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  1. just looking quickly: Bohannon, Iowa Simmons, Michigan McIntosh, Northwestern Mason, Minnesota Watson, Nebraska Watsons assist numbers are bad. That's why he isn't higher. I know Nebraska can't shoot and that affects the numbers, but still pretty bad. The worst of the starting point guards.
  2. As usual Row 6 nails it with as good a outlook as I have seen. My wife and I were part of the core of 200. That's also when I first became a Fastbreaker board member. Thanks Row 6 for all you do for this board.
  3. >She is an excellent student, has great character and fits perfectly with the humble, hard-working culture we are establishing at Nebraska I also think this quote was an indirect shot at a fat, slobby prima-donna we used to have putting in her time at Nebraska.
  4. Little blurb in this mornings Lincoln newspaper.
  5. I also wish someone from the media would ask about lack of recruiting for this year. But this is Nebraska. We have to endure more articles about some obscure 2 star extra point holder from east Texas who mentioned Nebraska in his yearbook. We are going to be mauled in the post next year. I feel sorry for Burns, who is such a warrior. Maddie and Grace are not 'posts'. They are wings at best.
  6. This is the first time I have agreed with KearneyMan, but he is right.
  7. put it on other forums please. I am here to read about Nebraska women's basketball
  8. I have meant many people including myself who think our esteemed AD was totally wrong and very few if any who think it was totally justified, Mr Eichorst ruined a career of a very successful basketball coach.
  9. If you were privy to information last year, you must be privy to information this year. Please fill us in on the coaches thinking in not offering a scholarship. I would like to know.
  10. Can't go much lower than 7-22 but we may try if we don't get a couple of post players in here.
  11. So in today's Lincoln paper there is a article about the women's basketball program in which our esteemed AD states that the program is in fine shape. So I went and checked the roster on We have a forward who has not played in almost a year and a half, another forward who seems to be lazy and really does care whether she plays or not and a forward-guard who was a guard until arriving on campus. The other eight on the team are guards. We are not winning a lot with that roster. Mr Eichorst you have ruined the once proud program and I don't see anything from the current staff that tells me they know how to repair it. With our post needs I was hoping to see something on the recruiting front by now. Tim Miles had holes to fill and has signed two in the last week. But crickets chirping on the ladies side.
  12. Ah yes, message board hacks who think they know more than any professional sports columnist out there. Just who is it you guys like? They crap that you guys spew sure wouldn't make me feel good about getting reliable updates on the sports world.
  13. Burn's at center and no other posts to go with her. We are in big trouble. 5-25 here we come.
  14. I think Jordan is but am pretty sure that Kelsey is a Aussie now an not playing in the WNBA. I may be wrong though. Kelsey got her Australian citizenship and got married and I don't think she is much interested in the US.
  15. We want nothing to do with this family. They are toxic. K-State is going through the same thing we did a couple of years ago.