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  1. 2018 Red-White spring game

    I would say top 2 right now.
  2. Contract Extensions

    And I get that. But why not give us the best opportunity to succeed? It’s like making one basketball team shoot on a 18 foot hoop while the other does 12. One football team has to go 140 yards instead of 100. One baseball team has to run 5 bases to score instead of 3. When you could very easily even the playing field and give your team the best chance to succeed.
  3. Scheduling

    I would assume we will have 2 in KC 1 Gravitt at home 1 B1G/ACC on road Creighton at home maybe 1 more marquee and the rest cupcakes.
  4. Contract Extensions

    Conteact length is not meaningless however. As much as you are fighting for it to be meaningless, it isn’t. And it is giving other schools a recruiting advantage over us. Is it right that this is the way the game works? That is debatable. However, to say you simply need to “recruit harder” is kind of a cop out I think. As much as you may or may not like it, obviously contract length is part of the game. Everyone wants us to play with the big boys. Well we need to step up our game in this area. Money shouldn’t be the reason here. We have plenty. Extend him, and you can still fire him if things go south next year. However, all you are doing in this situation is hindering the program in the next few years after next year no matter who the coach is.
  5. Collier, Sadler or Miles

    1. Miles 2. Close one, but Miles. 3. All Miles 4. Miles, Sadler might be close here. 5. Miles 6. Miles
  6. College hoops corruption case

    This says the NCAA made it hard for them to do something? Nope... don’t believe it. The NCAA doesn’t make things hard.
  7. College hoops corruption case

    If you haven’t already, the Netflix movie Amateur is really good and takes a Hollywood dive into the world of basketball scandals.
  8. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Losing to KSU, UNO, and then getting swept by Buttgers might be..... Let's hope it doesn't happen.
  9. 2018-19 Husker opponents

    Good to have both MSU and Purdue. Maryland should be improved as should Iowa. Illinois might be a chance for a sweep and Minny is a toss up. One winnable and two winnable but challenging road games. Then we also get tOSU at home. Like that a lot more than this year.
  10. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Weird that he wouldn't have announced that already.
  11. Let me get this straight...

    Miles gets an extension and if he takes it, will get beaten down for having a bad year in years 2 and 3. Sure the extension was ok for the now, but it was bad for the the few years following the next two.
  12. Let me get this straight...

    Which is great and that could be. However, that is a good way to attain some success. It doesn't seem like a good strategy to maintain success.
  13. Let me get this straight...

    Yep. And the rotten thing is that if the coaches know it, the players will know it too. This year was supposed to be that year. Next year was supposed to be the year where we just go out and play loose. Now instead we have another year of what if games to play. We have another year of playing under pressure from the top down.
  14. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Who says "the guy" will be available or want to come here next year? Who says "the guy" didn't want to make a deal behind another coaches back? I know I sure as hell wouldn't want to do that to another coach. As an AD, you can't play the wait and what if game. That is the problem. He either IS or IS NOT your coach. Treat him as such. As an AD, you have to work in the now. Give him 4 years, or cut him loose and do your job to get the best coach you can.
  15. Let me get this straight...

    I agree with the assistant hire. Which makes this all the more frustrating because no good assistant is going to want to come here for a possible one year stint.