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    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Nebraska wins the whole damn dance..... Next day... KenPom #49
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    So many great plays/performances per usual, but I want to single out a couple things that may get lost in the shuffle. Palmer's offense saved the game, obviously, but his defense on Huerter was tremendous - he really competed on that end and shut down one of the league's best offensive players. Along those same lines, I know Watson didn't have a great offensive game, but his defense on Cowan also was tremendous. Cowan has been so good of late, but Glynn kept him in check ... and came up with the huge blocked shot when it was a 1 pt game with 1 minute to go. Big win to collect when we definitely didn't play our best - let's get 3 more + several in the postseason!
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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    giddy, but in all your life, how many times have you woke up and been able to say that we've won 20 games in a basketball season?
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    That's the "ET" factor. Dude is the ultimate team player/glue guy/hustle player. Max effort all the time. One of our best late pick-ups of all time. Love the toughness he brings.
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    I’m disappointed/pissed off about Shon Morris from BTN. 1. It’s a positive when more of your teams from the conference become tournament type teams. 2. You work for BTN, let the “has been” NBA players from CBS knock the BIG. There is no gain from you doing it on the confrence’s own network. I just don’t get trying to dog on NU after what was clearly a big win at home? Last I checked, that win made us a stronger bubble team.
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    His job is incredibly easy. ESPN touts him every year by saying, “He got 65 out of the 68 teams right!” Sounds great and all, but there’s really only about 4-5 toss ups each year and it’s a complete guessing game out of a pool of maybe 8 teams for who will fill those spots. Missing 3 of them is not that impressive.
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    This just kind of has the feel of a team of destiny. It just feels like this team is meant to make the dance. Maybe I'll be wrong, but it just seems like this team is meant to get there. We're tantalizingly close and we get tantalizingly closer with every game we play. If we win two of the next 3 and get a 4 seed in the conference tournament, regardless whether we beat Michigan there or not, we should have punched our ticket and if we get left out, it's a crime.
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    It blows my mind that we're at 20 wins on the season with 3 regular season games left to play. It blows my mind that we're at 11 conference wins with 3 (very winnable) conference games to play.
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    Road to 20

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    Copeland had a rebound late in the game that was - dare I say it - mansized. His head looked higher than the rim. He’s a pretty decent athlete.
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    From today’s Baltimore Sun: Nebraska’s fans Three years ago, when Maryland played at Nebraska for the first time as a member of the Big Ten, the Cornhuskers were on a seven-game losing streak. The game was close to a sellout. Two years ago, when the Terps came to Nebraska ranked No. 4 in the country and the Cornhuskers were hovering right above .500, the place was packed again. So it made sense that Tuesday’s game at Pinnacle Bank Arena was a sellout. It’s right up there with basketball hotbeds Purdue, Indiana and Michigan State in terms of atmosphere. Which means it’s way better than what the Terps will return to Saturday night when they face Big Ten bottom-feeder Rutgers in an 8 p.m. start. Sad, but true.
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    So here is my biggest argument to the bracketologists that keep downplaying us. If the Big 10 is so down... Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Rutgers suck more than any teams have sucked before. Then why is it that Illinois has wins over DePaul and Missouri Wisconsin is in a down year, but they did beat Western Kentucky Minnesota... The Minnesota we beat has wins over Providence and Alabama Rutgers beat Seton Hall Iowa... Well I don't have anything nice to say about them because Iowa Sucks That is the biggest issue I have with the computers... Where would you rather play right now @Illinois or @Buffalo. Illinois may be having a down year, but it isn't like they are Iowa School for the Blind... Another good example @Wisconsin or @Louisiana Lafayet... Cookie Miller Wasn't Dirty... You compared those 5 schools to the other power 6 conferences. That is great in all, but I don't see Buffalo beating a Seton Hall... or Boise State beating Providence... or St. Bonaventure beating Alabama... or Loyola Chicago taking out Missouri. B1G got their bad rap, because of how they showed up against the ACC. Cool... everyone seems to want to forget that we split the Gavitt Games... You know the one where Rutgers beat Seton Hall. I'm not going to sit here and say that the Big 10 is as deep of a conference as the Big East, ACC, SEC and Big 12. I am going to say that they aren't as shitty as the computer make them out to be. This Big 10 is not anywhere near as bad as the PAC 12 was in 2011-2012 season, and quite frankly I am extremely tired of the comparison!
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    Just watched the end off my DVR - not only did Huerter (the shooter) cross the line way before the ball hit the rim - another player came from behind the shooter and crashed the boards crossing the free throw line well before the ball hit the rim. Refs completely blew that - 2 players committing a clear violation. Would have been a huge issue if Palmer had not secured the rebound anyway.
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    The importance of that block by Watson can't be overstated. We were only leading by 1 up to that point in the game, with just a shade over a minute left in the game. I know that people are down on Glynn but his leadership and timely play making is one of the reasons we are where we are right now. Roby played a man size game today. He was getting battered down low by the Maryland big man Fernando. He is probably sore today. Maryland is a very talented team and it is surprising that their record isn't better than it is.
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    I've uploaded an Excel spreadsheet with a list of most the bubble teams and their current "Team Sheet" information that the committee looks at, as well as remaining schedules and my own personal comments on their remaining schedules. My data is sourced from WarrenNolan.com. I have the teams ranked in order of Lunardi's most recent Bracketology. I'll try to continue updating this throughout the next month. Note: I highlighted recent wins that will improve a team's standing green. I highlighted losses that will hurt a team's standing blue. If I felt like the win or loss is more or less not impactful, I didn't highlight it. Nebrasketball Bubble.xlsx
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    Agree with what you say about Minnesota. We deserve more credit for that win. But I think it's still pretty clear that the Big Ten is down. Looking at the bottom five teams in our conference (Wisc, Iowa, Minn, Rutgers, Illinois), here's how many teams from each of the major conferences that I think are on or below their level: Big XII: 0 Big East: 1 (DePaul) SEC: 2 (Ole Miss, Vandy) ACC: 3 (GT, WF, Pitt) Pac-12: 4 (Stan, OSU, Cal, WSU) Maybe not so coincidentally, that's the exact order of the Conference RPI rankings. Maybe the Big Ten isn't "awfully" down, but from top to bottom, it's certainly competing with the Pac-12 as the worst major conference. And the worst major conference typically gets 3-5 bids, which is the current outlook of the Big Ten. It goes to show that the bottom third of a conference plays a role in the rankings, as it should. IMO, both Nebraska and the conference as a whole are being treated fairly. We're just up in arms because we're not used to seeing 20 win seasons, so the thought of a 23 win season falling short is incomprehensible. Let's be honest... 8 of our 11 Big Ten wins are against that bottom five group. If we were looking objectively at this same resume for another team, we'd all be complaining that they haven't had any impressive wins... and it's true. We've beaten one tournament team on our home court. That's it. I agree that we're a tournament-quality team, but the resume does not support it.
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    On the post game radio show, Miles told Kent that Kenya made the call/suggestion to get Palmer a quick blow. Tim said that Kenya thought it would be prudent to get him off his legs for a few minutes so that his legs were a little fresher at the end when shooting free throws to ice it. I am just really thankful the guys pulled this one out. if Nebraska would have lost this game, I would not have wanted to hear from the vocal minority how Miles is an awful game manager and how he should be fired for blowing this game and potentially not getting this team to the tourney.
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    Ten More Chances

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    just had to put Thursdays up there before I go to bed. It will be a restless night knowing I have Marist to look forward to Thursday.
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    Thanks @huskercwg JPJ took this thing over in the 2nd half. It was a thing a beauty. Felt like his dunk late in the first half woke him up. Maryland couldn't stop him in the second half. I've said it before, but it rings true tonight, but JPJ is the basketball equivalent of a good running game. You may slow them down early, but they just wear you down over the course of a game. He's playing at B1G POY levels right now. It was mentioned above, but Watson did awesome work defensively. He was getting the shots he wanted, just haven't been falling. He'll break out of it eventually. I thought this was a poorly officiated game. It felt like they completely flipped how they were calling the game from one half to the next. They called a bunch of fouls in the 2nd they didn't call in the first. We rebounded as well as we have in a long time. I don't know what the adjustment was, but we got beat on the double team for wide open lay ups to start the 2nd half. I don't think we got beat on that again the rest of the night. To hold Maryland to 5/16 from 3 is pretty impressive, but it's right in line with how we've defended the 3 all conference play. Thought that was going to be the deciding factor in the game and I think it was a big one. Roby might be the best player in the Big Ten next year. Holy crap he's good. Crowd was really good down the stretch. Took a bit as the crowd settled in. Palmer's dunk woke up the crowd. Went with a friend of mine who doesn't get to go to a ton of games. We went for a beer after the game and he asked me if I was ever worried about this game at any point during it and I really wasn't until it got down to a point with a minute or so to go. It's crazy to me this is only the second time a Husker Hoops team has hit 11 conference wins since the 60's. Evan Taylor always seems to be in the mix when the game's on the line. His scramble for that rebound off the block of Cowan's shot was huge. That guy is a junk yard dog. We'll miss him next year. I was dead wrong about him and thrilled to admit that. Thought we got some really solid contributions from Jordy and Duby tonight. Some really important minutes, especially on the defensive end. With out them, I'm not sure we win. If we can get similar production from them down the stretch, I'll be really happy. This was a really good win. I thought both teams played this one like there was a lot on the line. Maryland plays a lot of close games, so I wasn't surprised to see this one be close down the stretch. Some clutch free throws down the stretch and this sucker becomes a big win. I think Sunday's game vs. Illinois will be a dogfight, too. Just find a way to bring home a win.
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    All they can expect of us is to win the games we're playing, and we're doing that. All we can do at this point is to win the games we play in. So far, we're doing that. At least to some extent we control our own destiny. There's still enough games to be played to get us where we need to be. Win out in the regular season (doable) and then beat Michigan in the conference tournament (also doable). That should be enough to rest comfortably until selection Sunday.
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    Have to add a shout out to the guys on the end of our bench. They are really starting to get some attention with their choreographed reactions to big moments in the game. Five guys doing the Macarena after Palmer hit a big 3 tonight. Great to see the guys having fun and supporting the team - including Jack McVeigh who has gone from being a frequent starter to a DNP in most games - but had kept a great attitude from all appearances.
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    K'know what? I'll say this here: I've always hated Lunardumb and his "clout" (respect and rep). Why is he all high and mighty? Coming from way before nebraska was ever a bubble team, before miles and co, I always disliked the guy; not because he did my teams no favors, but because his nerdy fat face was always featured FRONT AND CENTER, with no question as to validity, with ESPN. He's not all that more accurate than us other mere mortals (less so some years if I recall correctly), and always has this smug attitude about him. Maybe it's the philly accent. Idk. whew, I needed to get that off my chest. This guy has peeved me (but to a very slight, annoying degree, hardly noticable, like a gnat) for well over a decade now for me. {end rant}
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    Dan Dokich ripping joe lunardi about Nebraska getting into the tourney on the mich st vs. Minnesota game [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At the risk of sounding like an insane conspiracy theorist... I have to wonder a little bit of Lunardi's consistent dismissal of Big Ten teams has anything to do with the BTN vs ESPN slating of games. If I'm remembering correctly (and I don't know where I heard this but think I did), ESPN has so many fewer Big Ten games than usual because of cash considerations, or something like that. It isn't just Nebraska that's not on ESPN as much, it's pretty much the whole conference. As a result, is it at all possible that ESPN is a little salty, and pushing the narrative that the Big Ten is SO SO SO DOWN (when maybe it's just only kind of down, and when other conferences whose games are shown more on ESPN have this sort of phenomenon they call it "parity"), but at the end, if we do come close to his prescribed scenario, then it becomes a "WELL OBVIOUSLY with a run like THAT they're in" thing. I mean, I can go back to folding up my tinfoil hat, but I do wonder a little.
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    this was a team win, even though JPJ did most of the scoring in the 2nd half. but without Glynns block at the end and Cop and Roby hitting the boards this would have went south.
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    Fernando is making me dislike ABBA more than I already do.
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    WNIT vs. The Dance

    I find it difficult to believe that many NU fans, including myself, will be disappointed not to make the NCAA Tournament. This group has exceeded expectations of nearly all but maybe the most foresighted among Lady Husker fans. So, I need to reflect on the positive accomplishments of the team and not be disappointed if the NCAA appearance does not occur. However, I would be dismayed if the team finishes in the Top 3 during the regular season and does not receive the invitation.
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    Common denominator is that the big east is vastly overrated by the rpi in relation to the big 10. You stack up vegas power ratings and it is not all that lopsided at all. Yet a team like providence gets rewarded for it over and over again and a team like us gets penalized over and over again.
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    Tournament Odds Gizmo

    That's what she said.
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    We don’t have a Tier 1 win only because of a technicality: the Minnesota win was over a #14 team at full strength—the refusal to recognize and value this fact is a defect and bias in the system. And there are some massively-overrated teams ahead of us in the RPI, which also reveals the defects and bias in the system. Examples are St. Bonaventure, Buffalo and Vermont. And how can a team be rated 23 with losses by 14, 20 and 22 in the last 9 games? “Bias” is the answer. It’s the same bias that won’t recognize the value of our first Minnesota win and that continues to say (without any means of verification) that the B1G is “awfully down.” And, speaking of "awfully down," we must note that one of our lowly B1G cellar dwellers, Rutgers, has beginning of the season wins over two Big East teams: St. John's (when it was at full strength) and Seton Hall.
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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    My nba team and.college team have the same # of wins 😂😂😂
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    Glynn also had a foot injury that prevented him from practicing. His shot continues to be flat, but right now he simply needs to get the negative vibes out of his head and let his talent take over. His defense last night was exceptional. How he blocked that three point attempt towards the end of the game was amazing. I have no clue how he got to that ball???
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    a happy bench is a happy team. I think my grandma said that.
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    I honestly believe that it is too quiet for free throws that Nebraska shoots. It's like a library. A bit of ambient noise would help the Huskers not go 6-12 for much of the night. But, all in all, that 7-7 to finish was a thing of beauty! GBR
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    Just a guess, I don't have any information here, but I think it's related to the hate will never win campaign
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    He knows nothing! Saying we don't have a top 50 win. Also kept saying the big ten has 15 teams..... I don't even think he watches basketball. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly. We won this one on the defensive end - particularly Palmer and Watson played great defense tonight shutting down two very good Maryland perimeter scorers.
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    NU was -1.5 tonight at tip, so we've covered 8 straight games and 16 out of the last 17. That is insane. We're the opposite of point-shaving.
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    Lunardi's just some East Coast self-promoter with a bad hairpiece.
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    The Refs generally swallowed their whistles all night long which is OK by me. However, they had some really awful calls and no calls. For instance, why wasn't #10 for Maryland hit with a "T" for coming over to the Husker huddle after Palmer's 1st half dunk and the subsequent Maryland timeout. I know he got run over by Watson and perhaps Watson should have been called for a foul. But Watson's thing wasn't flagrant. The Maryland player had no business heading toward the Husker bench and should have been rung up.
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    - Tale of two halves. We played tentative and nervous the first half. We played aggressive and spirited in the second half. - Glynn struggled (again) on offense. Missed bunnies could have been costly. He played great defense though...I understand he played on an injured foot. - Isaac started out strong, was feeling it...and we pulled him from the game WTH? - James was feeling it and going off in the second half...and we pulled him WTF?? Miles admitted after the game that this was the call of a specific assistant coach. Hmm. - Interesting that we chose to play straight up defense in order to stop the three. Despite a lot of angst, it worked. - Jordy needs to stop the 'turn the ball over and then foul to try to make up for it' disease. We could have used him a bunch more in that game. - Roby MIA in the first half, but man-oh-man did he make up for it in the second half. - Evan played a very steadying role. - Anton played good D and made some timely shots. - Isaac played well. I thought he would get a double-double like Isaiah. - But oh man, when James started to feel it, he LIT UP the joint. - Missed free throws drove me crazy BUT, big makes down the stretch. Great win men!
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    Glynn got his 1000 pts.
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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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