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  1. RT @MeghanaKurupDC: Expressions speak louder than words. John Kelly during Trump's #UNGA speech. https://t.co/ihDGz0tLNy

  2. @DavidRodwell1 @NoelClarke That goes from the top to the bottom

  3. RT @Wilderness: Tell .@realDonaldTrump and .@SecretaryZinke not to gut our national monuments. These lands are #OurWild https://t.co/Mdqlxh…

  4. So over today @ Hughson, California https://t.co/xINxu8sb2C

  5. RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for your chance to win a Summer Convention Exclusive Interplanetary Batman Pop! https://t.co/…

  6. Trump in Moscow: what happened at Miss Universe in 2013 https://t.co/UqDm7MSV4k Curiouser and curiouser

  7. Why I luv Dark Matter, it reminds me of #Firefly about a few 100 years later #DarkMatterftl

  8. Google Pixel International Giveaway @androidauth #giveaway https://t.co/gDxoA6ehBv

  9. Michael Kyes completed the quest A Throne room! https://t.co/uWMMbeznKl

  10. So good, good caramelized malt, subtle hops, very 8 @ Hughson,… https://t.co/a8Gqidy9fI

  11. RT @BaronDestructo: Here the first set of Dark Matter bloopers. Retweet 250 times to get the next set! #RaisetheRaza https://t.co/DZry13m…

  12. Michael Kyes completed the In Loving Memory quest! https://t.co/3Mn01iJ4T1

  13. https://t.co/kypDDEKms6 Verizon is disconnecting 19,000 lines across 8,500 accounts in rural parts of 13 states. Are you

  14. Creamy mouth feel, spicy hops notes, good m... (Oktoberfest - Brauhaus Miltenberger (2017)) https://t.co/41MhBCFaBd #photo

  15. RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win an #SDCC 2017 exclusive Jolly Roger Pop! https://t.co/qfeR3U1MdS