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  1. Most of our 3s have been good looks. If Gill knocks down a couple of open ones it’s a different game. I think Tate fouls 75% of the time he guards dribble penetration. Hard to get to the whole when they let him shove, body, and displace ball handlers. Thought 2 of 3 of Jordys fouls were absolute crap calls
  2. What an exciting ending! Awesome that we won. 4-3. Our whole is currently less than the sum of our parts. That is all. GBR!!
  3. I felt Copeland (and Palmer to some degree) were not engaged at all defensively in the first half. Edwards had 17 in the first half and it wasn’t just on great plays like the face up jumper he hit. It was not being ‘locked in’ by Copeland. Lazy/slow recovery, poor hedging, defensive rebounding, etc. Offensive players are going to take what you give them and we gave him a lot. On the play Jordy got yanked to never return Jordy got backscreened while Copeland chased up he lane and never hedged. Now I don’t know what they were told in scouting report off the SLOB play but rule of thumb is to not chase up the back screen. He played much better in the second half. The irritating first half physical and mental mental effort by Copeland defensively is my takeaway. Gotta come out locked in on d every game. ‘Defense travels’. Sometimes you can’t control what shots go in. Good effort but like everyone has said....when we had a chance to cut it to 6 or 7 we shot ourselves in the foot or missed very makeable shots.
  4. Times Change I Guess

    I think there is something to be said about the original post and it is not in regards to Nebraska basketball but ‘Generation Entitled’ in general. No no longer can a coach lay into a player ala Bobby Knight. When a player does something wrong most parents want to point the finger at the coach rather than at their athlete. This has caused coaches to change the way they coach, discipline, and recruit. The ‘aau/pay for play/travel ball’ has made this more of an issue because kids don’t go out and work on their own anymore. It’s much more fun to practice once a week and play 3-7 games on a weekend. This has basically become the accepted way of getting to become a ‘better’ player. Obviously you can’t lump all travel play leagues and coaches into this because some are really good for the sport. But this has become the norm where as kids working in their driveways, at the playground, or obtaining keys to the gym has went the way of the dodo. If your 5 best players want to ‘wear their hoods up’ or something of the sort are you going to sit your five best players? Times have changed for sure and coaches have had to adapt although many times this includes sacrificing fundamentals because it is much more fun to stand around shooting 3s than learning how to actually catch the ball and get into triple threat or a variety of other fundamentals that aren’t routinely practiced. So, without sounding like too much of an old fuddy duddy I sort of agree with the fundamentals thing although it isn’t a Nebraska thing it’s a 2017 thing
  5. Exactly Dimes. They extended it and looked to trap and it gave the Badgers fits. When you play it as your primary half court zone you have tougher and more rotations than a 2-3 and it leaves a lot of wide open 3s. Assuming why you don’t see it much in major conference basketball.
  6. Agree with this. The defense isn’t designed for him to be stuck on the perimeter. He seemed incapable of executing the game plan. In which case he needs to not be in the game. If the coaches are asking him to do something he isn’t capable of, then yes, it’s on the coaches. However Jordy is a young college students and sometimes mistakes happen.
  7. He wasn’t switched into guards. He was hedging screens so they didn’t drop 3s in our face. The rotations were awful on Jordys part and I’m sure there is a lot of other players at fault as well but he didn’t look active and didn’t seem to give great effort recovering. If you want to not let teams shoot 60% from 3 then the hedging is necessary but the recovery was awful. Seemed improved in the 2nd half.
  8. Washington beat KU because KU wasn’t disciplined enough to let Vick shoot it 40 times from 5 foot out. Instead shot a bunch of contested 3s. One of the most insane defensive schemes I’ve ever seen employed that actually worked. Think the Washington coach knew more about the mental make up of KU than self did on that night.
  9. Played pretty well. 131 got them out of rythm. Didn’t work at Creighton worked tonight. Then back to our man when we needed it. Gotta figure something out on low post d. What a a great job getting the 2 for 1 at the end. That should have secured overtime at the least. Nice play by Kansas at the end but Copeland shouldn’t have helped. What an awful officiating job. And I don’t usually point to it. But Donny Marshall even seemed sickened. We get called for a moving screen and then numerous worse ones on ku not called. The great play draw up by Self for he lob isn’t effective if Ozubuke isn’t allowed to drive block our bottom man out of the way. None of our three charge calls were legit. The last one probably the most egregious where KU defender actually launched himself forward into Palmer. KU big man should have been out of the game. At least three times he violated verticality rules by jumping forward into shooter. I guess if your arms are over your head you can launch yourself into another player. See the tough shot gill made late first half. Guy probably displaced an airborn shooter by 4 feet. Just an awful awful officiated game. An easy 10 points by the zebras on blatant missed calls. So pissed. Did so many things well. GBR. Keep showing up like this and we will win 20
  10. 3 point shooting

    I think it will get better as the year goes on. Either Jordy will start making some shots in the paint which will eventually lead to some inside out or we will play ‘small’ with five shooters on the floor and open up more space for drive draw and kick. We have a lot of guys that can shoot it and as they get more comfortable hopefully the looks will get better and the bad shot selection will lessen. I like how we shoot it when we are active on offense and moving away from the ball.
  11. Maybe he had drawn up dribble the ball at the top of the half court until 10 seconds left on the shot clock and let Foster go 1 on 1 like we did at the end of the first......who knows. Agree that a change up was probably in order. 131 with no traps......meh
  12. If I recall the two trips before we had given up offensive rebounds after playing good d at the hoop and blocking shots. I don’t remember exactly but it seemed like we were doing good things in the m2m and they were getting some bounces. (See fosters and 1 where the ball slipped out of his hand and went in the basket somehow). I agree with the change up Of the defense I just think the 131 hasn’t worked since the Maryland game last year when it took them by surprise. Think a 23 or running traps or switches out of m2m may be more effective. Too many good shooters in college to give up uncontested 3s either in the corner or opposite wing
  13. Totally agree. Hated the lineup that was put on the floor. Thought we had a great chance to expand our lead and just had some horrible possessions in that stretch when there was hay that could have been made. Totally lost momentum on two missed bunnies by Jordy. After that we felt we couldn’t use him anymore in the game which led to Jack being on the floor which ended up being a disaster defensively. And less rim protection too. Those two misses probably ended costing us 12-15 points in the grand scheme of things. Gotta be able to convert when inferior post defenders allow us to catch in scoring position and the threat of a double team never comes. Took a a lot of quick midrange jumpers with hand in the face that were wasted possessions. Not in the flow and no offensive rebounding since they were out of the offensive rythm. Lots of standing around the perimeter for much of the second half. Maybe we were tired. Maybe they played better defense. Great to hit hit those threes early but some of it was fools gold. Out of rythm shots that went in. When they didn’t go in during the second half it wasn’t pretty offense. Both of robys makes in the second half were inside/out looks. That was good basketball. Really liked how we answered the bell for much of the game. Always had an answer for their runs until the last 2 minutes. Perhaps people will stop fawning over the 1-3-1. It caught a couple teams off guard last year but there is a reason that it isn’t played in college very often. Would like to see points per possession stat on it when we’ve played it the last 20 games.
  14. So why continue to do it? What’s the point. If it it isn’t going to open up a drive, the roll, and we aren’t willing to shoot....
  15. I feel we don’t have an identity. Offensively i I guess if you consider standing around the perimeter and trying to feed inferior low post offensive players the ball or set the occasional on ball screen in order to get nothing out of it because teams don’t feel the need to hedge hard because of guys unable/not willing to shoot the 3 when this happens then that is our identity. Lots of isolation ball with mid level talent and no offensive rebounding. Some motion principles installed would be nice. Very little off ball screening and no back cuts. Not dogging on any of the players because they give above average effort but we don’t have the talent to isolate guys against the big dog teams. Defensively is where I’m disappointed with identity. Do we take away the drive? No. Do we guard the 3? No. Do we take away post entry? No. When the perimeter guys do pressure the ball we give up easy entry passes. Our rotations are average but it’s hard to rotate when teams can constantly penetrate to the ft line area. Leslie smith was a good defensive post player because he hedged well, recovered well, and didn’t stand behind block post ups. Go watch the film. I’d take 4 of him. I don’t know what the defensive philosophy is but I don’t see one. Take away something. Otherwise there is no need for scouting or game plan because we are just going out there and playing 1 on 1 x 5. May as well do 2 hour shoot arounds so we can hit contested 3s and hope we have more athletes than the other team to stop them on D. Frustrated by watching and it’s not because of the talent we have or effort given by the players. Props to the staff on the effort given by the kids. However, they need to be put in good positions to be successful.