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  1. aksarben

    Husker Athletics Priority

    OK I'm out in left field obviously, but what games (Football & Basketball) are we talking about here?
  2. aksarben

    Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Too bad for her but I certainly won't miss her (Mendenhall) in the least.
  3. aksarben

    What to do with Miles contract?

    And if he makes this change who says these players won't move on from Nebraska? If the coach that brought me here is let go, unless they hire the second coming of John Wooden I don't feel like I'm obligated to stay I don't owe the Athletic Director or his new hire anything, furthermore I'm not even sure if the Wooden example is reason enough to stay either.
  4. aksarben

    What to do with Miles contract?

    This entire soap opera has carried on far too long in my opinion. Moos should extend Miles' contract and then evaluate after next season and so on. This is entirely insane to think of letting a coach go who just won 13 conference games (most in school history) and 22 games overall (second most in school history).
  5. aksarben

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I really hope this isn't the case (that we offered him this much money).
  6. aksarben

    USC Coach nails it

    The word "metrics" and "quadrants" are being over used when it comes to this entire process and honestly has already taken quite a bit of the enjoyment of this tournament out of it for me. This tournament (in general) has become a joke, that started with that clown show on TBS last night where the audio was out of sync, the lights went out in the New York City studios when they were interviewing Bruce Rasmussen etc. It's too bad that you have to have a degree in Actuarial Science to make predictions on who will or will not make the tournament. I understand that 20 wins is not the magic number but USC and Oklahoma State (who beat Kansas twice this season) were both screwed as well as Nebraska by the NIT selection committee.
  7. aksarben

    NIT bracket announcement

    I'm guessing on Wednesday as ESPN just announced their full TV slate for Tuesday games and they have the rights to all NIT games.
  8. aksarben

    NIT bracket announcement

    This completely shows that the NCAA had (and still has) absolutely no respect for Nebraska. At this point I honestly couldn't blame the guys if they just said forget it this season is over. Just to add to this because I know we'll have to play this game I can't wait to see how the NU Media Relations Department is going to put a positive spin on this travesty.
  9. aksarben


    Correct Randy Lee was hired after working PXP for UC-Santa Barbara (the Gauchos), after leaving Nebraska he went on to Western Kentucky to cover the Hilltoppers. Not sure if he's still there or not. Warren Swain left about the same time Frank Solich left ending up as the PXP guy for the Ohio Bobcats. Not sure if he's still there but I don't think so.
  10. aksarben


    Larry Mohlenbrink did the game via the Nebraska network, of which KFOR was an affiliate at the time.
  11. aksarben


    Later Jack Payne joined the KFAB broadcast crew and Russ Baldwin took over the play by play on WOW, prior to Don Gill was Bob Zinner on KLIN. I believe Ray Scott did one season on KFOR prior to KFAB taking over the broadcast rights and setting up the Nebraska Football Network & Nebraska Basketball Network. Jack Payne also did Creighton basketball at some point back in the 1960s as well.
  12. At this point the only way Nebraska makes the NCAA Tournament is to win the Big Ten post-season tournament. Even though we remain in fourth place (with the tiebreaker over Michigan) this loss coupled with Michigan's win over Ohio State has killed our NCAA tournament hopes. As for the NIT we will likely be a #1 seed which means we would have home games in each of the first three rounds as long as we continue to win, before going to NYC for the semis and finals.
  13. aksarben

    No Sit Sunday x Duce

    I have to say I'm not a big fan of this. I was considering bringing my wife to the game. She doesn't attend more than about one game per season due to disability, if we're doing this then she won't be able to attend and we're not blue hairs either. I will still attend but I'm not a big fan of standing for an entire game either though I'm perfectly able to do it.
  14. aksarben

    Basketball Parking

    As was noted in another thread parking for basketball went on sale yesterday morning and what a disaster that was. The computer system for Lincoln Parking froze up almost immediately. Fortunately for me I was able to get thru to them on the phone and purchase a season space in Red Lot 1 (these are sold out now). This is not the first time they've had trouble with their system freezing up on the first day of basketball parking sales. They need to anticipate the "crush" of online purchasing better and either add to the bandwidth or start taking information over the phone or something. They had to manually enter my information and as of yet I still do not have a confirmation e-mail from them but I certainly have a charge on my credit card.
  15. aksarben

    Season Tickets

    I believe there are closer to 13,000 season tickets (including students). There will be some season ticket sales prior to the start of the season, plus don't forget this game has a national corporate sponsor for television on ESPN (Shelter Insurance Showcase). They will probably take up a sizeable number of tickets for corporate use for their agents in Nebraska and Kansas, etc.