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  1. Maryland pregame chatter

    Forgive me, But I'm liking our chances for the Win here! (Especially after listening to Coach William's latest interview and Kate & Maddie) I may have mentioned it in another thread but I thought I heard Matt & Jeff say during the Penn State game that they wondered if Maryland wasn't getting a little run down from the grind, and losing consecutive games, showing they can be beaten. If that is so, I think that we do have the deeper roster/bench. It could be that the PSU game might prove to be a good warm-up game for us prior to the rematch @ Maryland if we bring our 'A' game.
  2. The top eight in the BIG

    To elaborate on Maddie's Tweet: With win No. 20, Nebraska women clinch top-four seed for Big Ten tourney The article goes on to discuss the record rebounding of the team. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/cain-simon-combine-to-power-husker-women-past-penn-state/article_9e7a0f37-b346-54be-9c1b-95d98ec1fec8.html?utm_content=buffer5abdd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=LEEDCC
  3. Talking about the 'Bench Mob' http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/husker-bench-mob-ups-its-profile-after-espn-highlights-team/article_8b65ae19-600b-57c9-b8b5-57b8f68c1406.html
  4. Sure, If it is not plagiarism! But I have to find it first (tcp used 'poindexter' in a post on Nov 27, 2015 ) Done! (Found It)
  5. Yes!!!!!! This could prove to be a good tune-up game for the Maryland rematch. PSU's pressure got to us; but that might be a good experience before meeting Maryland, and they got a lot more steals and turnovers, but was made up by our own defense and rebounding, which was almost double Maryland's, 60 rbs vs 31. Matt and Jeff were talking a little bit about the game and they were wondering if Maryland wasn't getting run down a little from the grind. We have the deeper roster and bench. No doubt we'll have to bring our 'A' Game to beat Maryland at home; and shoot better.
  6. Thanks Bugs, Glad you got home without incident! Here is the shot of the Final Live Stats Page for anyone interested:
  7. Woo Hoo!!!! TWENTIETH WIN of the season. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES. (I'll try to post final stats when I get home)
  8. PSU is defending us very tightly and we've missed some easy shots. PSU is shooting worse from the field than we are, credit Husker Defense.
  9. Stats at the end of Q1: Stats at the end of Q1: Stats at the end of Q1:
  10. IT'S SENIOR NIGHT!!! LAST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON!!! LET'S PACK 'THE VAULT' AND GET 'ROWDY'!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOOO LADY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------ BEAT THE LADY LIONS!!! -------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKER LADIES!
  11. The top eight in the BIG

    Saw this elsewhere:
  12. Penn St at Michigan game

    RE: the Title! Wasn't it an 'Away' game win for Michigan!!!!!