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  1. 2 questions I think much of the board would like to hear: How have you been doing healthwise? It has been a few years since we had an update (does your son still post on the board?) When are you going to get those basketball tickets back?
  2. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211482804 Here is an FYI link for those interested. Does anyone know what it means that the KU game is not guaranteed? And, what about our free Runza??
  3. If I had to pick which player wasn't getting their deserved share of respect this offseason, it'd be Taylor hands down. Is he incredible at any one thing? Debatable but he's an above average defender, a capable ball handler, and by season's end he had a pretty reliable mid-range game. Don't confuse this for "he's going to be all-conference" or "he deserves 25 minutes a game"...but I wouldn't be shocked if he had a good year, and I wouldn't mind at all if he was in the rotation.
  4. It's been discussed in another thread to a degree, but it's going to be crucial to see where Roby best fits. I think offensively he is best as a 3 until he gets 3-pt range. If he hits the 3 at a 38% clip..playing the 2 with Jordy Copeland Jack would be a nice, long lineup. Defensively he's pretty good running the 1-3-1. I like him up top but he can cover the whole court with skip passes, bounce passes...any kind of pass. At top of 1-3-1 he's going to get his share of steals and slams. So to me, how he fits will give us a good idea of how the team goes. And I feel he will be the most improved player on our team. If he's slightly better than last year, then you have to hope Allen, Akenten, Taylor etc can play big minutes.
  5. In my eyes, no player on this roster lacks talent. In the past NU has always had 2-3 guys that were either not good or only had one small talent or thing they didn't suck at. These players all have tools. So I don't think you'll see a scholarship guy play only the final minute of blowouts and once every 8 games. They're all gonna play, if healthy. And it's going to vary widely from game to game. I don't think that's a good thing or a bad thing. But you might see all scholarship players play 20 minutes every few games. I've got a weird, good feeling about this season. You don't have to agree with me. I'm just telling you what I'm feeling.
  6. Not sure this is the best place for it, but has anyone heard eligibility news for our roster next year? Such as Palmer and Copeland (see also: health)? I know Copeland is NCAA so not much insider there. But if we know their eligibility a starting 5 would be a heck of a lot easier to predict.
  7. Sure, I think Jordy will be improved. But I think Roby will break out much much more. Dude has all the intangibles. Improved outside shooting and look out.
  8. Thank you. Not bad for a down year, huh?
  9. What about tourney wins? (Gotta start somewhere)
  10. Has anybody run into a breakdown by conference? Bonus for seeds next to those numbers? As uneblinstu said, this bracket has a lot of intriguing matchups.
  11. This pretty much sums up my thoughts as far as timing goes. Listen, I think the board will be split on if this is the right call or not. So, let's look past that for a moment. What I think is, well, next year is obviously huge. There will still be a good amount of talent (I don't see too many guys leaving...) so your core is pretty strong. I think this is a wakeup call of sorts. They have to produce. It has to start early in the season. Your only known loss is Tai. I am still excited about next year. It starts now. Get in the gym, weight room, let this freefall never happen again. I don't honestly know if the future is "bright" but I do know there is a fair shot at getting to the tournament next year. Everyone has 7 months to get their mojo back. That's enough time. GBR
  12. Spacing looks so much better against Dayton.
  13. I'm not sold on Eichorst's hiring talent.
  14. This loss feels devastating compared to the others this year. Totally speechless.