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  1. C'mon. This is the interwebs age. The court of public opinion is the only accepted arbiter of justice! They just need to set up a few online polls to determine who gets in...and we all know Nebraska fans are great at online polls. Should be in with votes to spare.
  2. You da man! Nope, no plagiarism. 'Poindexter' is one of my favorite words. I try to use it in appropriate situations whenever possible. I think I quite often use it to describe any member of a Northwestern men's athletics program. I had missed it in Ben Zobrist's post until you pointed it out.
  3. I used poindexter in a different thread earlier today. Actually, the plural form - poindexters. Can I get an up-arrow also?
  4. Check this out

    Ha. The website poindexters mistook the women's game for the men's.
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Bill Walton is certifiable. Hard to listen to him because he's such a loon. He must have smoked and might still be smoking some powerful stuff.
  6. +1. That one play when the guy drove into the lane and head-faked, his defense wasn't that bad - he stayed with him fairly well. If he just stays on his feet and keeps his hands high, the guy either has to make a much tougher shot or pass the ball back out.
  7. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    Or just tell the boss, "I'm taking the day off sick next Thursday or Friday, possibly both."
  8. You're right, in this game he slipped down toward the basket several times and looked wide open but the other guys really had a hard time getting him the ball. If they tried the direct pass, Indiana always seemed to get a hand on the ball and if they tried the over the top pass, it was too high, long or both. Maybe they were consistently a split second late on the decision, but I think you have to give credit to Indiana as they mucked up the passing lanes pretty well and had pretty good pressure on the ball. No comment about previous games regarding Roby, but in general, I feel like NU is not great at entry passes. Might be because most of the time there is really no post-up presence in the game and the offense is not geared that way. Jordy has been working hard the last few games, but in his typical minutes, there's really only a few chances.
  9. I was exchanging texts with family members during the game and said "The extended drought at 52-47 will cost NU". Get the lead to 9 or 10 there and the game is probably well in hand, although the poor FT shooting may have still bit them in the arse.
  10. Yep. They seemed to really panic the last minute+. Playing a bit too fast, quick shots, forced shots, etc.
  11. Thanks. Too many darn numbers to keep track of. It didn't seem quite right.
  12. Did PSU really jump to 25? If they stay at 25 or better, if NU can beat them that would also be a Q1 win, correct? (also, another Q1 loss from game at PSU, but by no means a bad loss or was loss to 25-50 team on road already Q1 loss?)