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  1. Oh, it can't be bigger than Grand Island, and I've been there. Granted, the pretty traffic lights are a bit confusing, but the side streets with the stops signs are easy to navigate.
  2. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  3. Barfknecht says in today's OWH, Tai went vegan in January. Was that posted on here and I missed it? So much for getting a gig as a spokesman for Nebraska Star Beef...
  4. I'm guessing 2019. Don't know if that state will be Nebraska....
  5. Sorry. That was the prophetic coming out in me. My inner Nustudent says 6568 is the year we win our first NCAA Tourney game.
  6. That's how many weeks it has been since Nebraska won an outright regular season conference championship in men's basketball.
  7. Why don't they give Michigan a wooden plaque like their football team got in 1997 when we got the Sears Trophy?
  8. Just getting ready for the 16 team league when Oklahoma and Kansas join the B1G.
  9. Don't sell them short. They've been on this retreat for most of the last 100 years.
  10. The last NBA game I've watched was Game 5 of the Lakers/Sixers finals in 2001. My, how time flies.....
  11. I never used the used the terms "miss" "strikeout" or "bad hire". I brought up the fact that Miles has more resources than any of the four coaches before him. I don't bash Miles, but I also don't put TO on a golden pedestal where every move he makes is the right one. Hey, I hope the Huskers are in the Elite Eight this season.
  12. I was making a joke about TO and the number 666. I wasn't talking about Miles, but what the heck, it's May and there's nothing else to talk about. If Miles survives this coming season, he does move into 2nd place for longevity since Cipriano. Definitely a .666 batting average. If he doesn't, he has done worse than 3 of the 4 guys who came before him. Here's why in my humble opinion: he has had facilities and resources which all 4 guys before him never had. Thanks, Dr. Tom, for doing all of that, but if Miles doesn't deliver next season, it's not a walk or a strikeout. It's an error. Errors go against your batting average.
  13. So far, Osborne is batting .333. Maybe if Miles has a nice run next season, Tom will improve to .666. I love irony.
  14. Kinda like if a tree falls in a rain forest, kills a whale but no one sees it, did it really happen?
  15. Since all the polar ice caps have completely melted, they've joined the polar bears in the rain forests looking for baby seals to eat. Needless to say, the monkeys are a little nervous about these new developments......