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  1. College hoops corruption case

    i wonder what role the ncaa plays in this investigation going forward. give the fbi any and all information and just step aside?
  2. The Wait is Finally Over

    I will be in attendance today...grabbed a pair of tickets and going with an old friend. Looking forward to seeing your squad in person
  3. Copeland

    i'm getting more and more down on joseph. he looked clunky in summer league, good athlete but not a good enough ball handler to utilize it. and now he's a month behind learning the system due to this hamstring issue. he will get minutes at PG because we have no other choice, but the best move for mac over the course of the season might be to give a majority of PG minutes to khyri and run with foster/mintz/mitch ballock/ty-shon alexander on the wing. weird to me as CU fan that we don't have a true pg. There's been a consistent chain of successors for quite some time now.
  4. referring to the raid on andy miller's office or something more? I just saw that on twitter
  5. every fanbase has idiots
  6. fair enough. I don't really see us being big enough to swing deals with adidas or nike. UA, I could see it
  7. Patton really doesn't seem relevant to the discussion. If he signed for the sake of money, why didn't he go elsewhere (a football school) that could have easily offered more. That doesn't add up to me.
  8. i'd be interested if it ever came out how the amount of $$$ involved in a deal for a player correlates to their national ranking. i'd guess that at a certain threshold of talent, the 'extra money' in the equation drops off significantly or completely disappears. it would then stand to reason that the schools that have the most to worry about are those which, year in and year out, pick from a highly exclusive pool of potential nba first rounders (the players that end up netting a ton of money for everyone involved in the deal)....how much does the 70th best player stand to receive in a bribe, compared to the 15th best? i doubt darian devries or steve merfeld involved themselves in this type of nonsense. Preston Murphy, I could see it just because of how connected he is to a lot of AAU programs on the east coast. Is the AAU culture to blame? Or the shoe companies that encourage these deals to get done? regardless, its been established for awhile that blue bloods were, directly or indirectly, offering their players a little extra. I wouldn't put it past the majority of power conf. schools to have engaged in at least one of these deals in the past
  9. your timeline on Bowen's recruiting process is mixed up. He never released a final list, MSU and Creighton were technically involved until he committed to Louisville. "Suddenly killing it"? What do you mean by this. We have upgraded our talent level after moving to a basketball power conference with more national exposure?
  10. The Isaac Copeland watch

    what could possibly be the hold up? man, the ncaa is awful with these situations... is there something you guys don't know about isaac's case? this is baffling to me
  11. Patton to Minnesota

    maybe an an unnecessary bump but patton essentially gets another 'redshirt' year, broken foot same as what happened to Embiid and Simmons. I was excited to see him grab whatever minutes he could, Thibs seemed high on him as well, now a year off the court has me worried for his future acclimation to the speed of the nba. Got his money tho!
  12. Not the best of weekends for Coach Miles

    11th and Garfield - I swear there are a few intersections around that part of town that aren't properly 'stop-signed'
  13. Creighton

    Not surprised to see him do this at all. I'll be more surprised if he slips past 20. It was a weak class for centers before any injury concerns about Giles had been raised. He gets his paycheck and the best coaching and skills work in the world. The only thing coming back would have accomplished would be adding some bulk. Not exactly something that can't be done as a professional. If you have the talent to play in the league, and I 100% believe he does, playing in college does little to prepare you more for the transition
  14. I would honestly not be surprised if he ended up downgrading. That or he ends up at an Auburn or Boston College
  15. Next Years Starting 5

    Looking at the youtube vid from a couple months ago...a mechanical shot for sure. It doesn't look like he's shooting with the momentum of his jump. But its a reasonably quick release and, at least from that one game, looks relatively consistent. Definitely looks like a player to count on for knocking down shots. But you just never know with true freshmen, especially underrecruited ones who have been less scrutinized .