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  1. I’m sorry, but a year ago when I was being bombarded with downvotes on the women’s board by people who weren’t even participating in the discussion, you told me I was being a hypocrite for complaining about it.
  2. Creighton Match-Ups

    Listen, guys, I get the hopefulness and everything, but as much as it pains me to say it, Creighton is good. They have good players and they have a system that works for them. On offense, their system generates good looks at high percentage shots. And they have players who can convert. They have guys who will shoot and hit treys with a hand in their face; we have guys who pass up open looks. I think we'll have to play our best game of the year to beat them. I'm really worried about Krampelj on the pick-and-roll (or just roll, there's not always a pick). And if Thomas and Foster get hot from outside, we'll be lucky to stay within 15 points. We'll see. I'm hopeful but not confident, if that makes sense.
  3. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I'd take 5th place in the Big Ten right now. Won't even make them play the games.
  4. Creighton Match-Ups

    Well, obviously our two best offensive threats at the guard spots are Watson and Palmer, so McDermott is going to stick his two best defenders on them and leave Mintz to guard Evan Taylor, probably. I'm not in McDermott's head, but maybe he thinks the best way to control us is to limit the amount of scoring help Watson gets, because Watson isn't going to beat CU by himself, but if Palmer gets going, it could make it a contest. So, shut down Palmer with their best defender and just take him out of the game from the get go.
  5. Creighton Match-Ups

    And how's Jordy going to do on guarding their high ballscreen pick and roll? I watched the Gonzaga/CU game and CU runs this action where anytime the Gonzaga big got outside of Krampelj, such as on setting a high ball screen, Krampelj would make a hard v-cut down the lane, the guard lobs over the top and, basically every time they ran it in the first half, they scored an easy layup. Then Gonzaga went to this 2-3 (or, really, sort of a 2-2-1) zone and basically ended that. Are we going to run a zone or are we going to want a guy who can chase Krampelj down the lane and knock the pass away or contest the shot?
  6. Creighton Match-Ups

  7. Bobby Jackson

    I didn't look it up but my memory was they were teammates and we nabbed Garner and they pretty much had Jackson locked up.
  8. I love Jordy, but I'm ready for Isaiah to start. IMO, Jordy and Duby should split time coming off the bench. I want to see what a starting lineup of Watson, Taylor, Palmer, Copeland, Roby would play like.
  9. I'm going to disagree with this. I thought the refs were consistent in allowing a little more contact down low than in some other games where the refs make the game choppy by blowing the whistle too much. We had some possessions where we get inside, drew contact, and there was no call. Just like they did. Having said that, there were some clearly blown calls and they got the benefit of at least as many of those as we did.
  10. If I'm remembering correctly, it was right in the spot where Evan Taylor got the inbound/backcourt pass and was trapped on the sideline and tried to dribble through the trap down the sideline, and there was contact and, instead of calling the foul, they called out-of-bounds off Evan. Before they inbounded the ball, the official went and got a towel (which he then did NOT use to wipe the floor where Evan had fallen, so I have no idea why he wanted a towel) called a security person over, pointed out the guy, and had him removed. I'm guessing the gentleman provided his candid views on the no-call on the sideline.
  11. Bellwether games

    1-2 in the bellwether games. That was probably as good as we could realistically have hoped for. I said if we won just one of the three, I'd still feel pretty good. And I do.
  12. Burn Creighton Burn

    That acrid odor you smell is the singed remains of my autographed #15 jersey. That man is now dead to me.
  13. That's kind of the way some of the fouls worked tonight, I noticed.
  14. That was similar to the team we saw through 30 minutes against Miss State.
  15. Burn Creighton Burn

    Oh look, the former head football coach at Doane College.