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  1. Sure, I think Jordy will be improved. But I think Roby will break out much much more. Dude has all the intangibles. Improved outside shooting and look out.
  2. Thank you. Not bad for a down year, huh?
  3. What about tourney wins? (Gotta start somewhere)
  4. Has anybody run into a breakdown by conference? Bonus for seeds next to those numbers? As uneblinstu said, this bracket has a lot of intriguing matchups.
  5. This pretty much sums up my thoughts as far as timing goes. Listen, I think the board will be split on if this is the right call or not. So, let's look past that for a moment. What I think is, well, next year is obviously huge. There will still be a good amount of talent (I don't see too many guys leaving...) so your core is pretty strong. I think this is a wakeup call of sorts. They have to produce. It has to start early in the season. Your only known loss is Tai. I am still excited about next year. It starts now. Get in the gym, weight room, let this freefall never happen again. I don't honestly know if the future is "bright" but I do know there is a fair shot at getting to the tournament next year. Everyone has 7 months to get their mojo back. That's enough time. GBR
  6. Spacing looks so much better against Dayton.
  7. I'm not sold on Eichorst's hiring talent.
  8. This loss feels devastating compared to the others this year. Totally speechless.
  9. 1) Will the Red Zone do the Aussie chant for Aleks? 2) Will they ever do it for Jack? If they do, it cannot be heard in the 300 level.
  10. Not much to add but even though I thought NU had a decent shot to win 3/4 or win out, you also don't wanna get beat like that. The alley-oop off the backboard for an example. Jack gave up on it or he could have beat the dunk out to steal or contest it. Bottom line is Sparty kicked it up a notch the last 5 minutes of the half and NU didn't. Still like how NU's chances to win more than lose...still a lot to play for in seeding.
  11. Two things: Don't rush him, but, play him in as many games as possible. If he can give us 20 minutes instead of 30, and that gets him more games or possibly through the end of the season, would be a huge boost obviously. You hate to be too simplistic but, this is really good news.
  12. This is the biggest win (best feeling, biggest surprise/upset, most positive moment, etc.) since what? Off memory I'd say at Michigan State (I think that was a January game?) I do not think Gill (or McVeigh for that matter) are cancers to the team, like Biggs was, but the thought crossed my mind that we have found a lineup that works...and good things are to come. Am I crazy? If I had to pick right now, I'd say NU wins 10 in the conference. Seriously. (Okay, I just went through the schedule again and think 8-9..) Even if you guys think that's too high, I'm going to continue to drink my Koolaid!
  13. Funny how Jordy's foul was the end of the world but they loved this one. How is an eye poke not a foul?