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  1. Row6Seat10 Musings

    Row6Seat10 WAS there in spirit today. His good friends Richard and Denise Soukup (left) made a banner in his honor and long time Husker fan Kay (sp?) and I joined them for a photo after the game.
  2. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers for Brian and our family. As has been previously stated he was entirely devoted to the Husker WBB program and this forum allowed him to share both his knowledge and passion with each of you. I took this photo March 3, 2013 after the Penn State game which was the last WBB game played at Devaney. After the recognition of the seniors I asked to take his picture there one last time. The origin of his username was from his original seat at Devaney (Row6Seat10) but it did not translate to the PBA. He frequently invited family and friends to use one of his tickets so to honor him our family plans to utilize them for the 2017-18 season just as he would have wanted us to do. Perhaps we will get the chance to meet some of you in person, we'll be in Sec. 118. Bruce Karnatz