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  1. I'm not sure if this sounds realistic or too harsh or what... but NU has to work as hard as or harder than most opponents to see success. Rebounding effort has to be better, and zero to one pass shot selection has to go away! We do not see the same effort on the road as we do at home, and it doesn't seem that close.
  2. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Can we revisit this? I'm sure someone out there wants to see an elated post from nustudent
  3. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Win Wednesday. Must. Then 0-4 isn't the worst. 1-3 isn't good either but satisfying to most fans. 2-2 is the difference between not too excited, to pretty pumped. 3-1 and look out.
  4. Good reminder. Not because I think we should be focusing on the NCAA tournament, but more because we are two losses in. Need to go get the rotation tweaked. Lots of Watson Taylor Palmer Copeland and Roby. Like Gill and think Jordy, Jack, and Allen can offer some help too. I don't see a sixth man spark but think starting Roby would help others not to forget about him. At this point, walkons only play if a blowout. We have to play better. Harder. Tougher. I'm not down on the whole season yet, but am disappointed with this game.
  5. North Dakota is a must win

    This is as good of thread I've seen as any to ask this: how good or bad can this be going into December 3? Success at home and Orlando and could be seeing each game in December as a shot. More losses by then and Michigan State, Minnesota, Creighton, and Kansas are looking at 0-fer. Get through November alright and 1-3 in the above four games isn't horrible, 2-2 is succcessful, and 3-1 is peak excitement. One game at a time as @huskercwg always says. We can do this.
  6. OT: Eclipse Plans

    We live in Omaha, wife had me take the day off, we''re taking the boys to Grandma and Grandpa's in Hastings. Two minutes of totality. Problem is, they won't remember it.
  7. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Oh, I'm good with all that. It's just a weird statistic to me.
  8. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Wait...Andrew White set a season record for 3's...5 more than McNamara?? While his stats, and Syracuse's accomplishments weren't jaw-dropping, that's an impressive statistic. Didn't McNamara have the equivalent of 12 extra games played when Syracuse beat UConn that year?
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    Caption: Old Testament, and two female athletes one of which resembles Rachel Theriot with different hair, in Pilger.
  10. Breakout player

    I'd like to know how many 3's each of them hit this year. I wouldn't even feel comfortable ranking that 1 through 4. Or rebounds, or points, or steals, or assists, or +/-......Even though there's only two freshmen, I wonder if this is the game-changing class (positive or negative), now that Glynn's is depleted. These guys might get it done. If they don't pan out, it will likely get ugly real fast. But it won't.
  11. Who Starts?

    Not to highjack the thread because we have some great opinions going, but, Allen is not getting enough mention in the thread as a whole. I have never said he'd start, but, when we talk about rotations and subs, we're still not mentioning him (or Akenten). These dudes are going to help...not sure how much...but they are going to factor in this year.
  12. Who Starts?

    Roby hinted in Barfknect's article today that they might/could go big. I think that lineup is going to happen. Honestly though I see Taylor or McVeigh starting at times. If Copeland can't play out of the gates I'd expect taylor to play guard and then Palmer the 3 spot.
  13. Breakout player

    This poll is fascinating to me. I kinda wish the vote was closer so I felt like all 5 are ready to be studs...but there is so much hinging on each situation (health, depth, etc.) I'd like to see Copeland cleared and healthy - that would be huge for our season outlook. But real close to that I'd like to see the new guards each average 7 or 8 each which isn't likely but what if they averaged 21-24 combined? My optimism for this season has not dwindled...even though I've been optimistic the past 3 seasons.
  14. I'm not sure what the correct answer is, but, I am really intrigued what they all bring, especially Allen, Akenten and Copeland (based on a combination of talent, need, and duration of stay. I believe all 5 could be pretty good.
  15. Season Tickets

    2 questions I think much of the board would like to hear: How have you been doing healthwise? It has been a few years since we had an update (does your son still post on the board?) When are you going to get those basketball tickets back?