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  1. So then do we get some allowances for Iceland?
  2. Marquette

    So saddened to hear this! Prayers and Best wishes to the young lady and her family!
  3. Lucky Guess! That would be just a small crowd at Nebraska!
  4. I have been really impressed by Jasmine Cincore all year. A lot of players, like Jas, and Darrien Washington have stepped-up B1G TIME and elevated their games a level or two this year!! (Just listened to Jasmine Cincore being interviewed by Mat Coatney. What a well-spoken young Lady she is. I think we can all be so proud of our Husker Ladies) Amy's RAIDERS DO IT AGAIN! BACK TO BACK WINS OVER RANKED TEAMS. TAKE THAT JEFF SAGARIN!!!!! EDIT: Huskers Still Don't get any respect from Sagarin after Defeating #38 Minny, Scaring the Pants off #22 Mich, Beating #35 Iowa and now #32 Rutgers! Huskers only advanced 6 places to #63, and Rutgers fell 5 places, to #32 after Huskers Dominated Rutgers, winning by 10 points!
  5. Holy Moly!!!!! Huskers First Win at RAC (and Rutgers first loss At home this Season!)
  6. Rutger's 'Street-Ball' Style, but I think our Lady Husker's are a little tougher!
  7. Trying to keep her starters fresh for the finish?
  8. Holy Moly! Lady Huskers (Raiders) lead by 5 (27-22) at the half!
  9. Nice Arch on Scaife's FT
  10. Is it just me, or do the Lady Huskers look a lot more physically fit than I had remembered (or was it just after reading today's OWH article )
  11. Got a better view of the crowd. Looks better, maybe a couple of Thou. Will be interesting to see the final stats.
  12. Does NOT look like a very big crowd. I'd guess under 1,000!
  13. 11-7 Huskers at the end of Q1! Go Lady Huskers (Raiders )
  14. Husker Ladies (13-6) (4-2), Sagarin ranking: #76 78 76 69 (@ 1/21/18) (#167 @ 4/2/17) Still Don't get no respect for Beating #37 Minny & #34 Iowa and Scaring the Pants off #22 Mich ! Guess we're gonna have to RAID Rutgers! We've got a Fighter's (RAIDER's) Chance! Wash St beat them 63-60. Rutgers beat Minnesota by 10 pts in OT at home, and we beat them by 5 pts on the road. (and we are a better team now than we were then)
  15. Ohio State

    Ohio State won Saturday at Madison Square Garden, beating (a declining) Minnesota 67-49. Like Tim says, that should be good news for us. Ohio State won't be overlooking us, but they won't be smarting coming off a loss either. They are already well-positioned for going dancing and therefore have less to play for than we do: i.e. a loss to (a rising) Nebraska will not hurt their prospects nearly as much as a Win would enhance our outlook.
  16. Great Article Steve! LOTS More in the article you'll want to know!
  17. Thanks for Starting this Thread Whoop! This is a particularly important game. Winning will 'Double' the wins of last season (as Sam predicts) AND extend the consecutive number of road wins to Eight! The Scarlet Knights will be particularly tough Tomorrow After losing in such fashion to Penn State! (But I think Amy's Husker Raider's are up to Rutger's brand of 'Street-Ball;' and may be even a little tougher.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You won't believe how the Rutgers women's basketball team lost to Penn State" http://www.nj.com/rutgerswomen/index.ssf/2018/01/you_wont_believe_how_the_rutgers_womens_basketball.html If any of this feels like 'Déjà vu,' this is from the game stats for the Husker's loss to Michigan. Spot any familiar names? Coincidence? Edit: Thanks Bugeaters. I didn't know how to find out who made the call (but I was pretty sure you might know).
  18. Jean must not have been there (or was she the one covering her ears!)
  19. (Belated) Recap: Votes for Husker Win: 37 (Believers) Votes for Michigan Win: 33 (Non-Believers) I'm sure glad I had changed my prediction (on the implausible excuse of being dyslexic. That and my 'Dream' )