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    59 points against that team is embarrasing. The other 3 teams UCF have played are Gardner Webb, Mercer and William and Mary. All three put up more points than Nebraska. We need someone on the bench who knows how to run a good offense. Not having one is likely going to cost Miles his job.
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    UCF stole the show. We stole* their coach. *Pending
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    we have a ball game boys.
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    I'm feeling hopeful. Which history has shown means I'm about 3 minutes away from crushing anger and despair.
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    What few times we do go to the inside we miss easy shots. It boggles the mind how Jordy can miss so many bunnies. We lack toughness. This is painful to watch.
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    This team is going to get better. I believe it. We have way too much talent to keep playing poorly. Creighton has caught some teams in bad situations. Northwestern is playing very poorly right now. Much worse than we are. UCLA lost 3 of their better players for stupidity. Creighton probably will beat us, but I don't see us needing luck to keep it within 30. Iowa is returning nearly everyone on their roster and were one of the first four out of the NCAA tournament They lost to Louisiana and South Dakota State. Not playing very well.
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    It's also very possible Jacobson and Morrow would have improved from last year, too. Though our recent track record doesn't show too many guys getting much better from year to year (Pitchford, McVeigh, Jordy three that come to mind immediately)
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    With an upcoming difficult stretch of NU's schedule, I'm okay with the possibility of a Marist next in lieu of West Virginia.
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    Sure would be nice to have junior campaigns of Mike Jacobson and Ed Morrow. I know that's the hottest take of all hot takes and it doesn't matter because its not reality, but man.... oh man....
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    Honestly, we need to tighten our rotation. If Thomas is still hurting, why rush to bring him back? He looked a step slow. Also, the Tanner experiment can be over. Shouldn’t have gone in when Tako went out. What was that? Not sure I see much time for Jack if we play against athletic teams, which is 98% of the big ten. Just sayin. Palmer, Copeland, and Watson all need to score in double digits for us to have a chance.
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    Thanks for that, and a reminder that I'm too OLD and too BITTER to put up with another season of "moral victories" and "being respectable".
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    Stop me if you’ve heard this before... we played one good half and one bad half. Good news is we we should have a chance at 2-1. Bad news is it’s with a first round loss.
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    Rinse. Repeat. We say this every year...apparently the only guy who can’t see it is making over 2 million this year.
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    That 1st half was brutal. Just brutal.
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    I don't want to be doom and gloom... but I'm having trouble seeing more than 12 wins on the schedule. I don't think one post season appearance out of six years is what any of us had in mind when we opened up the Vault with that magical night against "Dunk City" and dominated them. Such is life, though, and perhaps this group will define all logic and go on an obscene run. GBR
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    That's bullshit. So frustrating to watch. Close enough for me to want to think the refs screwed us. But we played horrible and didn't deserve to win either way
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    Got to get some outside shooters
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    Give up a wide open three to push the deficit back to 9? Shocker...
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    Fran " Nebraska has played trerrible but is still in this." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    i guess jordy finally found out the season started
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    Except you put a finger on Taco to not allow him to get to the block, and they call a foul on you (especially if you are undersized by 10 inches)
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    This isn't impossible
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    Well they are playing at wide worlds of sports
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    these refs suck, and I rarely say that
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    What is up the one refs' butt? Why is he yapping at Watson? Watson didn't look very pleased with whatever the ref said.
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    He probably used some magic words. I don't understand the foul on Borchardt. I saw much worse from Taco posting up.
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    Just full court press, and if they score easy baskets, they score easy baskets. We might get some easy baskets out of it, also. Our defense is giving them easy baskets in the half court, anyway. Why not just try it?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Husker Hoopers! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with food, family, and 7 foot tall post players. I am thankful for this board. My wife, I love her to death, and I am sooo thankful for her as well! However, when it comes to Husker basketball, sometimes she just doesn’t understand the joy, frustration, ups, and downs that come with it.
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    Can't get that mad about it. Anyone with a pulse wouldn't think much of us after that road effort. Big one for Timmy and company. Amazing I remembered to login and post here....been years. Hope all of you guys are doing well.
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    Sorry I'm slacking. This bit from the Family Guy was going through my head the whole game and I failed as a poster to put it on here
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    This team is terrible. It's another same team different year already this early in the season. Tim Miles is done. No way this team makes the tournament. I'm getting sick of this and going to games when I already know how this season ends. There is no identity and no offense. It used to be isolate a player and let him score when they had lack of talent and now I don't know what it is. This team is soft too. For a coach that likes to talk about defense I see no threat inside or toughness grabbing boards or going after loose balls. I know its early and may be an over reaction but Im just sick of the same old story every year.
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    Nebrasketball gonna Nebrasketball. Tim Miles should have been gone after last season. He doesn't look to be taking advantage of his stolen season here. This garbage is getting so old. I wonder if Nebraska will even keep it within 30 points vs Creighton...