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  1. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Its a little early in the season for the hypothetical sky to be hypothetically falling isn't it?
  2. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    5-0. go big or go home.
  3. Shirt Promo for the Minnesota game

    Love this idea. I remember we tried once at the Bob but it was mixed since shirts weren't provided.
  4. Sorry I'm slacking. This bit from the Family Guy was going through my head the whole game and I failed as a poster to put it on here
  5. Husker Signing Day

    oh my
  6. Husker Signing Day

    Sorry I can't resist.
  7. I am not a true baseball fan. If my team isn't in the World Series or I don't have a team to cheer against, it's just an afterthought. This is the first year in a while i can remember this happening. The last few I've been cheering for my friends' teams to lose horribly because I'm a good friend who hopes your teams fail.
  8. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Has anyone asked Moos if he's ever watched.....tennis?
  9. Harriman

  10. Countdown to College Basketball

    Cool I got one in my junk folder so i assumed it was spam.
  11. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    Sorry Norm, I got it but I wasted all my energy finding a Semi Pro gif for another thread. It sucks getting old. I did chuckle when I read it.
  12. This should get you a little excited...

    underrated movie in my opinion.
  13. Option 1: Money was tight when Disney started off so they had to split up the clothes. You get the shirt, you get the pants, etc. Option 2: Ducks can't swim with pants on and Mickey is a "suns out guns out" guy, er mouse. Option 3: They're all exhibitionists.
  14. Eichorst Out

    Football is the big fish. I'm sure the first order of business is getting the football team on track however the new AD sees fit. Plus Nebrasketball is a Sweet 16 team this year sooooooo. Sounds like they're hiring a search firm which always goes well. Kinda hope they don't hire Trev Alberts. In my completely uninformed, uneducated opinion, I just don't like the guy for some reason.