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  1. Rumored to be close family member of Jose. I could be wrong....
  2. Norm would do a good job. However, I think someone who has a proven track record with 5th grade girls might be the way to go.
  3. There is something cosmic about him committing to the Huskers on what would have been Roy Orbison's 81st birthday. Welcome home! GBR!
  4. I don't do down arrows. Maybe 3 or 4 since I've been here. CWG, you damn near got one for this song.
  5. Doesn't matter how old you are, losing a parent is difficult, to say the least. You're in my thoughts and prayers, Silver, and if there is anything I can do, please let me know. (as long as it doesn't involve a park in Lincoln )
  6. To take a break from basketball, I want to mark the passing of the person who I think truly is the "father" of rock and roll. Chuck Berry. He wrote all his songs, which were really, really good. He kicked ass on the guitar. He had a great stage presence. John Lennon once said, if you wanted to rename rock 'n' roll, you could call it Chuck Berry. When I heard the news of his passing yesterday, I was really bummed even though he lived to be 90. I'm sure Buddy Holly greeted him at the Pearly Gates and said "what took you so long?" Chuck replies, "Me? Ask Keith Richards that in another 40 years." So many Berry videos I could have posted, but I chose this classic to show what PBA ticketholders look like at a Husker game. Check out the people behind Chuck. RIP Mr. Berry!
  7. Sorry, I forgot to tell you the lead singer of The Main Ingredient is Cuba Gooding, Sr. He passed away today. Ernest Borgnine reportedly met him at the pearly gates.....
  8. This is a bummer in any language.
  9. Happy 4/20 tcp. Now that it's 4:37 your time, it bet you're developing a good case of the munchies. Jerky would taste so good about now.....
  10. The NCAA usually makes an announcement in April. Which decade, I've got no clue....
  11. I bet she always had dreams of playing the center position. Mind says yes, physical limitations say no. Sorry to butt in on your forum. I love your passion for women's basketball. You are to be commended!
  12. Damned new forum. I can't figure this crap out.....
  13. I like the looks of Jordy on a one wheel bike. Apparently, Jacobson and Morrow had two wheels....
  14. That would be indescribable! Happy Easter, everyone!
  15. I had a farmer tell me the other night, the best way to keep rabbits, raccoons and deer out of your garden is to put a couple speakers out there and play Pink Floyd music. I don't know, just might work. Speaking of Good Friday, I might have posted this years ago, I don't remember. For all new here, I think this is really cool! Everyone have a blessed weekend!
  16. Or the one that Shawn Eickhorst is the nozzle. Just saying.
  17. She is to music what Steve Pederson is to Nebraska athletics.
  18. A time for threes, I swear it's not too late.
  19. Bear with me on this one. This is not only topical, but spiritual. Just saying. I'm quoting from Jonathan Cahn's "The Book of Mysteries" "The word for winter in the Scriptures is the Hebrew setav. Setav means the season of hiding or the time of darkness. The winter is the season of darkness, barrenness, and death. But each year, the winter ends with the coming of the month of Nisan." "Nisan is the month that ends the season of darkness, that breaks the death of winter. Nisan is the month when the earth again bears its fruit, and its flowers again begin to blossom. Nisan is the month of new life. In fact, the word nisan means the beginning. Nisan is the month when the sacred Hebrew year begins anew." We're in the middle of the month of Nisan. You know what? I believe Husker basketball is in the middle of a new beginning, too. It doesn't matter what happens from here on out. If Miles stays or goes, if there are more transfers, so be it. We'll be OK. We got new life!
  20. What does he teach? Everyone gets a trophy no matter how crappy they are?
  21. So, what you're saying, you'd take the A.D. job if it wasn't for the cut in pay?
  22. Maybe MJ can join them.
  23. 1913. My, does time fly.
  24. I can't say it any better than this.
  25. Must be something this year about being 90. One of my all-time favorite comedians, Don Rickles, joined Chuck Berry today. I was going to post a Rickles video, probably still will, but I came across this clip at a Don Rickles roast. Funny stuff! RIP Don.