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  1. Yeah, I hate when that happens, but it happens to everyone. I bet UND is like "Man watching NU vs E Illinois and then against us, wish they played like crap against us." I agree though, it is like when someone comes into PBA and shoots 50+% on threes and then shoots 22% their next time out.
  2. HHCC Standings - End of Week 02

    Bring on NORTH Carolina.
  3. All around he does the little things right. A huge talent for sure. I could certainly see 7 rebounds. I could even see 2-3 assists, 1-2 blocks, 1-2 steals per game.
  4. Did you see his quote in the Robin article that I linked? "Man I needed that." I think we see a completely different Copeland from here on out. Not saying he'll score 30+, but 10+ PPG seems reasonable.
  5. All of the above. Started low with a few post ups and driving layups, then hit a few mid range jumpers, then hit some from deep. An all around big game from him.
  6. From Miles Monday presser.... best quote was Copeland after game. “Man I needed that.”
  7. It might take some time, but Glynn doesn’t have to be the man every game this year which is nice. A true PG is what he can be now with all of the other options we have. He doesn’t have to take that forced 3 that sometimes went in with 2 seconds left on the shot clock. Glynn I think will be our silent scorer this year as he averages 10+ PPG on nights where it seems he didn’t even shoot.
  8. This was pretty cool! What do you do when you get held 10+ points under your season scoring average and get your teeth kicked in? Clean up the visiting locker room of course. Kudos to this guy. Very classy.
  9. Nebraska 79 UCF 71 4 players in double figures.
  10. UCF is a must win

    I think the lineup of Glynn, Taylor, Palmer, Roby, Copeland presents some challenges for Tacko. I also think that Jordy and Dube present some other challenges for Tacko. His FG percentage is really good overall. His FT percentage, especially the last two years is not. In games against better competition last year, he didn't play great. His best game was against Villinova. Struggled against UMASS, Colorado, Illinois, TCU.
  11. Thought I would start a thread to throw all of the football news into. To get things started, I thought this was an interesting little perspective from ESPN. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/20369846/ranking-happiness-every-college-football-fan-base-2017
  12. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    I know a guy... he coaches YMCA hoops, but I hear he is amazing in whatever he does. Might give him a try.
  13. UCF is a must win

    I actually feel confident that 3-0 could happen this year as well. We have the horses needed to run the race this year.
  14. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Still early, but interesting to see the hunter become the hunted.
  15. Our best lineup is with Roby out there. However, I am not in the camp that he should start just to start. I think he provides something off the bench that we need. Others have said before, and I agree, I don’t think it matters who starts. It’s who’s in during crunch time that batters most. While Roby is part of our best lineup, I don’t think he’s our best player (yet). So we have the luxury of bringing in him off the bench to provide a spark, hustle, team play, and a different look. North Dakota wasn’t great by any means, but it does irk me a little to see people degrade teams that we beat just because we are beating them. I think that two of the three Mid Majors we have played are decent teams. North Dakota had a guy averaging 25+PPG for crying out loud. Speaking of, KUDOS to Evan Taylor. Big effort on D. Big team effort today. Big game for boys. All around the best game we have played all year. Should give us some Mojo going into Orlando. Im not all rainbows, so a few negatives starting with Jordy. He is just mightily struggling. However I agree with the poster who said that we need to keep playing him. Especially in games like today. Came out to start second half sluggish. Got to find a way to start hot both halves. Bring on UCF! Big opportunity this weekend. No team in the field we can’t beat or play with.
  16. Biggest complaint is that our bench in the last 2 minutes has a ways to go. It’s a good day.
  17. When we make shots, we look so much more competent on offense.
  18. Gill looks solid today. He will help a ton if he can do this every now and then.
  19. Roby playing like a “6th man of the year” he is very much improved.
  20. We all did... that last 6 minutes was terrible.
  21. This... we look like what St John’s was doing to us. Out hustling and out playing.
  22. Agree... play Jordy and Dube when we wanna slow things down, but need to run.
  23. I think this game shows what we could be, that we need to continue to work hard, and that we have a lot scoring options. Does Copeland score 30? 40?
  24. Offensive struggles have been fixed. Who would of thunk that all it would take is us making shots....
  25. We are flying around with a little more intensity.