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  1. I always try to look at the positive, but this was completely discouraging. Other than an inability to shoot, not wanting to rebound and not even trying on defense we looked pretty good. What the hell is going on? To lose by 26 to a team that was 0-10 in the league is incredible. By this point of the season we should be showing some evidence of coaching, but we don't. I'm not giving up my tickets but it's getting hard to justify driving to Lincoln and spending 4 1/2 hours to witness this type of play. Has anyone seen anything positive to cheer me up?
  2. This is completely disheartening. I don't believe in criticizing individual players, but today I don't need to. They all look like they don't want to be there.
  3. Well, then. Let's invite her back to where she can smile.
  4. I am hopeful about our youngsters. Last night Nicea was our brightest star. She was working hard all night, flying all over the place. Grace fought really hard all night in the paint. I thought it was her best effort yet this year. She has a pretty shot and, hopefully, will use it more. I thought Hannah was our calmest player. We need her on the court more because our other guards let the defense get into their heads and press too hard. We also need her to be prepared to shoot more. She has this simple, smooth shot that is pretty to watch (not to mention effective). Our veterans did not play well. Esther and Jasmine passed the ball like they were in a pickup game, not playing the best team in the country. Jess - well, Gino said she has skills that would be effective if she got in shape.
  5. That's exactly the same score I predicted to my wife yesterday.
  6. I am completely befuddled. On offense we look completely timid; unwilling to pass inside and unwilling to drive and unwilling to put up a 3. On defense we look completely without a team concept. How do so many players get so open behind us? Are we really that confused? This is my team and I will not quit on it but shouldn't we be getting better?
  7. Coach would be unable (per NCAA rules) to announce the new transfer until she had enrolled and classes had started.
  8. Give Coach credit. She's rolling up her sleeves and taking names. Looks like she knows who she wants this team to be.
  9. So, now that our 12 girls are set, who will be our starting lineup? I think it is safe to assume that Jessica, Rachel and Jasmine will start. Who else? Allie has really turned it on and is now a senior. Will Maddie or Esther get the nod? Coach really likes the 3 pointer. Does that mean Emily gets the start? Will Hannah, who is a terrific 3-point shooter, crack the lineup? Will Nicea, who is a strong defender get the start a la Hallie Sample? I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  10. Tell you what, Norm, go ahead and move on. It's OK, really. Just allow the rest of us to express our opinions. If Natalie's comments made a recruit uneasy I expect that was an unintentional result. Nevertheless, if that was part of Doyle's reason for decommitting then the truth is that not only did Nat abandon us but she dropped a poison pill into the water on the way out. For that I should wish her the best of everything in the future? I don't think so.
  11. Part of the problem for the Nebraska fans is that they are very emotionally invested in the players,the coaches and the program. We look on the players as if they were the girls next door who we trust to babysit our kids. Or perhaps they are like our grandchildren. We watch them mature and improve their skills, rejoice with them in their successes and suffer with them in the down times. We look at the coaches, particularly the head coach, as their leader and mentor. We give credit to the coach for their growth and their maturation. Suddenly, the pillars upon which this emotion is built are ripped away. Our faith has lost its anchor and the seas are stormy right now. What do we know to still be true? Who do we blame? Was this caused by a disgruntled former employee who is seeking some type of vengence? Have soft, entitled young women tried to institute a new version of the Salem witch hunt? Players, both current and past, have indicated that the problems being touted in the media don't exist. Have we completely misread the ethics and personality of the coach? Did the coach, during a very trying period, lose her way? Did the administration overreact in some politically correct maneuver, sacrificing the coach in the process? The problem for the fans is that they don't know any of these answers. How do we rebuild our emotional investment when we don't know who are the villans or the victims? Every assertion made has been denied by someone else. The administration says "Trust us" and then immediately pulls the curtain on the entire process. Sadly, I don't trust them. They have never given me a reason. They also haven't really given me a reason to distrust them. I don't really know anything about the administration because they always work behind the curtain. What do we have left that we know to be true that we can hold on to? I wish I knew.
  12. I don't have men's tickets. I got an email announcing that post season tickets could be ordered.
  13. I ordered mine.
  14. Ohio State Indiana Iowa Rutgers Purdue Nebraska Maryland 138 Points
  15. Michigan Iowa Michigan state Nebraska Ohio state Maryland Purdue