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  1. Nope. He took it way too seriously.
  2. Wrong Coach, Dimes. Joe Kittell. Katz is Sacramento State.
  3. Listen to these guys! They bleed Husker Red.
  4. If I'm Kent Pavelka and you're Tim Miles I would add this to the first question: "Or do you not care as long as the guy can flat fill it up like nobody else?" And you say: "Bangarang"
  5. Anyone from the Nixon era still alive? Yes.
  6. Busted. Signed, Norm
  7. Got no cake!
  8. Doak & Dennis Pavelka, a second cousin of mine).
  9. I was there for that one too. Tom Baack says he talked to Cazzie Russel years later and Cazzie called it the most embarasing loss of his career. Michigan was ranked # 1.
  10. That was at Oklahoma State. I believe my call was "Well, would you look at this: Carl & Andre are up in the stands!" The Okie State students were giving Brian Banks the business for some reason and Carl & Andre didn't much care for it.
  11. Yes, I heard it.
  12. How a person comes off in an interview doesn't necessarily reflect their true character or personality. In Andrew's case it most certainly does.
  13. Andrew is one of the most personable, mature, down-to-earth NU players, football or basketball, I've had the pleasure to know. That takes in a lot of years and a lot of players. He's an exceptional person, on and off the court.
  14. This is what it comes to with a week between games! Speaking of rugs, do you think we should schedule Bill Self & KU?