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  1. We were so close to having one when Pitchford declared:)
  2. Was an excellent production. Those who haven't seen it should try to see it.
  3. False hope. Would have been a shitty hire for OSU which helps us, and it would have put Creighton in an uncomfortable spot due to timing, which would make me happy.
  4. One of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA as well. Hell of a shooter, hell of a player.
  5. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I was thankful to happen to be watching it at the time.
  6. That would require me seeing a lot of them going in before I would want to see another one attempted:)
  7. He also got hurt right when he was starting to find his way a bit. Derailed him a great deal.
  8. We should have the luxury of being first ones on the plane and getting great seats at least!!
  9. And can't score from second on them so it takes four an inning is all:). What an offensive design.
  10. Correct, which speaks to our embarrassing lack of pop that they can play that shallow.
  11. Man it is almost hilarious watching us run the bases. So slow it is t even a consideration to score a guy from second on a single.
  12. More due to how bad he was than our ability:) we should have scored in that 2-2 deal as well but that pitcher much more capable of making good pitches even though he is not great either.
  13. Pry best this is over. I can't watch much more of this offense.
  14. And ruined potential huge inning that coukd have turned the entire game by wasting an out bunting against that awful starter. Inexcusable
  15. Gotta get bigger faster stronger guys. Tough to win having to get 15 singles to get four runs.