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  1. Sorry Chode. the Wiscy one seems to be a quote from some article, but no link was provided.
  2. Thanks for posting these two articles Whoop (IA & Wiscy). Looks like the Big Ten will be a tough conference again this year. No doubt Iowa will want revenge for last season; it will be interesting to see what Coach Amy has up her sleeve!
  3. Red Don

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    Thanks Bugeaters! The Scottsbluff Star Herald has some pretty good reporting!
  4. Red Don

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    Link Please?
  5. Red Don

    The Injury Report

  6. No doubt Free-throws are an area ripe for continued improvement this season (287 out of 481 - 59.7% in 2016/17 & 332 out of 518; 64.1% in 2017/18). With our increased height and length from the incoming class, I hope to see further improvement in FGs and Points in the Paint this year (668 out of 128; 38.7% in 2016 vs 809-1929; 41.9% in 2017).
  7. Red Don

    2018-2019 Roster

    Psst. (just in case you missed it) http://www.omaha.com/huskers/womens-basketball/strength-coach-stuart-hart-helps-nebraska-women-s-basketball-physically/article_2c5a4fbc-b191-5142-a1d2-ce1a03f1df0b.html
  8. Red Don

    2018-2019 Roster

    Hear, Hear!! Kind of like last year! The underclass(wo)men really stepped up last season; I think last year's frosh will do the same this season. It should be an Exciting year! Maybe these guys 'Can Do' it! [MEDIA=twitter]916644615100313600[/MEDIA]
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    2018-2019 Roster

    We could be Good this year!
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    2018-2019 Roster

  11. Red Don

    2018-2019 Roster

    Is the above intended as an announcement of a new commitment, new offer, or just a hope/want?
  12. Red Don

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    https://twitter.com/CoachMiles/status/1006415748196073472 https://twitter.com/CoachMiles/status/1006415748196073472
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    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    !BOOM! (keep 'em coming! )
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    I must have been listening to a different interview. I agree with Dimes and thought it was a very good interview. What stood out to me was that Miles was, I thought, quite straight-forward. Two things I found intriguing were 1): A desire to coach At Nebraska, for whatever reason; close to his native home in South Dakota, Lincoln being a great place to to live and raise his family, and Nebraska a good place to coach (re other P5 offers, I remember following the NCAA tournament run we were all so worried that someone else would swoop in and steal our coach away). The other thing was Miles admitting he thought that he was a different coach from the beginning of his stint here; i.e. learning and progressing during his tenure. I had been thinking that Miles was not an especially young coach, having been a head coach for 20 years, and had likely achieved his peak. Then I read somewhere that Tom Izzo had been in coaching for about 40 years, since 1979 (John Beilein since 1978). Maybe Tim Miles has a lot of room yet to grow.
  15. Red Don

    The Official Media Thread

    Miles talks about Palmer and Copeland’s return on “Sports Nightly” http://www.klin.com/2018/05/30/miles-talks-about-palmer-and-copelands-return-on-sports-nightly/
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    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    I'm with Norm. While it's tempting to compare the current season with the season following the NCAA Tournament run (I guess they have to talk about something), I don't think it is a very good analogy for several reasons. The situation is entirely different. Nebraska's preseason ranking the following year would likely have very accurate; IF the Same team had returned the following year. @Donkey has some great points (as well a a good memory). Rather than attribute the demise to ball-hogging instead of team-play, I think that losing key, but un-acclaimed contributors like Leslee Smith prior to the start of the season was just the beginning. Then Walt failed to return to form, ceasing to be a factor and disappearing from several games before ultimately becoming seemingly retired. Shavon was increasing coming into his own but Tai had not yet reached his stride. With the lack of scoring options, it seems only natural to look to your best player (IIRC Terran had been the leading scorer in the B1G during the tournament season). Even so, the Huskers gave Rhode Island a hell of a game before going down to defeat at the end (how many times in the past have the opposing team's fans rushed the floor after winning?), but the heart-braking loss was the forerunner of the season's slide. Several have recapped the current team's situation; and I don't see any comparison with '14-'15, other than the the team failed to live up to billing. This year's team may yet fall short of our expectations, but I believe the chances are much better than in '14-'15. If Glynn Watson has a break-out year, and other players improve year-over-year, we could be very Good this season.
  17. Red Don

    Copeland is back

    This Should Do It!
  18. Red Don

    Palmer Back

    Pssst! We could be Good this year!
  19. Red Don

    Emily Wood

    Congratulations on your new position and Best Wishes on your upcoming marriage!
  20. Red Don

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Thanks Dimes. I didn't know anything about the length of contracts for Asst Coachs, or the salary details.
  21. Red Don

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I'm a little surprised there isn't more discussion here regarding the hire of Armon Gates following the announcement (particularly since there were six pages of drama leading up to the hire). Good Hire? Bad Hire? Coaches skill set, responsibilities (following the departure of Kenya), Recruiting acumen, Longevity (i.e. only a 2-yr contract), etc? You know, all the good stuff! Isn't anyone else all that interested; or is it just the off-season and we're waiting for news about who is returning and likely signees?