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    I Want More Seasons Like This

    Forget the tournament conversations for a moment. I want more seasons like this. The fact that were here in the second week of March and the dialogue on HHC is alive and well is so refreshing. Many of us have been through the years on HHC where conversations tend to die around January, where non-regulars become even more irregular, and those who are champions for sticking it out tend to have conversations about NyQuil, the angle a player's knee bends, and the decor of an opposing player's parent's basement. Thank you all for being here in March. Seriously. I want more seasons like this, both on and off the court. Cheers.
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    Norm Peterson

    Time to eat a little crow

    Some of you guys who are still "on the fence" with Miles, or are certain we could easily hire someone else to do better, must be pretty young. I'm not. I ain't gonna live forever. I want to see this NCAA tournament winless drought end. I'd like to see it go down this year and, if we make the tournament, I think it will. I think we're good enough to win at least a first-round game. Our resume might prevent us from proving we could do it, but just get this team in the tournament and I think they'll show they're a match-up nightmare for the Dance. If you read my posts over time, which some people probably do and a lot probably don't, you'll note that I'm usually an optimist, but a guarded optimist, really. You haven't heard me pronounce every team over the last dozen or so years (since I found this site) to be the best team in a generation. I've basically said that for the first time, though, about this squad. And it clearly is. But a generation is a loooooooooong time. By the mid-90s walk-out time, I'd felt Danny Nee had run his course here. When he thought he was going to get the Rutgers job and announced that he basically never felt like he wanted to be here, he lost the fanbase. When they finally fired him, I was extremely hopeful. But, as some have pointed out recently, from about the very first game under Collier (or, really, even over the summer when we saw the recruits he was bringing in) it was like, oooh boy, what have we gotten ourselves into? Collier was here six years before he took another job. Wasn't fired; would have been here a 7th had Butler not offered him the AD position. Doc was here six years. Miles has now been here six years. And if you don't think Miles is the right guy or are on the fence about him, how many more coaches-times-six-years are you willing to wait to find that right guy? How confident are you that we just need to open up the check book to bring in that coach who will put this program on the proverbial map? How certain are you that it's just that simple? It's been 18 seasons since Danny Nee was fired. In that 18 years, we've been .500 or better in conference play just twice: once under Doc Sadler; and in Tim Miles' second season. We're about to go over .500 in conference play for just the third time in 18 years. Two of those three under Tim Miles. And people are on the fence. We're within striking distance of making the NCAA tournament field for just the second time in 20 years. Both would be under Tim Miles. And people are on the fence. If you motherfuckers can't live with a couple of down seasons every now and then while a guy tries to build a program, and demand we fire the coach every six years, I am going to be dead before we win an NCAA tourney game. And if that happens, I'm going to be really pissed. And I will haunt this board with error messages and banner ads for "Bluejay Pest Control" for all eternity. Got it?
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    Little side note

    As I was sitting watching the game and listening to the young family behind me trying to keep their youngest entertained. They do a great job by the way 4 under the age of 7 I think the mom said, second year behind me and they are wonderful. Any how that made me look at two of my three that were with me. I started bringing them, one at a time then all three, more than 20 some years, as my oldest is 29 and I pretty sure I started him when he was at least 3 or 4. But then it kind of hit me that this is my 52 year of Nebraska Basketball, but will be the first without my Mom. She passed in April after suffering a stroke last October. She is the one that started taking me to games when I was 4 because my dad worked nights and I think I might have needed to burn off some energy back then. I went to games with her until I was in Jr. High and started going with friends. Mom never went to games with me after that but I know that she and Dad watched them on T.V. I just want to say "Thanks Mom for starting my love of Nebraska Basketball" I know the day when we do win that first NCAA game that I will think back to me making Mom announce my name and I would run into the my bed room and jump into bed. "Starting at forward, a 4'6" Junior from Lincoln Nebraska..."
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    Kent Pavelka

    Who is Tim Miles

    I'll take this one. He & the staff are meticulous teachers and game-planners, who demand maximum effort & attention to detail. There is nice balance between those expectations and acknowledging and/or critiquing performance. That creates a standard that, in turn, creates pride and improvement in team. That's how I've seen it. I've always been impressed and even motivated myself by being able to hang around a lot. Believe me, the vibe is spot-on.
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    Coach Miles

    Man... I'll tell ya what - I tend to be a contrarian at times. Even though I've been a vocal critic (but huge supporter at the same time), it just seems as the tides turn I go the other way. Been seeing a lot about firing Coach Miles, or asking about his job security (on this board and others). Quick question - are y'all nuts? I don't care about how tough or not tough our schedule was this year - Coach Miles just produced one of the best records we've ever had. We have one of the most talented, enjoyable teams I've ever seen in program history. Our players stay out of trouble and out of the newspaper for bad reasons. If this core comes back - watch out. Could easily be the best NU team to ever walk around campus. Our recruiting is fantastic. Our social media presence and fan engagement are top notch. The arena is packed. X's and O's wise - I've seen some adjustments made in the past two years that have made me very happy. The things we are doing take time to develop and build a rhythm. Again - if we can keep this core together, next year could be special. Are there some negatives? Sure. Constant roster fluctuation. Assistant Coaching carousel. Still haven't gotten over the NCAA tourney hump, or made it deep into a conference tournament. But this is Nebraska Basketball... we don't have the program weight to just roll us down some consistent, carved out path that guarantees top 50 recruits, 20 win seasons, and permanent top 4 conferences finishes. We're going to have some down year, some roster change, some assistant coaching changes - that's just the way it is when you're not UNC/Duke/Kentucky/MichState/etc... I am seeing growth. I am starting to see development and consistency. I love our recruiting and transfer approach. I think Coach Miles is still growing and becoming better by the year. I'm all in on the Coach Miles bus. Disclaimer: All of this changes if we have massive roster turnover, especially from unexpected or unreasonable areas, and go 12-something next year. Basketballjones is not to be held liable for any of his comments or opinions.
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    Hate Will Never Win

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    If I'm Miles, and you're the AD, and you do what you say and I kick ass next year and win an NCAA tourney game, and you then approach me about a long term deal, I'm going to say, "Long term? Like what? Two years instead of one? So generous. Thanks, but I'm going to find a 7 year deal somewhere else and good luck with the coaching search to replace me." If I'm Moos this year, I come out PROMPTLY after the Final 4 with AT LEAST a 2 year deal if not 3. Maybe structure buyouts in such a way that I can cut ties a little more easily next year if things go south. But I bring Tim forward at a press conference and praise him effusively for the great season we had this year and how we got screwed out of an NCAA tourney appearance the team had clearly earned. What do we have instead? The good feelings that should have carried us forward into next year following one of the best regular season runs in program history have COMPLETELY dissipated. Gone away. Gone. No good will; no good feelings; no positive momentum carrying us forward into next year. None. Completely screwed the positive momentum that would have given us a foot in the door in recruiting. The way this has been handled has been a complete cluster fuck.
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    knee jerk reaction

    I'm like a 10+ year lurker on this message board. This was such a bad take that I created an account after 10+ years to let you know how bad of a take this is.
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    Us talking about the greatest dunk that never happened is very much a Nebraska Basketball thing
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    Lewis needs some work on his penmanship
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    The past few years my son has attended the Husker buddies event that Coach Miles puts on. First year my son attends it’s at PBA and he plays Tarin Smith one on one. Last year at the event he plays both Morrow and Jacobsen one on one. This year, a few weeks ago, of course he plays Jordy. BTW, this is his last year attending, next year he’s too old. So, the Roster should stabilize.
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    Going forward

    Probably not a popular opinion, but I liked how we used our big guys last night. We need those guys going forward, even if they are struggling offensively. I felt like Pardon really wore down as we had 3 big guys to throw at him, and then you make him chase Roby late in the half, and he has no gas left. We saw exactly that last night. Pardon was horrible down the stretch. In the final 8 minutes, he had 0 reb, was 1-2 on FG (the only make was a meaningless layup with 0:12 left), was 2-4 from the FT line, and let Copeland dunk in his face. NU went from a 1-pt lead to a 15-pt win in that stretch, as he was no factor. I think the way we used our bigs to wear him down led to that. --- I'd certainly like to see our bigs give us more on the offensive end, but we really only need a little bit more out of them going forward. We can generate points without those guys being a big part of the offense. We more need those guys to eat minutes, rebound, and play solidly, wearing down the other team's 5 and opening the door for us to use Roby at the the 5 for 5-6 minutes of each half. I thought they did that for the most part last night. It'd be nice to have Roby getting closer to 25 minutes, but the last thing we need is him picking up 2 fouls before the first media timeout against the other team's 5 when he's fresh, forcing Roby to the bench. Make their big guy bang against our big guys for a while, then let him chase Roby when he's tired.
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    I sat next to Papa Gordon tonight, and we both agree that it's the damn hippity-hop music that distracts the boys during warmups, throwing them off for the rest of the night. Oh, and the tattoos. Always the tattoos.
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    Oh hell no! even when we went there for a visit I just felt irritated the whole time. Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    Absolutely. My dream come true is for people to stop bringing up Dana Altman.
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    Perhaps I'm wrong but I think Miles will benefit greatly - perhaps most - by Moos' hiring. Miles will work well with an AD who's outgoing and extroverted and relationship oriented. Eichorst struggled there, and Miles - unlike Bo - made his share of good faith efforts toward Eichorst. This'll sound odd, but you know what could really use a good men's basketball season? Nebraska football. Some other sport at Nebraska needs to take the pressure off in the spring/summer. Husker football, regardless of the coach, could use a little less opinionating and talk radio coverage in the offseason. Of course Husker football will always be No. 1, but it wouldn't hurt if the No. 2 story in March was a NCAA berth/NIT run vs, you know, junior day in recruiting.
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    i'm starting to suspect that Sadler was not a real Doctor
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    Norm Peterson

    Let me get this straight...

    1) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? Industry standard is a rollover, adding a year onto the end of the contract every year, keeping coaches with a set number of years on their contract. Always. For a coach to burn 2 years off the end of a contract, then produce a very strong record and only get a one-year extension, says the same thing to recruits as it does to everyone else: his time here is done after next season. If he does well enough not to get fired, it'll be good enough to attract other offers that he'll consider before choosing one. The chances that he's back after next year seem almost miniscule. No question in my mind this situation hamstrings us on the recruiting trail. Convince me I'm wrong. 2) OK. Maybe. Next year, we'll still have, hopefully, a team full of studs. But the year after that? Guess we'll see. I have my doubts. You think 14,500 fans would show up every night to watch our 2000-2001 team? 3) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? We're spinning our wheels for a year. We're screwing recruiting in the right here and now. We lose, at a minimum, the seniors, plus probably Roby at the end of next season. Those are spots Miles would be recruiting to fill right now. Those potential recruits are guys who won't be signing with us in November because they have no idea where Miles will be when their college careers start or who the coach here would be. Fire Miles this year, and you get moving with a roster to work with. Extend Miles and you signal to everyone this is our man (unless you have to buy him out early, which, OK, fine, so what?). This one-year extension, IMO, is the absolute worst of all possible scenarios. With all the players we for sure lose off next year's team, we're going to go into 2019-2020 giving serious minutes to walk-ons like Ross Buckendahl and Craig Wortmann. For the record, I believe Miles earned a reasonable extension with this season. I respect that there might be those who would disagree with that opinion, in which case, fine, fire him now. But, for the love of all things Holy, make a decision one way or the other -- extend for real or fire him. But don't leave us in this state of suspended animation with a coach on life support and a program teetering in the balance.
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    I am proud of this team and what they've accomplished. I'm glad to have been a fan during an immensely entertaining season in which stand-up young men stood up for their beliefs and played some dang-good basketball in less-than-ideal conditions (several one-day preps, high pressure at the end of the season, and a need to develop chemistry quickly). Very proud indeed.
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    What I’ve learned is that your reaction to this type of situation is a lot different when you actually feel like you are a target. I don’t feel like a target in this situation, but some of the players on the team do. That’s something that is hard to relate to, and if they’re scared than I fully support 100% whatever type of response they choose to go forward with. Because the fact of the matter is African Americans are a minority on UNL’s campus, and if these guys are feeling targeted by this wacko then we need to stand behind them and let them know that we’re here to support them.
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    Norm Peterson

    Time to eat a little crow

    The program was nowhere near rock bottom at that point. Rock bottom is when your primary recruiting assistant abandons your program and jets off to a safe landing spot and the head coach (who stunningly managed not to get fired at the end of the season ONLY because the AD was fresh out of political clout and your head coach managed to win a couple games in the conference tournament) can't find anyone willing to come take his place and eventually settles for the uncle of one of your current players who coaches an AAU program somewhere outside your primary geographic recruiting zone and, meanwhile, your star sophomore center has thrown his name in the hat for early entry in the NBA draft and has flown home to Australia and isn't sure he's ever coming back and your star freshman point guard has asked for his scholarship release. That is rock bottom. What happened at the end of last season is that a couple of guys who had been starters in the past looked at the roster for this year and realized they probably wouldn't be starting anymore for the rest of their careers because they see you have a couple of studs sitting out as transfers who will join them in the junior class and relegate them to the roles of bench warmers going forward. That is not rock bottom. Just for the sake of clarification. I have seen what rock bottom looks like and end of last year wasn't it.
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    Let me guess. He wants to be utilized more as a 3.
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    First of all, a continued THANK YOU to HHCDIMES for running this place and making it better than ever over the last three years. It's still the premiere fan site for NCAA basketball on the entire Internet, hands down, and it's for NEBRASKA BASKETBALL, which is the most amazing part about it. I don't chime in very often anymore, and I'm often times guilty of being fired up/upset when I do post. That's why I thought I should chime in tonight for a change. After the St Johns game, I was 99% done with Tim Miles - I'll admit it. I was "up to here" with losing by 20 to mediocre teams on the road - "up to here" with key players transferring or leaving the program early - and "up to here" with coaches leaving and only one post-season appearance. HOWEVER.......... over the last month........ a strange thing has happened. I now believe again. No, seriously, I really do. This team looks the part of a 5th or 6th seed in an admittedly down Big 10, but a Power 5 conference nonetheless. They will enter Big 10 play 10-5 (1-1) and win nine more conference games, for final marks of 19-12 (10-8). Yes, I have them at 19-12 (10-8), meaning two wins in the Big 10 tournament will get you into the dance, and one will get you "on the bubble" Selection Sunday. To this point, we are ONE WIN OFF where we need to be to be on target for the NCAA's. We don't have a key out of conference road or neutral site win, with KU our last chance at an IMPRESSIVE nonconference win. Still, we're only one game off the pace, and could VERY EASILY land in the Tournament this year. The athleticism and depth is the best its been in years. The team has a great chance to be HEALTHY headed into Big 10 play, with a full week off before KU then three patsies. Our team really should be 100% health (or as close as you can be to it) with Michigan State completely out of the way and only one more tough tough Big 10 road game (At Minnesota). I think the league is really down. That is also good because our nonconference schedule will make EVERY GAME (outside of Kansas) feel winable from here on out. In league, every game will seem like playing Boston College or below, since we have MSU out of the way and played such a killer schedule to prepare us for league. In short, the schedule sets up VERY NICELY for a run - the team appears to have a great chance to be HEALTHY - and the players have a LOT OF POSITIVE TRAJECTORY. I see Jordy, Roby, Allen, Copeland and Watson all getting much better as the year goes on. GBR!!! Keep the faith - and to Coach Miles, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about you if you can take this team to the NCAA's. I do think NIT is 90% with this team - floor is 7-11 in league. Dave
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    Kenya Hunter

    You're just not looking at this from a realistic perspective. Tim Miles' job security is poor. Hanging by a thread is probably the best way to describe it right now. Tim knows it, his assistants know it and his players know it. What you're seeing are people trying to secure a stable future for themselves and their families, which they have every right to do, and which no reasonable person could challenge or dispute. If you know your boss isn't likely to survive for very much longer in his current role, would you not secure something more stable for you and your family? Making Nebraska great again doesn't pay college tuition or a mortgage.
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    I remember my first angry new thread post.
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    Last night we shot 49.2% overall and 36.4% from 3 against the 9th best defense in the country according to KenPom. Our FG Efficiency % is currently 48.6% versus 48.3% in our last NCAA tournament year. We are turning the ball over at a pace that is 2nd least of the Tim Miles era. Our 3 point percentage is currently 36% which is the 1.3 points better than our best year under Miles and 2.7 points better than our tournament team (33.3%) Our 3 point defense is 59th in the country at 31.2%, this is versus 31.5% in our tournament year and a dramatic improvement from our 40.7% and 36.7% from the last two years. Because of our upgraded talent and perhaps the 30 second shot clock we are playing at the fastest tempo since at least 2002 when KenPom records stop. From the game last night 83.3% of our points will likely be back next year. 84.8% of our rebounds will likely be back next year. Nothing I have read of yours indicates you are a fan of Coach Miles or the team for that matter and I am not naive about our weaknesses in the post etc. With our 1st NCAA appearance of the century occurring under his watch, Miles has earned the right to see Glynn Watson through his senior year assuming this year does not completely fall apart. My expectation is post-season of some kind this year and tournament win next year. If that doesn't happen I think he has had plenty of opportunity. Last night hurt because our margin for error is thin because we don't have a great non-conference scalp. So now you you have been engaged, I'll look forward to you sharing with us all the weaknesses and "why not's" that we already know.
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    Explains a lot of todays events Sent from my VS500PP using Tapatalk
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    Ed Chang

    I thought it stood for "All About Under-the-table-deals-being-made-by-apparel-companies-and-universities-to-make-big-contract-deals-with-future-players-then-look-the-other-way-when-asked-if-there's-corruption-in-college-basketball-until-the-FBI-steps-in-then-you-let-them-enforce-the-rules-of-your-own-organization-that-you-pathetically-don't-enforce"? But maybe that's just me
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    Kenya Hunter

    I really don't believe some folks here appreciate what's been going on behind the scenes with our basketball program. Let's start with the aggressive pursuit of Dana Altman, which our AD has denied, and many here believed him. Sorry, but that's nonsense. As I posted when this was going on a couple of weeks ago, Nebraska fans are not entitled to full disclosure from the AD about what's going on behind the scenes with the basketball program. He was asked about Altman, flat denied it (lying in the process), and I have no problem with that. It's not the type of information that needs to be admitted publicly. Altman turned us down, so it ended there. The AD is not going to admit that publicly. If you took his denial at face value, you may not understand how the game is played. If you believe Nebraska didn't make a very lucrative offer to Dana Altman, you've bought into a lie. Tim Miles and his staff were very aware of the offer to Altman. They're very well aware that the relationship between Nebraska and Miles is not a long-term partnership, but rather a temporary alliance out of convenience and, in reality, only set to continue for a while longer because the AD hasn't found "his guy" yet. Tim knows this because the AD has been more than honest with him in this regard. Tim knows the score and his assistants know the score. He understands that this entails the possibility that some will seek greener pastures. How could they not be expected to do so? He likely has encouraged them to take care of their business and do what they have to do. If you like Tim Miles and believe he's the future of this basketball program, you're entitled, but just know that the AD doesn't share your perspective. Tim's on borrowed time and is only still here because the home run hire the AD seeks has not been secured. Nebraska under Bill Moos is not prepared to accept a future in which the program continues to be a doormat in college basketball. I understand we just came off a very successful year by Nebraska standards, but the old standards that many here seem to accept as the appropriate reference are not considered to be acceptable by the people currently in charge of this athletic department. They've set their sights much higher and are no longer prepared to accept sustained mediocrity. Tim is a .500 coach at Nebraska who has not built anything sustainable from year to year. Some people believe that Miles and his staff are somehow "in limbo" as a result of the slow pace of Moos' progress in extending a new contract to Miles. While this may be true to an extent, there is very little uncertainty among the parties involved about the fact that the AD is not a Tim Miles fan and does not consider him to be the future of this program. So, there's no "in limbo" situation here. Kenya Hunter knew he was on a path that will soon hit a dead end, so he chose a different path. That's called being smart and taking care of your family. Anyone who has resentment toward Kenya has not correctly assessed the situation in my opinion.
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    As a high school teacher for the past 19 years, I've come to the conclusion high school kids don't really know much at all.
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    The Longest Day(s)

    I'm spending the next 8 days rooting like crazy for one team - the FBI. If they can just hurry things along, rise from their underdog status, and take down several other bubble teams - and a few blue bloods along the way - we'll be dancing .... maybe even as a #5 or #6 seed.
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    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Nebraska wins the whole damn dance..... Next day... KenPom #49
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    I don't think I'll ever have the sense of arrogant entitlement and sanctimonious superiority to know what it would feel like to be a Creighton fan.
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    Hate Will Never Win

    It doesn't seem like the basketball team is down with the 'Ah shucks it's just a white supremacist so everyone just ignore it and we're cool' approach.
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    I've been waiting 27 years to beat Xavier....
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    I've Seen That Game Before

    Throughout the Minnesota game I kept having déjà vu. My mind went back to countless moments (during the Collier and Sadler eras in particular) when our under-manned, out-talented team would try to scratch and claw its way to a victory over a vastly more talented opponent. I remember being exasperated in the bleachers at the Devaney, wondering how we were the only team that seemed to never be able to buy a call at home. I’ve seen that game in person no less than 50 times. But now I’ve finally seen it from the other side—through the lens of a fan of the talented road team. As the can’t-catch-a-break home team fan, that game feels like highway robbery. I’m sure the Gopher faithful left that game thinking the game was called unfairly (and at home no less!). Many of them likely uttered some variation of “Man, if only the calls went both ways, we totally would have won.” But as a fan of the athletic and talented road team, watching from the comfort of my couch, I finally have come to appreciate just how tough it is to officiate that game fairly. Because the reality is you can’t “call it both ways.” Why? Because the teams aren’t committing the same types of fouls. Our team was quicker. More explosive. Proactive. And when there was contact, it was usually because our guys had put themselves in position to make a play and they did. The result is that the refs didn’t blow their whistle on anticipation fouls. Or in other words, they assumed our guys were athletic enough to make a clean play on the ball, unless their eyes told them otherwise. A perfect example of this is when Copeland went straight up to misdirect the final shot of the game, the Gopher guard jumped into him and crashed hard to the ground, and the fans went bananas on the no-call. The Gopher players, on the other hand, were largely reactionary. They were a step behind. Not as quick. That makes it much easier for a ref to anticipate contact and know that the defender is going to be late, and the contact worthy of a foul. And generally speaking they were right. The Roby fastbreak foul (when Pitino got his technical) was a microcosm of how the entire game was officiated. On that play a Gopher defender clearly clipped Roby’s arm. It was a foul, no question. But as a Gopher fan all you see is a bang-bang play that got called against your team. The reality is that the Gopher defender was just a little too slow, and Roby just a little too quick, for the steal to be made cleanly. I finally get it. I now know why that game can’t be called evenly. As a ref you either call fouls on contact equally (which favors the slow home team), or you call fouls only on clear infractions (which favors the athletic road team). There is no way of officiating that game that “calls it both ways.” Sorry refs for all the mean things I’ve called you through the years. And thanks for getting the game right last night.
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    Time to eat a little crow

    Hold on...I'm sorry guys, but the facilities, amazing as they are, are not a reason any recruit in his right mind commits to a program as historically blah as Nebraska. Quite honestly, having a nice facility is something more for the fans to pat themselves on the back over their contributions. It's removing a hurdle. But it isn't a reason anyone signs with a team. Go back and read the stories from when literally anyone on the team committed (I just did, because I wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly). What do they say is the reason they chose Nebraska? The first thing every one of them mentions is the relationships they formed. After that, some mention the fan base, some mention the level of competition, and Isaac Copeland noted that we had nice facilities but that was after talking at length about his relationship with Kenya Hunter and Anton Gill. Facilities help in the sense that it's one less thing to hurt you when competing for a nice player. They might have thought twice about it if the locker room was filled with dead bugs and they were practicing at Mabel Lee every day. But having a deluxe locker room (or a terrible locker room) will take a backseat to a good relationship with a coach 100% of the time. We have the players we have because they had great relationships with the coaches, not because they had a great relationship with the pool table felted to look like a basketball court. You don't have to like what the coaches do with those recruits after they become players, and there are probably some fair arguments to be had there, but it's inaccurate to say that we're getting recruits because of our facilities when the recruits themselves are consistently saying otherwise.
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    I feel like Jordy doesn't get enough props for what he brought to the game tonight (and really the last half dozen games or so) I am starting to be a big Jordy fan! #Normandie #RiskyRoadz
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    To me it's hilarious to read some of the comments in here. We just lost by 5 points on the road at the 13th ranked team in the country who is probably playing as well as anyone (currently on an 8 game winning streak and is 9-0 in the B1G) and you'd think we just got Incarnate Worded. Is this Rock Bottom? Because if it is sign me up. Jeez, I try to not be a sunshine pumper but some of us need to take a time out and realize that we've got a pretty good team on our hands here...
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    This is my virgin post on the Haymarket Hardwood and I can't believe it took me so long to stumble upon this website. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough on the internet but it's nice to know that there are other crazy Nebrasketball fans out there. We are a special breed, much like Cubs fans prior to their world series win and current Cleveland Browns fans - crazy, passionate and obviously we were all likely dropped on our heads during our formative years. Anyways, extremely disappointed in Jordy's decision making process. Nothing like hanging your teammates out to dry at a critical juncture in the season. This does have a similar look to the Deverell Biggs situation back in 2014 but I always thought that Biggs was more of a "me-first" player and likely a cancer in the locker room. That one decidedly felt like addition by subtraction. I've never for one second thought that of Jordy. He appears to be well liked and respected by his teammates. At the end of the Wisconsin game when Jordy fouled out, I noticed that Miles patted him on the back and Kenya and him exchanged several words before Jordy sat down. It struck me that it was likely a pseudo father/son moment and I assumed that Kenya was telling him how proud he was of his play and that's what his potential is and the expectation for him was going forward this year. As everyone has stated, the timing in all this is just completely baffling. I'm hoping and expecting that they roll with Okeke tonight as the starter. Our center does not need to provide offense. We need a big body that can bang with the opposing center, take up space and be a defensive presence around the rim. Okeke and Borchardt are far better at that then Jordy and neither of them demand the ball on offense. Maybe this is also the spark Roby needs to become more aggressive and a force. Of course, doing this without fouling is a huge ask of Roby. Hopefully this is a unifying event for this team and they play a complete 40 minutes of basketball tonight, which in my opinion, we haven't seen this team do this year. Here's to hoping for an inspired performance tonight against Penn State!!! Also, can't wait to partake next year in the picks contest - so bummed I didn't find this message board much sooner!!!
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    I'd pretty much do anything not to go to Penn State, either, but this seems extreme.
  43. 12 points

    USC Coach nails it

  44. 12 points

    It's Time to Subscribe

    It's easy to take our local newspapers for granted. But yesterday's news of additional staffing cuts and another downsizing of print by the Omaha World Herald is a reminder that subscriptions sustain reporting. I would imagine many here are regular readers. I would urge anyone here that does not subscribe to the Omaha World-Herald or Lincoln Journal-Star to take up a subscription today http://www.omaha.com/columnists/grace/grace-the-world-herald-has-taken-some-hits-but-we/article_7adee8f1-757f-5278-bc87-f2a824336b93.html
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    We get the home-road sweep of both Minnesota AND Wisconsin. How many of us thought THAT would happen at the start of the season?
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    Dean Smith

    We're Good Enough

    I don't think I've started more than three threads since I've been on the board but even though it's usually scary, I started thinking tonight. We do feel snake bit as Nebraska basketball fans and rightfully so. Michigan is in a worse place then we are and you know what a lot of their fans are thinking right now. I guess we just have to go win the B1G tourney. They think that way because Michigan basketball has done that before. We are worried about the bubble and how close we are to the bubble and what everyone else in the country is doing and this matrix and that matrix. I don't think we are going to win out and get to 23 wins but we are good enough to do that. We probably aren't going to win the B1G tourney but we are good enough to do that too. I'm biased but I think we are much more likely to do it than Michigan. It's a tournament so we don't have to beat all of Michigan, Michigan St., Ohio State and Purdue. We will probably have to beat two of them. We trounced one of them and could of/should of beat two of the others. And as upsets happen, we might not even have to play two of them. As a matter of fact, I think we are more likely to win the tourney than to win out. I'm not going to get out in front of myself and not just as a Nebraska basketball fan, I am just naturally pessimistic. So we probably aren't going to win out and we probably aren't going to win the B1G tourney. But we are good enough to do both.
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    Likely not a popular opinion, but I have to get this off my chest: If true and his pending transfer is due to him being unhappy about how the season is going for him, it might be one of the more selfish decisions I've seen in some time. I have some reservations about Miles & Company on several things, but it appears to me the staff has gone above and beyond trying to get this guy going. He's been given opportunity after opportunity this year and outside of the Wisconsin game, has been mostly ineffective. To quit on his team at this point in the season is about as "me first" as it gets.
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    Not to pick on Roby but he was -10 tonight whereas Jordy was +16 (thought it's not quite that simple). The lineup of death was killing us. Happ could blow through Roby whereas he had to work around Jordy in addition to beating a double team. It simply wasn't a great matchup for Roby. That's one of the nice things about this team: We have enough different options where we can match up against different teams
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    I'm just mad right now. This game flipped on that bull$#!@ reversal on the charge on Jordy. NU punched for a long time. That was a really good basketball game, NU showed well, but just couldn't quite hang. I'm gonna go punch a wall. I may add some more thoughts later.
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    Burn Creighton Burn

    Grab your business cards folks, and head up to Omaha on Saturday for a day of networking and cheering on the Huskers at the Century Link Center. If you're looking to get the full effect, hop on over to NOSH and grab a nice glass of Pinot. Maybe a charcuterie tray from Corkscrew. Get together with the guys and iron your sweater vests while discussing Hillary and the economic expansion of the Benson restaurant market. If you arrive early enough you can utilize the JayBacker Coat Check, catch some sweet, sweet Jazz and even snag a $19.99 rack of lamb in the Lexus Club Lounge. Unfortunately the guaranteed by end of game dry cleaning service is only open to CU alum. All that being said, the best part of the CLINK, according to many CU fans, is that their pump up song is Glorious by Mackelmore. If that doesn't get your cuff links all rusted, I don't know what will. Let's burn it to the ground!