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  1. How about the major upsets in the Big 12. If things hold, it looks like 1,2,3, and 4 will all lose. Nuts! Could this mean better seeding for a surging Big Red who won both the regular season and conference tournaments?
  2. We don't come out better than this next week... it's 2 and BBQ
  3. My God... how hard is it to play catch!?!?
  4. Do we drop to a 3 seed? Low 2 seed in bad region? Hmmm. Our RPI was already low!
  5. Yes, which is why I was hoping to sweep the tournie and wham... come out with a 1 seed. Probably not happening now.
  6. Now that the longest long shot of hosting is out of the question... I don't want to waste any arms trying to win.
  7. Damn. Long road to win now.
  8. 1 hit... 1 hit ties this up!
  9. Little less than 3 per game. That mean our games do for 1!
  10. 9-1-2 in the 9th. Let's get t done.
  11. 11 LOB isn't going to get it done... sorry.
  12. Now we have to win 3 more in 3 days...
  13. Annnnnd no runs.
  14. You know... just a run would be nice!
  15. Form on that bunt attempt was terrible. Ya dip the head and the handle is at shoulder level!?
  16. Gotta get the freaking bunt down! Got to!
  17. Damn. We have left someone on about every inning or ended it with a DP. Need to get some runs. Hope we didn't waste em all on the first game.
  18. I thought Myers got all of that.
  19. Southern Miss was a 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Clemson another 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Texas Tech dropped game 1, but came back to beat Baylor in game 2. Wake Forest is losing to Georgia Tech right now. Another 1 seed could go down. TCU lost game 1, but currently leads game 2 VS. OU. Arkansas is about to lose to Mississippi State. Another 1 seed to fall.
  20. Baylor is 2 and BBQ in the Big 12 tourney. They were a recent 2 seed projection.
  21. My Goodness... Michigan is 2 and BBQ.
  22. to the 13th
  23. Is it sad that I took 20 minutes of my life to watch this. My breakdown of the match. Roman strategy to begin with was poor. Why not spread out a little more!?!? It was all individual play and that played right into the hands of the Americans. From the beginning, the Romans had an "uphill battle"... LITERALLY! But it was almost impossible for them to take this with the strategy that they pulled. Playing me me me war games isn't going to win you very many battles. They should have worked much better as a team. Something to learn for next time I guess. The Americans however never faltered. They came out throwing punches and never let up. Even when the line was breaking, they never faltered or let up. They "stuck to their guns" and played their match. Very good performance here by the Americans. I am sure it would have been much more close had the Romans worked together in this one and not went so one on one. Big props to the Americans for defending the home field. They came out ready to play. The Romans... not so much.
  24. My goodness. Does the committee take into account these tournament games when deciding seeding and what not?