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  1. OT: Eclipse Plans

    If I die tonight, it will be a life well lived. I have finally seen a solar eclipse. That there folks... is once in a lifetime.
  2. Big 10 tourney is a week earlier this year.
  3. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Or even better... make the sun look like an image of a Mitsubishi Eclipse driving across the sky. A true "solar eclipse."
  4. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I actually do not think our schedule is anything to scoff at. Sure we have some 200+ teams, but we will also get a really nice shot at some strong teams that should finish at least top 100.
  5. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Ooof.... certainly a game to forget. Is the Luger kid playing anywhere?
  6. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Previous posts have mentioned that he might be a little bit of a hot head. Gets T'd up quite a bit.
  7. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    He is certainly a project. But every team needs one of those. No I don't expect anything from him year 1 and possibly year 2 as well. However I could see him earn some PT if he is willing to put in the work.
  8. Cam Brown

    This is certainly a good sign and one that I have heard rumblings of as well. I have heard that a lot of players want to play for Coach Williams. We need to keep bringing in the boys that can get them the ball like Lee and Gebbia.
  9. Next Years Starting 5

    I don't think there's a question on date of eligibility if he has to sit the beginning. I have never heard of 1 mid year transfer that had to wait until 2nd semester begins.
  10. Conference realignment for football

    Bowl games mean $$$... Less bowl games mean less $$$. So we all know that ain't happening.
  11. Offseason Potpourri

    While it would be nice to have all 13 scholarships filled, I don't think the addition of two more freshman, two more transfer question marks, or two more question marks at all would have helped us win any more games in the 1/3 of the season Copeland would be out. Firstly, if there was a transfer out there that was another Copeland/Jordy/Watson and they wanted to play here, then I guarantee you that he would be a Husker. I thought the staff did a damn fine job of filling some much needed filled holes this off season. Secondly, I see some mentioning chemistry and I totally agree. With such a brand new team, chemistry might be a challenge. Something to think about though is "is filling 2 more spots with question mark players going to hurt or help in the long run?" As I mentioned in the last paragraph, if there was a no question would help us immediately player out there, he'd be here. But to now go the first 1/3 of a season splitting the minutes up even more amongst the new question mark players and then taking that many more minutes away would hurt chemistry more I think. Thirdly, I 100 percent agree that's we are a better team with Copeland. However, I also believe that we have the ability to win all of our games prior to him becoming eligible. It isn't just my Rose Colored Glasses this year either. We have depth (All 11 scholarship guys I feel are actual players that could help). We have better shooting (The addition of Allen and Palmer, Glynn and Jack getting better, and possibly Roby breaking out). We have two true posts. We should have better D (Less doubling down, two big inside presences, good guard play). All of that is without Copeland. Sure the addition of him only adds to that, but not having him doesn't automatically create an L either. Fourthly, the loss of Ed and MJ hurt. No doubt about that. The addition of Copeland took a little of that sting away. Then we added Okeke and Allen as well. We want to talk about chemistry, well do we think having those two automatically increases our chemistry? I don't honestly. Production is one thing and I think they would have helped there no doubt. However is a decreased Ed/MJ role going to help chemistry? Is someone who was very critical about AW leaving only to walk himself someone who would have helped chemistry? You traded that for a "last chance U" grad transfer who wants to prove himself, a struggling performing 5* who now gets a shot in the best basketball conference in the nation, and a top 150 Freahman guard. My point is that while in production MJ and ED would have helped, there could have been chemistry issues even with vets on the team. Sometimes new is the way to go. See Petteway, Pitchford year 1. Also, I'm not so sure the production of ED and MJ can't be offset by the production of Okeke, Copeland and Allen this year. Honestly would probably take the last group. Even if I only get 1 for 2/3 of a season.
  12. Made Top 100

    Yep! Anything that says top___ college basketball teams is a good thing I think. Well unless it's Top 300 College Basketball Teams
  13. Made Top 100

    Gotta start somewhere. Any pub is good pub.... most of the time.
  14. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Great points everyone! I see a couple different things in this whole ordeal. 1. I would much rather hear the he is recovering fine, already doing some full workouts, and is getting back into the swing of things VS. He can play right away, but the back is still an issue. 2. I think it is much more vital that he is here for the last 2/3 than the first 1/3. Would I love to have him for both? Of course! But if I had to choose between the two, I could take the last 2/3. 3. I honestly do not think the team is going to struggle as much as some think without Copeland. Yes we lost Ed and Mike J, but we have Jordy and a nice little backup with Okeke who we know both will play right away. I think having Copeland out at the beginning of the year will force someone to step up (Jack, Nana, Roby, Ect.) and that could lead to great things when Copeland actually comes back. 4. I am not saying that not having him to start the season will not hurt. I just think that we are a decent team who can win a few and have a few surprises even without Copeland. With him... well that would just be golden.
  15. The Isaac Copeland watch

    We have two... highly touted transfers... coming off of major injuries. One of them is being looked at as a 10th-13th, bench warming, spot minute guy. The other is being looked at as possibly making or breaking our season because he might have to sit 1/3 of the years games. Why the difference in opinion in the two? Why do we automatically assume that if Copeland plays right away, his injury doesn't impact his performance for a bit like Gill? Why do we assume that Gill won't contribute right away? I realize that they are two different injuries, but I'm interested in hearing what people have to say.