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  1. Karrington Davis is officially 'N'

    Mr. Karrington Davis! Welcome, Mr. Karrington Davis! Welcome, Mr. Karrington Davis!
  2. Miles extension poll

    Damn! Forced to give another Up-arrow for 'Lede.' (But what do you expect from a Journalism major. Didn't have to look it up this time tho, cuz you've used it before. )
  3. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Up-arrow just for 'Redound.' (Isn't that just like Norm; making us have to look things up )
  4. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  5. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    All Four of 'em!
  6. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Here's a video for your viewing pleasure! (4:27)
  7. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    It would seem the April 10th date would negate the purpose of so many underclassmen declaring for the draft. I thought the principal advantages of doing so were to 'test the water' so to speak and for a player to get an outside evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of his game. If players must withdraw by April 10th, it doesn't seem like there would be time for any of this to occur.
  8. Thanks for mentioning the TBL Video embeded in the news article, Bugs! I had passed over it; it is a real good listen. Located out-of-State, I'm getting a new appreciation for Sam McKewon. Somehow since it is verbal conversation, he may have been using the term 'couple' more as a figure of speech, rather than specifically meaning two. He also could have been using 'Seniors' loosely, meaning non-returning players. Reading the article, I think one of the special incoming players would be Ashtyn Veerbeek. She is the highest ranked player of the incoming class, and I think I read somewhere that Iowa was recruiting her hard and really wanted her. Again he might have been using 'couple' as a figure of speech and there might be more than two he was referring to. In any event, I liked his analysis of the team and think prospects look good for the future.
  9. This may be the article Steve refers to above. An excellent read by Sam McKewon. Discusses the disappointing loss to AZ State, areas for improvement; incoming class, and outlook for next year. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/womens-basketball/mckewon-amy-williams-making-sure-husker-women-embrace-expectations-after/article_92a178c0-7b9d-5b07-836a-40cb97472d5e.html McKewon: Amy Williams making sure Husker women embrace expectations after surprise season
  10. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Official Box Score: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/boxscore?gameId=401025888 Gamecast; Recap; Box-Score; Play-by-Play; Team-Stats; Videos; Conversation; Bracket
  11. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Here is a link to Live Stats for anyone interested: (Such as they are. Statbroadcast Stats are Locked to the general public) https://www.ncaa.com/game/basketball-men/d1/2018/04/02/michigan-villanova/boxscore
  12. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Halftime Stats: (difference seems to be 3-point %)
  13. Happily, you don't Have to Listen to 'em (hick for 'them' ). There's always those superb BTN or Network Announcers. Solves the 'sync-up' problem Too!
  14. Bye bye UConn

    The WBB Final, ND vs Mississippi State, should be an exciting game! Tomorrow, 4/1/18, Easter Sunday @ 5 pm Central, ESPN. (Mississippi State is the team who bounced UConn in last years Final Four, 66-64 also in OT, losing to So Carolina in the Final). ND played only 6 players because of season-ending injuries to several players during the year; and likely would not have made it this far without the transfer, and granting of immediate eligibility to Jessica Shepard from Nebraska. Shepard was the third highest scorer for ND, with 15 points. Best Wishes to Jess Shepard (except when she plays vs the Huskers )
  15. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Penn State Wins over Miss State: 75-60. Will meet Utah in the NIT Final!