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  1. Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Up to #27 in the AP Poll.
  2. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I really liked when Bria and Janay played together... Their defense just gets the other team sped up and it's great to watch. I know Bria only played a few minutes in the 3rd but without her in those minutes not sure we would of came back
  3. Maryland vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I feel like there has to be a couple top girls that like the way Amy plays the game!! I feel like she can do it. Maybe there will be a late decommit like Kate again
  4. Maryland vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    We deff could of won that..... I hate to say this because they are the reason we are doing so good but every time we got some momentum Hannah or Maddie made a silly/sloppy play. I still think we could do some damage in the tournament!! We can beat every team in the big10
  5. Maryland vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Bout to get out of my seat and knock the refs out frustrating even as a fan
  6. 2-4 other big ten games...

    Let's just beat Maryland twice and shock the basketball world!!
  7. Maryland vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I watch every husker game on my tv/ phone. This my first game in person since uconn was in town years ago. I hope am not a jinx today!!
  8. Maryland pregame chatter

    Anyone know how the snow is closer to Lincoln? Coming from hastings and trying to decide if I should drive my pickup or car
  9. Would you rather

    Iowa no question
  10. Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

    Sucks that they quit attacking the rim that last quarter and played conservative to waste the clock!!! I think they could of won by 40 had they kept going... numerous times they had run outs and just turned away from the hoop.
  11. Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

    Well that was fun!!!! Doyle is chaos out there right now...
  12. Purdue vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    OMG the Darien Washington play just put a huge smile on my face. The bench and Amys face after that is priceless!!!!
  13. Purdue vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Dang Rachel Blackburn freaking impressed me tonight.... She makes me happy when she plays. No matter how bad her knees hurt she is still diving... this hits home as I am only 29 and have had 4 knee surgeries and in the process of training for a half marsthon..
  14. BIG 10 Satndings.

    Michigan state did not look good last night at all!!! Maybe it was just a one night problem but I don't think they will be receiving votes anymore!!
  15. Geno Auriemma

    I love it. That's why uconn is so freaking good. He has 2 sophomore players on the roster that were 3 star recruits. 1 of them in kyla irwin is playing this year. I think it shows if a player wants to be good they will do what it takes. He recruits players that he thinks will work the way he wants them to regardless of highly touted they were. I think what he is saying is kind of like Nebraska and Shepard. We are a better team since the players what to play the way the coach wants to coach.