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    Us talking about the greatest dunk that never happened is very much a Nebraska Basketball thing
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    The past few years my son has attended the Husker buddies event that Coach Miles puts on. First year my son attends it’s at PBA and he plays Tarin Smith one on one. Last year at the event he plays both Morrow and Jacobsen one on one. This year, a few weeks ago, of course he plays Jordy. BTW, this is his last year attending, next year he’s too old. So, the Roster should stabilize.
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    Going forward

    Probably not a popular opinion, but I liked how we used our big guys last night. We need those guys going forward, even if they are struggling offensively. I felt like Pardon really wore down as we had 3 big guys to throw at him, and then you make him chase Roby late in the half, and he has no gas left. We saw exactly that last night. Pardon was horrible down the stretch. In the final 8 minutes, he had 0 reb, was 1-2 on FG (the only make was a meaningless layup with 0:12 left), was 2-4 from the FT line, and let Copeland dunk in his face. NU went from a 1-pt lead to a 15-pt win in that stretch, as he was no factor. I think the way we used our bigs to wear him down led to that. --- I'd certainly like to see our bigs give us more on the offensive end, but we really only need a little bit more out of them going forward. We can generate points without those guys being a big part of the offense. We more need those guys to eat minutes, rebound, and play solidly, wearing down the other team's 5 and opening the door for us to use Roby at the the 5 for 5-6 minutes of each half. I thought they did that for the most part last night. It'd be nice to have Roby getting closer to 25 minutes, but the last thing we need is him picking up 2 fouls before the first media timeout against the other team's 5 when he's fresh, forcing Roby to the bench. Make their big guy bang against our big guys for a while, then let him chase Roby when he's tired.
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    I sat next to Papa Gordon tonight, and we both agree that it's the damn hippity-hop music that distracts the boys during warmups, throwing them off for the rest of the night. Oh, and the tattoos. Always the tattoos.
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    Lewis needs some work on his penmanship
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    Let me guess. He wants to be utilized more as a 3.
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    This is my virgin post on the Haymarket Hardwood and I can't believe it took me so long to stumble upon this website. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough on the internet but it's nice to know that there are other crazy Nebrasketball fans out there. We are a special breed, much like Cubs fans prior to their world series win and current Cleveland Browns fans - crazy, passionate and obviously we were all likely dropped on our heads during our formative years. Anyways, extremely disappointed in Jordy's decision making process. Nothing like hanging your teammates out to dry at a critical juncture in the season. This does have a similar look to the Deverell Biggs situation back in 2014 but I always thought that Biggs was more of a "me-first" player and likely a cancer in the locker room. That one decidedly felt like addition by subtraction. I've never for one second thought that of Jordy. He appears to be well liked and respected by his teammates. At the end of the Wisconsin game when Jordy fouled out, I noticed that Miles patted him on the back and Kenya and him exchanged several words before Jordy sat down. It struck me that it was likely a pseudo father/son moment and I assumed that Kenya was telling him how proud he was of his play and that's what his potential is and the expectation for him was going forward this year. As everyone has stated, the timing in all this is just completely baffling. I'm hoping and expecting that they roll with Okeke tonight as the starter. Our center does not need to provide offense. We need a big body that can bang with the opposing center, take up space and be a defensive presence around the rim. Okeke and Borchardt are far better at that then Jordy and neither of them demand the ball on offense. Maybe this is also the spark Roby needs to become more aggressive and a force. Of course, doing this without fouling is a huge ask of Roby. Hopefully this is a unifying event for this team and they play a complete 40 minutes of basketball tonight, which in my opinion, we haven't seen this team do this year. Here's to hoping for an inspired performance tonight against Penn State!!! Also, can't wait to partake next year in the picks contest - so bummed I didn't find this message board much sooner!!!
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    I'd pretty much do anything not to go to Penn State, either, but this seems extreme.
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    Likely not a popular opinion, but I have to get this off my chest: If true and his pending transfer is due to him being unhappy about how the season is going for him, it might be one of the more selfish decisions I've seen in some time. I have some reservations about Miles & Company on several things, but it appears to me the staff has gone above and beyond trying to get this guy going. He's been given opportunity after opportunity this year and outside of the Wisconsin game, has been mostly ineffective. To quit on his team at this point in the season is about as "me first" as it gets.
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    Not to pick on Roby but he was -10 tonight whereas Jordy was +16 (thought it's not quite that simple). The lineup of death was killing us. Happ could blow through Roby whereas he had to work around Jordy in addition to beating a double team. It simply wasn't a great matchup for Roby. That's one of the nice things about this team: We have enough different options where we can match up against different teams
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    Just got yelled at by my wife for yelling at the tv with 3 sleeping kids. Worth it.
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    Times Change I Guess

    Dumb things power rankings 1. Argument about a player wearing a hood during warmup that is provided to him as part of his uniform during by the coaches/schools/administration. Adidas: We have a new warm up uniform with a hood. Do you want that? Nebraska: Only if you can guarantee that it won't be worn! 2. The discipline required for not allowing your Knights of Columbus team to not dunk during warmups. 3. Talking about how soft coaches are now on a board where Miles gets the business for ripping guys a new one from time to time. 4. Me for making this post
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    It’s not just that we won... it’s HOW we won. Stepped on throats and didn’t let up.
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    If he starts it would be Vunderful but also a bit Tshiocking.
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    Andrew White wasn't that long ago...
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    uneblinstu is unavailable tonight, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling talking about what a horrible game we had on the boards, and how we should have blown them out, and how it was far closer than it should have been. But, in spite of all that, losing that lead on a 4-point play with 8 seconds left and then having James Palmer shoot a running 3-pointer at the buzzer was probably about as fun a way to win that game as you could have scripted it. I'll take it. Bring on Michigan.
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    One of the BTN guys said that Nebraska came out and punched Michigan in the mouth. I think what he meant to say is that we punched them in the mouth, curb stomped them, kneed them in the ribs, and then kicked them in the balls for good measure!
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    Nebraska was tired of getting beaten by Michigan.
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    It's hilarious that Northwestern fans have the temerity to call ANY basketball program "horrible" or "bad". Because for pretty much the entire history of college basketball their team defined it. Oh well, I'll just revel in kicking their ass on their home court.
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    Glad we finally got the Michigan monkey off our back
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    Tricky situation. This is a situation where I'd probably take the opinions of his teammates into consideration. If they want him back, I'd work out a solution to bring him back. College kids do stupid things.
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    Wow. Lee B’s article gave us a little light. Jordy would have to sit out the rest of this year and all of next year because he started classes. He also didn’t give this to the coaches until Thursday!! Very selfish situation. He should have finished this season out befor the transfer. Also, Thursday before a team leaves for an away game.... possibly a big game in terms of season outcome. I’m sticking with my “selfish” feeling on this one. Disappointed in Jordy. Not for the transfer, but how it has happened.
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    If the reason is "he's frustrated with his development," it might be time to be a man, look in the mirror and take some ownership. His coach has STOOD BEHIND HIM with starting him EVERY SINGLE GAME and he just improved a lot his last time out. Stick it out, Jordy. It's not always someone else's fault when things aren't going well, and you aren't that far from being where you want to be. Plus, I thought we were a TEAM here.
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    Wow, if he transfers, comments like this sure as hell don't help. Don't forget guys like Tai Webster and Frank Kaminsky didn't exactly light it up their first two seasons.
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    Jimmy, you hit on an interesting point. There were a number of "fans" who left early last night. I always wonder about the reasoning. Did they truly believe the game was over when they left? Did they have a collective meeting to attend? Were their collective parking meters about to expire? Did they have medicine to take? Were they bored? For those of us who do not leave early, it is hard to comprehend the reasons for leaving early...
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    Dont feel like that at all. Of course it wouldve been nice to win, but we fought hard on the road against a good team.
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    I came back just to bitch about that soft ass tech.
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    11-5 is the best start through 16 games in the miles era.
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    Twas the night before the Cupcake, when all thro' the Bank Not a creature was stirring, not even a Jaysker; The nets were hung by the basketball hoop with care, In hopes that Coach Miles soon would be there; The fans were nestled all snug on their couches, While visions of Selection Sunday danced in their heads And Papa Gordan in his 'kerchief, and Kidney in his cap, Had just twisted our brains for a long message board spat- When out on the court there arose such a clatter, Miles sprang from the locker room to see what was the matter. Away to the bench he flew like a flash, Tore open the Gatorade jugs, and threw up the trash. The ice rink outside has new fallen snow, Gave the luster of mid-day to objects below; When, what to Miles' wondering eyes should appear, But a MAAC team, and eight players with hats, With a little old coach, so lively and quick, Miles' knew in a moment it must be an obligatory cupcake loss. More rapid than Hatters their hats they came, And those Hatters, they shouted, and call'd them by name: "Now! Myles, now! Glasford, now! Iyiola and Doyle, On! Rivera, on! Goodman, on! Jones and Dennis; To the top of the arch! To the baseline of the court! Now press away! Press away! Press away all!" As the bricks lay there shot after shot, The Hatters meet with an obstacle, the Huskers who bought; So up to the Bank the shots they flew, Nebraska is back with three-pointers a brew: And then in a minute, there was a long drought The Huskers are known for and they're looking for a spout. As Miles drew in his head, more plays to execute, Down the court Glynn Watson Jr. came to shoot: He was dress'd in sweet kicks, sitting on both his feet, And his jersey was a slick alternative uniform Adidas made which was a feat; A bundle of baskets were made on his back, And he look'd like a baller just running right past: His eyes-how they looked for spacing and lanes, His moves were slick like a Big Ten All-Conference reign; His play-making ability was drawn up by opponents, To try to defend him, his team, and its components; The top of the rim he held tight when he dunks, And the cheers from the arena encircled in chunks. Miles had a face of a coach who wanted to win Because he knew we paid for this game, and wanted out of the den He's improved the roster, the talent, but wins haven't come They will, he laugh'd when we questioned him like we had done A wink of his eye and a twist of his hand He won the media over and gave us assurance there's nothing to dread. He spoke not a word, but went straight to Twitter, And fill'd all the words; then sent it without bitter, And laying his finger aside of his nose And giving a nod, up the Big Ten standings he rose. He sprung to his feet, to his team gave a whistle, We're on our way to go dancing, like the team you've always wanted: But I heard him exclaim, ere he walked out of sight- Happy cupcake season to all, and to all a good night. View full article
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    Dean Smith

    Times Change I Guess

    And you kids get off my lawn!
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    How did we lose

    Tom Eades. The answer to that question is always Tom Eades.
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    Side effect of making teams shoot so poorly
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    More goodness from Reddit (from a Michigan fan):
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    Mark Turgeon just said that Maryland got a tough scheduling draw as they have to play all the top Big 10 teams twice. I don't remember us playing Maryland twice, unless I'm missing something?!?!
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    All I know is that I hate drama. Jordy just put a heaping pile on this program.
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    I had four days vacation between Christmas and New Year's, drove five hours to Lincoln and watched us play f*cking Stetson. I think he could have made a game at some point.
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    Allow me to summarize the column: Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Football Basketball Basketball Basketball Football Football Football Football Football
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    The Official Media Thread

    The butt assist made #8 on sportscenter top plays Sent from my LGUS992 using Tapatalk
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    Jordy deserves a lot of props tonight, especially after all the "why is that guy still starting" stuff. No one else could body up to Ethan Happ. And, on the offensive side, he was looking more like the player we ended last year with.That's a good thing.
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    Going forward

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Messing with the starting lineup after a victory is bad mojo. After a bad loss, it sometimes may be a wakeup call. At this time of the year, injuries and illnesses, poor effort in practice, and the exigencies of each game should be the main reasons for significant changes in minute allocation.
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    If we were gonna give games a Friends style title, this one would be: "The One Where Tanner Saves the Day". Man, the first, what, 28 minutes or so, it felt like they were still on Christmas vacation. That was some baaaaaaaad basketball. Mercifully, I don't think we'll see that much zone the rest of the year. Nobody in the Big Ten does that. I didn't go back and look, but I'm fairly sure that was our worst night from 3. I feel like we should be a better free throw shooting team than we are. Glynn really struggled today. Miles said in the post game the, for whatever reason, he just couldn't find any creases in that zone. Fairly sure that's why he didn't see much time down the stretch. Roby just can't seem to avoid the foulitis. Thought this might have been one of those games where Thomas Allen could have made a bigger impact. Actually thought Jordy did some good things today defensively and on the boards. He was better around the rim, too. But neither him or Duby saw much action the last 8-10 minutes or so. Good on ya, Tanner. He messed around and nearly got a double-double. We don't win today without his effort. Guessing he earned more playing time tonight. I'm ready for the students to come back. Had some new fans in my section tonight. I'm ready for the regulars to be back for most games, too. Copeland really struggled until the last 10 minutes or so. He got the shots he wanted all night, just didn't fall til the end. Glad they did. Seemed like Palmer was the only one willing to attack the zone. He's so good in transition. Allen is good in the open court, too. Thought Gill and Taylor played well for the most part. I don't have a lot more. Ready for conference games to start. Hopefully the boys get their heads straight and bring the effort we saw the past few weeks. I think they will. Happy New Year!
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    Very impressive toughness in the last quarter. We took over the game in the second half, and Minn saw it...they got desperate, and folded. WE MADE OUR FREE THROWS TO WIN IT! The refs tried to "homer" a game for Minn......in lots of ways, but we overcame. Maddie had her best game. She's really come in to her own. Excellent. Lots of other good stuff....but just a great win...... that is beginning to get us over the hump. ...
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    Times Change I Guess

    Hatters gonna hat.
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    I also keep hearing excuses about how gassed they are after this stretch of the Big Ten. We've played the same amount of games in just as tough minutes (close games). I'm not buying it.
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    Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Step by step we are improving in most areas especially on defense. We are hitting one milestone after another. This basically happens when you have a good coaching staff and all the players are dedicated. A win in the previous game against Michigan would have put us in a 4 way tie for first in the conference. Who knows where we will end up. They are certainly fun to watch. All this from a very young team. Still no love from Jeff Sagarin in his ratings. 69th with Indiana and their losing record 68. Go figure.
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    Emily Ryan 2020

    Pressure is on Kansashusker to bring this one to Nebraska!
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    Nebraska vs. Northwestern Game Thread

    Great win! I am so impressed with the job Coach Williams is doing, the balance on offense, team play and enough defense to get wins. Sweep the road with a win in Champaign Wednesday.
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    I hope we get to see them in the B1G Final.
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    Times Change I Guess

    What’s with the expressions of bitterness on this board by fans of the school in Eastern Omaha toward the Huskers? Perhaps it’s because Nebrasketball is making progress. After all: —We have 9 wins by Christmas Day. —One of our losses is an away game against a top 5 team. —Two losses are to top 25 teams in away games—one of which could easily have gone the other way. —One loss is a one-pointer at home to Kansas. —We have only one other loss—and it’s not a bad one. —Players are progressing well, and the team is getting better quickly If the Huskers can stay healthy, this will be an excellent year!