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  1. I have no idea! I'm just glad that I remembered it correctly that it was Old Testament himself as the subject in the picture!
  2. Don't forget about his knees. If they bend the right way, he automatically jumps to the head of the pack, regardless of the other skills.
  3. Sure seems that way! Also the correlated "he's only made X (insert percentage < 25 here) of his 3's this year, but is Y for Z (insert makes and attempts for > 40% here) tonight" for multiple players from the opposing team.
  4. Wasn't Iowegia in the NIT?
  5. What they said.
  6. Where's the foul? What a crock of BS.
  7. Walton travels at least half the time he makes a move.
  8. Effing Wagner with another reach in.
  9. Why is it that every time that putz Walton drives he gets a foul called, but any time NU goes in the lane, Michigan can initiate any and all forms of contact with no whistle?
  10. 29 point quarter. Not bad! On the other hand, it's amazing some of the horrible passes they try to force sometimes.
  11. Well, if you can't stop the other team very consistently, just make more 3 pointers than them!