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  1. Gophers destroying Terps

    Why, they were hot when we played them and we took them down
  2. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    PSU now becomes a huge game if we want a top 4 seed.
  3. I was not watching closely. What did Kate do to cause the T.
  4. It will be reported as 8173. That's how MSU has always done their attendance.
  5. Deep run in the dance?

    Nebraska women have been to the sweet 16 twice. They are from Nebraska you know.
  6. Maryland vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    I think FT shooting is beyond hope this year. It is what it is.
  7. Emily Ryan 2020

    Yep, and I had Brian Wood next to me telling me who they were.
  8. Emily Ryan 2020

    Payton was here as was Emily sitting next to next year's recruit Verbeck (sp)
  9. Maryland pregame chatter

    Snow stopped at 9 am. Less than 1" on ground.
  10. Nebraska vs. Iowa Game Thread

    I think that the main thing that has turned us from a good team to a seemingly really good team is Janay Morton. Also solid minutes from Darrien and Bria. Janay has just been nails since getting healthy.
  11. Looking Ahead to Iowa

    The way most of you talk about Iowa, it is pretty obvious they are our rival.
  12. Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Read the date on the earlier posts
  13. Nebraska vs Rutgers pregame chatter...

    'Scaife' did not play in last year's game