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  1. Ah yes, message board hacks who think they know more than any professional sports columnist out there. Just who is it you guys like? They crap that you guys spew sure wouldn't make me feel good about getting reliable updates on the sports world.
  2. Burn's at center and no other posts to go with her. We are in big trouble. 5-25 here we come.
  3. I think Jordan is but am pretty sure that Kelsey is a Aussie now an not playing in the WNBA. I may be wrong though. Kelsey got her Australian citizenship and got married and I don't think she is much interested in the US.
  4. We want nothing to do with this family. They are toxic. K-State is going through the same thing we did a couple of years ago.
  5. Darrien did not show improvement last year. She was a lazy slob just like Jess.
  6. How can one of the worst UCONN basketball teams have two first team and one second team all Americans.
  7. Thanks for the updates Sam. I don't think the Journal-Star has had anything on the team since the end of the season.
  8. So the practice shed for players on the team will be two next year. It is well known that Taylor Kissinger's father built a full size court inside of a building on the farm for the girls. All I ever got was a hoop on the garage. Maybe that was why I was never very good.
  9. If Taylor is injury prone, if Hannah and Nicea have sophomore slumps, if Maddie keeps making dumb mistakes, if Jess comes back from knee surgery overweight and out of shape like her last surgery, if we have no post backup, if Burns never recovers, if our transfer don't plan out. That's a lot of its, but then you did too. The truth is somewhere in the middle. A 500 record next year is about the ceiling for this team.
  10. Exactly, Bradley is neither in my book. She can shoot but that's about it. Her turnover to assist ration is pretty bad for a guard.
  11. Unless she is going to walk-on, we don't need her. We have enough mid-major transfers.
  12. We're no 1, be loud, be proud
  13. Of course there will defections. There are always transfers after a coaching change. Who will defect or transfer is the interesting part.
  14. Bugs, you're fighting a losing battle but I agree with you. Slow girls from little bitty schools very seldom pan out.
  15. Also for whatever it's worth, it did not look like Nebraska was recruiting her.