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  1. Season ending Banquet

    I honestly felt like when she played this last year she looked great and way better than Washington. Dlrk also made it sound like Rachel knew she could play more than she was, as if I remember at some point Dlrk was getting frustrated that she wasn't getting more playing time.
  2. Shout-Out to Matt Coatney & Jeff Greisch

    Good 1st Post... Good way to start with down arrows
  3. Just threw up in my mouth a little

    Is this April fools? The ncaa going to come out and say none of Notre dame games count cuz Sheppard shldnt of been cleared??? Ugggghhhh.... of all teams it had to be uconns rival...
  4. BIG TEN Refs

    Any big ten refs in this first game? Louisville is getting hosed on a lot of calls.
  5. Geno Auriemma

    That article is boring
  6. Transfers

    I really think we could use another big to go with Kate and Rachel. I still don't see how Washington plays before Rachel. I really like her personality and attitude but on the court she will get an offensive rebound here and there but otherwise she don't help on defense or offense. Also another shooter like Janay would help that could play immediately.
  7. Charlie Creme bracketology...

    That is true. This year has been a freaking blast to watch. UCONN is my other team that I watch every game and I do not believe they will win this year. I think Texas and Baylor have really really good chances at winning it all this year!!! Those bigs are fun to watch on their teams.
  8. Charlie Creme bracketology...

    There is just no good seeding for the girls!!! The top 8 girls teams are just way over the rest of the field.
  9. Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    Refs took us out of the game in the 3rd quarter!! I can't even........
  10. Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    We need Rachel or grace in there for Washington. She is wasting space
  11. Michigan vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I just feel like she been playing great. Washington must be doing something in practice we don't get to see
  12. Michigan vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I still don't get why Rachel don't play before Washington
  13. Michigan vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    That was a blast to watch after the boys game... we play like that tomorrow and have locked defense on Charles we will win.
  14. Michigan (25-7) vs. Nebraska (22-9) game thread

    Jordy transfers if we lose this game!!!!
  15. Nebraska vs. Maryland Game Thread

    I think Rachel will be getting all the time that Kate is not out there the rest of the season. I personally like Rachel more than Washington by a long ways and I think this game proved it since she finally got the chance to prove it with Washington being out.