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  1. Arkansas - Nebraska

    Dang that was freaking fun to watch!!! I don't even know what to say. I think we would of lost by 15 last year!!! I think whether we win or lose a game its still going to be fun to watch them go up and down!!!! Wooohooo. Am excited for the years to come...
  2. Signing Day 11/8/17

    They #1 and #4 are still out there that UCONN is in on. So they could still show up still
  3. Signing Day 11/8/17

    That what we were this year as well. Was #20. Looking at those Rankings UCONN is no where to be found which is weird but then I remembered they don't have any recruits for next year yet if I remember seeing the other day
  4. Jess Shepard

    7 points and 4 rebounds in their exhibition game yesterday. They Scored 108 points total.
  5. Jess Shepard

    Yes that's for sure. And I wouldn't be surprised either.
  6. Jess Shepard

    Had Turner not been injured I dont see them granting her this waiver. I think its crap the NCAA would do this just for Notre Dame to have a big. I love how they use the word Healthy to describe her. She is far from Healthy. Cant wait to see them be wishing she wasn't on their team either. I am guessing she may play 15 min a game. There is no way she is in Notre Dame Shape of running!!
  7. This years starters

    I 2nd this!!!
  8. Jess Shepard

    Do we really think there is cheating going on in Womens Basketball? I feel like its pretty even if you ask me. The only team that might be cheating is my other favorite team in UCONN but they just had a huge decommitment from them so I don't believe it.
  9. Eichorst Out

    Freaking Interesting. Hope they get someone great.
  10. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    I think which ever school she picks she will play both Volleyball and Basketball. I think she wants to be that person that excels in both in college. Which I don't even remember the last female that has played 2 sports in college and was great at both???
  11. Superior has always had really tall girls. Its just a thing growing up down there and watching them all. Most recent was Stacia Gebers who played for UNO. Good to see her favorite sport is Basketball right now. And her mom played volleyball at Nebraska so that might help. By time she is a senior I feel like she could be 6-5
  12. Kate Cain

  13. Kate Cain

    With Kate committing to us. In the final ESPN Rankings we came in 20th for best 2017 recruiting class. Interesting
  14. Kate Cain

    Anyone see Nebraska Girls facebook page. There is a status that says who's next?? Are we getting another recruit??
  15. Next season starters?

    Did anyone see Raoul's tweet that the B1G teams only got 12 of the top 100 recruits for 2017. Nebraska and Northwestern was at the top with 2 each... I am not sure if I should be proud or if I should be sad that the Big Ten only got 12 of them!!! I find that crazy and even more crazy Nebraska would end up with 2 over OSU MSU Maryland Purdue.