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  1. She went to Cedar Rapids (Kirkwood) I think. They won Div 2. She was Tournament MVP and JC player of the year. She seems pretty quick. But yes she played like 19 games at WKU before she left.
  2. She seems like she could be a good fit!! Sucks that we hardly hear what the womens basketball team is going for!!
  3. Sounds like she wants to be closer to home which is Florida.
  4. I seen one of Baylors big girls are transferring. Beatrice Mompremier. If I were a top school I think I would pick her over Shepard !!!
  5. I have been reading Notre Dame stuff a lot and it looks like the fans really want her there. I wonder if she will regret transferring to a top notch school when she isn't playing much unless she changes in the off year.
  6. With the new season upcoming. Was just curious. Is Jordan hooper or kelsey griffin playing this year???
  7. This was the wrong time to do it!!! Williams was a lot if not most of the reason they beat Washington, Baylor and UCONN... I think keeping her out even if she did have a bad attitude it still brought down the rest of the team!!
  8. Did the MS State coach just give up in the 4th? How do you not play your best players... South Carolina was not the best team this year!!! I hate it
  9. Still the best team just not tonight
  10. Saw on the uconn message board that a uconn Texas Missouri notre dame va tech assistant coaches have started following her on twitter
  11. If you talk to people that don't watch womens basketball on a regular basis like all of us on here the only reason they do watch womens basketball is to watch UCONN!! I am not sure if I believe its bad for womens basketball yet as so many womens teams are so damn boring because most teams cant play with out turning the ball over or just throwing up crap shot!! If UCONN was an average team I think there would be even less people watching womens basketball!!! I think its going to take more girl players that play like guys and a faster game as well to get more viewers!!!
  12. I am going to go with her transferring to NOTRE DAME!!! She would fit into the offense ran there!!
  13. I just don't see Williams getting this program back on track in the next few years!!
  14. She is good enough to play at any school if she wants to work hard enough to play at those schools in her off season!! If she stays in the shape she is in now she will not play in the WNBA!!
  15. With the off year I think she could get in shape and yes I think she could play!! If she gets the opportunity to play at UCONN, Baylor, Tennessee, South Carolina Notre Dame or Duke she better take it and work hard just for WNBA purposes!!