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  1. If you talk to people that don't watch womens basketball on a regular basis like all of us on here the only reason they do watch womens basketball is to watch UCONN!! I am not sure if I believe its bad for womens basketball yet as so many womens teams are so damn boring because most teams cant play with out turning the ball over or just throwing up crap shot!! If UCONN was an average team I think there would be even less people watching womens basketball!!! I think its going to take more girl players that play like guys and a faster game as well to get more viewers!!!
  2. I am going to go with her transferring to NOTRE DAME!!! She would fit into the offense ran there!!
  3. I just don't see Williams getting this program back on track in the next few years!!
  4. She is good enough to play at any school if she wants to work hard enough to play at those schools in her off season!! If she stays in the shape she is in now she will not play in the WNBA!!
  5. With the off year I think she could get in shape and yes I think she could play!! If she gets the opportunity to play at UCONN, Baylor, Tennessee, South Carolina Notre Dame or Duke she better take it and work hard just for WNBA purposes!!
  6. With Shepard leaving this will be a good time for others to leave as well if they have any doubts about the future especially the freshman and Blackburn!!
  7. I honestly don't think she was a "big enough name" hire for Nebraska. I think its going to take a few years for her to get some people into the program like Page, Hooper, and Griffin that make people want to come to Nebraska to play!! I hope it turns around for her in the future!! I liked what we had going for us next year with Shepard on the team. Now that she is transferring I think we will have another year like this year which sucks. I thought with what we had coming in and what was already here we were going to be a middle of the pack team but we will be bottom end again I think. I hope Nicea doesn't transfer out or Whittish!!!
  8. Hopefully UCONN!! My other favorite team
  9. Dang this sucks. But understandable with her talent... Feel like there may be more!!
  10. Find it crazy Washington wasn't even looking for Romero at the end of game. It's like she nonexistent to them
  11. I don't see South Carolina making it to the Final Four without Coates
  13. Not impressed with Morrow since his return!!!! DANG
  14. Its the coach!!! I would love to see him coach a mens team!!
  15. Finally watched the game!! That was exciting to watch. Showed the potential we could have next year!!