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    Little side note

    As I was sitting watching the game and listening to the young family behind me trying to keep their youngest entertained. They do a great job by the way 4 under the age of 7 I think the mom said, second year behind me and they are wonderful. Any how that made me look at two of my three that were with me. I started bringing them, one at a time then all three, more than 20 some years, as my oldest is 29 and I pretty sure I started him when he was at least 3 or 4. But then it kind of hit me that this is my 52 year of Nebraska Basketball, but will be the first without my Mom. She passed in April after suffering a stroke last October. She is the one that started taking me to games when I was 4 because my dad worked nights and I think I might have needed to burn off some energy back then. I went to games with her until I was in Jr. High and started going with friends. Mom never went to games with me after that but I know that she and Dad watched them on T.V. I just want to say "Thanks Mom for starting my love of Nebraska Basketball" I know the day when we do win that first NCAA game that I will think back to me making Mom announce my name and I would run into the my bed room and jump into bed. "Starting at forward, a 4'6" Junior from Lincoln Nebraska..."
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    They were credited with a couple steals though.
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    The Wait is Finally Over

    No more offseason banter. No more offseason coach/roster talk. No more offseason tic-tac-toe matches ending so uneventfully. No more excuses. I can't wait to hit rock bottom with you all. Welcome... to Nebrasketball season!
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    No way in heck we should have beaten that team by 30. We played great today. Vegas spread was 10. beating them by 20+ is terrific. -The Ghost Named Dave
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    Dean Smith

    Is it time to start Roby?

    He is not going to take any. If you noticed he took a 15 footer and immediately Duby was on the way to the scorer's table. Both he and Duby sealed early and never got the ball. Our perimeter players look at them until they are covered and then pass the ball somewhere else.That becomes frustrating and you begin to work less hard at sealing as the game goes on. I watched the one open practice this year and some in previous years and they do work on post moves and when they get the ball in a proper position they (try) execute them. The staff really likes the drop step middle with the jump hook/flip over the rim and you can see that a lot in the two of them. OK not a lot because they don't get the ball a lot. They also like the Sikma move where you face the basket on a reverse pivot and then do a rip move to get all the way to the other side of the basket. I saw Jordy do this in a previous game but he missed the layup. The coaching staff might be good or bad but they are not inept. I've seen Roby work on post moves but he is not willing to try to use them in a game. Up until now, our best post player has been Copeland. He has been very successful in a limited sample size with a middle drop step turnaround jump shot. I would, at this time prefer he get off the three point line and get in the lane where he can actually make some baskets. I think he could be very effective there. So if we were running a high low, I would have him low and Roby high. It was only one game and everybody overreacts to everything in society today but boy was that one painful game to watch.
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    Closed Scrimmage

    Saw a license plate last week that said "H8 JSKERS." Made my day.
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    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Nice work, KM. Wish an ACL injury on a young lady you've never met, who changed her commitment only when the HUSKERS didn't stick with the coach she was recruited by and signed with. Proud to have you as a Nebraska fan. You have the maturity level of an 8 year old, not to mention a mean spirit. Hide behind that keyboard and keep lobbing bombs, big guy. Would love to see a player's parent find out your pitiful identity and see how that ends for you.
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    Row6Seat10 Musings

    Row6Seat10 WAS there in spirit today. His good friends Richard and Denise Soukup (left) made a banner in his honor and long time Husker fan Kay (sp?) and I joined them for a photo after the game.
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    Norm Peterson

    2017-18 Husker opponents

    Mine's probably not as thorough or in-depth as yours. Illinois -- they just fired the guy many here wanted us to hire last time we hired a new coach. Miles be like Keith Richards looking around at all the "hot" coaches who've been fired and he still has a job. "Haha, MFers. I'm still here." Anyway, Illinois. There's a reason they sucked last year. Probably not all coaching. Probably same reason they'll continue to suck this year. Indiana -- hated Crean. Hated that they fired Crean. I want someone at Indiana to hate. Maybe it'll be the new guy. Anyway, they have the cool, candy-striper warmups. They might not be too bad this year. Iowa -- what is wrong with their coach? I give 'em 3-2 odds he strokes out sometime in the next 5 years. I remember this line from the movie "Teachers" where the principal is yelling at a male teacher who got a female student knocked up: "When we said to be a 'team player' we didn't mean to go out and make your own team!" That's kinda what McCaffrey has done. His best recruiting strategy appears to be continuing to get his wife pregnant. Maryland -- their mascot is a turtle. Michigan -- Crean's brother-in-law is turning them into a basketball school. Hate Crean. Can't stand his brother-in-law. But Beilein can coach and he has players who can play. Michigan St -- They have this guy named Izzo. He's not bad. I guess he's OK. They'll probably do alright this year. Minnesota -- I still can't believe their turnaround from 2 years ago to last year. I think it was smoke and mirrors. I think the real Minnesota showed up for their 1st round NCAA tourney loss to Middle Tennessee Southwest Immaculate Conception State College. Granted, Middle Tennessee was 30-4 going into it, but still. There's a long history of the offspring of big name coaches getting jobs based on who their dad is and crashing and burning. Waiting ... Northwestern -- NWU. NOT NU. We're NU. They are MFing NWU. And that's all I'm going to say about them until they accept the fact that we're NU, not them. Ohio State -- We have to sweep those douchebags this year. That's all there is to it. Penn State -- Little known fact: Their head coach is the bastard child of R. Lee Ermey, who, like Dean Smith and our very own @jimmykc, was born in Emporia, KS. That gives him some basketball chops by the associative property of multiplication. It's still Penn State. Purdue -- I mean, what can you say about Purdue? Rutgers -- New coach. Not that new. Same old roster. Their recruits aren't as good as they think they are. PG ain't bad. The juco kid we passed on is decent. Top 13 conference finish is not out of the cards for them. Wisconsin -- Their coach is Greg Gard. His middle initial is G. His parents clearly lacked imagination and he is NO Bo Ryan.
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    2017-2018 HHCC Scoring and Rules

    HUSKER HOOPS CENTRAL CHALLENGE IS BACK! It's officially November and you know what that means! An obnoxious amount of pumpkin spiced everything, clocks that turn backwards, crisp air, and excuses to buy things you don't really need on the day after giving thanks for the things you have. Well... that and IT'S NEBRASKA BASKETBALL SEASON! If you need yet another reason to get excited for this time of the year, we've got one more for you. For the regulars on the board, you know that HHCC is a great way to pass time, show that you're smarter than Ken Pomeroy, air your grievances, or just express your optimism by only picking Nebraska to win every single game. It's your game, your strategy, your bragging rights, and just a fun way to stay part of the HHC community throughout the season. Everybody is encouraged to play, rookie or veteran. If you miss a game or don't even start playing until the middle of the season, don't be discouraged to join. You'd be surprised by how quickly that leaderboard can change throughout the season. The rules are the same as last year with more opportunities to earn some bonus points throughout the season. Last year's Top 10 finishers were: 1 Husker4Life *2 KenPom 2 Crush78 3 1sdpad2 4 hhcdimes 5 NUtball 6 trickey 7 colhusker 8 HuskerFever 9 huskerbaseball13 10 Buglem Game on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HHCC SCORING AND RULES If you want to be part of the HHCC, all you need to do is guess the score of each game. Participants with at least one entry will be included in the overall standings. There will be a thread available following the completion of the previous game. Scoring is based on how close you were to each team's actual point total and the margin of victory. HHCC GAME SCORING: The object of the game is to have the lowest accumulated points at the end of the year. Scoring is taken from three variables (margin of victory, actual score, correct game winner); with possible bonus points. Margin of Victory: This is how many points either team wins by. Scoring: Difference between Actual MoV (Husker score & Opponent score) Predicted MoV (Predicted Husker score & Predicted Opponent score). This is then multiplied by 2. Bonus: There is a -5 bonus for correctly predicting margin of victory. To get the bonus two things must happen. 1. Your margin of victory must match the actual margin of victory. 2. You picked the correct winner. EXAMPLE Prediction: NU 79 Opponent 72 Actual: NU 72 Opponent 62 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Actual (72 62) = 10 - Predicted (79-72) = 7) = 3 * 2 = 6 MoV = 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Actual Score: This is the final point totals of both teams. Scoring: (Predicted Husker score vs. Actual Husker score) + (Predicted Opponent score Actual Opponent score) Bonus: There is a -5 bonus for correctly predicting either the Huskers score or the opponents. EXAMPLE Prediction: NU 79 Opponent 72 Actual: NU 72 Opponent 62 ------------------------------------------ (79 72) + (62 72) 7 + 10 = 17 ------------------------------------------ Game Winner: Picking the correct winner. Scoring: Zero points for correct winner. 20 point penalty for incorrect choice. The final score for this game would be 23. Correctly predicting the actual game score nets all -5 bonuses and a -25 bonus, for a best possible score of -40. Missed Game: Your score for missing a game is (the highest score of picked games + 25 points). End of year: Your highest score will be subtracted from your final point total. No Games Missed equals a -25 bonus to your final score. HHCC RULES: All new HHCC game threads will be posted following the previous game. The first game will be up after the last exhibition game. Post your prediction in the HHCC thread. All predictions must be in by the scheduled tipoff time (noted in the thread's title). Any corrections to your prediction should be done in the HHCC game thread. If you are unable to edit your score, just quote your previous score and post the new score underneath. All score updates will be posted throughout the season.
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    Walter Pitchford is on board

    I guess we all make bad decisions when we're in our early 20s. Some people get a tattoo others go to Creighton. I feel Walt made a dumb mistake leaving early and it's unfortunate the NCAA wouldn't let him return. I think he's a nice guy and I'm glad Miles didn't write him off and has welcomed him back as part of the program.
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    Jess Shepard

    Her Freshman year she was coming off the ACL injury and didn't get cleared until just before the season, so she did what she could and worked on conditioning throughout the season. I'm OK with that, wasn't much else she could do, and she had a solid freshman year on the court. Off the court, not so sure. Williams comes in and Jess says the right things, give the new coach a shot, but her words didn't really match what showed up. She was not conditioned at the start of the season which was very surprising to me, since she had the summer to work on that and really get to a higher level. She had trouble getting up and down the court - whether it was the extra weight, lack of conditioning, attitude, or some combination of those or even something else, it just wasn't happening. She really looked like someone that did not want to be there. She may turn into the player we had hoped she would be at Nebraska. Wouldn't totally surprise me. However, I wonder about the wear and tear on her body at Notre Dame when her conditioning was so poor last year. I even wondered if she got a bit burned out at basketball. Been going hard with that since she was in elementary school, committed to NU after 8th grade. That is way way way too early to make a college commitment. And it obviously was the wrong choice for her, otherwise she would still be at NU. Regardless, she is gone, sounds like the chemistry issues have left with her, we have a tremendous group of young ladies eager to play for their coach and each other, and some excellent recruits coming in. I'm also very happy that AD SE is gone as well. Onward and upward!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Husker Hoopers! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with food, family, and 7 foot tall post players. I am thankful for this board. My wife, I love her to death, and I am sooo thankful for her as well! However, when it comes to Husker basketball, sometimes she just doesn’t understand the joy, frustration, ups, and downs that come with it.
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    Creighton - Nebraska

    Gotta love message boards. The last coach got killed on here for not substituting enough and playing people too many minutes (although when she did substitute, she caught hell for being negative and taking players out for making mistakes). Now this coach catches it for too many substitutions and wave substitutions. Kinda funny, actually.
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    Copeland is our best back to the basket post player. He HAS to be successful inside for this team to be successful. His success started at the basket and then he moved out on the floor, first hitting mid-range jump shots and then threes. Confidence make everyone a better shooter.
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    That game looked like one of the games I used to coach with my NAIA JV's against Cloud Community College with D1 transfers on the roster. We got ran, dunked, and blocked out of that gym. Coaches, players, and everyone involved should be embarrassed with that performance and take some serious looks in the mirror. You don't bounce back quickly from that. That's a game that shows you "just don't have it." Don't care if it's early or just one game. We played like scared middle schoolers. Got bumped off of every spot. Can't run any offense with pressure. Let a couple blocked shots shake us. Played with no composure - get an and 1 lay-up as the game is still in contest and get T'ed up. Unacceptable.
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    had 8pts 5 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 2 blocks in a win vs bowling green. good to see him get a chance to play.
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    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Kate Cain didn't stay with Delaware after a coaching change and she ended up here........hope the Delaware fans are not wishing her injury.
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    Handy Johnson


    Do they have to bring the signs in a clear bag?
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    There's no such rule as "over the back", so don't scream it from the 300 level every time someone on your team gets beat for a rebound.
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    I've probably said this a thousand times. Who cares who starts? Give me the 5 best players on the floor in crunch time at the end of the game. IF a players bitches and moans about not starting, then right there you already have an issue. That's a "me" thing. Its a childish thing. Give me guys that will do anything that the team needs and we will have something. And this is by no means saying we have any guys on the team like this, I just think the fans put WAY too much into who starts and who doesn't. See who the coach has in when the game is on the line and that will tell you a lot. And obviously every game is different based on match ups and who's hot, etc...
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    Open Scrimmage

    He's going to be okay...kay.. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Jess Shepard

    And if she is, it will tell how much she thought about this program... and teammates.
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    Jess Shepard

    I think that therein lies the problem that we have discussed on this board many times over. Kids don't want to work for anything. Kids don't want to wait their time. Kids want instant gratification and if they do not get that, then they transfer. Sure, I would like a promotion at my current job, and I am working hard to get that. However, I'm not just going to jump ship because I have 10-15 other people that are fighting for that same thing. I could go along with something like getting a waiver if the coach leaves you can transfer. I think that might be an interesting concept. However, that might really hurt some schools when the coach indeed does leave.
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    Closed Scrimmage

    Taylor thus far has played the 1, 2, 3, and 4. He's being considered for ELMER'S™ GLUE GUY OF THE YEAR award.
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    Dean Smith

    Nana to Redshirt?

    Slightly different take here. We asked and you chose to come here so my number1 is what's best for the team and then what's best for the kid slides in at 2. I realize this is crazy talk in 2017 but you are one part of a larger whole and making sacrifices for what is best for the team even if it isn't exactly what you see as what is best for you is part of being a member of a team. I can hear the snickering by people leaving because they didn't get to play the position they have their heart set on but that's what the door is there for.
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    Shirt Promo for the Minnesota game

    Well maybe I can "steal" like 5 other ones from my section and quicky sew them together before the game. Also I'm not allowed to wear white t-shirts in my neighborhood bcause we live in the landing pattern at the Lincoln Airport and all that white was blinding the pilots.
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    Note the XL shirt and appropriately start to diet or pack on lbs as needed.
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    Norm Peterson

    Creighton - Nebraska

    6,000 minutes in a season is a lot to distribute among 7 women. You'd be talking an average of 29 minutes per player there. You'd probably also be talking walking boots and crutches. That's a lot of minutes across a 30 game season. If your bench is deep and your freshmen are good, get the freshmen in there to develop for down the road and give your starters a blow so that they're strong for the final 5 minutes of the game. If your bench isn't deep, well ... make sure your athletic trainer likes you.
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    Copeland looked like the player we thought he'd be. Gill looked like the player we thought he'd be last year. Roby continuing to show his upside. We dictated the pace of the game today and played to our strengths more. Hence we played better. Still turn it over a bit too much and have some leaky defense at times, but we showed our potential today. Downside was some of our personnel decisions. This isn't meant to be derogatory, but I think it is clear that playing faster and moving makes this team better than trying to play a halfcourt game. Thus...there are a few guys that just dont fit. IMO, again, not meant to be derogatory, the Tanner Borchardt experiment is over. Great story. Good on him for his effort...but he's just limited. Yes...he only played 2-3 minutes in the first half, but those were 2-3 minutes that we could've expanded the lead with and used our main guys. Same with McVeigh. He just doesn't offer anything when he's not making his shots...and it's a total crapshoot when he does. Jordy is my 9th guy. He plays when there is foul trouble and situationally against big big 10 lineups. Focus on the top group of 8 players. Play to their athleticsm. Play your best players together and for extended minutes, which is always something we've seemed to avoid in the past in some fashion. Especially since you have more than just a top 5 now. Stop giving guys token minutes when its not necessary. Get that top group of 8 as cohesive as we can. Now it gets fun. Absolutely brutal 3-4 week stretch here. Need to go 3-1 in the next 4, at the worst, with our early December schedule as nasty as it is.
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    WWW (3) L (1) Look at that. We have more Ws than Ls on the season. I like Ws. Let's keep getting them. Improve along the way. Learning how to play while accruing Ws is more fun than learning from a loss. Let's get Ws.
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    North Dakota is a must win

    It was a must win the minute it was put on the schedule.
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    I mean... You aren't wrong.
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    Scouting St John's

    Was attempting to read that article but 4 million ads popped and now I'm seeing Lorde live
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    2017-18 Husker opponents

    Are you asking if they've hit rock bottom?
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    I saw someone on here with an SKC crest so i had to represent.
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    Really have been missing your negativity. That's something most people might think but don't feel the need to type it out after the first exhibition game.
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    Bottom line on Thor: Not a bad pickup. Not bad at all. Kid has some game in him. And to add him to the roster and get the kind of player we got at the time we got him is pretty surprising.
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    Open Scrimmage

    ...and we had fans leave before the final buzzer to make it feel like a REAL game! 🤣 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Jess Shepard

    I'm split on this. On one hand, I can kind of see what you are saying. However, I feel like there is a transfer epidemic. I don't feel like making them sit out a year is too much of a punishment. There is already shady dealings going on right now in College athletics. This would give coaches the ability to poach kids away from other Universities without penalty. Could you imagine giving coaches the ability to say "Hey, great year! Why don't you transfer down to XXX University and play for us?" I just feel like there is already an epidemic and we shouldn't add to the situation. Allowing a free transfer market would add so much uncertainty to College basketball. If this is something we moved towards, I feel like there would have to be rules and limits placed on the transfer. For example, you get a free 1st time transfer. Any additional transfer would result in losing a year of eligibility even if you have a red-shirt year. You are not allowed to transfer within the same conference. That type of thing.
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    Jess Shepard

    The bottom line for me is: " I'm dam glad she is gone from our team".
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    this is a neat story about Roby's grandpa and Aunt. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=24&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211676090
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    Closed Scrimmage

    For the record, I thought this was a totally fair assessment. Foster and Thomas are excellent players. I put Watson on their level, and Palmer may very well end up there, but those two CU guards are tough as hell and I respect their games.
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    2017-18 Husker opponents

    I'm back, guys!! Been a long hiatus, but I've decided to be more faithful and this year it's season tickets baby. Just got em in today. Haven't had season tix for a couple years since it was student tickets for me. I'll be up in the nosebleeds rapping HHC and Tim. Idk if well end up terrible or pretty alright this year with this crew, but there's a large degree of variance with this group. Very young and exciting group, I can't wait to see them. Just hope to compete (not give up and play terrible D) and at least f---in destroy Creighton. 😁😎 hope they perform because if not I could see Tim put of here next year. Which is unfortunate because he's a good coach and a lot of unlucky things have happened, in a demonicly difficult league. Go buskers!
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    "Raising" Cain

    Being nervous in front of reporters (which she obviously was) and being nervous performing on the court are unrelated, two entirely different things. That said, starting or not is almost meaningless...its about minutes and who is on the court when the game is being decided.
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    Manu Ginobili at 40 is still one of the best scorers in the league and he has come off the bench for the majority of his career. Coming off the bench isnt exactly a bad thing and sometimes can be good for the team. Being the spark can really help a team, it also helps balance out the ball. Not everyone can score at every moment so having a good glue guy out there in Taylor than can score but helps in others ways with 4 starters really helps space the floor. You bring in Allen for him with a few other bench guys who may not be volume scorers like a Roby gives you the ability to make him become the main option on the floor which could potentially give him more looks to score than if he started.
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    Row6Seat10 Musings

    What stood out to me was that the girls seemed to be playing with an intensity and speed that was completely absent last year. Of course, Rachel's presence alone would ratchet up the intensity. Without Jessica there seemed to be more teamwork on offense than last year. The defensive intensity and effort was significantly more evident this year (and this was just an exhibition game). I don't know what the win/loss totals will be this year but this team is going to be much more fun to watch.
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    The Official Media Thread

    Only listened to pieces of this so I don't know if there is anything "new" here other than Miles says "karaoke" differently than I do and Miles talked about the phenomenon of "Burno-ing". Pretty informative...would recommend. - Spent the first 15 talking to Greg about everything including the two scrimmages. Miles would certainly be in favor of playing multiple games for charity. - 2nd segment: Talking about the freshmen. Allen is a heady kid...recognized right away how much he needs to learn. Apparently the practices before Miss St game they threw the kitchen sink at him defensively in some scenarios which shook him up. Had a better week of practice before ISU and that helped with his confidence (and better showing). Allen isn't super quick but is smart/heady and has a good pace...thus he can get by guys and get up a shot. Thorir has been adjusting to the change. They played a 5 minute game with all the younger players vs ISU and he "stole the show" Nana is a phenomenal athlete, lights out shooter. Needs to work on ball skills and has to learn how to play D in our system. "His issues isn't talent...it's acclimation to the system." It seems like Nana is going to be a SG for us as Miles proceeded to list all the guys ahead of him on the depth chart at the "2" Sharpe asked about redshirting but Miles really didn't answer. He did mention that we are 11 deep right now including Allen in that group. (I personally am starting to warm up to redshirt Nana and Thorir) Scott (with the distinctive voice) from Lincoln asking about the chemistry. Miles went into some detail about how the guys all hang out and stuff like that. Currently they're undefeated and when teams inevitably lose, then you find out about the chemistry. Miles talks about the staff changes. Eaton is the DOBO. Teddy Owens and Brett Sapp moved on. Starts talking about how he had to replace two assistants in one season and says "I got Burno-ed" (I almost pissed myself). Apparently Burno will screenshot stuff that people post on twitter and send them to Miles so he can tell his side of the story. (I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard) He reveals they have a good relationship and they give each other crap back and forth. Talked about the assistants. Giving Michael more on offense. Talks about Kenya's recruiting and skill development. Does a Molinari impersonation when describing how much game tape Mo goes through "I'M 60! WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO?!?!? Sharpe brought up Moos and Miles mentioned in his 3 Div 1 jobs he's had 7 ADs, 7 football coaches, and 6 presidents. Noted Moos' extensive experience as a very important attribute. Final caller John in Lincoln takes a roundabout Nebraska Nice way to ask if this team is going to be any good and whether or not he should buy tickets. Miles handles it as graciously as you'd expect, noting that we just have a few hundred left and you can come in for free on the scrimmage to see for yourself. Final notes: Our scrimmage vs Northwood, Michigan is caoched by former Husker player Jeff Rekeweg and that's why we decided to play them Sharpe brings up Tanner, Miles notes he dropped 30 lbs, less than he weighed in middle school (I'm unsure if he's joking here). Miles notes he's played 8-9 minutes each game, he's a serviceable guy. Sharpe: That's not coach speak, you're going to play him. Miles: I already have.
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    I don't know how folks can extrapolate so much info off that blurry Periscope stream. Best I could do is see some red smudges run around near some white smudges on what appeared to be a basketball court and listen to the MSU radio guy describe the action. So, I really don't know who "looked good" or who "looked bad". I'm just glad there is some hoops action back finally!