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  1. While there are probably some fans that would do that, I think damn near everyone that partakes in the discussion here is far above that. Mainly why this is an incredible place.
  2. Can't believe miles came out of last media timeout of half without Watson. Lead quickly shrinks from 7 to 3 and lucky wasn't worse. We needed to expand lead going into halftime not piss it away with asinine substitution.
  3. How was pregame Husker Power? I was unable to attend last night. It did make me happy hearing a decent version in the second half.
  4. Minnesota Game

    Just saw this thread. Couldn't agree more. It was huge for the reasons mentioned and really huge for the fan base. It was one of the last chances at having the majority of them believe in a great season. With belief comes more noise and a better home court advantage.
  5. What I find very discouraging is the fact we are such large underdogs against very mediocre teams like stjohns and cfu. Vegas knows what's up. What's up is that we suck at this point.
  6. no ryhme or reason to any subsitution patterns
  7. dont know how to coach offense. very unfortunate
  8. I guess having horrific spacing, and driving with no lane flying in and tossing up something to be blocked easily or have no chance of going in wasn't what we needed to do.
  9. Whatever you do, do not suggest we miss Craig Smith. Our current staff is just as good at coaching. You will get lynched around here if you bring up his name for some reason.
  10. 3 point shooting

    I have often wondered if we practice enough at Pinnacle to give us an edge. Something to be said about shooting a lot in a building you are playing games at. This is a definite negative IMO to the new arena.
  11. dont try any full court pressure with deeper more athletic team
  12. We don't have a good understanding of how to take advantage of the size edge. This team can shoot okay. We can't just settle for a jump shooting contest in this one. Love the rim is what we need to do.
  13. Someone needs to tell these guys we can see what is going on. They don't need to do a horrific job of a radio broadcast.
  14. Couldn't go may need to go radio these student U announcers are horrific. Can't bear it much longer. They need to synch Kent up for these. This is an embarrassment.