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  1. Day and Time Contest

    Why would Moos need two announcements to extend Miles' contract? No, wait....
  2. What to do with Miles contract?

    I like your truncated list.
  3. What to do with Miles contract?

    I'm not torn at all. If Moos has a better coach, in his mind, lined up, Miles is gone. Good for Nebraska basketball. If he doesn't, Miles gets at least a two year extension. Good for Nebraska basketball. It's not that complicated.
  4. What to do with Miles contract?

    Really? If there was negative recruiting this year, you can multiply that by 1000 next year if Moos gave Miles a one-year extension. You either fish or cut bait. I cringe every time I hear someone on the radio call Sipple "Sip." I'm afraid they're thinking it's me....
  5. What to do with Miles contract?

    I'm guessing I have boxer shorts older than you....
  6. Nebraska is like Missouri. Flat and Farms.

    I got a kick out of the Missouri comparison. Grant Wistrom (Webb City, MO.) has more national championship rings (3) at NU than Missouri has national titles in all sports. (Baseball-1954 and men's Indoor Track 1965). I've forgotten how much I hate Missouri... I bet colhusker hasn't!
  7. Day and Time Contest

    Sorry. No male medical extensions allowed on this thread. You have to try again.....
  8. Coach Miles

    I think it comes down to does Moos have a new coach lined up? If he does, Miles is gone. If he doesn't. Miles will get a 2 year extension. If Miles gets a five year extension or a new contract, Moos is a true believer.
  9. Day and Time Contest

    We've never needed an expiration date on the steaks.
  10. Day and Time Contest

    Thank you, Mr. Red. I love coming to this site because "those threads" are few and far between. This site is like walking into an episode of "Cheers." When you walk in, everyone yells "Norm!" (an aside here, our Norm is actually a hybrid of Norm and Cliff. He has humor, and, facts up his ass. I digress...) Proper use of commas.... I purposely left out the content of the announcement because the Miles contract thread is drifting south. No reason to get nasty. It will all work out. I do want to add a proviso to the contest. If anyone actually nails the day and time of the announcement, you get a free steak dinner at Conlee's. No expiration date.
  11. Day and Time Contest

    Since we're all waiting for the Bill Moos decision on what is going to happen with the men's basketball program, how about a fun little contest to pass the time. I'm not asking what his decision will be, I want predictions of the day and time the official announcement arrives. An announcement that an announcement is coming doesn't count. Whomever is closest, even if they go over, wins 2 bags of jerky and 2 beef sticks. Good luck and Go Big Red!
  12. A Friendly Wager

    I'm thinking about doing a double or nothing bet with the winners on whether or not Miles will be NU's head coach next year....
  13. A Friendly Wager

    So far, only one person has responded. I love losing bets where the winners don't want to collect.
  14. What to do with Miles contract?

    Louisville is a "whore-able program."
  15. What to do with Miles contract?

    HB, this is actually a good discussion to have. Whenever your team loses a close game, there always seems to be a pivotal play in the game that makes it go south. Recalling that play and whomever is involved, in my mind, doesn't mean your dissing that player. You're reading a history book. You mentioned the 94 Orange Bowl. I googled Byron Bennett just to make sure I spelled his name correctly. #2 on Google? Byron Bennett missed field goal. I don't blame him for the Florida State loss. Nor does any other Husker fan I've talked to. You might have issues with Sam. That's fine. I have issues with a lot of journalists. Personally, I enjoy his articles and like listening to him on the radio. Now, that ass Lunardi is a whole different story....