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  1. cipsucks

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    Standhardinger, is that you?
  2. cipsucks

    NBA Playoffs

    Last NBA game I've watched was Tyronn guarding Iverson in the finals. I guess I'll start watching again in two years when Roby, Palmer and Copeland are playing.....
  3. cipsucks


    The Knobbe's have a lot of pull....
  4. cipsucks


    Hwy 81 4 lane > Hwy 14 2 lane.
  5. He's the Laodicean coach.
  6. cipsucks

    Clemson/ACC challenge

    If our ex interim AD attends the game, I bet he gets called for being off sides. If Turner Gill makes the game, we'll win.
  7. cipsucks

    Copeland is back

    No need for sleep during a celebration. Whiskey and a Dayquil chaser will do just fine.
  8. cipsucks

    Palmer Back

  9. cipsucks

    Morrow leaving

    Which former Beatle had the best song after their 1970 breakup? I vote George.
  10. cipsucks

    Amir Harris is N

    I'd take the little bit he was given.
  11. cipsucks

    Embed Broken

    How can you mend a broken embed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frA2K5oqm54 You're killing me, Dimes....
  12. cipsucks

    Embed Broken

  13. cipsucks

    Embed Broken

    Got it fixed, yet? ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS5Hp-LFNe0
  14. cipsucks

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Usually it's an arm or a leg....
  15. cipsucks

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

  16. cipsucks

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Talk about a crappy job....
  17. The attitude on this board has rapidly digressed in the past week. I would like to do something to lift everyone's spirits. Music always seems to do it, so does steak. Combine the two, and we're talking nirvana. Here's what's up: Post the music video you feel best describes Husker Men's Basketball. It's that simple. The winner will be determined by how many "like" votes he or she receives. "Down" arrows won't be counted. In case of a tie, I will make the final decision. Prize package is 2 Nebraska Star ribeyes. Or if you like a little less fat, 2 NY Strips. If the winner is out of state, I'll ship them to you. Good Luck and good eating!
  18. cipsucks

    Yet Another Contest Thread

    Congrats, OmahaHusker! Motown is always an excellent choice. PM me your info and steak choice.
  19. cipsucks

    Contract Extensions

    Didn't know they practiced at the Devaney Center. I'm sure he meant to say Mabel Lee Hall.
  20. cipsucks


    Wouldn't sweat that one. His winning percentage at PBA isn't that great.
  21. cipsucks

    Day and Time Contest

    Since we're all waiting for the Bill Moos decision on what is going to happen with the men's basketball program, how about a fun little contest to pass the time. I'm not asking what his decision will be, I want predictions of the day and time the official announcement arrives. An announcement that an announcement is coming doesn't count. Whomever is closest, even if they go over, wins 2 bags of jerky and 2 beef sticks. Good luck and Go Big Red!
  22. cipsucks

    Day and Time Contest

    Congratulations, Auroran! Send me a pm and we'll work out the details.
  23. cipsucks

    Yet Another Contest Thread

    I haven't been ignoring the contest, I've just been avoiding posting this past week. I've never seen a fan base more unhappy. The people who wanted a change aren't happy and the people who wanted Miles to stay are equally unhappy. Moos did a great job of pissing nearly everyone off. So, maybe he did the right thing. Back to the contest. We have a couple videos with 7 likes and a couple with six. I would love to see a clear cut winner as decided by you guys and gals. So, we'll keep the contest going through this Friday, April 27th. New entries are welcome and people who haven't voted yet, please do.
  24. cipsucks

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Does this mean we have to wait another century to win an outright conference championship? Double turds... HB, it will all work out just fine. Patience, my friend.
  25. cipsucks

    Yet Another Contest Thread

    For some, the music and meat take a little longer to positively affect their mental attitude. Give it time. This isn't "we're totally screwed" but it's in the ballpark....