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  1. Only problem is that this is the toughest league in the nation to run and push the tempo in. The coaches are just so damn good that it makes it very tough. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to run and get easy baskets. While South Carolins offense looks like the Showtime Lakers in comparison, they are challenged offensively. They try to get as many transition hoops as possible to counter it. We should do this too, as all teams should.
  2. That is a bunch of bs. "Most" Michigan fans know now and knew then that they have an excellent coach.
  3. What is your point in regards to my post since you quoted my post?
  4. This is a team that is the opposite of us. They use the 3 point line well and understand the importance of defending it. They understand how to develop players. They become better shooters over time. They are well coached. They get better in relation to the competition throughout the season. They are good. All things I want is to be. They are one of the blueprints I would like to try to emulate. Coach is not only awesome but also an awesome individual.
  5. He can coach offense. And Illinois will have the athletes to be good on defense if they try. League of great coaches got a touch better yet. Miles needs to amp up his X and O game somehow. Oklahoma St. had the most efficient offense in the nation according to some metrics.
  6. Which is why it was a good fit IMO, to try to hide his flaws as best he could. He is a good player, but a flawed player. I do think he could carve out a niche in the right NBA team, but most likely flaws too great. We sure needed him this year is all I know. I am glad his career is over and really glad he didn't go dancing.
  7. Watching this tournament has me hoping Miles figures out how to get more guys with more basketball skill. All of these teams have guys that simply can score the basketball and guys that make open shots. They also have way better spacing and actually have an idea of what they want to accomplish. Miles needs to reach out to some offense experts this offseason and figure this out. The days of other teams defense improving at a greater rate than our offense during the season has got to stop. That's all. Back to watching good basketball.
  8. It is a bit of a misconception that he is a good shooter(at least in games). He shot 33 percent from the land of plenty. Way below national average. Slightly better than our mind boggling horrid team percentage of 32 percent. I am guilty myself. I guess when we shoot really bad, even bad shooting seems good. He also graded out below an average Division 1 player( including all of the teams) in Box score plus minus. He was one point worse than the average player per 100 possessions. Bottom line, is he may have developed and may not have developed. But there is nothing that seems to indicate that this is that big of a deal. If he doesn't want to be here, so be it. Find yourself a better fit young man and best of luck.
  9. I see, makes sense. It didn't show very good results this year, but I guess the jury is still out on if that move helped the development of the program going forward. Time will tell. I wonder if they will ever have very good support there.
  10. This is the first time he probably had a bunch of young ballers that he didn't want to slow down. Not sure where you were going quoting the not thinking outside the box part. I don't see him as an elite outside of the box thinker, but as I said, I don't monitor Penn St. basketball extremely closely, so any of my thoughts on the matter are far from well educated.
  11. No. I didn't even mention Chambers name, let alone imply anything regarding Chambers. As for my opinion if you want it, I am not an extremely close follower of Chambers or Penn St. hoops, but I don't think he is excellent at any of these. Here is my best effort at comparing the two. I do think he develops talent a little better than Miles. I don't think his teams get worse as often throughout the year as Miles have but they have been so bad it may be hard to tell. I don't think Penn St. is near as bad at shooting or defending the three, but I don't think they are very good at either. More proof losing programs tend to suck at this. They play a far more uptempo game than we do. I don't necessarily deem that to be more exciting but most people do. I don't think he is much better than Miles at X and O. He probably doesn't think outside the box much better either.
  12. Dime a dozen type player. If it weren't for a terribly assembled shooting team, it is more than okay. Since we are a terribly assembled shooting team, it is just okay. Wish him the best wherever he ends up. Not a difference making player.
  13. I don't want to speak for them but here are some potential reasons. 1. We have extreme high end facilities and fan support. Penn St not in same stratosphere. 2. Our players haven't developed at the rate of many programs. 3. Our teams get worse throughout every season since his right hand man departed. Downright given up at times. 4. For those that believe in analytics, we are doing it the exact opposite from how we should be. You want to be great at three pointers and shoot many. We are terrible at them. One of the worst in the nation. You want to prevent threes going in at high percentage and in bulk. We are certainly terrible at percentage. Among the worst in the nation. 5. We don't play a particularly exciting brand of basketball. Have heard many people say that we might as well be fun to watch if we are going to be bad. 6. The substitution patterns are mind boggling at times. As I called out in the tourney loss after coming back to tie the game late in first half, why is he subbing here? Predictably, 8-0 run immediately followed. 7. He doesn't seem to be able to hire good x and o assistants since smith left. It has exposed his lack of x and o coaching ability. Many would argue the molinari hire has really hurt our x and o production. 8. Lack of ability to think outside the box. Cost us Ohio st game for example and things spiraled out of control after that. No creativity in finding any offense at all.
  14. No it would be crazy not to bring him back after the recruiting class he just hauled and the potential they showed this year.
  15. Make NCAA tourney 66 percent of the time. Once one gets there, it is such a fine line these days between winning and losing. We would never be more than a 11 or so point dog in any game. Anything can happen. We need to be a part of the proceedings. No reason it should not happen with the facilities we have. Programs far better than us have bad facilities and are not recruiting hot beds. We have to get far better at having a complete plan when recruiting and any kind of plan in game and especially in season development. Other teams in our league are improving during the season at mind boggling rates in comparison to our rates since Smith left(I know, it is merely coincidental).