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  1. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    Sorry, I meant to say what were the seat(s) you saw Brian in.
  2. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    What Row and What Seat Bugs? Just goes to show you never know who you are (or might be) talking to. Thank you for the information Flatlander. It really does help to put things in their rightful places. I only wish I were 'local' so I could attend some games.`
  3. Eichorst Out

    Tim appears to be clueless
  4. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Not sure there is anybody that would be called a 'Boffo' hire by all.
  5. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Washington State's Bill Moos named next NU athletic director http://www.omaha.com/huskers/washington-state-s-bill-moos-named-next-nu-athletic-director/article_1870473a-b1d3-11e7-8423-67b618bf6f6d.html
  6. Natalie Romeo

    Hear, Hear!!!!!
  7. Rachel Blackburn update?

    Let me just add something, Dlrrk; a quote from Row6Seat10, made earlier in July re: Predictions for this season's non-con record.
  8. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    Heartily Endorsed! (I was thinking maybe something like "Brian's Forum' or 'Brian's WBB' but I think Norm has a good take, maybe everyone will always take a look at 'the seat' when going to WBB games.) Just to add a thought, I'm so very glad FastBreaker expressed this sentiment in another thread; and that Row6Seat10 knows of the high regard we have for him.
  9. Just to add the television/video availability to the schedule, here is a link to the WBB upcoming schedule on Huskers.com. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=25&SPSID=31 There are 18 WBB games scheduled for TV-broadcast or live streaming this season (5 - BTN; 12 - BTN Plus; and 1 - ESPN3). This far fewer than the 24 games televised/streamed last season. All 16 conference games will be available on video, but there are still 12 games that have no video media shown, including high-visibility games vs; Clemson (ACC Challenge), Kansas, and Creighton. I don't know what the TV arrangements/rights are, but I am hoping that some of the high-interest non-con games will be picked-up for telecasting yet this season.
  10. Rachel Blackburn update?

    Thanks for the update dlrrk. We can't wait to see Rachel back on the floor either! Best Wishes to her.
  11. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    A tragic loss at much too young an age, not only to his family and friends, but is a sad day indeed for the WBB Forum. Prayers and condolences to the family and friends with sincere sympathy. Rest in Peace!
  12. This years starters

    I just hope all the players are (and stay) Healthy.
  13. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    Just listened to Miles. A Damn Fine Press Conference - I am proud to have a Head Coach like Tim Miles representing Nebraska! Predicting starters and minutes, lets see some play action first.
  14. A quicky in the sack with Lindy

    I'm all for history repeating itself; as long as it doesn't repeat exactly (I'd rather see a different ending).