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  1. 2017 /18 Women's Basketball Game & TV Schedule http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=25&SPSID=31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Race to better the Seven wins last season: (7) ( Win @ Drake matched our Total Number of Wins ALL last season ) Husker Ladies (7-3) (0-0), Sagarin ranking: #113 (@ 12/11/17) (#167 @ 4/2/17) Next Up: Sun, 12/17, @ San Jose State (#291) (2-7), 2:00 pm CST, Mtn West Network (streaming) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOOO LADY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKER LADIES! Quick Run-Down: Sun, 10/29 Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa State (64-62) - Huskers close within 2 pts in Back & Forth closed-session ...(Exhibition Game) Sun, 11/5 vs Minnesota State - Mankato (88-55) - Husker Ladies come out swinging, top Minnesota - Mankato Out-of-Conference (13) Record: 7-3 Sat, 11/11, vs Southern Illinois Edwardsville (#241), (W, 62-53) - Husker Ladies pull out Win! Newcomers Shine! Tue, 11/14, vs UMKC (#279), (W, 80-60) - Husker Ladies in a Explode in Qs 3 & 4 for 20 pt Win. Thu, 11/16, vs Arkansas (#83), (W, 80-69) - Ladies finish Strong to defeat Arky in final minutes Sun, 11/19, vs Creighton (#98), (L, 64-49) - Creighton Ladies score fast out the gate; maintain intensity in Loss ...(San Juan Shootout @ Daytona Beach, FL - Ocean Center - Record: 1-1) Thu, 11/23, vs Buffalo (#80), (L, 82-72) - Ladies come back twice fm 10 pt deficits, falter down the stretch Fri, 11/24, vs Coastal Carolina (#293), (W, 55-47) - Huskers rush to a Win; Chanticleers right on their heels ...(ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Series Record: 2-5) Thu, 11/30, vs Clemson (#196), (L, 67-66), - Husker Ladies come up 1 pt short in a see-saw dog-fight Sat, 12/2, vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff (#346), (W, 73-52) - Hot Huskers leading by 29 pts in Q2, defeat pesky UAPB Wed, 12/6, @ Kansas (#67), (W, 66-49) - Down 13 at Half, Ladies Put Away Undefeated Kansas 66-49 Sat, 12/9, @ Drake (#126), (W, 89-84 2OT) - Husker Ladies Match High-Scoring Drake, Plus 5, in 2nd OT Sun, 12/17, @ San Jose State (#291), 2:00 pm CST, Mtn West Network (streaming) Tue, 12/19, vs Florida Atlantic (#198), @ PBA, 7:00 pm CST, BTN Plus Fri, 12/22, vs Washington State (#81), @ PBA, 1:00 pm CST, BTN Plus
  2. Here's a quote from RedSteve in the Drake Game Thread! Everyone seems to have stepped up their game. Good Teams seem to make each individual player better.
  3. Congratulations to Coach Molinari on his induction into the Illinois BB Coaches Hall of Fame! An Honor Well-Deserved!
  4. Thanks Bugeaters, best view yet (from the opposite side of the ESPN replay view and from the sideiine would be a little closer to the players). I was able to slow it down on my Ipad but the resolution was not fine enough to prove definitively one way or the other. From this view she could have touched the ball (again, if so no more than a feather touch). Anyway, it's all a moot point now.
  5. I went back and re-played the game last night (ESPN3), re-watching the throw-in (several times). Because of the inability to play frame-by-frame I could not see any definitive evidence either way to prove that the Drake player touched the ball, or did not touch the ball (Who knows what the refs were able to discern, supposedly having frame-by-frame capability; were they able to see where the trajectory of the ball had been changed, or even the spin rate of the ball? How closely did they look?) Nor did I have the benefit of the Husker Announcers (Neulion (Husker.com) dropped out at the exact moment Nicea's ball went in the basket). The ESPN3 announcers were useless, only parroting the officials' pronouncement. FWIW, my personal opinion after re-watching the throw in is the Drake player did not touch the ball. The Drake player had reached the peak of her jump and had definitely started to descend at the time the ball was still going up. If the Drake player did touch the ball it could not have been more than a feather touch as I could not see any change in the ball's trajectory. As an aside, the officials showed little interest in reviewing the immediately prior play, i.e. the missed free throw resulting in Husker possession of the ball, to determine the proper amount of time that should remain on the game clock. But, I suppose all is well that ends well. they did go to overtime (twice) and instead of having the game end on a what 'may-have-been' controversy, the second OT ended in a definitive win for the Huskers..
  6. How Strange, but I also experience the same gauntlet of emotions; But maybe over a somewhat lesser period of time - - Like every game! But, I also now believe! I think we are well within the reach of 20+ wins; and a return to the Dance! Oh, and as to the Above:
  7. And looking at the Box Score it looks like we really out-played them in almost every area (except FG % & FTs). Rebounds; 58-50 Assists; 21-18 (and Drake was one of the leaders in assists per game avg) TOs; 11-18 Blocks; 7-6 Steals; 11-5
  8. Thanks, I see it now. There is a red box at the top of the Drake game page that you must click on to bring up the Box Score. (I hate navigating the Huskers.com web-site. It seems to work about as well as the Neulion (cr)ap they use.) Oh, and Great WIN for the Ladies!
  9. Damn Bugs. I just went to Huskers.com and they hadn't posted (or I couldn't find) the official stats (Box Score). Wherever did you find them??? (Glad you had a safe journey.)
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply the officials negating Nicea's basket was a bad call (rather just to highlight what bad timing for the radio to drop out). Officials took the time to review the play to make sure they got it right. As it turns out I'm just as glad they overturned it. If they hadn't Drake could say it was a fluke win, just after they (Drake) missed 2 FTs, either one of which could have won it for them. This way after battling to a draw in the first OT, Husker Ladies won by 5 in the second.
  11. BTW: The Win @ Drake matched our total number of wins for ALL of last season.
  12. I hear you. Streaming radio dropped out Just as Nicea made the basket to Win the game at the Buzzer in Regulation! YEAAAAA (only to find out refs had disallowed the score when the radio resumed - talk about the famous scene in the movie, 'Amalie!'). Then the radio dropped out several times in the OTs. I think it must be because Huskers.com has some sort of exclusive deal with 'Neulion' (for both video and audio, ostensibly to maxamize revenue - but it sure doesn't maximize the users' experience). Maybe the Media person for the BB program can help out or explain why the service is so poor. (BTW, sorry you couldn't get ESPN3)
  13. Husker Ladies Defeat Drake in 2nd OT, 89-84 in a real see-saw battle , But hang tough, finishing strong at the end. Link to Game Stats: (from Drake BB Site) http://www.sidearmstats.com/drake/wbball/ No wonder we Won. Hannah played 42 minutes and Jaz played 41. Drake didn't have a chance ) (Bugeaters1 will post Official Husker Stats when they are published later )