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    Kent Pavelka

    The Best

    I'm not exactly sure why I am motivated to suspend my longtime status as fan and lurker of the best Husker basketball site on the planet. On second thought, I do know. I am so juiced that I may never come down. Actually I just wanted to join the fray here briefly after one of the very best times in my broadcast career. This season has been the best. The Wisconsin game was the best. Tim Miles and his staff are the best. These players are the best. The Vault is the best. Nebrasketball fans are the best. The RedZone is the best. Heck, even Matt Davison is the best. Thanks to all of you for your meaningful, funny, heartfelt and insightful discourse on the site. I've enjoyed it for many years. We share a passion that has been a relatively small fraternity over the years. And the fact that we now need a bigger bandwagon, well, that's best of all. Finally, you all are the best. Carry on.
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    This place just makes me feel good

    i have to get this off my chest. This site is the best place for me to be even when we are picking on each other like family does. The real reason I say that is and I don't want to sound to morbid but I got the call this morning that my Mom who has been in hospice for the last month was most likely not going to make it through the day. They were right. She passed this afternoon around 2ish and after all the whirl wind stopped I checked here because I needed to go somewhere else but couldn't leave the room. First thing I see is that we get Allen. and I start to read the different reactions and I am now crying because I am laughing so hard. Thanks guys for making my world "normal" for this little bit of my day. "Boom goes the dynomite!"
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    I Want More Seasons Like This

    Forget the tournament conversations for a moment. I want more seasons like this. The fact that were here in the second week of March and the dialogue on HHC is alive and well is so refreshing. Many of us have been through the years on HHC where conversations tend to die around January, where non-regulars become even more irregular, and those who are champions for sticking it out tend to have conversations about NyQuil, the angle a player's knee bends, and the decor of an opposing player's parent's basement. Thank you all for being here in March. Seriously. I want more seasons like this, both on and off the court. Cheers.
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    Norm Peterson

    Time to eat a little crow

    Some of you guys who are still "on the fence" with Miles, or are certain we could easily hire someone else to do better, must be pretty young. I'm not. I ain't gonna live forever. I want to see this NCAA tournament winless drought end. I'd like to see it go down this year and, if we make the tournament, I think it will. I think we're good enough to win at least a first-round game. Our resume might prevent us from proving we could do it, but just get this team in the tournament and I think they'll show they're a match-up nightmare for the Dance. If you read my posts over time, which some people probably do and a lot probably don't, you'll note that I'm usually an optimist, but a guarded optimist, really. You haven't heard me pronounce every team over the last dozen or so years (since I found this site) to be the best team in a generation. I've basically said that for the first time, though, about this squad. And it clearly is. But a generation is a loooooooooong time. By the mid-90s walk-out time, I'd felt Danny Nee had run his course here. When he thought he was going to get the Rutgers job and announced that he basically never felt like he wanted to be here, he lost the fanbase. When they finally fired him, I was extremely hopeful. But, as some have pointed out recently, from about the very first game under Collier (or, really, even over the summer when we saw the recruits he was bringing in) it was like, oooh boy, what have we gotten ourselves into? Collier was here six years before he took another job. Wasn't fired; would have been here a 7th had Butler not offered him the AD position. Doc was here six years. Miles has now been here six years. And if you don't think Miles is the right guy or are on the fence about him, how many more coaches-times-six-years are you willing to wait to find that right guy? How confident are you that we just need to open up the check book to bring in that coach who will put this program on the proverbial map? How certain are you that it's just that simple? It's been 18 seasons since Danny Nee was fired. In that 18 years, we've been .500 or better in conference play just twice: once under Doc Sadler; and in Tim Miles' second season. We're about to go over .500 in conference play for just the third time in 18 years. Two of those three under Tim Miles. And people are on the fence. We're within striking distance of making the NCAA tournament field for just the second time in 20 years. Both would be under Tim Miles. And people are on the fence. If you motherfuckers can't live with a couple of down seasons every now and then while a guy tries to build a program, and demand we fire the coach every six years, I am going to be dead before we win an NCAA tourney game. And if that happens, I'm going to be really pissed. And I will haunt this board with error messages and banner ads for "Bluejay Pest Control" for all eternity. Got it?
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    Little side note

    As I was sitting watching the game and listening to the young family behind me trying to keep their youngest entertained. They do a great job by the way 4 under the age of 7 I think the mom said, second year behind me and they are wonderful. Any how that made me look at two of my three that were with me. I started bringing them, one at a time then all three, more than 20 some years, as my oldest is 29 and I pretty sure I started him when he was at least 3 or 4. But then it kind of hit me that this is my 52 year of Nebraska Basketball, but will be the first without my Mom. She passed in April after suffering a stroke last October. She is the one that started taking me to games when I was 4 because my dad worked nights and I think I might have needed to burn off some energy back then. I went to games with her until I was in Jr. High and started going with friends. Mom never went to games with me after that but I know that she and Dad watched them on T.V. I just want to say "Thanks Mom for starting my love of Nebraska Basketball" I know the day when we do win that first NCAA game that I will think back to me making Mom announce my name and I would run into the my bed room and jump into bed. "Starting at forward, a 4'6" Junior from Lincoln Nebraska..."
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    Kent Pavelka

    Who is Tim Miles

    I'll take this one. He & the staff are meticulous teachers and game-planners, who demand maximum effort & attention to detail. There is nice balance between those expectations and acknowledging and/or critiquing performance. That creates a standard that, in turn, creates pride and improvement in team. That's how I've seen it. I've always been impressed and even motivated myself by being able to hang around a lot. Believe me, the vibe is spot-on.
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    This is going to take awhile, so please be patient with me. Years and years ago, soon after Dave started this website, a poster by the name of jimmykc (couldn't figure out why a guy from Kansas City was a Husker bball fan) started a thread called Enjoy Every Sandwich. I wondered what the heck he was talking about. Well, it was a reference to Warren Zevon's dealing with cancer. When you're diagnosed with it, that's what you do. All the little things, no matter how small, take on new meaning. You learn an appreciation for them. Jimmy, at that time, told us about the battle he was facing. Thank you, my friend, for sharing the beginning of that war. Had you not done that, I wouldn't have known you were victorious at battle's end. I wish I could tell you that I'm facing that same battle against cancer, but I can't. I would trade places in a heartbeat. My 23 year old son Seth has been diagnosed with MDS--Myelodysplastic Syndromes. It's in the leukemia family. (kind of the same way that Baal is in the Beelezubub family). He's a trooper. He's spent two weeks at UNMC, undergone 3 bone marrow biopsies, 15 blood transfusions and numerous other tests. And guess what? He's still working! And always has a smile on his face. I love that kid! So why am I sharing? Several reasons. 1) Don't sweat the little stuff. I mean," why didn't you throw your dirty clothes in the hamper" bitching really sucks. 2) I don't care how old you are, you're not guaranteed tomorrow. 3) focus on the important things--God, family and doing good. And last, but most importantly, when Seth is completely healed, God is gonna get a big High Five! Speaking of "High Five, A Cancer Survivor's Poetic Journey" page 55. "Medicine is the art of taking strangers' problems and treating them like your own. Poetry is the art of taking your own problems And sharing them with strangers." Thanks, jimmy.
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    I am just sad

    After the game today I just sat in my seat and tried to think how I felt at that exact moment. The answer I came up with is sad. I say sad because I know that I will come home and start to hear from the people who really don't pay attention to the games (or trolls) say that we are bad and that Miles needs to go. I am sad that people have to start leaving in droves at the 4:16 mark of a home game. I am sad that those kids on that team have played so hard this year and I think that there just isn't anything left in the tank. I am sad that those coaches have worked so hard this year to make these kids better and that they now have to hear the whispers. I am sad for the players and coaches families who love their people as much as they do and have to watch all this kind of start to fall apart. I am sad for the fans who keep hoping and cheering and trying to help in any way to get this team to win. And I will say that I am being a bit selfish here but I am sad for me , because I so want this program to be good and get people's respect. I will go to sleep tonight and it will be better tomorrow, it always is, but for now I am sad.
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    Almost deserves its own thread, but has anyone ever seen anyone play better defense with 4 fouls as Webster did considering the caliber of player he was checking. That won us the ballgame.
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    I'm just thinking of a list of people I want to tell to just STFU and never offer another opinion about Nebraska basketball ever again. And if I ever hear anyone make another snarky remark about our head coach tweeting at halftime, I'm likely to punch them in the mouth. Just sayin.
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    Coach Miles

    Man... I'll tell ya what - I tend to be a contrarian at times. Even though I've been a vocal critic (but huge supporter at the same time), it just seems as the tides turn I go the other way. Been seeing a lot about firing Coach Miles, or asking about his job security (on this board and others). Quick question - are y'all nuts? I don't care about how tough or not tough our schedule was this year - Coach Miles just produced one of the best records we've ever had. We have one of the most talented, enjoyable teams I've ever seen in program history. Our players stay out of trouble and out of the newspaper for bad reasons. If this core comes back - watch out. Could easily be the best NU team to ever walk around campus. Our recruiting is fantastic. Our social media presence and fan engagement are top notch. The arena is packed. X's and O's wise - I've seen some adjustments made in the past two years that have made me very happy. The things we are doing take time to develop and build a rhythm. Again - if we can keep this core together, next year could be special. Are there some negatives? Sure. Constant roster fluctuation. Assistant Coaching carousel. Still haven't gotten over the NCAA tourney hump, or made it deep into a conference tournament. But this is Nebraska Basketball... we don't have the program weight to just roll us down some consistent, carved out path that guarantees top 50 recruits, 20 win seasons, and permanent top 4 conferences finishes. We're going to have some down year, some roster change, some assistant coaching changes - that's just the way it is when you're not UNC/Duke/Kentucky/MichState/etc... I am seeing growth. I am starting to see development and consistency. I love our recruiting and transfer approach. I think Coach Miles is still growing and becoming better by the year. I'm all in on the Coach Miles bus. Disclaimer: All of this changes if we have massive roster turnover, especially from unexpected or unreasonable areas, and go 12-something next year. Basketballjones is not to be held liable for any of his comments or opinions.
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    Found this amusing. The current official NCAA rpi has Garner Webb at #190 and Syracuse at #195. And we're at #48. And isn't Tai Webster basically doing what the NBA scouts told Andrew White he needed to be able to prove he could do? If you're so great, why isn't your team any better? Andrew White's solution is to try to find a better team; Tai Webster's solution is to make his team better.
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    Thanks to Husker Basketball

    I want to say thank you to the Nebraska Men's Basketball team for this season. Throw out wins and losses, throw out results. These young men have dedicated their lives to this program, this has been their world. They've given up their time, their blood, sweat and tears to be the best they can be and to try to elevate themselves, their teammates and this program. And for this as a mere fan of the basketball team that represents my state, I thank you. You have represented yourself exceptionally, as well as my beloved team and state.Thank you also to the coaches and staff of the basketball department. I am grateful for all the hard work you have put in to try to make our program better. Please continue your great work, and I can speak for myself that as a fan I will never give up loving this program. Good luck to all graduating seniors, thank you for being a Husker. We've come to know you all so well, and we will miss you, and I hope we see you again. Good luck to all players the rest of the year and over the summer, and I'm looking forward to a new season next year, and I truly hope to see everyone back, because I am proud of you as Huskers, and hope you are all glad you are here and want to finish your collegiate careers as a Husker. Thank you. P.S.,All are welcome to add your own thank you's and positive thoughts. Click here to view the article
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    Mr. Tai Webster

    If Tai gets drafted over Andrew White I will be happier than I can describe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hate Will Never Win

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    Im hoping for the same as well idk if I actually posted this or not but he should have red shirted. He was not physically ready which I believe caused him to struggle and have confidence issues. But I've seen this story before It was pretty much the exact same with his freshman yr of highschool as far as his play and development and kinda team as a whole. Idk how this translates to college but sophomore yr they won a regional title 😉 Im expecting big things next yr
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    This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    It sounds crazy for a 12-19 (6-12) season that went off the deep end at the end of the season, but hear me out. We did some pretty special things this year. - Coach Miles got to go back to his coaching roots and spend time with a plane full of University of Mary fans. - We went into the Wooden Legacy tournament and fought our way into the winners side of the bracket for the first time in a long time. - We played tough against a #14 5-0 UCLA team, keeping the game within six with three minutes to go, who finished #3 28-3 (15-3) in the regular season. - We played #3 8-1 Kansas team in historic Allen Fieldhouse and got to relive the Big 12 days a little bit. - We showed spurts of being a team that fought hard and didn't give up against really good competition. - We beat Indiana on the road when they were #16 10-2. - We beat Maryland for the first time since joining the Big Ten and did it at their place nonetheless. - We started off the conference season alone in the #1 with a 3-0 start. - We ended up beating Purdue and Maryland who finished the #1 and #3, respectively, in the Big Ten conference and went to overtime with the #2 Wisconsin. - We made a palindrome of wins and losses through 15 games in the season. - We ended the season with a Top 25 strength of schedule and were #1 and in the Top 5 most of the season, something that could not be said during non-conference play in the Doc era; it was exciting to watch elevated competition this year. - We played in a lot of close games, nine games within four points and five games within nine points. - It wasn't until 45% of the way through the conference schedule until we got blown out by an opponent. - We have a roster full of underclassman who all showed spurts of promise for the future, with only one senior on the roster. - We have had at least some level of depth on the bench for the first time in a long time. - We have been recruiting some high caliber players throughout the year. - We saw Tai grow so much throughout his career and finish off his time as a proud Husker and second-team all-Big Ten. - We got a much-needed "big man" that we were in desperate need for a few years. - We saw Jordy grow a lot throughout this season. - We saw Tyronn Lue come back to Nebraska to see his jersey retired. - The Nebrasketball community banded together and rebelled against the athletic department and continued the "Husker Power" chant. - Brian Rosenthal became the official "official" source. - Shawn Eichorst spent little-to-no-time announcing that Coach Miles will be returning to Nebraska next year, providing fans with less ambiguity, stress, and clarity than letting rumors take a life of their own over the off-season. - We played a schedule with a combined record of 487-265 (248-182) as of March 8 (which is 65% and 58% respectively) with teams currently rankes 1, 3, 12, 23, 25, and 7 other teams receiving votes. Some of those teams finishing the regular season 1st in the Atlantic-10, 1st in the Summit League, 1st in the Big 12, 2nd in Conference USA, 3rd in the Pac-12, 3rd in the SWAC, and 4th in the Big South. Teams currently projected in the NCAA tournament are seeded 1, 3, 4, 6 (x2), 7 (x2), 8 (x2), 9 (x2), and 10. It's hard not to find something good about this season. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what's in store for 2017-2018.
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    Eff that. Andrew White III is the new Biggs. Boston College breaks their 20-loss conference drought with a dominating 96-81 victory over Syracuse. AWIII is the end of the Syracuse basketball.
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    If I'm Miles, and you're the AD, and you do what you say and I kick ass next year and win an NCAA tourney game, and you then approach me about a long term deal, I'm going to say, "Long term? Like what? Two years instead of one? So generous. Thanks, but I'm going to find a 7 year deal somewhere else and good luck with the coaching search to replace me." If I'm Moos this year, I come out PROMPTLY after the Final 4 with AT LEAST a 2 year deal if not 3. Maybe structure buyouts in such a way that I can cut ties a little more easily next year if things go south. But I bring Tim forward at a press conference and praise him effusively for the great season we had this year and how we got screwed out of an NCAA tourney appearance the team had clearly earned. What do we have instead? The good feelings that should have carried us forward into next year following one of the best regular season runs in program history have COMPLETELY dissipated. Gone away. Gone. No good will; no good feelings; no positive momentum carrying us forward into next year. None. Completely screwed the positive momentum that would have given us a foot in the door in recruiting. The way this has been handled has been a complete cluster fuck.
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    knee jerk reaction

    I'm like a 10+ year lurker on this message board. This was such a bad take that I created an account after 10+ years to let you know how bad of a take this is.
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    Us talking about the greatest dunk that never happened is very much a Nebraska Basketball thing
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    Any news on Morrow return?

    Last week Miles said Ed Morrow would be re-evaluated this week on his health status. I'm guessing nothing stated by this time. What do you say we speed the process up? Jesus said in Mark 16:18 about his followers: "They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." I'm a follower of Christ and I know many others on this board are, too. I won't get access to Ed, but I bet he gets access to this site. If he doesn't know about it, I'm sure someone here will clue him in. Tell him just to grab the monitor and accept his healing. Laying on of hands works. Here is a Seth update: Back in July when so many on this site gave generously to the fundraiser we had for Seth, he had to get a blood transfusion every two weeks to keep his red blood count at an acceptable level and he was on the Mayo list for a bone marrow transplant. Today, he goes two months between transfusions, he's off the Mayo list and the doctors don't know why. We always look at each other, smile, and we know why. Lay your hands!
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    Whoever he picks...it will probably be at 11:59 PM before he has to enroll. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lewis needs some work on his penmanship
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    The past few years my son has attended the Husker buddies event that Coach Miles puts on. First year my son attends it’s at PBA and he plays Tarin Smith one on one. Last year at the event he plays both Morrow and Jacobsen one on one. This year, a few weeks ago, of course he plays Jordy. BTW, this is his last year attending, next year he’s too old. So, the Roster should stabilize.
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    Going forward

    Probably not a popular opinion, but I liked how we used our big guys last night. We need those guys going forward, even if they are struggling offensively. I felt like Pardon really wore down as we had 3 big guys to throw at him, and then you make him chase Roby late in the half, and he has no gas left. We saw exactly that last night. Pardon was horrible down the stretch. In the final 8 minutes, he had 0 reb, was 1-2 on FG (the only make was a meaningless layup with 0:12 left), was 2-4 from the FT line, and let Copeland dunk in his face. NU went from a 1-pt lead to a 15-pt win in that stretch, as he was no factor. I think the way we used our bigs to wear him down led to that. --- I'd certainly like to see our bigs give us more on the offensive end, but we really only need a little bit more out of them going forward. We can generate points without those guys being a big part of the offense. We more need those guys to eat minutes, rebound, and play solidly, wearing down the other team's 5 and opening the door for us to use Roby at the the 5 for 5-6 minutes of each half. I thought they did that for the most part last night. It'd be nice to have Roby getting closer to 25 minutes, but the last thing we need is him picking up 2 fouls before the first media timeout against the other team's 5 when he's fresh, forcing Roby to the bench. Make their big guy bang against our big guys for a while, then let him chase Roby when he's tired.
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    I sat next to Papa Gordon tonight, and we both agree that it's the damn hippity-hop music that distracts the boys during warmups, throwing them off for the rest of the night. Oh, and the tattoos. Always the tattoos.
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    Oh hell no! even when we went there for a visit I just felt irritated the whole time. Sent from my SM-S320VL using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Tai

    When I was five my dad took my to my first Nebrasketball Game n February 1989 against #14 Kansas, a game which the Huskers would win. My dad taught me the basics of the game. From that moment on, I was a die-hard Nebrasketball fan. There are many memorable players I've seen play in my lifetime. I have vague memories of Dapreis Owens, Rich King, Beau Reid, and Bruce Chubick. I enjoyed watching guys like Eric Piatkowski, Tony Farmer, Derrick Chandler, Mikki Moore, Venson Hamilton, Larry Florence, Cookie Belcher, Steffon Bradford, Brian Conklin, Kimani Ffriend, Ryan Anderson, Lance Jeter, Dylan Talley, Benny Parker, Shavon Shields, and Terran Petteway play. In my 33+ years, my favorite players have been Erick Strickland, Aleks Maric, Tyronn Lue, and Terrance Badgett. It's time to add Tai Webster to this list. I've been a huge fan of Tai since he committed to Nebraska. As we all know, he came in with very high expectations. Tai was very inconsistent his freshman and sophomore seasons, however his junior season was respectful. Tai's senior season has been one of the best I can recall. 15.5 ppg, 5.2 boards, and 4.0 assists per game, while playing just under 35 minutes a game. Yes he's missed his fair share of free throws and commits far too many turnovers, but to me, there is something very special about Tai. Scored in double figures in has last 30 games, became just the fourth player in school history to have 500 points and 100 assists in the same season, and will likely finish his Husker career in the top-25 career scoring list. A glance at his collegiate stats shows Tai has improved in FG%, 3P%, FT%, and scoring in each of his four seasons. Stats aside, Tai brings something else to team. Heart. When things were not going well, he could have left Nebraska and played overseas. He stayed, worked hard in the weight-room and became a well-respected leader. His smile and personality are infectious. He loves interacting with Husker fans and is often seen posing for pics with kids. With Indiana defeating Ohio State earlier today, a Husker victory Sunday night against Michigan gives up the 10th seed. That being said, Husker fans need to come out to PBA tommorrow and thank Tai Webster for being a class act on and off the court. Thanks Tai.
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    Players only meeting

    It might be time to kick Deverell Biggs off the team.
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    (OT) Defense

    Dr. Noah Weiss. It's got a nice ring to it. (I passed my thesis defense today!)
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    What to do with Miles contract?

    Absolutely. My dream come true is for people to stop bringing up Dana Altman.
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    Perhaps I'm wrong but I think Miles will benefit greatly - perhaps most - by Moos' hiring. Miles will work well with an AD who's outgoing and extroverted and relationship oriented. Eichorst struggled there, and Miles - unlike Bo - made his share of good faith efforts toward Eichorst. This'll sound odd, but you know what could really use a good men's basketball season? Nebraska football. Some other sport at Nebraska needs to take the pressure off in the spring/summer. Husker football, regardless of the coach, could use a little less opinionating and talk radio coverage in the offseason. Of course Husker football will always be No. 1, but it wouldn't hurt if the No. 2 story in March was a NCAA berth/NIT run vs, you know, junior day in recruiting.
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    i'm starting to suspect that Sadler was not a real Doctor
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    NCAA Tournament

    The best part... AWIII will be playing as many NCAA Tourney games as the Huskers this year.
  38. 16 points

    Tim Miles and this program

    Making this season a referendum on Miles is a surefire way to not enjoy any of it. You have four freshmen and a center who might as well be. prepare for inconsistency.
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    Norm Peterson

    Let me get this straight...

    1) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? Industry standard is a rollover, adding a year onto the end of the contract every year, keeping coaches with a set number of years on their contract. Always. For a coach to burn 2 years off the end of a contract, then produce a very strong record and only get a one-year extension, says the same thing to recruits as it does to everyone else: his time here is done after next season. If he does well enough not to get fired, it'll be good enough to attract other offers that he'll consider before choosing one. The chances that he's back after next year seem almost miniscule. No question in my mind this situation hamstrings us on the recruiting trail. Convince me I'm wrong. 2) OK. Maybe. Next year, we'll still have, hopefully, a team full of studs. But the year after that? Guess we'll see. I have my doubts. You think 14,500 fans would show up every night to watch our 2000-2001 team? 3) By what analysis do you come to that conclusion? We're spinning our wheels for a year. We're screwing recruiting in the right here and now. We lose, at a minimum, the seniors, plus probably Roby at the end of next season. Those are spots Miles would be recruiting to fill right now. Those potential recruits are guys who won't be signing with us in November because they have no idea where Miles will be when their college careers start or who the coach here would be. Fire Miles this year, and you get moving with a roster to work with. Extend Miles and you signal to everyone this is our man (unless you have to buy him out early, which, OK, fine, so what?). This one-year extension, IMO, is the absolute worst of all possible scenarios. With all the players we for sure lose off next year's team, we're going to go into 2019-2020 giving serious minutes to walk-ons like Ross Buckendahl and Craig Wortmann. For the record, I believe Miles earned a reasonable extension with this season. I respect that there might be those who would disagree with that opinion, in which case, fine, fire him now. But, for the love of all things Holy, make a decision one way or the other -- extend for real or fire him. But don't leave us in this state of suspended animation with a coach on life support and a program teetering in the balance.
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    What I’ve learned is that your reaction to this type of situation is a lot different when you actually feel like you are a target. I don’t feel like a target in this situation, but some of the players on the team do. That’s something that is hard to relate to, and if they’re scared than I fully support 100% whatever type of response they choose to go forward with. Because the fact of the matter is African Americans are a minority on UNL’s campus, and if these guys are feeling targeted by this wacko then we need to stand behind them and let them know that we’re here to support them.
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    Norm Peterson

    Time to eat a little crow

    The program was nowhere near rock bottom at that point. Rock bottom is when your primary recruiting assistant abandons your program and jets off to a safe landing spot and the head coach (who stunningly managed not to get fired at the end of the season ONLY because the AD was fresh out of political clout and your head coach managed to win a couple games in the conference tournament) can't find anyone willing to come take his place and eventually settles for the uncle of one of your current players who coaches an AAU program somewhere outside your primary geographic recruiting zone and, meanwhile, your star sophomore center has thrown his name in the hat for early entry in the NBA draft and has flown home to Australia and isn't sure he's ever coming back and your star freshman point guard has asked for his scholarship release. That is rock bottom. What happened at the end of last season is that a couple of guys who had been starters in the past looked at the roster for this year and realized they probably wouldn't be starting anymore for the rest of their careers because they see you have a couple of studs sitting out as transfers who will join them in the junior class and relegate them to the roles of bench warmers going forward. That is not rock bottom. Just for the sake of clarification. I have seen what rock bottom looks like and end of last year wasn't it.
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    Let me guess. He wants to be utilized more as a 3.
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    First of all, a continued THANK YOU to HHCDIMES for running this place and making it better than ever over the last three years. It's still the premiere fan site for NCAA basketball on the entire Internet, hands down, and it's for NEBRASKA BASKETBALL, which is the most amazing part about it. I don't chime in very often anymore, and I'm often times guilty of being fired up/upset when I do post. That's why I thought I should chime in tonight for a change. After the St Johns game, I was 99% done with Tim Miles - I'll admit it. I was "up to here" with losing by 20 to mediocre teams on the road - "up to here" with key players transferring or leaving the program early - and "up to here" with coaches leaving and only one post-season appearance. HOWEVER.......... over the last month........ a strange thing has happened. I now believe again. No, seriously, I really do. This team looks the part of a 5th or 6th seed in an admittedly down Big 10, but a Power 5 conference nonetheless. They will enter Big 10 play 10-5 (1-1) and win nine more conference games, for final marks of 19-12 (10-8). Yes, I have them at 19-12 (10-8), meaning two wins in the Big 10 tournament will get you into the dance, and one will get you "on the bubble" Selection Sunday. To this point, we are ONE WIN OFF where we need to be to be on target for the NCAA's. We don't have a key out of conference road or neutral site win, with KU our last chance at an IMPRESSIVE nonconference win. Still, we're only one game off the pace, and could VERY EASILY land in the Tournament this year. The athleticism and depth is the best its been in years. The team has a great chance to be HEALTHY headed into Big 10 play, with a full week off before KU then three patsies. Our team really should be 100% health (or as close as you can be to it) with Michigan State completely out of the way and only one more tough tough Big 10 road game (At Minnesota). I think the league is really down. That is also good because our nonconference schedule will make EVERY GAME (outside of Kansas) feel winable from here on out. In league, every game will seem like playing Boston College or below, since we have MSU out of the way and played such a killer schedule to prepare us for league. In short, the schedule sets up VERY NICELY for a run - the team appears to have a great chance to be HEALTHY - and the players have a LOT OF POSITIVE TRAJECTORY. I see Jordy, Roby, Allen, Copeland and Watson all getting much better as the year goes on. GBR!!! Keep the faith - and to Coach Miles, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about you if you can take this team to the NCAA's. I do think NIT is 90% with this team - floor is 7-11 in league. Dave
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    Ugh, this is my least favorite part of March Madness (and the lead-up to it now, I guess), when we start talking about how much better Player McPlayerson from Directional U is than our own roster. I like UNO and love that they made a good run -- but this is also a team that had 100 points dropped on them THREE times this season (by Rice, Oral Roberts and Fort Wayne), who was swept by Fort Wayne, and who had a 7-6 non-con record (with a win over Iowa but double-digit losses to USC, KState, Rice, Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, and Pitt -- average margin of loss was 19 points). Do they have a player or two who might contribute here? Sure, in a bench role, they might. But let's also feed Ed Morrow or Jack McVeigh a steady diet of those games and see what they look like. Again, I like UNO. Glad they made it as far as they did. They score points a lot so their horrible defense isn't as glaring and they can be fun to watch. But I'll take our guys pretty much any day of the week. (back to lurkerdom...)
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    Norm Peterson

    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    OK, let's review ... Barry Collier: Took over a relatively strong program that had been to the NCAA tourney 2 years earlier Scheduled non-conference cupcakes 6 straight losing records in conference play No NCAA tourney appearances Recruiting had virtually ground to a halt Can't find a replacement for key assistant and had to hire Jamel White's uncle just to fill out his staff Retained after season 6, would have been able to voluntarily return for season 7, but quits in July to take a lower paying AD job at Butler Doc Sadler: Took over an absolute dumpster fire just about the time the fall semester started for his first season Scheduled non-conference cupcakes 3 straight losing records in conference play and 5 out of 6 overall No NCAA tourney appearances Recruiting had virtually ground to a halt Had trouble replacing assistants and had to flip-flop Anwar and Croft as assistant vs. DOBO ... twice. Fired after 6 seasons. Tim Miles: Took over a struggling program NCAA tourney his 2nd season Has scheduled tough non-conf particularly this season Produced the first conference winning record in 15 seasons Continues to recruit strong Replaces departing assistant coaches with strong replacements (the current staff is maybe the best we've had since Gary Bargen sat the bench?) Uncharacteristic run of injuries has hamstrung the team in Miles' year 5 especially during conference play People are actually talking about running him out of town after 5 seasons. This is the way I see it, which is why I'm mystified by the people who want to go through another coaching change.
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    Think we hit rock bottom fellas

    Who was suppose to replace White and Shields this year? No one expected Tai to be 2nd in the conference in scoring this year. He averaged 10.0 points per game last year. Now, he is at 18.1 points per game. Watson, averaged 8.6 points per game last year, is now avg. 14.8 points per game. He shot 26.7% from 3 last year, and this year is shooting 42.5% from 3. Contrary to popular belief, players have improved under Miles. Turner is playing much better. Next year, we will have more depth to help us withstand injuries. We have a backcourt of: Watson, Turner, Gill, and Palmer. We have wings of: Roby, Horne, McVeigh, and Nana. We have a frontcourt of: Morrow, Jacobson, Jordy, and Copleand.
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    True story: my kid and a couple of his knucklehead buddies drive to Bloomington for the game. Check into their hotel. Go to their room, which just happens to be right next to Tim Miles' room. So he chats them up; gives his approval of their plan to give Crean the business during the game. Except they are in the rafters. No oxygen up there. They see coach on the court after the game and they have a big celebration. Got great pics with coach and Roby. Loyalty rewarded for the lad; great night.
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    My 3rd child was born this afternoon in time to watch his first husker hoops game, and boy it was a good one. They kept taking punches and hitting back. This has been a fun team to watch. I'm willing to make sure the new kiddo is up for all the rest of the games if that's what it takes
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    Kent Pavelka


    I appreciate all of you. Love HHC!
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    The History Of Husker Hoops Central

    I also posted this in the "I post here because..." thread but since that topic is several days old, and perhaps missed by some, I thought I'd post it in a brand new thread, too. A little background on the site to add to many who never knew this or have long ago forgotten. I was living in Charlotte, NC. from 2004-2006 for my radio career and had just graduated from UNL. I had a ton of connections within the program at that point - both current players who were friends, and connections to the coaching staff - and I had a huge passion for Husker Hoops, with a journalism and radio background. I went through a particularly tough breakup in the spring of 05 and needed something to throw myself into. I've always been passion and work oriented. In my one bedroom apartment in Charlotte, depressed as all being, missing home and not knowing a soul because my ex was my ENTIRE social life, I somehow decided to start a Husker basketball blog. My love of the program had kept growing in the months since I left Nebraska - absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Heck, I took that same ex to Knoxville, TN (3.5 hours away) and spent New Years Eve there just a few months earlier to see NU pull off the road win after Marcus Neal knocked down free throws at the end of regulation. Anyway, within 3 days or so of starting that blog, maybe a week, I found out I could (with the help of HHCGarrett/AKA Garrett Wright) launch an actual website by using Microsoft Front Page. We bought the "Front Page For Dummies" book at Barnes & Nobel and I bought the software and mailed it all to Garrett. He was working with Husker Vision at the time so he completely separated himself from any articles. He published, I wrote and researched. And wrote. And researched. (Anyone remember when Garrett took video of EVERY SINGLE DUNK from the slam dunk contest and had them ALL on-line after 6 hours of overnight work?). Anyway, content - articles - that's right - HHC once had DAILY ARTICLES YEAR 'ROUND. Maybe some of the real old posters remember that or Dimes or someone who knows how can go back and pull off screen shots from years passed. I interviewed, for this site (just a few): Jay Bilas Paul Splittorff Fred White Danny Nee Barry Collier Stu Lantz Doc Sadler Eric Piatkowski Erick Strickland Greg Doyel Ricardo Patton Mike Anderson Quin Snyder Paul Millsap Scott Drew Richard Roby And around 100 other players and coaches. Articles were done for three seasons. We had weekly "Then & Now" features with former Huskers. I once found a guy who was homeless living in New York (Gerard Myrhtill). I once single handedly found Jose Ramos for the 90-91 Reunion. Nobody else could find him from the basketball offices. I called him on the phone and he was blown away I located him. Kind of cold at first but soon opened up. He went to the Rebounders Club banquet that night and publicly complained that I wasn't given an invite to attend the banquet since I had been the one to get him to come to Lincoln. Beau Reid once wrote for this site. John Turek. Cary Cochran. Randy Lee. Andrew Drevo. Bruce Chubick. Matt Coatney. This site was MY LIFE for 3 years. Literally. 20-30 hours a week. Thousands of dollars of debt for lots of stuff I later found out I didn't need. I should also give a shout out in the early days to Jerry Trickie of NU SID for working with us and giving us media access, as well as to Scott Cunningham for moderating and the graphics work. By 2008, maybe 2009, the site went from interviews and features and post game STORIES (with quotes and interviews) to just report cards. Then by 2010 or so, to just a message board with report cards. So at one point, this was a full service site - message board was secondary. I eventually couldn't afford to keep buying every media guide known to man to research interviews, as many road trips to see games, as much hosting space and paying photographers, but more than that, I was both jaded by a few incidents from the university that I won't ever publicly mention (because that's not my style) and I just flat out ran out of time. My career has taken over further and not allowed me to do what I once did. Nowadays, Dimes is the one who runs this site. Its essentially 100% his. He does EVERYTHING. He has SAVED THIS SITE. SINGLE HANDEDLY. Scott and I help occasionally but anymore, its Dimes (as you know) and several others who have stepped up and kept this site going. I hope that no matter what happens to me in the future, or Dimes, that you posters will ALWAYS promise to keep the site going. I don't want to see this site ever go away. It's nothing I can take credit for anymore - the last 3 years are all Matt (Dimes). He occasionally asks my opinion but I defer to him 9 times out of 10. But it's sure cool to read all of your memories of HHC, how you found it, etc. Hard to believe a heartbreak in Charlotte nearly ten years ago, in a small one bedroom apartment, and a random 1 AM idea to start a blog, led to a site that once broke three steps of the Barry Collier leaving for Butler process, once got quoted in the KC Star, Lawrence Journal World and The Sporting News, and now is going on ten years strong. I love you all, even if I am a "has been" in the world of HHC. Go Huskers, Dave