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  1. If only we'd beaten those Musketeer SOBs back in '91 like we were supposed to, all of this would have turned out much differently. Damn.
  2. Hey, ACC:
  3. After the Jays' first-round CBI loss is my guess.
  4. Is it possible for spite and glee to co-exist?
  5. My bracket needs U.R.I.P., but not until the second round. Go, Rams.
  6. I'm happy for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and all the other underprivileged people who somehow scraped up enough money to send their kids to Northwestern.
  7. To everything, Tum Tum Tum There is a season, Tum Tum Tum And a time for every every purpose under heaven
  8. That's "Future NIT Superstar Andrew White the Third" to you, pardner.
  9. Wait, JH. I was just about to call Tim and get him to agree to give you more minutes. Damn. I go away from my computer for two hours and this happens.
  10. Actuarial tables give me between 20 and 30 years. A single win in the NCAA Tournament in the next 20 years will make eternity more satisfying.
  11. Clemson, maybe, but they're not going to match a sure NCAA Tournament team against one that didn't make any post-season. And giving it more thought, I'd bet Pitt because they played a home game in the challenge last year. NC State played at Illinois, so they'll probably get a home game. So, yeah, Clemson or Pitt based on standings and who played at home last year.
  12. Texas is 11-21 and finished last in the Big XII. Yeah, they won yesterday, but loss #22 is right around the corner. Might be worth a drive to KC just to root for West Virginia.
  13. I'm guessing NC State or Pitt, maybe Boston College. I'm cool with that. It'll feel like a big game with either NCSU or Pitt, even if they aren't the same caliber as Dook or Carolina.