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  1. RT @christoq: I think Sally Yates has something important to tell us. I think she needs to be allowed to speak. Under oath. On the record.…

  2. Thanks for the deflection, Don. I'll click over right now. Dumbass. #TheResistance #Trumprussia all day long all ac…

  3. I don't know it just seemed the thing to do in honor of good ol' President Circus "PeeNuts". #TheResistance

  4. RT @redhed67: Even with an approval rating of 36%, #DelusionalDonald points to executive orders as 'wins'

  5. RT @JonRiley7: AG Sessions to pull funding from "sanctuary cities" like where I live. I want local cops keeping me safe, not chasing peacef…

  6. RT @RBReich: Ryan's problem isn’t “growing pains.” The GOP has a chronic incapacity to govern, and now that they are in control, they can n…

  7. RT @kylegriffin1: Joy Reid: "Why does Putin want Marine Le Pen to be the president of France?" Christopher Dickey: "To destroy Europe." —v…

  8. @ladyhawkerfinds @Sylvirtear @MrScottLads It's now so bad that even #TrumpSucks at being #Trump.

  9. Hashtag #Roger is running scared.

  10. @jasonbaum @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls Coincidentally coincident it is. But her coercively coercive green fog lingers.

  11. RT @newtgingrich: Trump and president obsma both golf but trump doesn't charge the taxpayers $920,000 for a golf weekend in florida.

  12. RT @MikeRJohnson777: I definitely think this. I Tweeted it the night she got a rude firing.

  13. #Trump insane in the brain. We cannot forget #TrumpRussiaCollusion

  14. RT @ImpeachTheNazi: @realDonaldTrump Good morning Orange Douchbag Message from #TheResistance Mar-A-Lago Act

  15. RT @firedancer71: @Primerose2017 @judycampbell192 @carmondos @americanmclass @gellibeenz @gbmnyc @MrScottLads @RueWildflower @YavidVanHorn…