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  1. Karrington Davis is officially 'N'

    Mr. Karrington Davis! Welcome, Mr. Karrington Davis! Welcome, Mr. Karrington Davis!
  2. Miles extension poll

    Damn! Forced to give another Up-arrow for 'Lede.' (But what do you expect from a Journalism major. Didn't have to look it up this time tho, cuz you've used it before. )
  3. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Up-arrow just for 'Redound.' (Isn't that just like Norm; making us have to look things up )
  4. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  5. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    All Four of 'em!
  6. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Here's a video for your viewing pleasure! (4:27)
  7. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    It would seem the April 10th date would negate the purpose of so many underclassmen declaring for the draft. I thought the principal advantages of doing so were to 'test the water' so to speak and for a player to get an outside evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of his game. If players must withdraw by April 10th, it doesn't seem like there would be time for any of this to occur.
  8. Thanks for mentioning the TBL Video embeded in the news article, Bugs! I had passed over it; it is a real good listen. Located out-of-State, I'm getting a new appreciation for Sam McKewon. Somehow since it is verbal conversation, he may have been using the term 'couple' more as a figure of speech, rather than specifically meaning two. He also could have been using 'Seniors' loosely, meaning non-returning players. Reading the article, I think one of the special incoming players would be Ashtyn Veerbeek. She is the highest ranked player of the incoming class, and I think I read somewhere that Iowa was recruiting her hard and really wanted her. Again he might have been using 'couple' as a figure of speech and there might be more than two he was referring to. In any event, I liked his analysis of the team and think prospects look good for the future.
  9. 2017 /18 Women's Basketball Game & TV Schedule http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=25&SPSID=31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quest for Twenty wins: ( 21) Plus ONE!!! Triple the Number of Wins for All of Last Season!!! Husker Ladies (21-11) (11-5) (1-1) (0-1), Sagarin ranking: #52 (@ 4/2/18) (#167 @ 4/2/17) Next Up: SEASON OVER - From B1G Last Place; to the NCAAs, Lady Huskers accomplish astonishing Turnaround in 2nd year under B1G Coach Of the Year, Amy Williams! Milestones: Fourteen more Wins this Season (Most improved of any WBB Team) Fourteenth Appearance in the NCAA Tournament (1st since 2015) Nine Consecutive Road Wins (2nd longest streak in School History) Wins over Four Ranked Teams - Michigan, Rutgers, Iowa (twice) Most Blocks by a Player in a Single-season (Kate Cain w/100) First Win Ever @ The RAC (Rutgers) Sweeps of Iowa and Illinois ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOOO LADY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKER LADIES! Quick Run-Down: Sun, 10/29 Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa State (64-62) - Huskers close within 2 pts in Back & Forth closed-session ...(Exhibition Game) Sun, 11/5 vs Minnesota State - Mankato (88-55) - Husker Ladies come out swinging, top Minnesota St - Mankato Out-of-Conference (13) Record: 9-4 Sat, 11/11, vs Southern Illinois Edwardsville (#241), (W, 62-53) - Husker Ladies pull out Win! Newcomers Shine! Tue, 11/14, vs UMKC (#279), (W, 80-60) - Husker Ladies in a Explode in Second Half for 20 pt Win. Thu, 11/16, vs Arkansas (#83), (W, 80-69) - Ladies finish Strong to defeat Arky in final minutes Sun, 11/19, vs Creighton (#98), (L, 64-49) - Creighton Ladies score fast out the gate; keep up pace in Loss ...(San Juan Shootout @ Daytona Beach, FL - Ocean Center - Record: 1-1) Thu, 11/23, vs Buffalo (#80), (L, 82-72) - Ladies come back twice fm 10 pt deficits, falter down the stretch Fri, 11/24, vs Coastal Carolina (#293), (W, 55-47) - Huskers rush to a Win; Chanticleers right on their heels ...(ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Series Record: 2-5) Thu, 11/30, vs Clemson (#196), (L, 67-66), - Husker Ladies come up 1 pt short in a see-saw dog-fight Sat, 12/2, vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff (#346), (W, 73-52) - Hot Huskers leading by 29 pts in Q2, defeat pesky UAPB Wed, 12/6, @ Kansas (#67), (W, 66-49) - Down 13 at Half, Ladies Put Away Undefeated Kansas 66-49 Sat, 12/9, @ Drake (#126), (W, 89-84 2OT) - Husker Ladies Match High-Scoring Drake, Plus 5, in 2nd OT Sun, 12/17, @ San Jose State (#291), (W, 81-55) - Huskers pull away in 2nd half to win by 26 pts. Tue, 12/19, vs Florida Atlantic (#163), (W, 86-69) - Blow-Out of FAU in the last 7 mins. Kate Cain w/triple-double Fri, 12/22, vs Washington State (#76), (L, 73-61) - Huskers out-shot & out-hustled by WSU; an off-night at Home (But Merry Christmas Anyway! ) B1G Conference Play (16) Record: 11-5 Thu, 12/28, vs Ohio State (#14), (L, 73-61) - Down 19 pts, Ladies scratch & claw back within 8, lose by 12. Sun,12/31, @ Minnesota (#43), (W, 79-74) - Huskers Best Minny in Shoot-Out @ The Barn - 2018 - (Happy New Years! ) Sun, 1/7, @ Northwestern (#120), (W, 69-59) - Gritty Husker Ladies Stave off NW come-back Bid, win by 10 Wed, 1/10, @ Illinois (#205), (W, 80-72) - Pesky Illinois hangs even 'til Huskers put it away @ end. Janay w/10 pts Sat, 1/13, vs Michigan (#32), (L, 69-64 OT) - No. 23rd ranked Michigan Survives Scare (BARELY) @ PBA Tue, 1/16, vs Iowa (#32), (W, 74-65) - COACH AMY'S RAIDERS KNOCK-OFF 2OTH RANKED IOWA!!!! Sun, 1/21, @ Rutgers (#27), (W, 52-42) - Husker Raiders out-tough AP #25 Rutgers in 1st win @ the RAC Wed, 1/24, vs Purdue (#54), (W, 75-51), - Ladies Dominate and Blow Open Game. Now in 3rd place in the B1G Sun, 1/28, @ Iowa (#30), (W, 92-74) - Amy's Raiders' Depth #25 (coaches poll) Iowa by 18 pts Thu, 2/1, vs Illinois (#205), (W, 62-47) - Lady Huskers grab lead mid-way First Q: Lady Illini! Sun, 2/4, vs Maryland (#9), (L, 64-57) - Huskers battle AP #10 MD to within 7 pts. Kate Cain's Zillion Blocks set record Sun, 2/11, vs Wisconsin (#131), (W, 51-48) - Lady Badgers' Pick & Roll causes trouble; Ladies Rally & Win by 3 Wed, 2/14, @ Michigan State (#34), (W, 79-69) - Amy's Raiders Strike Again in Physical Game, Win by Ten Sat, 2/17, @ Indiana (#62), (L, 83-75) - Hoosier SRs w/career-night prevail repaying our last yrs upset win Thu, 2/22, vs Penn State (#83), (W, 59-51) - Amy's Raiders Out-Rebound Scrappy Lady Lions; 60-31, to Win Sun, 2/25, @ Maryland (#14), (L, 77-75) - GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKERS Take Terps to the wire. We'll see 'em again! ...B1G Tournament @ Indianapolis - (Record: 1-1) Wed, 2/28 thru Sun, 3/4 (Husker Ladies Tie for Third in B1G; Earn Double-bye) Fri, 3-2, vs Michigan (#20), (W, 61-54) - #3 Amy's Raiders Top 6-Seed Wolverines in a Sat, 3-3, vs Maryland (#14), (L, 66-53) - Grit; No Quit Lady Hukers Fall to 2-Seed Lady Terps in B1G Semi-Final Post Season - NCAA Tournament (Record 0-1) Sat, 3/17, vs Arizona State (#18), (L, 73-62) - 10-seed Huskers Rally fm 16 pts down but Fall to 7-seed ASU Jeff Sagarin Ratings: http://www.rpiratings.com/womrate.php (Link to Prior Years' Game Summaries) 2016/17: http://huskerhoopscentral.com/forums/topic/10771-this-was-the-season-that-was-wbb-20162017/?tab=comments#comment-162890 2015/16: http://huskerhoopscentral.com/forums/topic/10022-this-was-the-season-that-was-wbb-201516/?tab=comments#comment-147843
  10. This may be the article Steve refers to above. An excellent read by Sam McKewon. Discusses the disappointing loss to AZ State, areas for improvement; incoming class, and outlook for next year. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/womens-basketball/mckewon-amy-williams-making-sure-husker-women-embrace-expectations-after/article_92a178c0-7b9d-5b07-836a-40cb97472d5e.html McKewon: Amy Williams making sure Husker women embrace expectations after surprise season
  11. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Official Box Score: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/boxscore?gameId=401025888 Gamecast; Recap; Box-Score; Play-by-Play; Team-Stats; Videos; Conversation; Bracket
  12. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Here is a link to Live Stats for anyone interested: (Such as they are. Statbroadcast Stats are Locked to the general public) https://www.ncaa.com/game/basketball-men/d1/2018/04/02/michigan-villanova/boxscore
  13. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Halftime Stats: (difference seems to be 3-point %)
  14. Kent gets his Kudos for announcing the MBB games; Here is a Shout-Out to Matt & Jeff for doing the same for the WBB; enhancing our Fan Experience! "You Betcha!" Edit: HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!
  15. Happily, you don't Have to Listen to 'em (hick for 'them' ). There's always those superb BTN or Network Announcers. Solves the 'sync-up' problem Too!
  16. Bye bye UConn

    The WBB Final, ND vs Mississippi State, should be an exciting game! Tomorrow, 4/1/18, Easter Sunday @ 5 pm Central, ESPN. (Mississippi State is the team who bounced UConn in last years Final Four, 66-64 also in OT, losing to So Carolina in the Final). ND played only 6 players because of season-ending injuries to several players during the year; and likely would not have made it this far without the transfer, and granting of immediate eligibility to Jessica Shepard from Nebraska. Shepard was the third highest scorer for ND, with 15 points. Best Wishes to Jess Shepard (except when she plays vs the Huskers )
  17. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Penn State Wins over Miss State: 75-60. Will meet Utah in the NIT Final!
  18. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Now its 56-36 @ 2:55 in third Q Miss State is Toast!
  19. What to do with Miles contract?

    Perhaps not; But anything less and he runs the risk of being thought of as another Shawn Eichorst! It is 'only' his 'Credibility' that is at Stake! I think our biggest 'Secret Weapon' in this whole affair is: 'Bill Moos' - Any decision made regarding the coach for next year I'd much rather have a 'Bill Moos' making it than a 'Shawn Eichorst.'
  20. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Holy Moly! OT in OMA!
  21. Just finished this for WBB; Here's a Wrap for the Men's. 2017 /18 Men’s Basketball Game & TV Schedule http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=24&SPSID=22&DB_OEM_ID=10010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quest for Twenty wins: (22) Plus TWO!!! Huskers (22-11) (13-5) (0-1) (0-1) KenPom ranking #55 (thru 4/2/18); (#98 pre-season) Next-Up: SEASON OVER - The Huskers won Twenty-Two games this season, Second-most Ever, Setting a school record with Thirteen Conference Wins; Finishing Fourth in the B1G, Above .500 in Conference for the First time since 2013/14. Despite the disappointing finish (but we all knew it would eventually end in a Loss ), losing to Michigan after earning a double-bye in the B1G Tournament (who Won the B1G, and advanced to lose to Villanova in the NCAA Championship Game); and losing in the NIT first round to Mississippi State (who reached the NIT Final Four, losing to Penn State, who went on to defeat Utah for the NIT Title). Milestones: Ten more wins this season (most improvement in 30 years) From Worst to First in the B1G in 3-point Defense 16-1 (9-0 in conference): Best record @ PBA Sweeps of: Wisconsin, Minnesota and Rutgers First Win Ever @ the Kohl Center (Wisconsin) First Win Ever over Michigan (in the B1G) First Win @ 'The Barn' (Minnesota) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quick Run-Down: ...(Special Exhibition Game for Charity) Sun, 10/22 @ Mississippi State, (76-72) - Huskers go ahead 23 pts, survive comeback to top MSU 76-72 Sun, 10/29 Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa State (92-84) - Huskers top Iowa St in closed-session ...(Exhibition Game) Tue, 11/7 vs Northwood (Michigan), (80-62) - Huskers 2nd half spurt Bests Northwood Out-of-Conference (13) Record: 9-4 Sat, 11/11 vs Eastern Illinois (#207), (W, 72-68) - Whew! Huskers Survive Scare pulling out Win @ PBA Mon, 11/13 vs North Texas (#299), (W, 86-67) - Huskers jump out to early lead; coast to finish ...(Gavitt Tipoff Games @ NYC; Series Record: 0-2) Thu, 11/16 vs St. John's (#54), (L, 79-56) - Huskers Blown-Out in Queens in BE match-up Sun, 11/19 vs North Dakota (#223), (W, 92-70) - Team Bounces Back; Copeland & Gill with breakout Games ...(AdvoCare Invitational @ Orlando, FL. Record: 2-1; 5th Place) Thu, 11/23 vs UCF (#63) (3-0), (L, 68-59) - Huskers fall short in battling back from 18 pt halftime deficit Fri, 11/24 vs Marist (#303), (W, 84-59) - Gill & Copeland w/17 pts ea, & 23 team High assists in win! Sun, 11/26 vs Long Beach State (#227), (W, 85-80) - Hot Shooting Huskers lead by 22 pts, cool to nail-biting finish ...(Big Ten/ACC Challenge @ PBA; Series Record: 4-3) Wed, 11/29 vs Boston College (#90), (W, 71-62) - Huskers hold up their end of the ACC Challenge (Again) Sat, 12/9 @ Creighton (#32), (L, 75-65) - Lead by 5 @ Half; Ref-aided Fade in 2nd; 3-17 FT differential Sat, 12/16 vs Kansas (#7), (L, 73-72) - Heartbreak Loss @ Buzzer; Nothing to be Ashamed Of Wed, 12/20 vs UTSA (#198), (W, 104-94) - Huskers Break 100, Win in offensive Shoot-Out! Whew! Fri, 12/22 vs Delaware State (#350), (W, 85-68) - Huskers Hot Out of the Box, never trail in win vs Delaware St Merry Christmas Fri, 12/29 vs Stetson (#310), (W, 71-62) - Huskers Beat Down Pesky Hatters in Ugly Win, We'll take it! B1G Conference Play (18) Record: 13-5 2017 (*) Played in December between OOC Games *Sun, 12/3 @ Michigan State (#3), (L, 86-57) - Overmatched Huskers Fall to #3 MSU @ Breslin *Tue, 12/5 vs Minnesota (#23), (W, 78-68) - Huskers' Hustle Knocks-Off #14 Minny 2018 (Happy New Years! ) Tue, 1/2 @ Northwestern (#53), (W, 70-55) - Huskers Win by 15 pts Sat, 1/6 @ Purdue (#4), (L, 74-62) - Huskers battle Home Team, Refs to within 12 pts vs #13 Purdue Tue, 1/9 vs Wisconsin (#77), (W, 63-59) - Huskers Hold Off Badgers in Ugly Finish. But a Win is a Wln Fri, 1/12 @ Penn State (#45), (L, 76-74) - Cold-Shooting gets Down 16; Fight Back lose by 2 in OT Mon, 1/15 vs Illinois (#95), (W, 64-63) - Saved by Roby's Hustle (& Palmer's buzzer-beating Trey) in Ugly Game Thu, 1/18 vs Michigan (#18), (W, 72-52) - Monkey's off our Back! Last B1G team Huskers have not defeated. Mon, 1/22 @ Ohio State (#11), (L, 64-59) - Huskers hang w/#13 OSU despite hitting on one cylinder-err Palmer Wed, 1/24 @ Rutgers (#121), (W, 60-54) - Back & FrothSee-saw Battle goes down to the wire, but a win! Sat, 1/27 vs Iowa (#95), (W, 98-84) - Huskers Pick Good Night To Knock 'Em Down (@PBA) Win BIG! Mon, 1/29 @ Wisconsin (#85), (W, 74-63) - Rally toBadgers in 1st win @ Kohl keepshopes alive Tue, 2/6 @ Minnesota (#91), (W, 91-85) - UnisPesky Gophers in their 1st Win @ The Barn Sat, 2/10 vs Rutgers (#157), (W, 67-55) - Black Unis Rutgers; Roby dbl, dbl; Duby, Jordy shine Tue, 2/13 vs Maryland (#38), (W, 70-66) - Black Unis win again in Watson w/1,000 career Pts Sun, 2/18 @ Illinois (#109), (L, 72-66) - Lackluster game @ Hot Handed Illinois = Disappointing Loss Tue, 2/20 vs Indiana (#72), (W, 66-57) - Huskers pull away fm Pesky Hoosiers at the end Sun, 2/25 vs Penn State (#25) (W, 76-64) - Huskers Kick The Nittany out of Lions, Finish 4th in B1G! ...B1G Tournament @ Madison Square Garden, NYC (Record 0-1) (Huskers Finish 4th in B1G; Earn Double-bye) Fri, 3-2, Michigan (#5 seed, #16 KPom) (L, 77-58) - Huskers, Split - Fall to eventual B1G Tournament Champions Post Season - NIT (Record 0-1) Wed, 3/14 @ Mississippi State (#4 Seed, #62 KPom) (L, 66-59) - #5-seed Huskers Rally & Lead late, but lose to #4-seed MSU Ken Pomeroy Ratings: https://kenpom.com/ (Link to Prior Years' Game Summaries) 2016/17: http://huskerhoopscentral.com/forums/topic/10772-this-was-the-season-that-was-mbb-20162017/?tab=comments#comment-162892 2015/16: http://huskerhoopscentral.com/forums/topic/8240-this-was-the-season-that-was-mbb-20152016/?tab=comments#comment-125524 2014/15: http://huskerhoopscentral.com/forums/topic/7236-this-was-the-season-that-was-2015/?tab=comments#comment-111686
  22. It's like adding Air Conditioning; You may have to upgrade your Electrical Service! (But in the old days (before upgrading the BB Software), there was a limitation - only a maximum of 15 emojis were allowed in a post; I had to ration them. Made it hard for those that are emoji-impaired! ) EDIT: I saw this posted elsewhere: "As a footnote to this season, there were three teams that beat Michigan by more than 15 points: #11 North Carolina, 11/29/2017, 71 - 86 Nebraska, 1/18/2018, 52 - 72 #2 Villanova, 4/2/2018, 62 - 79 Pretty good company... I hope it is an indicator of things to come rather than an outlier."
  23. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Damn, I think that Michigan Player Must have come off the Bench for that last Lay-Up!
  24. Postseason Tourney Talk

    And while we're talking about LoyoIa-Chicago, I wonder if we can swap 'Jeans.' She looks like she is "All IN!" (I know it's not an even swap; so we'd probably have to pay some extra Too Boot! )