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  1. This is laughable... what better place than where you could start the rest of your career, make a big impact, play against some of the best, and have the opportunity to do something historical.
  2. Everyone just relax a little... good news is coming.
  3. See, it is posts like this that I take with a grain of salt. If you know something, share it. No need to beat around the bush.
  4. Dickie V thinks there is underground recruiting going on. I would have no doubt about something like that. A little birdy gets in a 18-19 YO kids ear and tells him something different than what he is hearing and POOF. So sad the number of transfers. It's all about ME ME ME now days. Rarely do you find a true TEAM player.
  5. Please share more... Also reports are that Ed's dad didn't even know. Just crazy all around.
  6. Well Damn.... This is a huge loss and a huge blow. Pretty sad that so many players can't stay committed somewhere for their college careers. This transfer thing is only going to get worse and worse nationally too. Best of luck Ed! Wish you could have kept your eyes on the ultimate TEAM goal. I realize though that these college kids have to "do what's best for them." This'll bring all of the Husker Haters and the Miles Haters out of the closet. Be interesting to see where this goes.
  7. Wouldn't that be something. Northwestern's dream season ruined because of that.
  8. Wow... Loss for words!
  9. Maryland actually makes the Dance.... Syracuse would be like a step down wouldn't it??
  10. There is nothing that pisses me off more than hearing someone was shopping around before the season was over. I wish we would have just benched her when that happened and made that public. Good riddance! Give me someone who is a team player over someone who pulls crap like that any day.
  11. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/meet-the-kid-who-believes-hes-the-reincarnated-spirit-of-lou-gehrig-181953168.html Since it is the off-season, has anyone else seen or read this story? I think it is crazy, but it also always amazes me how kids that young can know some of this stuff. For those that do not read the article, it is about a boy who believes that he is the reincarnated spirit of Lou Gehrig. He, at the age of two, was recalling events from his "past life" about traveling to baseball games on by train, staying in a motel, and even said "they don't talk to each other" when shown a picture of Lou and Babe Ruth.
  12. Serious question here... Does anyone feel better about the Program now than when Yori was here? I will be honest, I do not follow the women's team that much, but the days of being a constant winner seem so so long ago. From those that follow the women more than I... Is there hope? Is the program better or worse off now than it was? Was firing Yori the right move? Is Williams the right hire? I realize it has been just 1 year. So for those that follow the program more than I... these questions were move of a short and long term view.
  13. Wow... that is... maybe shocking?
  14. Interesting first post. Time to head back under the bridge.
  15. Should Florida have fouled? Question for days!
  16. 8th inning was the killer!
  17. I mean... one is MPJ and the other IR. That's a difference.
  18. Our prized possibilities are their Mid-March offers is what your saying?
  19. Yep.... only to lose out to the big boys who get on offer late. Kind of like asking a girl to prom when you are the jock... only to have California Surfer Boy transfer in and steal yo date.
  20. Will hire Ok St. coach Brad Underwood.
  21. I can't help but think of this Michigan team as a UCONNesque type team we saw a few years ago.
  22. Exactly. It does not matter the team... If things are going good, you love the coach. If things are going bad, you want something new.