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    Father's Day

    Happy papa's day to all the dad's out there! Enjoy our day
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    Or he's not using his real name at his job...
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    It's easily Creighton. It has to be. The fan bases absolutely despise each other, there is always smack talk, and neither wants to see the other succeed. Yeah, it has been mostly Creighton lately, but teams don't have to trade wins for it to be a rivalry. You just need a passionate fanbase with an all time hate and we have that for Creighton.
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

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    NAME POS LOCATION HT WT STARS RATING COMMITTED Seketoure Henry G Lynwood, CA 6'3" 180 0 9/1/06 Jay-R Strowbridge G Harvest, AL 6'1" 175 0 5/23/06 Roburt Sallie G Laurinburg, NC 6'5" 190 0 3/7/06 Kris Douse F Toronto, ON 6'7" 215 0 2/23/06 Ryan Anderson G Seattle, WA 6'4" 175 0 10/30/05 Toni Soda C Å ibenik, Croatia, null 7'0" 230 0 9/30/05 This was our 2006 recruiting class. I don't think Soda ever showed, and Sallie was enrolled but never played. Otherwise, the recruiting class arrived intact. Sek was a Doc find but the others were all Collier recruits. Anderson was a 3-star outside the top 150, but turned out to be a pretty good find. Strowbridge was shockingly good for a kid who was unranked and unrated and still available at the end of the spring signing period that year. Douse was not good. Not ranked, not rated, not anything. And he left mid-year his freshman season for Delaware State. Not to bag too much on Douse, but he played 68 minutes in 7 games under Doc before transferring at semester break. He played 102 minutes as a senior at Delaware State. That should tell us something about Collier's last recruiting class here. Had he not quit, he'd have been fired. There's no way he could have achieved any measure of success with that crew, assembled in his 7th recruiting class.
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    New numbers

    I was able to do so with my laptop but struggle with my tablet. I will have to give it another try. Thanks swan.
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    I hope the bolded above is true. I 100% do. Man oh man, it would be huge. If the above does happen and we are up by 10 late in the game, I want us to try and get that baby to 20.
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    While I agree with you that Doc is a good Xs and Os guy if you look at Doc's 3pt attempts allowed numbers and 3pt makes % against they're the same as they were at Nebraska...they're on the high end of Div 1. In this era of people gravitating towards the 3pt shot Doc's guard the paint at all costs defense just isn't as effective as it used to be. Maybe Doc could pull off a better record than Miles in this era. Could he do it with guys he recruited?
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    I attended DONU for the last couple Collier years and first couple Sadler years. At the time, I liked Barry. His teams seemed to play their most competitive basketball in home games against big teams. It was a lot of fun to be in the student section for those contests. I also liked his interaction with the students. He used to come talk to us before the games and buy us a bunch of pizzas as we watched team warm-ups. With a decade+ of hindsight though, I wish the University had moved on from Barry quicker. He walked into a great situation, inheriting a program with excellent talent but not a ton of history. Expectations were reasonable. But he mostly squandered the talent he inherited, and recruited terribly. By the time he left, the Huskers basically just had Aleks Maric surrounded by a bunch of guys that wouldn't have cracked the rotation for the majority of major conference programs. The talent was bad enough that whoever followed Collier had very little chance of success. TL;DR -- I liked him at the time but now I realize that he was the key figure driving the program into the ground.