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  1. Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    Someone on Twitter (just did a “Roby top ten” search) said it was number five?
  2. It's really going to give me a heart attack if we win out, lose the first conference tournament game and have to sit and wait for selection show. Over 20 wins and 10 or less losses with this schedule should be a done deal.
  3. I think we fare better with Penn State winning so it gives us a better game for No Sit Sunday. Right @hhctony ?
  4. I agree. I really wish we had one more of the conference tier one games at home. MSU Purdue even OSU would be a nice win.
  5. How badly do we need a tier one win in the conference tourney? That’s concerning a bit since we have no options left in regular season.
  6. Which loss hurts the most?

    Kansas has the biggest wow factor for the committee. Penn State would have given NU an easier track to 11 or 12 wins. But NU can still do that. Win all or most home games and take care of the bottom half of the conference on the road and penn state will not hurt later on. But it hurts the mojo today.
  7. The crowd must get better

    I will say this. The two standing & clapping dudes in 207 were louder than the entire student section a few different times on defense Tuesday. The students were dead silent during those three possessions. That was bad.
  8. Road to 20

    Ha. Realistically, we want MSU to win out so NU has a chance at a higher seed.
  9. Road to 20

    So, any chance Ohio State beating Michigan State is a good thing for us?
  10. Times Change I Guess

    My kidney hurts.
  11. I'm not sure if this sounds realistic or too harsh or what... but NU has to work as hard as or harder than most opponents to see success. Rebounding effort has to be better, and zero to one pass shot selection has to go away! We do not see the same effort on the road as we do at home, and it doesn't seem that close.
  12. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Can we revisit this? I'm sure someone out there wants to see an elated post from nustudent
  13. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Win Wednesday. Must. Then 0-4 isn't the worst. 1-3 isn't good either but satisfying to most fans. 2-2 is the difference between not too excited, to pretty pumped. 3-1 and look out.
  14. Good reminder. Not because I think we should be focusing on the NCAA tournament, but more because we are two losses in. Need to go get the rotation tweaked. Lots of Watson Taylor Palmer Copeland and Roby. Like Gill and think Jordy, Jack, and Allen can offer some help too. I don't see a sixth man spark but think starting Roby would help others not to forget about him. At this point, walkons only play if a blowout. We have to play better. Harder. Tougher. I'm not down on the whole season yet, but am disappointed with this game.