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    Us talking about the greatest dunk that never happened is very much a Nebraska Basketball thing
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    Lewis needs some work on his penmanship
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    Just got yelled at by my wife for yelling at the tv with 3 sleeping kids. Worth it.
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    It’s not just that we won... it’s HOW we won. Stepped on throats and didn’t let up.
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    If he starts it would be Vunderful but also a bit Tshiocking.
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    uneblinstu is unavailable tonight, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling talking about what a horrible game we had on the boards, and how we should have blown them out, and how it was far closer than it should have been. But, in spite of all that, losing that lead on a 4-point play with 8 seconds left and then having James Palmer shoot a running 3-pointer at the buzzer was probably about as fun a way to win that game as you could have scripted it. I'll take it. Bring on Michigan.
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    One of the BTN guys said that Nebraska came out and punched Michigan in the mouth. I think what he meant to say is that we punched them in the mouth, curb stomped them, kneed them in the ribs, and then kicked them in the balls for good measure!
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    Nebraska was tired of getting beaten by Michigan.
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    Glad we finally got the Michigan monkey off our back
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    Tricky situation. This is a situation where I'd probably take the opinions of his teammates into consideration. If they want him back, I'd work out a solution to bring him back. College kids do stupid things.
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    How did we lose

    Tom Eades. The answer to that question is always Tom Eades.
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    Side effect of making teams shoot so poorly
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    More goodness from Reddit (from a Michigan fan):
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    Mark Turgeon just said that Maryland got a tough scheduling draw as they have to play all the top Big 10 teams twice. I don't remember us playing Maryland twice, unless I'm missing something?!?!
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    All I know is that I hate drama. Jordy just put a heaping pile on this program.
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    Haven't heard a lot of calls to fire Jim Molinari lately. Weird.
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    I also keep hearing excuses about how gassed they are after this stretch of the Big Ten. We've played the same amount of games in just as tough minutes (close games). I'm not buying it.
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Step by step we are improving in most areas especially on defense. We are hitting one milestone after another. This basically happens when you have a good coaching staff and all the players are dedicated. A win in the previous game against Michigan would have put us in a 4 way tie for first in the conference. Who knows where we will end up. They are certainly fun to watch. All this from a very young team. Still no love from Jeff Sagarin in his ratings. 69th with Indiana and their losing record 68. Go figure.
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    We've built up a lot of karma over the last few years of heartbreaking losses, we deserve this.
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    Told you guys in my preseason post the Jas and Maddie would have very good years and that woody would play some. We are loaded with young talent but don't underestimate the leadership by example those 3 have provided every day since last march. -- and shout out to darrien. Had the assist of the gm at crunch time to Hannah for the 3 and then followed it up with a huge rebound while giving Kate a quick blow so she could finish strong -- give Taylor and Kate a year in the weight room as well as nicea time to keep getting stronger and tighten up her handles and we will be a very very good team next year if everyone stays healthy
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    Watching both B1G games last night there was a lot of gushing over us. I hope we can live up to it. I just want to worry about OSU right now. I know guys have to sell papers and themselves but not sure this is the right time for this article by Sip. We are starting to get the casual fan back, and if we lay an egg tomorrow those people will say well it is just like it was. And we might not get the crowds we could get. and will need for the late run. Like Thursdays. I know this is a bit of a chicken little thinking but... to many years guys, to many years...
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    To-do list Beat all B1G teams at least once Signature Win Make NCAA Tournament Win NCAA Tournament Game(s) I thought after killing Michigan St that Michigan had gotten their bad game out of their system vs. Maryland. However, the Wolverines mostly looked like they didn't want to be there with only Charles Matthews aggressively getting to the rim. Michigan started to get some momentum to start the second half but Roby's steal on a lazy inbound pass put Nebraska back on track and we never looked back. On to the hits James "Max Efficiency" Palmer with 19 points on 8 shots! He really closed things out at the end as he had more FT attempts than all of Michigan, constantly driving to the hoop Watson not doing much shooting but basically kept the ship steady as was part of the reason we finished with only 9 turnovers Roby with yet another good game against Michigan and with Copeland was part of the stifling defense on a uninterested Wagner. Copeland with some big tough buckets to start the game tonight and was very aggressive starting down low with his back to the basket Gill finally got some baskets at the rim and hit key 3 point shots, making 2 of our 5 Allen with an off night and got pulled at one point for a careless turnovers. The life of a freshman Duby came in and immediately draws a foul. Had a nice block but overall his 2 minutes were a wash Jordy with a huge round of applause and a nice assist to Roby for a dunk right off the bat. He was solid but obviously this was a team we wanted to go small against.
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    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Did Mo Wagner suffer season-ending hurt feelings last night? What is the typical recovery time from feelings surgery? Perhaps he'll just try to gut it out for the rest of the season and get the operation in the off season?
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    And, don't forget Mo Wagner, whose feelings were hurt last night...........
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    Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Ohio St is playing at Madison Square Garden vs Minnesota on Saturday and will only have 1 day of prep to play us.
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    Also the response that Jordy got tonight from the crowd was phenomenal. That's a typical Nebraska crowd, and I'm not sure why anyone would want to leave after that
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    BTN “Michigan is tired” yeah, because nebraska hasnt played a bunch of teams recently...
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    20 pt win over a very good ball club. this is awesome. let's enjoy this one, guys. lots of good stuff. two days of happiness!
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    Unlike the ticket freebies that have a time limit on them, when the Huskers win this game, stop in at Conlee's and I'll buy you a beer whenever you get here!
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    In Coach Williams presser she made the comment that tomorrows practice would be 2 hrs. of free throw shooting.
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Griesch was making a fool of himself on the air tonight. wow.
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    Someone asked for a look at the Copeland reaction to the Roby dunk:
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    I'm guessing that going forward Palmer will always be on the floor at the end of close games.
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    I kinda like that Roby kid.
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    We just got outboarded 46-29 by Illinois. He may not play, but a 6-11 guy in the middle for 10-15 minutes would help.
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    The crowd must get better

    SELL BEER!!!
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    Road to 20

    Road to 20 regular season wins - UPDATED 5 Must Wins Wisconsin - WIN Illinois - WIN Iowa Rutgers Indiana Split These 6 at Rutgers at Wisconsin at Minnesota at Illinois Penn St Maryland Just Get 1 at Penn St at Ohio St Michigan - WIN Still right on track - a win Monday would be huge obviously -- would almost be like a 'bonus' win -- but then 3 big road games (Rutg, Minn, Wis) that could set things up for a fun finish. Really nasty part of the schedule coming up with so many games in a short time frame. (Oh and don't lose to Iowa in the middle of that stretch. For the love of God, don't lose to Iowa.)
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    Should've almost transferred 3 months ago.
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    We stepped on their throats the first half and didn't let up the 2nd. And when was the last time that we won a game against a top 25 team and our student section didn't storm the floor? Refreshing to see players and fans alike act like wins over top 25 teams is to be expected.
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    I am a bit pissed by this attitude. I don't belive Michigan was surprised. I do believe they weren't 100% engaged, but not surprised. I guess Sip was looking for a laugh.
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Absolutely......pathetic free throw shooting. We could have won it by 20. We will not win close games, against better teams, with horrible percentages from the foul line. Maybe we were a bit tired after just playing Mich. We kind of looked tired toward the end of that game too. But Iowa didn't look like a ball of fire either. I understand they were missing a couple of guards due to injury...must have been their 3 shooters, because if they can't shoot 3 any better, they will lose a number of games from here on out. Was not impressed with them.... tonight anyway. Without Gustaphon...they not very good. Maybe they rely on her too much...that can effect how the rest of the team plays. We just were the better team tonight...and the final score could have been an even bigger spread. We took care of the ball pretty well....not many turnovers. Maddie kind of quietly scored well, and had a great game overall. As has been said....she's having a super year. Nicea did her usual outstanding job with her defense and overall play. She's learned to play tight defense and not foul so much. Hats off to her for her play this year. Taylor played more tonight, must be getting back to normal. She had a good floor game, rebounded, handled the ball well. We had a lot of steals, not usually a big part of our game. Real good game ladies....rest a little and go at it again. Your growing up fast. You all notice....the seasons over half over !
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    it is pretty amazing huskers won tonight-------out rebounded by 13 and miss 18 free throws and beat top 20 team-----but, they'll take it.
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    A couple behind me left with us up by 2 under 1 minute. I asked if they knew how it ended and the guy deadpanned " we win on a last second 3."
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