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  1. New Starter?

    Almost seems like someone is coaching for his job...
  2. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    All I know is that I hate drama. Jordy just put a heaping pile on this program.
  3. Tshimanga's over? GO BIG RED!
  4. The crowd must get better

    I went to the game Tuesday, my first this year. The only other game I've seen at PBA was last year's Purdue game, so I'm 2 and 0! There was something different about this one. Maybe it was me. I was nervous from the get-go, and the Huskers never got a lead big enough to alleviate my fears. Some random thoughts I had during the game pertaining to this thread: 1) Times have changed. Everyone focuses on the big screen to see what's going on or if they are on it. Many people are on mobile devices during the game. Hard to stand up and clap when you're hands are occupied. 2) Always some production going on during dead times. Guess the movie, catch the t shirt, dance on the big screen. That's fine. It is what it is. 3) I've gotten old. What made me stand up and yell 30 years ago doesn't work for people today. I understand. That's part of life. 4) "ISCONSON" we'll take the"W" sign, is an indictment of our university system. To sum this all up, there's no answer to get all 15,000 people on their feet anymore. What excites on age group, does nothing for another. All I can say is just win Huskers, and this will never be a point of discussion.
  5. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Maybe it's the cold weather we've been having......
  6. Whether in the B1G Tourney or the Big Dance, the next time we play these pricks, we win.
  7. Going forward

    If only Cookie Miller were still playing.
  8. It adds an extension to the Head Coach's contract......
  9. I think it's a must win if the Huskers want any momentum going into the heart of the conference schedule. They do have other potential road victories in Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Illinois. But this team can also lose games at PBA they have no business losing So, if they don't get a dub tonight, chances are (overrated as a restaurant ), they struggle to get on the bubble and Bill Moos is hiring a basketball coach. So it's probably a must win. Get the job done, men. GBR!
  10. Keeping with the theme of this thread: bend over, grab your ankles and spell run.
  11. Rock Chalk Tock

    Don't you remember? You went to the game with your dad and came home with your mom.
  12. Rock Chalk Tock

    I beg to differ. He will play forever.
  13. Burn Creighton Burn

    I didn't realize Lincoln Tent and Awning made Creighton gear.
  14. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    So, now you're gonna tell me he was standing by himself on the sideline not talking to anyone and chomping on gum....