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  1. 1 out of 3 ain't bad. I'll let you pick the 1...
  2. What the hell is going on? I go cook for a few hours and I find this crap? I'm done. I'm not done with this board, cuz I love you guys, but I'm done with: 1) the snowflake players that can't suck it up and actually STICK with a commitment 2) a head coach that has all the tools in the world and ONE winning season in his five here to show how good he is at his craft 3) an A.D. who supports the coach he hires, but is silent on the ones he doesn't and gives a ringing endorsement to the guy in charge of basketball who for thirteen years has done nothing. I'll leave it at that. 4) the politics involving all decisions made or not made in the athletic department. Maybe it's time to drain the swamp.
  3. Karaoke at Conlee's this Saturday night. We have a potpourri of songs from which to choose.
  4. Been trying to find a place here for this video for many, many years....
  5. You need a fourth option. Get rid of the damned thing. We didn't need it in the sixties, when jimmy was hooping it up, or in the seventies when I struggled to play high school ball. My tongue is planted somewhat in my cheek, but not all that firmly. But what do I know. I just had chile with red Kidney beans....
  6. I've actually been giving this a lot of thought and I think PICKLE might have a point about the power of coaching. However, I think it's much more of a factor in 6th grade girls basketball than it is in the college game.
  7. Here's my dilemma, and what I think might be the curse on Nebraska Basketball; who's the right AD? I love and trust T.O., one of the greatest coaches of all time, but his three coaching hires as athletic director have been less than impressive. Did he get the Miles hire right? I guess we'll find out this next season. Our current A.D.? No one frickin' trusts him. Until he cleans house in the basketball administrative department, I question his decision making, thus questioning his ability to hire a great coach. But hey, Nebraska did beat Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain!
  8. Thanks for giving me a good CHUCKLE, PICKLE. You know, it's kind of refreshing to get a new poster like this every once in awhile. It makes me appreciate life in my world. I don't have to attack every post that doesn't agree with my world view, whether that be politics, religion or coaching abilities. Welcome to the Devaney Dungeon , PICKLE! That's the power of love.
  9. No thanks, necessary, colhusker.
  10. Chuck Berris also created the Newlywed Game.
  11. I'm being serious. Does Miles have a TV show? What channel? I guess I just need to get out more....
  12. To take a break from basketball, I want to mark the passing of the person who I think truly is the "father" of rock and roll. Chuck Berry. He wrote all his songs, which were really, really good. He kicked ass on the guitar. He had a great stage presence. John Lennon once said, if you wanted to rename rock 'n' roll, you could call it Chuck Berry. When I heard the news of his passing yesterday, I was really bummed even though he lived to be 90. I'm sure Buddy Holly greeted him at the Pearly Gates and said "what took you so long?" Chuck replies, "Me? Ask Keith Richards that in another 40 years." So many Berry videos I could have posted, but I chose this classic to show what PBA ticketholders look like at a Husker game. Check out the people behind Chuck. RIP Mr. Berry!
  13. My favorite Rams of all time; Roman Gabriel, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olson, Vince Ferragamo and the dad whose son just walked on at NU. Yeah, Rhode Island, too......
  14. 0-7 without a doubt. We now have bragging rights to futility. No Tourney wins, no conference championship in 101 years, the best facilities in basketball, 1 winning record in the last 5 years, a basketball administrator whose record in 13 years is abysmal, a head coach who kicks ass on Twitter but not so much on the court, but, the silver lining to this gawd awful cloud? A fan base including everyone here that still supports this cluster f*** no matter what. I'm not running out of patience, but I'm running out of time. I won't live to be 150.....