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    Once again, tip of the cap to all here that do a ton of work. You people are amazing! Will you feel a little bit unfulfilled when our Huskers win the B1G Tourney?
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    WNIT vs. The Dance

    Why do you have to be such an douche. Sam is about the only media friend we have in this state.
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    Never. I guess you haven't heard about Trae Young yet?
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    They just said that Delaware St/Maryland Eastern Shore is one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball. Can't miss streaming next Monday.
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    Check to make sure your Flash is auto enabled. NeoLion player seems to run into those issues all the time. (you might need to click the "i" next to the address bar in your browser to navigate there).
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    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    You weren't joking. This is so hard to watch...on so many levels... I do appreciate the "Blake Cam" T-Shirt giveaways though.
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    If it makes you guys feel any better, I never have been able to understand how the totals are figured out. But then I have a very dumb (special) E-Bay. Thanks for doing this HuskerFever. Your check will be in the mail. Unless my E-Bay forgets to send it.
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    That place is a cesspool of degenerates. Edited to Add: That is the same group that said Mike Riley needed more time.
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    I actually spent an hour or so last summer doing some research on that team, which finished the season 22-2, and in particular the man who coached that team.
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    Glad you are checking out some other action before the Delaware St game tips in a few minutes.
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    Let's just say we can give some really informed advice to people for their brackets for NCAA seeds 8-14 and NIT seeds 1-2
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    The Official Media Thread

    NY Post giving the Huskers a little love for not firing Miles. https://nypost.com/2018/02/18/three-schools-that-ensured-success-by-ignoring-angry-fans/
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    It seems to me one difference is this team has not peaked yet. The 2014 team was on a high to end the season; they just couldn't miss shots or FTs. But they did seem to have peaked at the highly-charged, no-sit Sunday, Wisconsin game. Afterwards, they were one-and-done in both the B1G Tournament and NCAA. Other than the Michigan Win, this team has yet to show that. Miles said in the post-game interview that he was about to blow up after the first 15 minutes of their final practice because they weren't working hard enough. Roby's post-game quote reinforces that. We'll see how the team reacts after this lackluster loss. They've checked off a lot of items on their yet To-Do list this season; First Win over Michigan; First Win at the Kohl Center; First Win at 'The Barn.' Now, Do they Want to get to the Tournament? I know Miles always emphasizes to the team what it Takes to get there! Will they show the Determination to make it? Here's hoping they Peak at the Right Time!
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    By the way thanks for the time it takes to do this.
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    Up 5 in the second half, and let Ill back into the game was when I knew this W was going to be tough to get. Need to learn how to pull away. The Roby comment about not practicing well leading up to the game and not being able to turn it off and on is concerning. With all that we are playing for, the team's focus comes into question. Yikes. Hopefully they've been reminded that the're not good enough to walk on the court and just win. Dissapointing to hear. IMO, this one rests on the (mental mostly) prep before the game. Lets hope we don't do that again. We have 3 more games for sure to make this a special season. That's what, 2 weeks? Lock in fellas!
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    I am in the camp of having PSU lose to UM. I think that we are a bad match up for Michigan. I would very much like to see them as our first game in NY. Keeping Michigan as a Q1 win and beating them twice would almost assure us a spot in the field. How could you put Michigan in ahead of us in that scenario? PSU losing to Michigan almost assures they have to do major damage to reach the field of 68. (Beat us and then win 3 in NY). I would much rather play them knowing that than having a situation where PSU is in with a win against us and 1 in NY. 23 is still the magic number. I would rather play Michigan than Penn State back to back to get to that number.
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    Norm Peterson

    The Happy Place Thread

    Did someone say beer?
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    I think I'd rather have Michigan. I'm not too concerned about the "pissed off" Penn State. I think they'd be more of a threat if they beat Michigan due to confidence... I'm thinking they could even feel a little deflated if they lose that one. And if Michigan wins their final two, our win against them will look that much better. Plus if we were to lose to them in the 4/5 game it wouldn't be as damaging, either (which could help get us in with only 22 wins). There is the risk that we lose the 4 seed, but I'm kind of operating under the assumption that we have to win our final two games anyways.
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    Mitch, toss out what the computers tell you and just look at how the Huskers had been playing to that point in the season and answer me this: Can you honesty say with a straight face that, at the point in time when we only had 4 games left in the regular season, you thought the odds of the Huskers winning out in their last 4 games, 3 of which are/were at home and one on the road against a Big Ten bottom dweller (Maryland, @Illinois, Indiana, Penn State), would be less than the odds of losing out? In other words, that it would be more likely we'd lose all of the next four than that we'd win them? Keep in mind, at that point, we were on a 5-game winning streak and had only dropped 3 road games in our last 15 contests since dropping a home game to Kansas by 1 point. Now, to me, a mere human, it seems a lot more likely that we'd win those last 4 games, all against teams below us in league standings, than that we'd lose them. But what do I know?
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    Thankfully winning B1G basketball games isn't hard for our Huskers
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    Well, there is now a 100% chance that we will NOT lose our last 4 regular season games. I cannot believe that his computer EVER thought that the likelihood of us losing the last 4 was greater than the likelihood that we'd win the last 4. Shows his computer needs tweaked.
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    Art Vandalay

    WNIT vs. The Dance

    If Sam knows as much about women's basketball as he does about football I would not trust any of his projections