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  1. It's hard for me to even wrap my brain around the possibility of this happening. I don't know, maybe I'm just too simpleminded! Hypothetically, if it were to happen (and it shouldn't) where do you think it would rank in the list of boneheaded moves by and A.D. at Nebraska? IMO, it's right there at the top!
  2. I need to have 7 more posts or comments to reach the century mark, finally after a few years of membership. I might get that tonight!😊😊😊
  3. Love the heart on this team. That don't give up, keep digging deep attitude. You can't buy that kind of mentality. You're not born with it. That's instilled in you through coaching! Love this team, love the heart.........I'm gonna have a beer!
  4. Wow, did Ohio State actually commit a foul? Stop the presses!
  5. I can barely watch this one sided officiated contest!
  6. If there's a shot clock violation, isn't there supposed to be a stoppage of play? There was still 1 second+ left on the clock, enough time for a Jack McVeigh special!
  7. Jacobson has got to finish that!
  8. We are shooting terrible right now. The buckeyes didn't come out so hot either. We really needed to take advantage of that.
  9. I feel like we could get ran out of the gym here if we are not careful.
  10. They have plagued us for years!
  11. Man, these rims are not kind to us!
  12. A virgin is a terrible thing to waste! 😊
  13. Huskers 68 Buckeyes 64
  14. At what point do you say OK, we are not going to get beat with the 3 ball? We defend it terribly, I know. We don't rotate or close out anywhere near quick enough. I know that we are one of the worst teams in the Big Ten at defending the 3 point shot, if not the worst! End of the game situation, up by 2. Why are we not just playing straight up man to man and taking our chances. The one way that we can get beat, we leave it wide open. Why?
  15. Bronson banks in a 3 ball. Hayes hits a 3 with 2 sec left on the short clock. When are things going to go our way? 22 turnovers didn't help anything!