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  1. If you will. More or less.
  2. If so, who's gonna be our Shang Ping?
  3. If only we'd beaten those Musketeer SOBs back in '91 like we were supposed to, all of this would have turned out much differently. Damn.
  4. Hey, ACC:
  5. After the Jays' first-round CBI loss is my guess.
  6. Is it possible for spite and glee to co-exist?
  7. My bracket needs U.R.I.P., but not until the second round. Go, Rams.
  8. I'm happy for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and all the other underprivileged people who somehow scraped up enough money to send their kids to Northwestern.
  9. To everything, Tum Tum Tum There is a season, Tum Tum Tum And a time for every every purpose under heaven
  10. That's "Future NIT Superstar Andrew White the Third" to you, pardner.
  11. Wait, JH. I was just about to call Tim and get him to agree to give you more minutes. Damn. I go away from my computer for two hours and this happens.