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  1. Brutal that this is on a Sunday. Was so looking forward to going to this and now cannot go on a Sunday that time of year.
  2. royalfan

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    Agree with this and the main reason is that he may be most equipped to play defense and we shouldn’t need major scoring out of this position.
  3. royalfan

    18-19 depth

    Yes, I can go with that on the serious minutes part. But as thin as we are at 4-5 it wouldn’t take much to go wrong. I also probably value a guy that can stretch the floor over a Borchardt. Just a more skilled player and I am about getting the best guys on the court over defined positions.
  4. royalfan

    18-19 depth

    If young guys bust we definitely miss jack and being thin inside we certainly could miss him. To state in absolutes that we won’t miss him is borderline idiotic. We aren’t deep right now. He was at least capable of playing minutes.
  5. royalfan

    18-19 depth

    Like norm, I am anxious to see how we fill the Taylor gill minutes, although seems like closer to 40 than 50 without looking it up. Really wish jack was still here. I would feel more comfortable knowing we had him available for some minutes. A grad transfer that can play would really help.
  6. royalfan

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    Yeah, laimbeer not dirty at all, lol.
  7. royalfan

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    That was a great night. Was a fun little hhc gathering that night as well!
  8. royalfan

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    I am all about getting under people’s skin, talking trash, playing hard nosed etc. i am not all about wanting dirty players or players that do what Gibbs did here on my team.
  9. royalfan

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    An Alex smith type qb is what I see being the best. Accurate short passer with enough mobility to hurt you.
  10. royalfan

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    If McDermott tweeted that this day and age he would have been crucified on Twitter. What a douchebag comment.
  11. royalfan

    NBA Playoffs

    There is no question that Durant would be viewed much differently by many if he were to have stayed in okc and won one.
  12. royalfan


    You must really think football is boring if you would rather spend your time on your rivals message board, although hard to blame you given the quality of this board in relation to the joke of a board you all have,
  13. royalfan

    2018 Husker Baseball

    You can go downvote all my posts then if you cannot differentiate an opinion from a fact. In this case there is no doubt in my mind he isn’t recruiting toolsy enough players. So it looks like my point came off exactly as intended. A very strong opinion.
  14. royalfan


    The people that are UNL alumni, husker football fans, Creighton hoops fans, and hate nebrasketball really drive me crazy. One thing to pull fir Creighton. A complete different thing to treat Nebraska like the most hated team on earth.
  15. royalfan