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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    My nba team and.college team have the same # of wins
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    NU didn't have any control on those designs. We'll see if they participate in the adidas postseason unis this year or not. I hope not. I'd like to see them wear their normal stuff during the postseason. Or at least not a variation on the same design 15 other teams will be wearing, too.
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    If we are sitting at 23-8 before the BTT, we might be ranked in the top-25. Historically those teams don’t land that low in seeding because they are passing the eye test. i mean, technically speaking...a #24 ranked team would be a 6-seed, if the two lined up. i know that the committee doesn’t use that info, but I just struggle seeing a top-25 team relegated to a play-in game. I think with 24 wins we are an 8 seed
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    Hate Will Never Win

    Team at a rally speaking today
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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    yes, which is precisely why OSU will get it.
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    Okay given it was bottling night just got done watching game FT's until the end were bad - that said, we were clutch when we had to be. Watson struggled but was the glue Palmer was unreal in the second half. Roby with another double double. Another year in the weight room he will be a major force, more so than he has become Jordy struggle but gave us good minutes with 4 fouls Copeland disappeared after a good start. All in all a good win, again the type of game we lose the last couple years. 20 wins baby. Joe Lunardi NEEDS to take notice.
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    Probably will drop to the next 4 out because we didn’t beat a Tier 1 team tonight.
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    I like where your head's at. I agree, eventually something like this just gets worn out. From everything I've been tracking recently, if we get in there's a good chance its a 10 or 11 seed. There's even the minute possability that we're put with the bluebirds in Omaha for a grudge match. I actually hope not, but I know they like those narratives. I just want to get in and win. It also excited me when I saw one projection that put us in a play-in with boise. That's much more winnable than a 6 seed right off. Either way I'm good, but im just happy to be where we are.
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    My guesses: (a) Win the next 3 and win the Big 10 tournament and we're a 5 seed. (b ) Win the next 3 and make it to the finals and we're a 9. (c) Win the next 3 and win one and it's 11. (d) Win the next 3 and go 0-1 in MSG, or go 2-1 and 1-1 in MSG and it's 12 and a play-in. (e) Go 2-1 but then make it to the finals and it's an 11, go 2-1 but then win the tournament and it's a 7. (f) 2-2 in the next 4, including the conference tournament first round game, and it's NIT unless a whole lot of things break our way. (g) 1-3 in the next 4 and it's barely in the NIT. (h) 0-4 and the season is over. I'd put my money on (c).