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  1. hskr4life

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    I agree. Same with Thor. Would had been nice had they made the decision to redshirt instead of play.
  2. hskr4life

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I don't remember a ton about the Doc days and even less about the Collier, but I can't say that we ever had a lot of players get invited to do workouts with NBA teams. Now it seems like we have 3-4 every year that declare, get invited to work out, etc. Anton played a nice role this year, but he played just that... a role. And here he is getting a workout with an NBA team. Big kudos to Anton for that, but I think an even bigger kudos needs to go out to Miles for getting Nebraska basketball to this point.
  3. hskr4life

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    One thing I would like to see is the rule reworded to say can play in up to the FIRST 4 games of the season and decide to redshirt.
  4. hskr4life

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    Surprised Karrington Davis wasn't listed. He is certainly a dark horse.
  5. hskr4life

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    I also think, by the end of his time here, Isiah Roby will be considered "Underrated" coming out of HS.
  6. hskr4life


    I hope the bolded above is true. I 100% do. Man oh man, it would be huge. If the above does happen and we are up by 10 late in the game, I want us to try and get that baby to 20.
  7. hskr4life

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    Brandon Ubel. Having him as a senior the year after he graduated would have been great for this team. Senior Brandon on next years team would have been great as well.
  8. hskr4life


    It's easily Creighton. It has to be. The fan bases absolutely despise each other, there is always smack talk, and neither wants to see the other succeed. Yeah, it has been mostly Creighton lately, but teams don't have to trade wins for it to be a rivalry. You just need a passionate fanbase with an all time hate and we have that for Creighton.
  9. hskr4life

    NBA Playoffs

    This actually might peak my curiosity just a small little bit.
  10. hskr4life

    NBA Playoffs

    I actually can't stand watching the NBA. So much so that I don't even watch the finals. I think the game they play is boring. I also grew up in small town Nebraska where defense was more important than offense. That's probably why I have loved the Huskers all these years. The college game is uglier, but it is better in my opinion. I actually would watch most all professional sports, including soccer, over the NBA. As you said... to each his own. At least we all love Nebrasketball
  11. hskr4life

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Did they get granted waivers to play right away?
  12. hskr4life

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Illinois can't catch a break. Lose a PF who played a little for them as a Freshman.
  13. hskr4life

    2018 Husker Baseball

    When you put it like that..... it's bad... really bad.
  14. hskr4life


    Ron Kellogg?