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  1. Coach Lewis' leaving might tell us something. On the other hand, Lewis' staying (were he offered another position) might tell us even more.
  2. Ducks win it, 74-60! First Trip to the Final Four since 1939!
  3. KU is going down.
  4. Kansas is shooting too much like Nebraska (35%).
  5. Holy Moly! FIVE STRAIGHT Back-to-Back TREYS just before halftime in UCONN vs UCLA game! Three for UCLA & UCONN answers with Two!
  6. Holy Moly, Another Thriller, Shockers stay with Kentucky leading 63-6 1 2, a 1 pt game & under 1 to play! Kentucky wins; 65-62. Tough way for the Shockers to lose after hanging with Kentucky, point-for-point the entire game!
  7. Holy Moly, Mchigan Wins over #2 seed Louisville 73-69! Mich trailed by 9 when I tuned in @ 13 min left & started their run. fighting off a furious come-back attempt by Louisville at the end. Wow, Louisville has an awesome press helping them to come back to within 2 pts at the end. What a Game! What a Game!
  8. Holy Moly Michigan is going to beat Louisville! 67-61 @ 1:10, Mich Ball. 69-65 @ 0:23
  9. Tie Game @ 51 All! Mich coming Back! Mich took lead @ 53, oops now tied again w 8 min left! Exciting Game!
  10. Winning the 'Play-in' game, at least this year, seems to be a prize that no one should even wish to win!
  11. YES! (But Audrey Hepburn said it better: "I am so glad to hear you say it!" )
  12. Eichorst just tweeted "Look forward to next season ..... under Coach Miles!"
  13. Holy Moly! All Tied up @ 58. Where are my Heart Pills!
  14. Well, Geno does like PBA; And the Nebraska Fans!