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  1. Southern Miss was a 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Clemson another 1 seed projection who dropped their first game. Texas Tech dropped game 1, but came back to beat Baylor in game 2. Wake Forest is losing to Georgia Tech right now. Another 1 seed could go down. TCU lost game 1, but currently leads game 2 VS. OU. Arkansas is about to lose to Mississippi State. Another 1 seed to fall.
  2. Baylor is 2 and BBQ in the Big 12 tourney. They were a recent 2 seed projection.
  3. My Goodness... Michigan is 2 and BBQ.
  4. to the 13th
  5. Is it sad that I took 20 minutes of my life to watch this. My breakdown of the match. Roman strategy to begin with was poor. Why not spread out a little more!?!? It was all individual play and that played right into the hands of the Americans. From the beginning, the Romans had an "uphill battle"... LITERALLY! But it was almost impossible for them to take this with the strategy that they pulled. Playing me me me war games isn't going to win you very many battles. They should have worked much better as a team. Something to learn for next time I guess. The Americans however never faltered. They came out throwing punches and never let up. Even when the line was breaking, they never faltered or let up. They "stuck to their guns" and played their match. Very good performance here by the Americans. I am sure it would have been much more close had the Romans worked together in this one and not went so one on one. Big props to the Americans for defending the home field. They came out ready to play. The Romans... not so much.
  6. My goodness. Does the committee take into account these tournament games when deciding seeding and what not?
  7. How about the major upsets in the Big 12. If things hold, it looks like 1,2,3, and 4 will all lose. Nuts! Could this mean better seeding for a surging Big Red who won both the regular season and conference tournaments?
  9. We're Husker fans. We create a home field advantage wherever we go
  10. I see they are playing in the rain in Bloomington.
  11. Serious question... what happens if they can't get this thing fully in?
  12. I feel that we used Morrow correctly for how the roster was set up for his two years here. Had he stuck it out here at Nebraska, I feel he would have been playing much more in the role that you describe this year. However, he would have also had to split those minutes with Copeland and play some time at the 5 as well. Maybe he was referencing the fact that he was going to have to be sitting and watching his Husker teammates play in the NCAA next year had he stayed! I personally saw less and less time for MJ as the year would have went on here at Nebraska for next year and the year after. You had Jordy at the 5 now and he would have been behind both Ed and Copeland as well I feel.
  13. Big Booms this morning with the announcement of all conference honors. Erstad- Big 10 Coach of the Year.
  14. Too bad OU blew it... I liked being in that regional. They are struggling. D1 Baseball moved us up 2 spots to #21 this week. Almost cracked the top 20!!
  15. Honestly is horse dong if you ask me. The best player (star wise) we have ever had and we are not pushing the envelope on this? Looks like we may may not see Copeland until the 12th of the wrong month which would be a shame. I am officially starting to worry a little bit. I do realize that we have all summer, but this should have been done before the school year was out. Come on Admin! Get it together!