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  1. I mean i'm old-ish but still trying to be hip soooooo

    I #NoSitEveryGame. The concrete wall behind me doesn't seem to mind.
  3. this is my favorite so far don't worry i'm as shocked as anyone else that i actually posted a link.
  4. Time to eat a little crow

    Its an odd dichotomy (my brain hurts from using that big of a word) going from one thread about we're a semi bubble team to another where we have to defend the coach who has us (like i'm on the team) on said bubble. Only in Nebraska amirite?
  5. Time to eat a little crow

    Thank you @Norm Peterson I am upset I'm only allowed to up vote that once.
  6. Starting To Get Anxiety...

    That's basically where I'm at. I have no problem with people getting anxiety over this, you're a fan why not? To me since Nebrasketball was never supposed to be here in the first place, this whole season has been gravy. Granted my stress levels shoot up during games but we have 5 more days to rest before that happens. I'm just enjoying the ride brah
  7. Time to eat a little crow

    Miles doesn't have the same agent that Fran does does he?
  8. Looking Ahead to Iowa

    I know I will be....
  9. that might be the best I've seen the student section since the first year of PBA. Solid effort but still room for improvement (more teletubbies)
  10. Well that was fun. Now I'm going to hide in my cube and pretend I'm not hungover for 8 more hours and then I can go back to bed. That's not a complaint by the way. I'm perfectly fine with this kind of hangover.
  11. The crowd must get better

    Yes that game wasn't really conducive to crowd energy. I don't recall the Minnesota crowd being terrible and I thought the Kansas crowd had a good showing. Don't judge off of 1 tough sit.
  12. Ya garages probably vary, I park in the green parking garage and seem to get out pretty quick when we use the west entrance/exit. We used the south one once and it was a nightmare. I can see that.
  13. They had to make sure they got their table at Gate 25.... It has been the single more infuriating thing for me since we moved into the Vault. Actually I think its a thing were people don't want to be "stuck in traffic". They want to be home right now. I don't really understand it since I'm rarely stuck in traffic. I admittedly don't have too far to go and I'm usually home before the post game is over. You just have to know how to get out of the Haymarket and I'm not going to tell you my secret.
  14. Going forward

    I disagree with started Roby at the 5. The rotation we have seems to be working for the most part, there's no reason to mess around too much. Maybe redistribute minutes a little more between Duby, Jordy and Tanner, but Roby is still really foul prone and they need him out there to finish off the game.