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  1. Xavier Johnson is N

    shit. Scared to come here this time of year. Rarely is it anything good.
  2. NBA Playoffs

    Not pleased with the Pacers draw after a really nice season.
  3. Kenya Hunter

    Player development has one of the biggest flaws of this staff IMO. Not laying the blame on anyone in particular, but in general, not enough guys get better. Certainly, not enough guys get better at shooting. Yes, I know some guys have improved. During your college years, you should improve on your own. There have not been near enough guys get significantly better in their time here under Miles IMO. When we aren't getting elite recruits, we need to be able to develop them. If that is done, every so often when we have a veteran bunch, we should have a sweet 16 type of team.
  4. Kenya Hunter

    Let's face it. It is going to be tough to get a name hire of any kind. It will have to be of the diamond in the rough variety, given the lack of security.
  5. Kenya Hunter

    Need to bring someone in that can develop players.
  6. 2018 Husker Baseball

    I have been saying it for quite a long time. The types of recruits he goes after is the wrong approach. Way too many guys with no upside. Just mediocrity at its finest. No speed or power. It is like going to the dentist trying to score against any sort of competent pitching. We need to move on. He simply doesn't understand recruiting. He gets all these grinder type guys that cant do dick. Just think back to last year postseason. How many innings did we go without an extra base hit? Wasn't it over 30 innings. It is ludicrous. And the bunting is nuts as well. It is unwatchable. Basically, everything that has proven by analytics that you should do, we don't do or recruit the players to do it. They say, don't bunt, hit for power, and get on base, so power can drive you in. We have such an pathetic power base, it is hard to comprehend.
  7. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    The problem I see with this theory is that he is getting the evaluation. If told no bueno, it is a different type of agent that specializes in Euro basketball, than NBA basketball. So he really cannot hire an agent without knowing which pro path he will be heading down.
  8. Three Games Against Final 4 Teams

    Bottom line is they are showing why we needed to be in the thing. It is a very fine line between winning and losing this day and age. With the right combination of upsets etc. like Kansas St. had go in their favor you just never know. No question in my mind we handle Creighton, and certainly UMBC, to get in sweet 16. Don't think we would have beat Kentucky, but would not have been overwhelming dogs either.
  9. Three Games Against Final 4 Teams

    At the start of the tournament we and Loyola would have been close to a pick. Loyola maybe by 1.5
  10. What to do with Miles contract?

    I am interested to see how Jacobsen shoots the ball at Iowa St. I always thought he had the makings of a deadly shooter, but the one little adjustment could not be made. I don't think coaching shooting is a staff strength. I would be willing to bet he improves his shooting substantially there.
  11. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Michigan extremely well coached. Hardly ever take a long two. 3's or rim. Their d tries to eliminate those exact things. Coaching at its finest.
  12. What to do with Miles contract?

    Same source that said we were in the tournament, only to sneak into the NIT as one of the very last at large bids?
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Ralston arena as well. Can’t wait.
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Music can be good therapy. Listening to some instead of Monday night MEAC streaming. This seems appropriate.
  15. Scouting Miss St

    Not surprising as the better team is typically the higher seed(not in our case) and hosting and also is typically not terribly excited to be playing in this event.