'll have even more pieces this year.
  13. There's a reason Michael Jacobson thought he'd be a back-up center rather than a starting power forward. I think the above post goes a long way toward explaining it.
  14. Excellent news.
  15. FIFY