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  1. The attitude on this board has rapidly digressed in the past week. I would like to do something to lift everyone's spirits. Music always seems to do it, so does steak. Combine the two, and we're talking nirvana. Here's what's up: Post the music video you feel best describes Husker Men's Basketball. It's that simple. The winner will be determined by how many "like" votes he or she receives. "Down" arrows won't be counted. In case of a tie, I will make the final decision. Prize package is 2 Nebraska Star ribeyes. Or if you like a little less fat, 2 NY Strips. If the winner is out of state, I'll ship them to you. Good Luck and good eating!
  2. Day and Time Contest

    Since we're all waiting for the Bill Moos decision on what is going to happen with the men's basketball program, how about a fun little contest to pass the time. I'm not asking what his decision will be, I want predictions of the day and time the official announcement arrives. An announcement that an announcement is coming doesn't count. Whomever is closest, even if they go over, wins 2 bags of jerky and 2 beef sticks. Good luck and Go Big Red!
  3. Xavier Johnson is N

    Does this mean we have to wait another century to win an outright conference championship? Double turds... HB, it will all work out just fine. Patience, my friend.
  4. Yet Another Contest Thread

    For some, the music and meat take a little longer to positively affect their mental attitude. Give it time. This isn't "we're totally screwed" but it's in the ballpark....
  5. Yet Another Contest Thread

    I'm not eligible.
  6. Yet Another Contest Thread

    That video describes where Husker BBall fans need to be right now. Well, it's alright....
  7. Xavier Johnson is N

    That actually could be a new addition to the Little Debbie line of tasty snacks. Devils food cake smothered with caramel. Large size, of course. So, yes, I'll have another Deverell Biggs!
  8. Hey, I'm a glass half full type of guy. Sometimes, the glass has water. Sometimes, urine.....
  9. I think I've figured out the reason for the rash of red down arrows we've seen in recent days. It's the new react system. Most technologically challenged people (like myself) can't figure out how to get past the down vote thingee. Perhaps you could move it to the far left side so people can hit the like button they intended to in the first place.
  10. Ed Chang

    That is amazing. Ed Chang and Christian Standharginger use the same emoji. Who'd have thunk......
  11. That's pretty much it. How do you see it?
  12. Kenya Hunter

    Somewhere, Standhardinger is giggling right now.....
  13. I agree with Sam on this one. Look at how the 2 coaches handled their firings. One did a press conference thanking everyone for his experience here. The other, in a closed door meeting with players, called his ex-boss a "see you next Tuesday". From a players' state of mind, one would have to think Riley left the program in better shape than did Bo. I think Riley will be remembered like Bill Jennings was. Good guy, had decent talent, couldn't get enough w's, and opened the door for a great coach to come here. How will Bo be remembered? I don't know. I'm just glad that saga is over.
  14. Kenya Hunter

    If the only reason the recruit came to a school is because of a relationship with an assistant coach, then the head coach did a really crappy job of selling his vision of the direction of the program and the first rate facilities in place. I say release him. Just my opinion....
  15. Next Assistant Coach

    jimmy, I have no idea why, but the red down arrows have been flying around this site recently. Maybe it's the world we live in. Maybe it's because people don't have time to hug the people they love. Maybe it's because of financial pressures. Maybe it's because the weather is more like winter than spring. I truly think it's because they've never heard the Turtles.
  16. Kenya Hunter

    Devaney built a program that kept it out of a funk for 40 years. Cipriano, got it out of a funk for a handful of years of the twenty he was here. Nothing more.
  17. Kenya Hunter

    What A.D. has had it? Byrne, Devaney, Dye? Only one I can think of is Barry Collier, and that makes me sick to my stomach.....
  18. Kenya Hunter

    Practice facility, new arena and B1G Conference outweighs your middle management paychecks. Sadler extension was a great way of saying "Thanks for being a good soldier".
  19. Kenya Hunter

    Tom Osborne says "hi".
  20. Kenya Hunter

    I never saw Bread in concert. Oops, wrong thread.....
  21. Really OT

    I knew I forgot a big one. Neil Diamond at the Civic Auditorium circa 1995.
  22. Really OT

    My Top Five, in no particular order. How can a parent love one child more than another.... Elton John. Devaney Center 1980. Opened the show with "Funeral For a Friend" Three Dog Night. Peony Park early 80's. All 7 original band members. Front row seats and beers were flowing. Sat next to Clay Michaels. (See if anyone remembers that name...) Jethro Tull. Civic Aud 81ish. Unfrickinreal. Bob Seger. PBA. Couple years ago. Saw him at Century Link a year or two before. Much better the 2nd time. He had health issues while in Omaha. Simon and Garfunkel with a special appearance by the Everly Brothers. Quest Center a year or so after it opened. Awesome seats. Awesome atmosphere. Awesome music. Honorable mention: Tom Petty, The Grass Roots, Flo and Eddie (The Turtles), Billy Joel, Marshall Tucker Band, The Box Tops, Lou Christie, Spencer Davis Group (sans Stevie Winwood) still really good, Ringo and his all-star band, Beach Boys at Rosenblatt with Jay Ferguson.
  23. Really OT

    What the Bach you thinking?.....
  24. Really OT

    Have to add one to my list. 2) The Supremes
  25. Really OT

    The Kinks.