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  1. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    And you would be correct.
  2. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    This is actually a pretty cool matchup for us. Both teams went into the tank during conference season last year (I think both teams won 6 games in conference) and both had a long swoon of consecutive losses. I think both ended up with 6 conference wins. Their best two players from a year ago were both guards and they both return, including high scoring 6'4" shooting guard Quinndary Weatherspoon at 16 1/2 ppg and Lamar Peters at 11 ppg. They have a 6'10" 225# PF named Aric Holman who, as a soph last year, averaged 23 min, 8 1/2 ppg and 6 bds. They also have a sophomore center who probably starts in Schnider Herard who's 6'10" and 260#. They have a couple of other guys in that 6'10"-6'11" size range, but might be a couple of stiffs. After that, they are really guard heavy. The two returning starters plus Weatherspoon's younger brother Nick, a Rivals 4-star freshman. They also return a 6'4", 165# skinny kid named Tyson Carter who chipped in 7.5 ppg in 20 minutes as a freshman last year. They weren't a great shooting team last year averaging only 34.7% from beyond the arc, but they did attempt over 700 treys, so they will launch 'em. I think this team, on paper, seems pretty similar to ours. My speculative starting lineup for them would go as follows: PG 6'0" 185# So SG 6'4" 205# Jr SG 6'4" 165# So PF 6'10" 225# Jr C 6'10" 260# So Jordy and Schnider Herard are very comparable players on paper. Nearly same height and weight, both sophomores, and they put up similar numbers their freshmen years. Their starting PF is very similar in size to either Isaiah or Isaac. And the lines between their PG and Glynn are going to look very similar. I'm guessing their Weatherspoon kid will be a very good matchup for James Palmer and so the X factor is that 2nd guard or wing. This should be a pretty fun test from another P5 school. Really looking forward to how the boys do. Go Huskers!
  3. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    And the Tim Miles school of dropping a head scratcher at home to an inferior opponent in the non-con...at least last year.
  4. Offseason Potpourri

    Wow, @49r, you're not kidding. Sounds like he grew up in Reykjavik, Iowa.
  5. Bellwether games

    Judging by his dunk during practice that was on the team's snapchat, I assume Jordy's doing just fine.
  6. Bellwether games

  7. Bellwether games

    Are you volunteering to do the PBP? What does Kent have to say about this?
  8. Bellwether games

    In the article about the Mizzou KU game, they said it wouldn't be televised, but both teams' radio crews would broadcast it on their networks. That's why I wondered.
  9. Bellwether games

    Where is the charity game being played? And will Kent and Matt be there broadcasting it?
  10. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    I think Ohio State is the one with problems. They're going to have to scratch and claw to stay out of the bottom two. If you look at their roster, they really only have 9 legit players. Andrew Dakich doesn't count. Their margins are paper thin. They bring back some good players and they had a late recruiting haul with two 4-stars after Thad Matta was fired, in addition to a 4-star who committed two years ago and stuck to it in spite of the coaching change (his older brother is on the team.) So, they have some legit talent. But we've seen how long it takes young talent to really develop. And the flip side of what they return is they lost 3 of their top 4 scorers, all double figure guys. It's tough to fill that kind of void, although I'm sure Jae'Sean Tate is going to try. What they really lack is guard depth. They only have a couple of legit veteran backcourt players to go along with a 4-star freshman who might be more of a Nana Akenten-type wing. Has a very smooth perimeter shot but I question his quicks. (And he has the only highlight video I've ever seen where the highlight is him reversing the ball at the top of the key and not looking to take a shot. Oh, he passed the ball to a guy who made a shot! Wow!) Their first couple of guards are good, but there's a sharp talent drop-off after that. And, along the front line, you have Jae'Sean "BowlingBall" Tate and Keita Bates-Diop who is coming back from a stress fracture, but after that, they're relying on 4-star freshmen. Which might be good for them for next year, but maybe not so much for this year. But then again, who knows? Sometimes these kids come in and rise to the occasion. I just wouldn't bet on it.
  11. Offseason Potpourri

    I don't think lifting was an issue for Ed. I think practicing skills other than dunking was.
  12. Offseason Potpourri

    Now is a time for Morrow to look toward the future; even if that future doesn’t involve him playing in any games for a while. “I’m going to actually embrace it,” Morrow said about not playing this year. “I plan on being in the gym all the time. That’s the only way I’m going to make gains: to get in here and work on my game.” If that actually happens, it will represent a complete change in attitude, character and habits for Mr. Morrow.
  13. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Is this any kind of indication how potentially clean or unclean each school/conference is? Because, if so, the Big 12, ACC, SEC, and Pac12 have some issues. And if you count the "I'm not telling" responses in the "Yes" category, you can add the Big East to the list of naughty leagues.
  14. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    I don't expect the media to pick us any better than 13th. I expect our players to prove them very, very wrong. And there's a lot that we fans believe we know that the media wouldn't know or give us credit for.
  15. 2017 Husker volleyball

    All the people who think we should never hire coaches with Nebraska ties are going to flip their lids over this. Brace yourselves.