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    Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Gotta be able to get 6-8 points per game with a guard just taking somebody off the dribble or gutting a defense down the middle of the lane. It’s really been an issue all year, but Nebraska’s been able to play around it through good scouting reports and outcoaching/playing the opponent. They’re still working on developing the skill of turning the corner or slicing up a D off the dribble. There’s no Moore or T or Theriot on this roster (yet) who just naturally makes those plays over and over, game after game. Which is why they talk about D so much. They can control it, they have good athletes and an elite shot blocker. They’re a tough nut to crack on D.
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    Red Don

    Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Check Out that Attendance: A Season High 6,823
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    NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    we're not, which is why i used the words I did. I'm suggesting that if someone were two watch the recent games of both teams, they'd likely conclude that at this time we're better than the Wolverines. That's pretty much all I said and all I meant. Will that happen? No idea. I ain't in the room. But if word on the street is correct--not to mention previous committees claiming to watch a ton of games from bubble teams--then I'll argue that we'll appear better than Michigan at this time. That might not hold up. And then I can revise my opinion if that changes.
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    Surely they can find a way to edit the PA announcer out of these videos and leave Kent.
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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Not a husker. Bump
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    Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    still---------------a little stunned as i went and looked at the standings. let this soak in for a moment.......tied for second with ohio state at 9-3. think i might have mentioned around mid-season. i was really hoping the huskers could approach .500 for the whole season----MAYBE.
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    Wisconsin vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Coach Williams did say they needed to change some things up to get offense going Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    There's no way in God's green earth that Kansas is a 2 seed. I call shenanigans on this list.
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    A good sign when not much to disagree with on the follow-up comments. Hopefully I will say the same after Maryland. At least no snowstorm is expected for the 6 p.m. Tuesday game so that should minimize the leaving early crowd. We will need a raucous crowd for that one so be sure to bring your lungs.
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    Rutgers: Saturday

    Well played