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  1. Remind me again which NU team has the prayer that ends "the team that won't be beat, can't be beat!".
  2. I really don't know what to say. Scared the hell out of all 3 of my Great Danes by jumping up screaming and tripping over the coffee table when Maryland's last shot missed (did I mention I had a couple of mimosa's minus the OJ during the game?)
  3. That was, IIRC, the only time I yelled at the TV (because we all know how effective that is) "don't leave your man like that Jeriah". But overall there is a big improvement in Jeriah's defense over the last few games. He is not nearly as stiff, which I now think was due to nervousness and maybe overthinking. Now he's more relaxed and much of that stiffness on D, which allowed him to get beat easily off the dribble, is gone.
  4. One little thing I enjoyed was watching the great stone face, Morrow, show some emotion a couple of times down the stretch. Oh, and what a monster game he played. He carves out space and nobody gets it back. The entire bench was really into it, not just the end sitters. Saw no pouting from McVeigh, which was also good.
  5. In the entire tournament traveling calls have become NBAesque.