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  1. Saw this today...pretty cool story about Omaha referee John Higgins.
  2. Please no overtime for this Tulsa/Cincy game on espn2!
  3. Painful memories!
  5. See a link on here for the game. Worth a shot...
  6. I know one of the managers has to read this board. Where did the guy second from the left get the old school herbie spinning a basketball shirt? MUST BUY THIS SHIRT.
  7. I'd take the whole set, the script 'Huskers' from the 80's jerseys & the shorts from the 90's "Voltage" by Converse. Now, we just need the old school chubby Herbie Husker spinning a basketball on the side of the shorts. I just found this picture from April 1994. And I was wearing this shirt. 6 years old. Holy cow where can I buy one of those bad boys. Herbie standing on a hoop spinning a basketball!!
  8. Click on "sport" then basketball then upcoming and it is on there.
  9. Here is the audio and video from Mike and Mike earlier today!
  10. Here you go
  11. Thank you Dave for your passion and dedication to this website! This site has been my homepage since it started! I remember posting back on the old ESPN Big 12 basketball message boards. I vividly remember Sockers, nustudent, and some others posting there as well and some arguments about Joe McCray. I can't remember if you were there too to break the news that HHC was starting?? But thanks to everyone for making this site possible! Although I'm mostly a lurker....the discussions are incredible!
  12. Why does BTN have 2 alternate channels??? I have seen then utilized very rarely! Come on!
  13. Speaking of that.....goosebumps. T Lue at his finest!