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  1. Agreed. As the season wore on, it became evident that Taylor was the most well-rounded player on the roster (next to Tai, of course). Last year's squad gave up the most points of any in the Tim Miles era, and the perimeter defense was terrible too as evidenced by the highest 3FG% allowed by a Tim Miles Nebraska team. Even if his shot isn't falling, Taylor has a sizable role on next year's team.
  2. No, I'm just not easily impressed. A pair of $60 Stan Smiths with Miles' face painted on the tongue doesn't move the needle for me. There's no market for that and it generates very little interest for those outside of the program. It looks cheap and gimmicky. Wearing a pair of Adidas Human Races that sold out everywhere in seconds and resells for 4x it's MSRP is more intriguing. While I don't typically advocate that we follow Rick Pitino's lead, he has seemed to figure this one out:
  3. So you think Anton Gill coming off yet another surgically repaired knee is a better defender than the recently crowned defensive MVP of the team? Taylor had 4 steals in a game. Twice. That's as many steals as Gill had all season. There's no player on this team I want to succeed more than Gill, but I think he may struggle to find a spot. But he does have excellent length and if he can hit the 3, then I think he can pull some minutes from Palmer and Taylor.
  4. Two of the three aren't returning, so I guess we just need to convince Jordy to take of those Jordan 12s. Adidas has a lot more hype than Jordan/Nike right now, so I'm really not worried about sneaker wars with potential recruits. It would be nice if Adidas showed us a little more love, though. We need Tim Miles to embrace sneaker culture the way Mike Riley has:
  5. But should I be concerned that 3 of these 5 guys are in Nikes/Jordans? #3StripeLife
  6. Not surprised to see these faces, although very impressed at Glynn's accomplishments in the weight room! I think that in Glynn, Evan, and Jordy we are looking at the leaders of next year's team.
  7. RIP Darryl Dawkins. Somewhere in the afterlife, Chocolate Thunder and Craig Sager are busy stunting on each other to see who has the more colorful wardrobe. But Chocolate Thunder is purely a nickname, administered by Stevie Wonder. Because Dawkins dunked so hard Wonder could feel it
  8. Hard not to respect a no-nonsense guy that plays lock-down defense and leads a team without demanding a lot of personal accolades. Plus, he went by the name Cookie Belcher. I would think that he has one of the most entertaining names in college basketball history. Way better food reference than Tacko Fall. Less sexual-sounding than Fat Lever or Magic Johnson. Not as blasphemous as God Shammgod...
  9. I mean, he is the most decorated and celebrated Husker basketballer of all time. I think that warrants the correct spelling of his name.
  10. If we try to draw up a crunch-time isolation play for Jordy in the post, the defense is most likely going to rotate over to double team him. He needs to work on his court vision and passing out of the post to sense when and from where that double team is coming, and kick the ball out to the open man for a shot. I think we really need Jordy to get a better grasp of the screen and roll game. He's big and athletic enough that he could be a terror if him and Glynn could figure it out. That's a sure fire way to get our assists up.
  11. *Tyronn. Also, I believe that they are second cousins if we are really splitting hairs
  12. So does this mean we're going to pluck Trevon Duval from Kansas, as well?
  13. FYI - you show Jeriah Horne transferring back for a senior season in 2019-20. And I don't think there's any possible way of that happening!
  14. Technically, I think those actions would make you more of a "lurker" than a troll? That said, it's feasible that a lurker could one day speak up and become a troll, but a troll cannot silence themselves to become a lurker. Kind of like how a rectangle can sometimes be a square, but a square cannot be a rectangle.
  15. In all fairness, if the jersey is from the start of Joe's sophomore season, it's probably very roomy and comfortable to sleep in.