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  1. Rachel Blackburn update?

    Regarding further treatment... I'm not allowed to comment. However, she/we've done a bunch of stuff. She is going to play. She says she feels better now than she did this time last year. Bottom Line: She'll play until the pain is so excruciating that she just can't take it. Then she'll go a little more.
  2. Rachel Blackburn update?

    So sorry to hear/read about the death of Row 6. Regarding Rachel: 1. We talked to Rachel last night. She says practice is going very well for her and the team. She thinks she's doing well in practice... She's humble, so I'll take her at her word. 2. She's very optimistic regarding how good the team can be (with respect to being competitive in the Big 10). She loves her coaches and her teammates. 3. She loved her high school team, and she said that this team gives her that same feel... They care about each other and want to be around each other. The old team chemistry is working. 4. Knees: When she's on the court they don't hurt much. If she sits, they tighten up. Nobody on the planet really knows why her knees hurt. I wish I knew how it is going to turn out. So does she... 5. She can't wait to play. 6. Fall break is this weekend. She'll be at the Chiefs game on Sunday... Section 117, Row 15, Seat 1 or 2. With luck the Chiefs will crush the Steelers. We'll see.
  3. Coach Williams notes

    I'm violating my own rule with respect to (WRT) posting. However, this is an unusual circumstance that took us all by surprise. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Blackburn is staying at Nebraska. It's not my place to say what she thinks with respect to (WRT) Miss Shepard's departure. If they care, the press will have to ask her. I'm not sure how her knees really feel. I know she has a burning desire to play.
  4. Have never met the coach. I think Rachel has only talked, at length, to her once. Rachel was very impressed and as she put it... "I'm excited."
  5. FWIW they talked to a listener who only follows women's basketball on a passing level. His premise is that Amy isn't a good hire because she's a Summit league coach and not ready for this level and the same logic is applied to her staff. I'd argue she is a very good hire. She seems to be extremely high energy, and she gives every indication that she really cares about her players. (I'm not saying Yori didn't). More than a few coaches start at a lower level... Bill Self seems to be working out well for Kansas. He started at Oral Roberts. Coach Yori came from Creighton. However, many of the great coaches (Krzyzewski, Dean Smith, Izzo, Roy Williams) were assistants at big programs prior to getting a head coach job at a big program. As we all know... We'll have to see how this plays out on the court. I'm confident and optimistic that she'll get these girls to play hard and fast.
  6. Womens Basketball

    No, I'm in Afghanistan. Rachel had her first one-on-one with Coach Williams a day or two ago... Rachel likes her... Apparently they talked about a number of issues... Mom told me that Rachel assured Coach Williams that the team works hard, wants to win, is a good group of girls who want to work hard. Rachel has met the assistants and has nothing but good things to say about them too.
  7. Womens Basketball

    There is no simple answer. The AAU tournaments (Chicago, Frisco TX, Memphis, Best of Maryland & many others) offer the university coaches a "one stop shopping" opportunity. There are at least 40 universities represented at those big tournaments. It's how a girl gets noticed. Additionally, in AAU ball girls will often play against other girls at the same high skill level. That is not always the case in HS ball. My girl played on an AAU team coached by her HS coach, and they practiced and they wanted to win. What is a parent to do if their kid isn't getting playing time in AAU? The AAU season is only a few months, and parents want the best for their girl and the girl needs to be seen. Does that make the parent bad? Does that ruin the game? Maybe it ruins the men's game where money is a factor. The other method of being seen is the university camps, but that's expensive (rooms & food). Rachel's HS team came to the Nebraska camp. Nebraska wasn't interested in Rachel. They wanted her teammates (Tyler Johnson (KU) & Tasha Jones (OSU)). Finch told me they were watching the team play and said... "Who's that big white kid (#43)?" The opportunity to get a college scholarship is worth anywhere from $30K-$60K per year so AAU tournaments are an excellent venue for the universities and the girls to see and be seen. Is it perfect, no, but it's not going to change.
  8. I'm with you... It was fun to watch her play.
  9. Good for them... More money is always a nice thing... When hard work meets opportunity good things can happen. Row6Seat10... Nice icon picture... Who is that?
  10. #43 spent some quality campus time with Hannah Whitish this weekend. She's from WI so, I'd assume she's "inbound for landing... full stop."
  11. In the Army when you're planning an operation the staff planners use "planning factors"... Example... During an attack a unit is expected to use this much ammunition, this much fuel, etc... With respect to (WRT) Ms. Romeo, I'd recommend using the planning factor of... Elvis has left the building... The bullet has left the muzzle. The horse is out of the barn... Whichever one works for you... I hope I'm wrong. It would be so much fun to watch her for two more years. Maybe Coach Williams can convince her to stay. If not... I read the article about the new coach... The coach will figure it out. She'll press on, and someone will step up. I'm not a Husker, but isn't that the Husker way???
  12. Agree with redsteve... It's time to smile and look forward. Like everyone here I hope Nat stays. She's Rachel's best friend. Her departure would leave a huge hole to fill. However, if she goes it will create an opportunity for another player to step up and excel. Sports history is replete with good news stories like the one facing our Huskers. So whatever Ms. Romeo decides will work out fine. NOBODY is bigger than the program/team. So if she leaves... Godspeed If she stays... I can't wait to see her play Regardless, Coach Williams will figure it out. We're going to the NCAA Tournament in March. Can I hear an...Airborne!!!
  13. We could go round and round on this. The career I grew up in telling the truth is not immature. 32 said... "If you're going to transfer, maybe leave a little more quietly..." Help me out on where she's wrong or immature. She added more but her theme is logical. Should she have said nothing??? One could argue both sides of that issue.
  14. Nothing immature about wanting to keep dirty laundry in the family. That seems to be 32's point. If you're going to leave you should go quietly. Maybe say thanks UNL but my plan has changed... again, thanks. Let the new coach figure out the problems.