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    I also think it is time to take the training wheels off Roby. We clearly are better when he is in there. Let him start and let him play as much as he can handle. If he gets in foul trouble, he gets in foul trouble. However, tonight he had one foul. He could have played far more than 23 regulation minutes. He should have played far more than 23 regulation minutes. We probably win the game if he played more than 23 regulation minutes. Hamstringing ourselves cannot be done.
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    I get what you're saying, but having him as a threat on the floor maybe helps get us a better look. Those things matter despite his poor night.
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    Jacob: Please don't tell us his hands are Woodburyesque. And atsk: I understand that carats are also very good for you.
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    The final play in regulation was suppose to have Watson driving to the rim. Roby getting fouled by Watkins killed the timing of the play because by the time Roby got to Watson, Watson felt he didn't have enough time. Thus, the contested 3. And, it most certainly was a foul on Watkins. He bear hugged Roby. I agree that Palmer should have played in OT. Another gripe I have with Miles was he didn't switch to zone earlier. After the 1st media TO of the 2nd half, he should have made the switch. As for Roby only playing 23 minutes in regulation, he did not have a very good 1st half. He only played 8 minutes in the 1st half, and 15 in the 2nd. If he plays like he did in the 2nd half, it will be impossible to keep him off the floor.
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    Brady was 6'10.5" in shoes when we measured him this summer but his wingspan was only 6'9.5". He was 197 pounds at that point. Maybe he's put on some weight, but it's also hard to do so and keep it when you're in the middle of a season. I've watched him play since he was 15 years old and seen his development. I 100% think a redshirt season would be in his best interests. His shooting isn't close to refined enough for him to rely on that part of his game and his lack of length will hurt him as a shot-blocker at the next level despite his excellent instincts. He needs to get a lot stronger. Perhaps Jordy's struggles have something to do with having to be thrown into the fire right away despite probably not being ready. I'd rather not see Brady go through something similar.
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    Well said. Post more!!
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    Very frustrating. Awful job at the end of regulation. Would rather see the weave motion with Palmer back in the game there and hopefully someone finds a driving angle first and take a 23 foot contested shot if not at the end like we did anyway.
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    Coach Hunter helped develop big men while at Georgetown, did he lose a significant amount of brain cells between then and now? It is my understanding that a lot of work goes into the development of players, I am not convinced the lack of development (if that is real or perceived) falls solely on the coaches.
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    And the PBA rims and backboard rejoice. Bad basketball player but will certainly hurt our depth going forward.