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  1. Burn Creighton Burn

    Can I give the thread title an up vote?
  2. Don't forget, out-technicalled them, as well!
  3. Well, they need to figure out how to bottle that effort and use it again. Make sure the kids are reminded what happens when they play with intensity and hustle the whole game.
  4. Somebody needs to send a film to the conference big wigs of 11. He cleared out twice on that play.
  5. Mason walks and they bail them out on a bad call against Roby.
  6. 11 sure is good at clearing space.
  7. They won't call the chicken wings.
  8. Since when can you throw the ball to yourself?
  9. Drive right at him and see what he does. Take the chance for 1 possession.
  10. Uneffingbelievable.. all because they didn't call the pushoff on that jagoff.
  11. That's a push off on Coffey. NU gets screwed.
  12. It will always be called that way, though.
  13. Next possession, take it at Mason and DQ him. He's all they have tonight.