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  1. RT @TrueFactsStated: Aaaannnnnndd. The webpage is down.

  2. RT @KeithOlbermann: Boycott.

  3. RT @MaddowBlog: In a normal administration, something like this would be a big scandal. But in the Trump era...

  4. RT @GeorgeTakei: Jason Chaffetz may quit Congress as soon as tomorrow 'cause being Chair of the House Oversight Committee in the Trump era…

  5. 😉

  6. RT @subzerov690: Sort of like a president who lives on a Floridian golf course?

  7. RT @CaptJArcher2017: I am sensing a shift in the space time continuum #Ω #StrongerTogether #SpreadHope

  8. RT @tariqnasheed: The Trump supporting coward who punched a woman in Berkeley today is an Alt-Right, white supremacist named Nathan Damigo…

  9. RT @GooglePlus: #TheLastJedi trailer has us geeking out! December can't come fast enough

  10. RT @MrSpock2017: Support Jon Ossoff with us. #TheResistance #VoteYourOssoff #FlipThe6th @CaptainsLog2017

  11. #kellyanneconway said, "Just because somebody said something doesn't make it true." Well, you certainly got yours…

  12. RT @GinnyRED57: United Airlines is hoping the next big PR disaster takes the heat off. Oh, hello, Spicey! Didn't see you smoldering in the…

  13. RT @R2D2_Resist: Me while watching @PressSec #TheResistance #HolocaustCenters

  14. RT @Lainielah: Kansas, we are with you! Get out and vote to #flipthe4th!

  15. RT @KeithOlbermann: NEW VIDEO: Trump's "Syrian Raid" was a cheap, stupid STUNT swallowed by some cheap, stupid media