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  1. Jimmy is not to be disappointed (or denied )!
  2. Come'on; Shouldn't we cut Whoop a little bit of slack here (rather than sending him away feeling so chastised)? It is off-season and news (that we would Want to read) about Husker Hoops is pretty hard to come by about now. There's plenty of posts that are OT on the forums this time of year. (You may want to edit your title so everyone knows it's OT though, Whoop. )
  3. Welcome Leigha! I believe you will fit right in. This.
  4. That would make a very potent combination, indeed. It seems that something we are lacking is someone with a consistent jump shot that is so difficult to guard. IIRC some were hoping that Ed could develop his jump shot, increasing his scoring threat inside the arc.
  5. Lack of Practice?
  6. Please don't forget the increased potential of drawing fouls on a dribble-drive vs perimeter, and hence the possibilities for 3-point plays (i.e. Vance Walberg's Coaches Clinic Tutorial).
  7. Very nice primer R6S10, thanks for the summary. I am looking forward to seeing the sit-out transfers getting onto the floor this year and to see Rachel Blackburn's return. I too was thinking that Grace Mitchell was beginning to come into her own a little more at season-end and hope she is able to take a big jump from her Frosh to Soph year.
  8. Ironically, Gill, who, Allen is aware of, and a reason for coming here, may end up the casualty of Allen's presence. Isn't Gill a big question mark anyway, depending on the extent of his recovery from his season-ending injury requiring extensive surgery? As I understand it he could come back to nearly 100%, or (I certainly hope not) barely be able to contribute, in which case his minutes would be severely constrained.
  9. I'm sorry to learn about your loss, Silver, but so glad that you at least had this little something to help brighten your day. Prayers and Condoences to the Silverback family.
  10. I'm with redsteve and will be sorry to see Rylie leave the Huskers. I certainly cannot fault her for pursuing scholarship opportunities elsewhere that might have proven problematic at Nebraska. Thanks to RCJ for wanting to come to Nebraska and for all her efforts where she played in every game. Best Wishes for her success wherever she decides to play.
  11. Same View Hurricane Season!
  12. Sounds like it's a day late (but not a dollar short)
  13. Don't we already have one of those on this Board?
  14. Coach Lewis' leaving might tell us something. On the other hand, Lewis' staying (were he offered another position) might tell us even more.
  15. Ducks win it, 74-60! First Trip to the Final Four since 1939!