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  1. Thomas Allen is N

    I like T Allen and all the fellows on this team. I also hope that Big Tate's prediction happens.
  2. So, next year's starting lineup.

    I believe Watson and White will will be starters for sure. After that it will be wide open until we know our best combinations. Miles will probably start a lot of different combinations, including giving starts and significant time to younger fellows so they are prepared to help in the Big 10 season. Starters during the conference season will probably be the fellows that are hot and match up best. Last year we were soft in the middle, but the guys improved. If the USS Jordy develops well, we could be pretty good in the middle. I expect that we'll improve in the middle anyway because of Jacobsen and Morrow's experience last season. I like our guards, and am looking forward to seeing how Gill and Roby can add. GBR!
  3. I agree with you. Also want to add last year a lot folks were down on Tai. He improved lots this year. He was a slasher, rebounder, and played pretty good defense. Hopefully Hammond, Fuller, the freshman, and all will improve. Sometimes kids are late bloomers and I'm looking forward to seeing this group with the addition of Gill, the incoming freshmen, and hopefully a Shaquille O'Neal clone on next years team. GBR...
  4. Terran Petteway's Mother has passed away.

    Terran, I don't know if you'll read this. If you do, please know I and many are very sad for you and your family because of this loss. We'll be praying for you. Hang in there...
  5. David Rivers

    I like all of our players and appreciate their efforts, but I sure like what David Rivers brings to the team. He plays hard all the time. Also, my wife thinks he's cute. Go Huskers!
  6. I post here because ...

    Compared to the other sites, Husker Hoops Center is the most informative. HHC is well organized, and positive. Keep up the good work and GBR!
  7. Timing.

    Great read Norm. Thank you. It's good to be a Husker Hoop fan...
  8. Coach Miles likes athletic players that have length. When considering Leslie's injury, my pick would be Tony Farmer. He was a "Gamer"!