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  1. Unfortunately, when you don't have a talented offense, we can shut ourselves down at times against mediocre pitching.
  2. The major benefit that will offset the difference between Ed and he is that he won't command the ball ever. We will have more guys that can shoot it would seem. We just need him to embrace the garbage man role. Net gain if so. Lot less turnovers out of the post.
  3. Roby is going to have to make major improvements to start realizing that ceiling to call him a must start player.
  4. Yeah very easy delivery. Another thing that is smooth is his touch in the paint on floaters and ability to understand what type of shot is the right one in each circumstance, with the ability to make all kinds easily.
  5. If we can come out of this somehow with Ernst and some combination of the two graduate bigs and Chandler(or one more scorer if we have one in mind) we can come out of this in better position than we were before all of these transfers. That would be one hell of a Houdini act by Miles and his staff.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Hopefully it was a blessing in disguise and she is now resting in peace. Thoughts with your family.
  7. I think you are required to post the video of this. You can't just leave us hanging lol.
  8. Lineup screams zone to me. I think we could play a very good zone with this type of group.
  9. For those not yet familiar.
  10. Yeah, really. He has to be the dumbest man on the planet to think his game is a wing type player.
  11. If you like not recruiting any speed or power on offense and overrecruiting "grinder" type guys then he is killing it.
  12. Recruiting has to be a daunting task for the staff at this point.
  13. A bold assumption to even think Crean would have interest in coming here.