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    This place just makes me feel good

    i have to get this off my chest. This site is the best place for me to be even when we are picking on each other like family does. The real reason I say that is and I don't want to sound to morbid but I got the call this morning that my Mom who has been in hospice for the last month was most likely not going to make it through the day. They were right. She passed this afternoon around 2ish and after all the whirl wind stopped I checked here because I needed to go somewhere else but couldn't leave the room. First thing I see is that we get Allen. and I start to read the different reactions and I am now crying because I am laughing so hard. Thanks guys for making my world "normal" for this little bit of my day. "Boom goes the dynomite!"
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    Kent Pavelka

    Who is Tim Miles

    I'll take this one. He & the staff are meticulous teachers and game-planners, who demand maximum effort & attention to detail. There is nice balance between those expectations and acknowledging and/or critiquing performance. That creates a standard that, in turn, creates pride and improvement in team. That's how I've seen it. I've always been impressed and even motivated myself by being able to hang around a lot. Believe me, the vibe is spot-on.
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    I am just sad

    After the game today I just sat in my seat and tried to think how I felt at that exact moment. The answer I came up with is sad. I say sad because I know that I will come home and start to hear from the people who really don't pay attention to the games (or trolls) say that we are bad and that Miles needs to go. I am sad that people have to start leaving in droves at the 4:16 mark of a home game. I am sad that those kids on that team have played so hard this year and I think that there just isn't anything left in the tank. I am sad that those coaches have worked so hard this year to make these kids better and that they now have to hear the whispers. I am sad for the players and coaches families who love their people as much as they do and have to watch all this kind of start to fall apart. I am sad for the fans who keep hoping and cheering and trying to help in any way to get this team to win. And I will say that I am being a bit selfish here but I am sad for me , because I so want this program to be good and get people's respect. I will go to sleep tonight and it will be better tomorrow, it always is, but for now I am sad.
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    Almost deserves its own thread, but has anyone ever seen anyone play better defense with 4 fouls as Webster did considering the caliber of player he was checking. That won us the ballgame.
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    I'm just thinking of a list of people I want to tell to just STFU and never offer another opinion about Nebraska basketball ever again. And if I ever hear anyone make another snarky remark about our head coach tweeting at halftime, I'm likely to punch them in the mouth. Just sayin.
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    Found this amusing. The current official NCAA rpi has Garner Webb at #190 and Syracuse at #195. And we're at #48. And isn't Tai Webster basically doing what the NBA scouts told Andrew White he needed to be able to prove he could do? If you're so great, why isn't your team any better? Andrew White's solution is to try to find a better team; Tai Webster's solution is to make his team better.
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    Mr. Tai Webster

    If Tai gets drafted over Andrew White I will be happier than I can describe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Im hoping for the same as well idk if I actually posted this or not but he should have red shirted. He was not physically ready which I believe caused him to struggle and have confidence issues. But I've seen this story before It was pretty much the exact same with his freshman yr of highschool as far as his play and development and kinda team as a whole. Idk how this translates to college but sophomore yr they won a regional title 😉 Im expecting big things next yr
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    This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    It sounds crazy for a 12-19 (6-12) season that went off the deep end at the end of the season, but hear me out. We did some pretty special things this year. - Coach Miles got to go back to his coaching roots and spend time with a plane full of University of Mary fans. - We went into the Wooden Legacy tournament and fought our way into the winners side of the bracket for the first time in a long time. - We played tough against a #14 5-0 UCLA team, keeping the game within six with three minutes to go, who finished #3 28-3 (15-3) in the regular season. - We played #3 8-1 Kansas team in historic Allen Fieldhouse and got to relive the Big 12 days a little bit. - We showed spurts of being a team that fought hard and didn't give up against really good competition. - We beat Indiana on the road when they were #16 10-2. - We beat Maryland for the first time since joining the Big Ten and did it at their place nonetheless. - We started off the conference season alone in the #1 with a 3-0 start. - We ended up beating Purdue and Maryland who finished the #1 and #3, respectively, in the Big Ten conference and went to overtime with the #2 Wisconsin. - We made a palindrome of wins and losses through 15 games in the season. - We ended the season with a Top 25 strength of schedule and were #1 and in the Top 5 most of the season, something that could not be said during non-conference play in the Doc era; it was exciting to watch elevated competition this year. - We played in a lot of close games, nine games within four points and five games within nine points. - It wasn't until 45% of the way through the conference schedule until we got blown out by an opponent. - We have a roster full of underclassman who all showed spurts of promise for the future, with only one senior on the roster. - We have had at least some level of depth on the bench for the first time in a long time. - We have been recruiting some high caliber players throughout the year. - We saw Tai grow so much throughout his career and finish off his time as a proud Husker and second-team all-Big Ten. - We got a much-needed "big man" that we were in desperate need for a few years. - We saw Jordy grow a lot throughout this season. - We saw Tyronn Lue come back to Nebraska to see his jersey retired. - The Nebrasketball community banded together and rebelled against the athletic department and continued the "Husker Power" chant. - Brian Rosenthal became the official "official" source. - Shawn Eichorst spent little-to-no-time announcing that Coach Miles will be returning to Nebraska next year, providing fans with less ambiguity, stress, and clarity than letting rumors take a life of their own over the off-season. - We played a schedule with a combined record of 487-265 (248-182) as of March 8 (which is 65% and 58% respectively) with teams currently rankes 1, 3, 12, 23, 25, and 7 other teams receiving votes. Some of those teams finishing the regular season 1st in the Atlantic-10, 1st in the Summit League, 1st in the Big 12, 2nd in Conference USA, 3rd in the Pac-12, 3rd in the SWAC, and 4th in the Big South. Teams currently projected in the NCAA tournament are seeded 1, 3, 4, 6 (x2), 7 (x2), 8 (x2), 9 (x2), and 10. It's hard not to find something good about this season. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what's in store for 2017-2018.
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    Eff that. Andrew White III is the new Biggs. Boston College breaks their 20-loss conference drought with a dominating 96-81 victory over Syracuse. AWIII is the end of the Syracuse basketball.
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    Any news on Morrow return?

    Last week Miles said Ed Morrow would be re-evaluated this week on his health status. I'm guessing nothing stated by this time. What do you say we speed the process up? Jesus said in Mark 16:18 about his followers: "They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." I'm a follower of Christ and I know many others on this board are, too. I won't get access to Ed, but I bet he gets access to this site. If he doesn't know about it, I'm sure someone here will clue him in. Tell him just to grab the monitor and accept his healing. Laying on of hands works. Here is a Seth update: Back in July when so many on this site gave generously to the fundraiser we had for Seth, he had to get a blood transfusion every two weeks to keep his red blood count at an acceptable level and he was on the Mayo list for a bone marrow transplant. Today, he goes two months between transfusions, he's off the Mayo list and the doctors don't know why. We always look at each other, smile, and we know why. Lay your hands!
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    Oh hell no! even when we went there for a visit I just felt irritated the whole time. Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Tai

    When I was five my dad took my to my first Nebrasketball Game n February 1989 against #14 Kansas, a game which the Huskers would win. My dad taught me the basics of the game. From that moment on, I was a die-hard Nebrasketball fan. There are many memorable players I've seen play in my lifetime. I have vague memories of Dapreis Owens, Rich King, Beau Reid, and Bruce Chubick. I enjoyed watching guys like Eric Piatkowski, Tony Farmer, Derrick Chandler, Mikki Moore, Venson Hamilton, Larry Florence, Cookie Belcher, Steffon Bradford, Brian Conklin, Kimani Ffriend, Ryan Anderson, Lance Jeter, Dylan Talley, Benny Parker, Shavon Shields, and Terran Petteway play. In my 33+ years, my favorite players have been Erick Strickland, Aleks Maric, Tyronn Lue, and Terrance Badgett. It's time to add Tai Webster to this list. I've been a huge fan of Tai since he committed to Nebraska. As we all know, he came in with very high expectations. Tai was very inconsistent his freshman and sophomore seasons, however his junior season was respectful. Tai's senior season has been one of the best I can recall. 15.5 ppg, 5.2 boards, and 4.0 assists per game, while playing just under 35 minutes a game. Yes he's missed his fair share of free throws and commits far too many turnovers, but to me, there is something very special about Tai. Scored in double figures in has last 30 games, became just the fourth player in school history to have 500 points and 100 assists in the same season, and will likely finish his Husker career in the top-25 career scoring list. A glance at his collegiate stats shows Tai has improved in FG%, 3P%, FT%, and scoring in each of his four seasons. Stats aside, Tai brings something else to team. Heart. When things were not going well, he could have left Nebraska and played overseas. He stayed, worked hard in the weight-room and became a well-respected leader. His smile and personality are infectious. He loves interacting with Husker fans and is often seen posing for pics with kids. With Indiana defeating Ohio State earlier today, a Husker victory Sunday night against Michigan gives up the 10th seed. That being said, Husker fans need to come out to PBA tommorrow and thank Tai Webster for being a class act on and off the court. Thanks Tai.
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    Players only meeting

    It might be time to kick Deverell Biggs off the team.
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    i'm starting to suspect that Sadler was not a real Doctor
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    NCAA Tournament

    The best part... AWIII will be playing as many NCAA Tourney games as the Huskers this year.
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    Perhaps I'm wrong but I think Miles will benefit greatly - perhaps most - by Moos' hiring. Miles will work well with an AD who's outgoing and extroverted and relationship oriented. Eichorst struggled there, and Miles - unlike Bo - made his share of good faith efforts toward Eichorst. This'll sound odd, but you know what could really use a good men's basketball season? Nebraska football. Some other sport at Nebraska needs to take the pressure off in the spring/summer. Husker football, regardless of the coach, could use a little less opinionating and talk radio coverage in the offseason. Of course Husker football will always be No. 1, but it wouldn't hurt if the No. 2 story in March was a NCAA berth/NIT run vs, you know, junior day in recruiting.
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    Ugh, this is my least favorite part of March Madness (and the lead-up to it now, I guess), when we start talking about how much better Player McPlayerson from Directional U is than our own roster. I like UNO and love that they made a good run -- but this is also a team that had 100 points dropped on them THREE times this season (by Rice, Oral Roberts and Fort Wayne), who was swept by Fort Wayne, and who had a 7-6 non-con record (with a win over Iowa but double-digit losses to USC, KState, Rice, Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, and Pitt -- average margin of loss was 19 points). Do they have a player or two who might contribute here? Sure, in a bench role, they might. But let's also feed Ed Morrow or Jack McVeigh a steady diet of those games and see what they look like. Again, I like UNO. Glad they made it as far as they did. They score points a lot so their horrible defense isn't as glaring and they can be fun to watch. But I'll take our guys pretty much any day of the week. (back to lurkerdom...)
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    Norm Peterson

    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    OK, let's review ... Barry Collier: Took over a relatively strong program that had been to the NCAA tourney 2 years earlier Scheduled non-conference cupcakes 6 straight losing records in conference play No NCAA tourney appearances Recruiting had virtually ground to a halt Can't find a replacement for key assistant and had to hire Jamel White's uncle just to fill out his staff Retained after season 6, would have been able to voluntarily return for season 7, but quits in July to take a lower paying AD job at Butler Doc Sadler: Took over an absolute dumpster fire just about the time the fall semester started for his first season Scheduled non-conference cupcakes 3 straight losing records in conference play and 5 out of 6 overall No NCAA tourney appearances Recruiting had virtually ground to a halt Had trouble replacing assistants and had to flip-flop Anwar and Croft as assistant vs. DOBO ... twice. Fired after 6 seasons. Tim Miles: Took over a struggling program NCAA tourney his 2nd season Has scheduled tough non-conf particularly this season Produced the first conference winning record in 15 seasons Continues to recruit strong Replaces departing assistant coaches with strong replacements (the current staff is maybe the best we've had since Gary Bargen sat the bench?) Uncharacteristic run of injuries has hamstrung the team in Miles' year 5 especially during conference play People are actually talking about running him out of town after 5 seasons. This is the way I see it, which is why I'm mystified by the people who want to go through another coaching change.
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    Think we hit rock bottom fellas

    Who was suppose to replace White and Shields this year? No one expected Tai to be 2nd in the conference in scoring this year. He averaged 10.0 points per game last year. Now, he is at 18.1 points per game. Watson, averaged 8.6 points per game last year, is now avg. 14.8 points per game. He shot 26.7% from 3 last year, and this year is shooting 42.5% from 3. Contrary to popular belief, players have improved under Miles. Turner is playing much better. Next year, we will have more depth to help us withstand injuries. We have a backcourt of: Watson, Turner, Gill, and Palmer. We have wings of: Roby, Horne, McVeigh, and Nana. We have a frontcourt of: Morrow, Jacobson, Jordy, and Copleand.
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    True story: my kid and a couple of his knucklehead buddies drive to Bloomington for the game. Check into their hotel. Go to their room, which just happens to be right next to Tim Miles' room. So he chats them up; gives his approval of their plan to give Crean the business during the game. Except they are in the rafters. No oxygen up there. They see coach on the court after the game and they have a big celebration. Got great pics with coach and Roby. Loyalty rewarded for the lad; great night.
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    Jacobson Gone?

    I know it sort of defeats the purpose of a message board, and I'm not trying to call anyone out on anything -- so I hope no one posting takes this personally, because I don't mean it personally. I don't doubt that there are people posting here who do learn things that others may not be publicly privy to, and I don't doubt anyone would post something they knew to be untrue, just for the sake of posting it (as in, I assume they're posting something they heard from someone else, but in good faith that it's accurate). We're all here, presumably, because we love Nebraska Basketball. But the rumor mill has been churning on overdrive around here the last couple weeks. So before we get too sold on any one narrative, whether that's one of Miles being an insufferable d-bag that players hate, or that Jacobson just wanted to shoot 3s, or that we're trading coaches with New Mexico, or any other stories yet to arise...I'm throwing out the suggestion that we take a second to realize that what we hear from the university probably won't match what we hear from "sources", and what "sources" have to say may or may not actually have any basis in reality (or may be hyperbole that has some roots in a fact somewhere, but just gets overblown as it passes from person to person). In other words, I'm just presenting the virtual salt shaker, and invite everyone to take a grain or handful.
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    Crying time is over

    We may have just dodged a bullet....just sayin'
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    Morrow leaving

    I'm going to go into next season (as I do every season) with hopes we prove people wrong. Will always support our coach (unless they do something criminally wrong). Losing Morrow SUCKS! But as a fan, I have to move on and cheer on the boys next year. I hope nobody else leaves. I hope the players that are here play with a little chip on their shoulder and prove the doubters wrong. I also wish Morrow the best of luck to wherever he lands next. I could piss and moan about it like the next guy, but what good does it do? I'm gonna cheer on the guys and the coaches that do want to be here.
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    Norm Peterson

    The power of coaching

    Funny story. I once took a pickle, died it red, and, because of its shape, it looked like a kidney.
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    Pry better stay away from Syracuse then...
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Further, let's look at the expectations for Miles at Nebraska. He came here from Colorado State, where his five teams improved from 0-16 to 4-12 to 7-9 to 9-7 to 8-6 in conference play. The final team went to the NCAA Tournament, where CSU lost in the first round, but that's a program that has won games in the NCAAs in the past. 2012-2013 = Left a seriously depleted roster in his first year, Miles had pundits wondering if his first Nebraska team might repeat his first winless conference record from CSU five years earlier. The Cornhuskers were unanimous choices to finish in last place of the 12-team Big Ten. That team finished 5-13 in the conference, in 10th place, and defeated Purdue in the conference tournament. EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED. 2013-2014 = Transfers Terran Petteway and Walter Pitchford were unknown quantities at the beginning of the season, when pundits included Nebraska in the league's bottom three with such in-depth analysis as "and Penn State, Northwestern and Nebraska are . . . um . . . yeah." Nebraska finished fourth in the 12-team league with an 11-7 record, losing to Ohio State in the first round of the conference tournament and to Baylor in the friggin' NCAA Tournament. EXPECTATIONS FAR EXCEEDED. 2014-2015 = So that young Nebraska team that made its run to the NCAA Tournament the year before was supposed to finish fifth in the conference. The Huskers started the year ranked, but something happened to team chemistry, and a season-ending nine-game losing streak finished a deeply disappointing 5-13 conference season. EXPECTATIONS NOT MET. BIGLY. 2015-2016 = Preseason pundits pegged the Huskers for 12th in the 14-team league, noting that Miles had to bring in six newcomers to support seniors like Benny Parker and Shavon Shields. Another losing streak to end the conference season — this time five games — left the team at 6-12 and in 11th place. However, a short three-game run in the conference tournament lightened moods a bit. EXPECTATIONS MET. 2016-2017 = It's not over, but before it began at least one site picked the Huskers to finish 14th. Others had them 13th or 12th, if they felt generous. This was fueled, primarily, by the loss of Shields and a former Husker who transferred to Hell instead of sticking with his teammates. The Huskers still might have a four- or five-game losing streak in them to finish the season, but the likeliest bets at this point are they finish 7-11 or 8-10 in the conference, and somewhere between 8th and 10th place. EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED. If that happens, and the Huskers win a game in the conference tournament, it'll be Miles' fourth losing season in five years, which are the data that many are using to dismiss the optimism those of us have on this board. The argument could be that Nebraska shouldn't be entering seasons picked to finish at or near the bottom of the league, that after five years, Miles has had a chance to build a roster that should automatically be considered a mid-level conference team that contends for the post-season every year and makes the NCAA every third year or so. My argument would be that Miles — as a coach — has exceeded expectations, based on the analysis above. I would argue that his success as a recruiter and developer of talent is still out because he sought that quick fix in Year 2 that led the team to the NCAA Tournament, and that quick fix was supposed to give him a second year of success working primarily with transfers while he built a roster from scratch with that 2015 freshman class (Watson, Jacobson, Morrow and McVeigh). But it didn't happen in 2014-2015 the way it was supposed to. In fact, I would argue that if that team had just played .500 ball in the conference — still not meeting expectations but also not suffering through a nine-game losing streak — that this wouldn't even be a discussion right now. Considering all that Miles and the Husker basketball program has been through in the past, Miles' tenure should be regarded as one that has generally exceeded expectations and is showing — right now, as I type — signs that sustained success is just around the corner. Finally, as a reputation-point whore, I'll finish with a sentence that needs a semicolon. Miles can coach and recruit; whether he can sustain a roster that will fulfill all our fantasies is yet to be seen. He deserves at least two more years to make that happen.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    I have always believed that to get Nebraska to the level where I think they could Maintain (think Wisconsin, i think nebraska could have the success of Wisconsin): When you hire the Coach in a situation like Nebraska basketball or Kansas Football, you need to close your eyes for about ten years...it will be a roller coaster ride and that is why you have to close your eyes and only slightly pay attention to the wins and losses..Celebrate any successes, but don't get too hung up with the failures. I am not saying you would never fire a coach after 5 years, 6 or 7...but I think you have to have a real long leash....I think you have to let a coach swing and miss a couple of times at a place like Nebraska...because this place is not an easy place to win and if each coach knows they are only going to get to really have one recruiting cycle before they are judged...how is Nebraska ever going to get to that next level? In Basketball, it is really easy to miss on recruits...Players look great, get to campus and can't play... They really have to know exactly what kind of players they need...before they ever play a BIg ten game...and at a place like Nebraska, you don't get to choose the puzzle pieces you want...you have to really search for the right piece and convince them to come to a place that is not a basketball school. I think the same thing about Kansas Football...if Kansas believes that their current coach is capable of success...the AD should just close his eyes to the Win loss record to about year 7 or 8 before that becomes the measuring stick....now if a coach has other failings, such as moral character or violates university policies that is another kettle of fish.
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    We seem to have a lot less to say when we win
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    Here's my thought on this. We have before us no less than 20 games still to be played. Tim Miles will be the coach for this team for all 20 of those games. A lot can and will happen between now the end of the season. By then we will know how this team will have responded going forward from this point, and whether or not Miles was able to get this team going in a positive direction, and building towards a better year next year. If we continue to the have the same problems and continue to have too many players not contributing in any substantial way, then Eichorst may very well decide to let coach go. But that will only happen at the end of the season, and I will support whatever decision is made regarding that. But until then Tim Miles has my support, and what I'm not looking forward to is seeing so many people piling on and calling for Miles to be fired before the season is even over.
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    Thoughts From An Old Friend

    I am BEYOND CLOUD NINE to this point of the basketball season with this team, the direction of the program and the results in general of these first hand full of games. Let me go on record as saying I was the exact opposite at the end of last season. I felt generally pessimistic about our freshman (incoming sophomores), the turnover of assistants and key players, and while I never gave up or lost hope with Miles, became skeptical for the first time in a long time. I couldn't be more on the other end of the bipolar spectrum at the moment. Gotta give guys like NORM credit who were always gung ho about this team. Although, Norm is the kind of fan (the best kind) that likely was also gung ho about Dan Heimos and Justin Boeker led clubs, but I digress. The growth of Glynn Watson developing his outside shot and the extra confidence is staggering. Tai Webster has stuck it out and grown more in 4 years than any player I can remember in recent history. He has become the player we all thought he'd be when Fran Frischilla proclaimed him a Top 30 type player going into his freshman year. Ed Morrow - MY GOSH. I'm wondering how much the injury slowed him down last year because this guy is a MONSTER. Did anyone else notice that MAN CHILD one handed rebound he slapped home last night in the second half? The guy looks like a STUD in the making. I don't remember this kind of athleticism from a big since...................... was Venson Hamilton that athletic? Jack McVeigh is going to be a VERY good player for us - I've seen he's gotten a lot of negativity due to his defense not being the best the last couple of nights and shots not always falling, but this kid has major upside. I'm not discouraged at all. I wish Jacobson would quit shooting three's - that's going to make me lose hair - but other than that, he looks great and has obviously put in the work in the weight room. He looks fantastic when he shoots the ball where he should - mid-range and in! Off the bench, I think Roby reminds me of another Roby.... Richard.... from Colorado... I think this kid has NBA upside. Jeriah Horne needs to get a few more minutes because he looks like a man child. Like a young Larry Florence. Jordy just as advertised. NBA upside, raw as hell. Probably a lot like a kid named Mikki Moore, who Danny once told me his biggest regret was not red shirting. He'll be special by the end. Anton Gil - I read someone here say he shouldn't be in the rotation? Really? What are you smoking? The kid has big time potential to fill it up from downtown - let's not forget he's been injured and been way behind all fall. He will be in our starting lineup at some point, I'm quite sure of it, perhaps in place of McVeigh. Evan Taylor - only guy on this team that's a project/an offensive liability. I feel like they want him to be this defensive stopper and that's why he plays so much, but I'm not certain he IS that stopper. See a very nice 11th/12th man next year and a great team first guy. Reminds me of Joe Holmes. He's only guy on this entire roster (outside of Fuller) who I see as a reach. And guess what - EVERY Big 10 team - even MSU or Indiana or Michigan or Wisconsin - all have a couple "reaches" on their rosters. That we have come this far with talent and athleticism blows my mind. I kid you not, this is going to be a SPECIAL team. Maybe not this year as far as W/L's go - but FOR SURE next year and beyond. And in the meantime, don't be surprised one bit if this team sneaks into the NCAA's this year. I'm convinced NIT is absolute floor for this team and Sweet 16 is the upside. Laugh if you want. Those are my thoughts. This team looks like a big time team and we now have size and athleticism to match up with just about anyone. GO BIG RED!!! -Your Old Friend Dave
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    Morrow leaving

    So we are losing a wing and a 3 point specialist. Man this sucks!
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    Crying time is over

    If that's true that tells you the nature of the problem. If Miles hadn't told him to stop shooting 3s he wouldn't be a basketball coach. That's the whole point of coaching. If we need to just let guys do what they want to do, even if you suck at it, just go play at the rec center. Give me a break.
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    If past history shows anything, SE doesn't have a hire lined up which would justify blowing things up. He was brought in to fire Bo, had plenty of time to have someone lined up, and he hires an old guy about to get fired, who has an inadequate staff with no experience in the league and recruiting radius, and a system which didn't exactly fit our existing talent or the league. In women's basketball, he was conducting his witch hunt on Yori for months, and despite having time to search for an impact hire, and a much more successful program to hire to, goes for a low D 1 coach who brings her entire staff here, despite not having a coach on it who had ever coached one game for a power conference team, or recruited to a level above South Dakota. No, I wouldn't exactly count on our current AD being able to find an upgrade to what we have.
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    Evan Taylor shouldn't be getting any flack. nobody even thought he would play much at all this year, and he just played 42 minutes in a double overtime victory. props to the kid. He has taken on the Peltz/Parker role and doing well at it.
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    Exceptional article

    If this was the "ladies" team, the coach would be fired. Player 2 would transfer to Washington. Player 1 would still be on the team standing in one spot on defense with her hands down, periodically tugging at her pants to keep them from falling down.
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    Let's cause a good old fashioned TemperFrantrum Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What could have been part 2

    Is there any way to unsubscribe to any threads that mention Andrew White? Just asking for a friend.
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    Explains a lot of todays events Sent from my VS500PP using Tapatalk
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    Crying time is over

    Ed, Nick and Jeriah are gone. Okay, it is time to move on, the crying time has passed. I posted the following in another thread, I will start a new thread with the following as the topic: We have three openings. What are our primary player needs: * We need a sniper; a shooter who can fill it up on a consistent basis * We need a back-up center. It was going to be Jordy and Ed. Ed is gone, so Jordy needs a back up. I also predict Jordy will be exponentially better next year. * We need a back-up PG. Arguably our current back-ups are Isaiah and Evan. Perhaps the back-up PG could be an elite shooter as well. Losing the three aforementioned players create somewhat of a dumpster fire attitude. Panic, anger, moaning, b*tching occur when players leave, especially if they were contributors. But whether we want to believe it or not, transfers occur everywhere. I went through my angst; it is now time to rally behind our staff, our team and our program. Sorry, just had to get this off my chest.
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    If they fire Miles and hire Crean I might vomit.
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    Coach Williams notes

    I'm violating my own rule with respect to (WRT) posting. However, this is an unusual circumstance that took us all by surprise. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Blackburn is staying at Nebraska. It's not my place to say what she thinks with respect to (WRT) Miss Shepard's departure. If they care, the press will have to ask her. I'm not sure how her knees really feel. I know she has a burning desire to play.
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    Miles will be here for 2017-18

    If you're gonna tweet that out the instant the game ends...why let it linger the past month?
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    Sipple checks in

    Gonna break this down a little bit here: It's pretty safe to assume that letting a coach go and hiring someone new (read: the coach isn't taking a job elsewhere...he's getting fired) leads to starting all over again. Rarely is this not the case. It's not so much the head coach, losing Kenya and Mo might cause more defections than there would be otherwise. The entire Big 10 is not immune to players transferring or not panning out. Don't make the mistake that so many others make by discounting Nebraska's roster and overplaying others because you think it makes you sound "unbiased". Overcompensating is not objectivity. Plus, since when has any journalist been an expert on X's and O's? Or any fan or message board geek for that matter? Did Rich Pitino all of a sudden become an X's and O's genius this year because he started winning? No. He's still the same guy we took to the woodshed last year. It makes me sick to see people whine about a coach that lost a game getting out coached. So lazy. If he (or you, or I or anyone for that matter) knew even a fraction about coaching basketball from an X's and O's standpoint that any P5 coach knew, we'd be out there making many more hundreds of thousands of dollars a year than we do sitting here being giant douchebags on the internet.
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    Just send it to Coach McDermott. He'll call it a good Grant Gibbs hustle play.
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    Some people need to get a grip. We've lost the last three games, one home and two on the road, by a combined total of eight points. And that is without Ed Morrow, who, if he had played, probably makes the difference between us going 0-3 and 3-0 in those last three games. Other guys, you might be able to replace their productivity with another player or combination of players. Not so with Ed. Everyone kind of needs to keep that in mind.
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    Us last 4 years- Why the hell do we end up with less than 10 FT!? Big 10- Maybe try attacking the basket more? Us- Deal! Big 10- That should do it! Us- Why the hell do we get over 40 points in the paint and end up with less than 10 FT? Big 10-
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    An 18-0 regular season conference record gets the Huskers at least a 4 seed....
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    Was Joe Cipriano's "last straw" moment his cancer diagnosis? Don't be an idiot....