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  1. Basketball Parking

    As was noted in another thread parking for basketball went on sale yesterday morning and what a disaster that was. The computer system for Lincoln Parking froze up almost immediately. Fortunately for me I was able to get thru to them on the phone and purchase a season space in Red Lot 1 (these are sold out now). This is not the first time they've had trouble with their system freezing up on the first day of basketball parking sales. They need to anticipate the "crush" of online purchasing better and either add to the bandwidth or start taking information over the phone or something. They had to manually enter my information and as of yet I still do not have a confirmation e-mail from them but I certainly have a charge on my credit card.
  2. Season Tickets

    I believe there are closer to 13,000 season tickets (including students). There will be some season ticket sales prior to the start of the season, plus don't forget this game has a national corporate sponsor for television on ESPN (Shelter Insurance Showcase). They will probably take up a sizeable number of tickets for corporate use for their agents in Nebraska and Kansas, etc.
  3. Season Tickets

    The KU game is guaranteed only if you purchase season tickets, my understanding is there will be no public sale of NU/KU tickets. As for the Runza I don't care because I don't like them.
  4. Seat Yourself Process

    I'm in section 219 and sit in row 4. I love it and I would not sit lower than row 4 to avoid the horizontal rail from interfering with your sight line of the playing surface. As for the question on moving up in the seat selection process, yes that will give you an additional priority point which won't honestly move you up very much, if at all. (you get one priority point for each $100 donated historically and 3 points for each $100 of current year donating).
  5. Seat Yourself Process

    I moved a few seats to my left which is all I wanted to do so I'm happy (my time was at 2:05PM yesterday after the eclipse).
  6. Seat Yourself Process

    I received mine an hour ago and it's on Monday, August 21st at 2:05 PM (I think it starts at noon on Monday). Good thing too as the eclipse will be over and I can turn my focus to basketball.
  7. We have 2 non-conference home games on Friday in December (22nd & 29th), no in conference home games on Friday. As for Saturday we have 2 home conference games on Saturday (Iowa and Rutgers). I can live with Friday night home games it's the Sunday games that start at 8:00 PM that drive me nuts, it's a school night (I'm too old for that) and the next day is a work day (which I still do) and it's hard getting home from Lincoln at around 11:15 then having to get up at 5:00 to get ready for work (this would apply to weeknights too).
  8. The Big Ten will announce the conference portion of the basketball schedule later this afternoon on BTN (4:30 ET/3:30 CT). I certainly hope we get a better schedule than we had last year because I'm going to be cranky if we end up with a lot of Sunday night games and no Saturday home conference games. I don't mind an occasional Sunday afternoon game but Sunday night at 8:00 PM is just stupid and makes it hard for those who drive in from out of town as I do. I honestly think if we end up with a bunch of Sunday night games again I may have to re-evaluate whether I continue to renew my season tickets in 2018-2019. I'm not getting any younger and I don't have any problem driving at night but I still work and get up at 5:00 AM to do so and getting home from Lincoln at 11:00 at night makes for a short night of sleep.
  9. Seat Yourself Process

    I believe it starts on Monday (you should have an e-mail with information by Friday), which is eclipse day so I'll have to use my son's computer to see what's available even though I don't think I'll change seats because I'm in a pretty good location as it is now.
  10. OT: Eclipse Plans

    I will be observing the event from my son's deck in Grand Island with no trees to obscure my view.
  11. Season Tickets

    I'm pretty sure that there will be no public sale of single game tickets for the KU game as all of them will be taken by additional ticket requests from season ticket holders and donors plus any tickets NU decides to use for corporate sponsors.
  12. Season Tickets

    When transferring your tickets to another person there is no charge for that transfer either which makes the card system even more attractive.
  13. Season Tickets

    Got my renewal via e-mail and I will do the card option. Will be interesting to see how many seats will be available in the Select A Seat deal in August. I'll sign up for that just to see what it shows but I'm not going to move from my current seats nor will I be adding any seats.
  14. Season Tickets......

    .....arrived in my mailbox today! Just a little over three weeks to go.
  15. Anthem Protests

    Ya know, I have some fundamental disagreements with your original post but we're just on different spectrums and I totally respect your opinion.But I must admit I really didn't think of this issue in regards to what I quoted from your post. The more I think of it - now I see where, maybe, 75% of the angst against this protest are coming from. I don't think it has as much to do with "the flag" or "blm" or "police relations" etc... I think people are just super annoyed that the one thing that's not politics is sort of being taken away from them and stuff they wanted to ignore is being shoved in their face. Maybe the point of the protest, but surely annoying to the average fan that harbors no ill will and just wants to watch some dang football. Good point. Appreciate your perspective. BINGO....this is exactly what I'm saying! While I do not agree with the protest I understand that it is their right to do so peacefully and that's fine, as long as it does not become a major distraction from the purpose of what is supposed to be occurring in the stadium/arena in the first place.