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  1. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    With all that pink, these were probably designed by Cam'ron, not Kanye...
  2. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Hobby and some light connections. My family lives in Beaverton, OR which puts them in the heart of Nike/Adidas territory. Mainly, I'm just a collector/end user/wannabe athlete lol
  3. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Looking at our peers, our deal looks pretty amazing. We are getting roughly equal $/year compared to Michigan. They signed with Nike's Jordan Brand a couple years before us. And their contract made a pretty big splash since it was JB's first foray into football (previously had only supplied basketball equipment to schools such as UNC, Georgetown, Cal, etc.). Their deal was for 15 years, much like tOSU's Nike deal. And I don't think either of them have a clause allowing them to terminate/renegotiate if the terms are no longer agreeable. Honestly, we got a great deal. Adidas and Kanye West are trying to come out with an athletic line in the next year or two. If we could position ourselves to be the first school Adidas supplied Yeezy equipment to, the amount of hype would be insane. If you watched any of the NFL coverage from the few games last season where select players wore Yeezy cleats...it was about the only thing the broadcasters wanted to talk about. My guess is Adidas gives that honor to Miami or Louisville, but at least we are in the running for it. UCLA leaving Adidas to sign with UA was very good for us.
  4. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Agreed completely. That's the most important demographic for us to attract. If you asked Adidas, their sentiments would be similar. Males aged 18-30 are typically the target demographic for most athletic wear suppliers. Lately that has changed slightly as "athleisure" wear has become popular for both genders, but brands will always try to cultivate a younger customer base. I was more or less apologizing ahead of the slightly offensive comments I was about to make. Ask for forgiveness, not permission lol
  5. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I see. FWIW, And1 as a brand has effectively been dead for the last decade. I believe they signed some sort of retail exclusivity deal with Walmart a few years ago, so maybe they're a zombie brand now? My point is, I don't think your experiences are representative of the market as a whole. Walmart shoppers don't exactly tend to be the fashion industry's tastemakers, either.
  6. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I think UA and Puma's rise in popularity in golfing circles is somewhat due to disinterest from Nike and Adidas. They've certainly toned-down their sponsorship and investment. Nike has abandoned their equipment line and Adidas AG has now sold-off TaylorMade. Seems like they're focusing on more profitable product lines that cast a wider net. Golf as a sport hasn't really sustained the growth in participation that was predicted 10-15 years ago...back when Tiger was crushing balls and/or Perkins waitresses.
  7. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Not to sound ageist, I rarely see anyone under the age of 40 wearing UA. Maybe a few 10-13 year-old kids that are brainwashed Steph Curry fanboys and want to wear his sneakers with their GSW jerseys, but that is really about it. UA's performance footwear has very little credibility and zero cool factor. What UA running sneakers are you wearing? Speedform line? What do you like about them that wasn't available from Nike or Adidas? The people that I typically see wearing UA are not usually aligned with athletic performance. They want a camouflage compression shirt or hoody to go hunting in, or some sneakers with overpowering logos. This probably sounds overly critical and stereotypical, but the industry generally agrees with those sentiments. Adidas -- and Nike to a lesser extent -- has long been aligned with high-end fashion and streetwear designers. One of the best design changes Adidas has made has been to move toward more minimalist aesthetics with regard to branding. UA can't seem to grasp that and it makes a lot of (younger) people think their designs are tacky and behind the times. Fashion is obviously cyclical and what is cool one day may not be the next, but UA has continually been slow to enact the changes they need to make in order to stay relevant. Much of their initially growth was due to them being a start-up and outsider and customers desiring change. That honeymoon is over for them and has been for the last few years. A quick examination of their stock price will detail this better than I can explain. Also, for what it is worth Reebok has been owned by Adidas AG for some time now. They haven't been much of a focus because Adidas itself has been doing so well. Mostly, Reebok is relegated to retro releases of past sneakers such as Allen Iverson and Shaq's signature lines.
  8. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    It will always be a point of contention between Boost Bros and Nike Boyz, but I think Adidas is slightly edging out Nike at this point. They've accomplished much it by employing a lot of the low supply/high demand shenanigans that Nike so carefully cultivated over the years. Nike kept production volumes low to create a sense of hype and feed a growing resale market. For the longest time, select Nike/Jordan sneakers were really the only pairs with resale value. As of a couple years ago, the value of the resale market for those sneakers actually surpassed that of the 2nd largest sneaker company (at the time Sketchers, now it's obviously Adidas Group). That means the general public was collectively pulling-in more revenue by purchasing select Nike/Jordan sneakers at retail and reselling them at an elevated price, than Adidas was on their entire catalog. That is freaking nuts. Adidas has done an excellent job aligning itself with the correct influencers and designers, as well as keeping manufacturing quantities limited in order to gain clout with sneakerheads. That said, it's a back-and-forth battle. Nike has had a great run this summer with the re-release of several Air Max models, the VaporMax launch, etc. and they've done an excellent job of aligning themselves with the right influencers by signing Travis Scott to be the face of the VaporMax line and by working with Tyler the Creator on the Converse Le Fleur line that dropped last week. Rappers tend to sell more sneakers than comedians (I'm looking at you, Kevin Hart).
  9. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I think the most important point of the proposed deal is the ability to renegotiate or terminate if Nebraska deems they are not getting the support they deserve from Adidas. Team endorsement deals are growing at an exponential rate right now. It's almost analogous to NBA salaries...don't want to be locked-in on something that may look great now but will lose its luster in a few years.
  10. Who Starts?

    I don't think a healthy freshman Roby comes in and starts over McVeigh. McVeigh's 5-7 3PT attempts when starting provided court spacing that we desperately needed on offense. At least until the merits of his range were outweighed by his defensive liability. I think the only games Roby started were later in the season when Ed went out and we needed some size. l am still amazed that Miles started Benny Parker every game his senior season. Save for that Northwestern game when he was heat-checking from the right elbow, he typically struggled to score the ball. I know that Miles thought Tai played so much better off the bench, and Glynn's shooting -- especially his 3PT shot -- looked much better at the start of the season. But still, Benny is the definition of a back-up point guard, and as thin as we were in the backcourt, I really think we should've leaned on Tai and Glynn more.
  11. Who Starts?

    Your memory seems to be a little bit rusty, Dusty.
  12. Who Starts?

    I'm hoping that our defense looks quite a bit different this year. The personnel we have now does not necessitate the "pack line" / sagging man-to-man defense scheme. We have two very adept shot blockers that will discourage dribble-penetration, and some long, quick perimeter defenders that would be better off playing the line where they can deny passes and be in the correct position to contest 3PT shots.
  13. The Official Media Thread

    Most people that switch to a vegan diet note a huge increase in energy. There's typically a small decrease in muscle strength and mass, however that's usually less of a concern to basketball players than other athletes. More than likely, Tai was influenced by all of the other professional athletes that have implemented -- either temporarily or permanently -- a vegan diet, rather than by Steve Taylor. Maybe by Taylor's daughter if she's vegan and they want to eat out and share a meal together? Former players John Salley and Ben Gordon have long advocated for veganism, and advised current players on their diets. I know that Glen "Big Baby" Davis is vegan and credits much of his body transformation to this. Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have used a vegan diet to cut weight in the offseason. Other famous vegan athletes (current and former) include Serena and Venus Williams, Ricky Williams, Tony Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, Carl Lewis, and Mike Tyson. Tai was our best and hardest-working two-way player, and he saw his minutes increase by 7 MPG from his Junior to Senior year, most frequently logging 35-38 minutes save for a few outliers. If he was eating a cocktail of jet fuel spiked with amphetamines he'd probably still get tired at that usage rate.
  14. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    Tai scored 12 points against my Clippers. He was 6-10 from the floor and 0-1 on 3PT. Definitely good to see him getting more minutes and taking the ball to the rack.
  15. Patton to Minnesota

    There's actually quite a few small market MLS teams. Salt Lake, Columbus, Orlando, Kansas City, Portland, Vancouver, Colorado, etc. And most of those teams' stadiums are at capacity every game. Messi recently signed an extension with Barca so he's there for at least four more years. The story of young Messi and Barca is pretty interesting. Messi showed lots of promise as a young player for his local club in Argentina, but he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of 10 and his father's insurance plan wouldn't pay for more than 2 years of treatment. The family had relatives in Spain and setup a try-out with Barcelona who ended up signing young Messi and paying for his remaining treatments.