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  1. It's Time to Subscribe

    Had lunch today with jimmy and HB (yeah, I'm a name dropper), and amongst the discussions of Satchel Paige, Lincoln Saltdogs, The Masters, cost of living in California, and of course Husker basketball, we talked about the fate of print media. All of us grew up, and still do, love reading the newspaper that is in your hands. My day is a total mess if for some reason, like this past Monday, the OWH doesn't get delivered to the house before I leave for work. (Actually, missing Monday was kind of a blessing because we lost to Illinois. Didn't need to read that...) We all know the print media is going bye bye. It's just a sad day for us dinosaurs who know the Ice Age is coming.....
  2. Penn St at Michigan game

    My thoughts exactly. We're not losing either of these next two games, so might as well have Michigan rated as high as possible. Now, if Penn State does win at home tonight, it still gives us the double bye, so it wouldn't completely suck.
  3. I think your post is insightful n accurate.
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Once again, tip of the cap to all here that do a ton of work. You people are amazing! Will you feel a little bit unfulfilled when our Huskers win the B1G Tourney?
  5. It doesn't matter the sport, basketball, football or baseball. Screw soccer. At season's end practice really sucks. I'm glad NU plays tomorrow when they beat Indiana and then only a 5 day layoff till they kick the crap out of Penn State. What concerns me is the 11 to 12 day layoff between winning the B1G Conference Tourney and their first round NCAA Tourney game.
  6. Here's the place all you suicidal Husker basketball fans can come and get reassurance everything is fine. The loss to Illinois is not catastrophic, it actually could be a positive for a few reasons. No more pressure on the team to continue a winning streak. No more reason to give a crap about what Joe Lunardi thinks. Yes! Fans these next two games in the PBA will blow the roof off the arena. We win at least 2 games in the NCAA Tourney this year. Why?
  7. Nothing Really Matters

    Since we're doing the Queen thing, I've posted this video before, (which ones haven't I), the Huskers are now in a do-or-die situation. Not necessarily a bad thing. You need pressure to turn coal into diamonds. You need pressure to make really tasty canned beef. High pressure systems make for sunny skies. Things look good for the Huskers. GBR!
  8. The Happy Place Thread

    Although you've made progress, jimmy, looks like there's still work to be done on the embed thing....
  9. Indiana

    Early line has NU favored by 4.5.
  10. The Big Ten is Down

    Again, just frickin' win, Huskers.
  11. I'm not a rear view mirror guy, but since we're playing this game, what would our RPI be if Palmer had missed the game winning three against Illinois? Again, (thanks Doc), just win the frickin' games ahead, Huskers!
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Again, we could really use some help right now. Sak, where are you?
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'd much rather have a team that knows they can beat anyone, anywhere.
  14. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    I think there's something screwy here. How could any committee member tell a program there's a 72% chance of anything happening? Way too specific. Maybe he checked out website projections and got misquoted he talked to a committee member. Just frickin' keep on winning, Huskers!
  15. I love Gary Sharp's new name for the Huskers: "Collecting Dubs". That's what we have to do to not worry about rpi's. The way I look at it, if we can win our next nine games, I will have lived a very happy life. Not that I'm planning on taking a dirt nap anytime soon......
  16. Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was the other way around.....
  17. That's funny. When he threw it down, I said to my friend, "That looked like Julius Erving." He said, "Yep." Chuck is not one for a lot of words.....
  18. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Not when we win our next 10 games.
  19. #meabsolutelyfrickintoo I'm on board.
  20. Why am I nervous about this game? Is it that Rutgers took both Purdue and Michigan State to the wire before losing? Is it my fear of the team coming out not focused on playing basketball? Or is it just a Pavlov's dog reaction to this program kicking me in the nuts my entire life? I can get up and pace and do other things here at the restaurant to keep my nervousness down. Tuesday, I'm screwed. Actually have really good tickets to the Maryland game. Might have to sneak in some whiskey and Nyquil......
  21. I truly get a kick out of Kugler.
  22. Rutgers: Saturday

    Only to cover the smell of booze.....
  23. Hate Will Never Win

    Thank God for free speech in America! Let this guy spew his bilge. At least we know where he stands, so sane people can make their stand. The free speech you have to stand for, is the speech that makes you want to vomit. Love is the answer!