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  1. New Starter?

    Rough life when you force a team to beat you with jumpers and they still beat you with two footers.
  2. Good Lord. It’s only Jan 15th and we’ve played 7 frigging conference games. We’ll see who has legs left in New York.
  3. Wide open Big 19 really. Just think... we’re ahead of Maryland right now and will be tied with Michigan if we beat them on Thursday! Tied with Michigan! Big game coming up.
  4. Illinois isn’t very good. They aren’t bad either. It isn’t like they are getting blown out every single game they play. 3 OT games plus tonight. This was a good win. Not because it will help us later. Because it won’t hurt us later.
  5. I will never complain about someone leaving early every again!
  6. New Starter?

    I say stick with same starting 5 and then play 1-3-1. Although with Michigan’s shooting.....
  7. #DontBetTheSkers #DontCare #GotTheW
  8. I ummm.. I don’t know what to say. We went from season defining loss to possibly season defining win. That should give us a little Mo for Thursday.
  9. This is a moral killing loss.
  10. Do we just foul and not let them get a shot. Then we’d have lost shot. Weird things I thought I’d never say. Maldonado probably need to go man so they don’t hit a 3.
  11. We need to play the 1-3-1 more often. It’s obviously our most effective defense and we can’t rebound worth a damn no matter what’s d we play so...
  12. Roby giveth and Roby taketh away.
  13. Thomas Allen is a freshman. Thomas Allen is a freshman.
  14. Roby tried to go MJ
  15. Hustle! Effort! Points!
  16. I’ll take a double.
  17. You cannot lose this game. We also cannot throw a rock in a pond right now.
  18. We can make the Harlem Globe Trotters games look ugly and be a 19-15 slugfest.
  19. Nebrasketball— the only torcher device that you keep coming back for more.
  20. New Starter?

    Our lineup of death produced as many points as normal. Man guys...
  21. Repetitive, but we are the better team with better players. However, we struggle to show that.
  22. Way Kent made it sound is it will be Roby, Glynn, Palmer, Copeland, and Gill?