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    Emily Ryan 2020

    Pressure is on Kansashusker to bring this one to Nebraska!
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    What? You mean we shouldn't fire the coaches after every loss? We didn't lose the game at the end. We loss the game by playing like absolute horse manure the first 33 minutes.
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    Carr was 2-17 going into ot...PSU stuck with and he won them the game. JP should have got some minutes especially after we called a time out at end of regulation.
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    That felt like every Nebrasketball season ever. Losing to penn state is the same feeling other teams get when we beat them.
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    Tough tough loss, I am a miles supporter as he seems like a hell of a guy n has done what I’d consider a heck of a job recruiting at Nebraska. Tonight they did miss a fair amount of contested lay ups and probably a half dozen wide open threes the guys at the local YMCA usually knock down but this offense is trash. No clue what is so hard about putting cope or roby at the high post n let them iso from there, worked 75% of the time tonight but they only ran it like 8 times. as far as the no Palmer in crunch time is anyone’s guess, was happy to see some mcveigh but certainly didn’t want to see 21 mins of mcveigh. Hes gotta look at cutting Taylor’s minutes as well 27 tonight while not scoring for a second straight game I believe, Allen looked to have it going for a spurt in the first half then gets no minutes after that or he’s gotta give Nana a chance. Believe he is like 6’5” and shot over 40 percent from distance in high school his senior year. Just gotta do something to get more scoring on the floor. That was painful to watch in OT
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    I also think it is time to take the training wheels off Roby. We clearly are better when he is in there. Let him start and let him play as much as he can handle. If he gets in foul trouble, he gets in foul trouble. However, tonight he had one foul. He could have played far more than 23 regulation minutes. He should have played far more than 23 regulation minutes. We probably win the game if he played more than 23 regulation minutes. Hamstringing ourselves cannot be done.
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    We were one Watson make away from toasting the genius of Miles for dusting off McVeigh to fuel the defensive charge at the end.
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    Still less F words than to guy who sits behind @Faux Mike Peltz Gotta get some humor going. I need it.
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    So what’s the reasoning with McVeigh over Palmer during OT? I know he was having a poor night but he has been our most consistent scorer this season.
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    We gotta stop with the disrespect of PSU, guys. That was a very good team we just took to overtime on the road. If they get Reaves back they're a legit contender for a top four spot in the league.
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    I look forward to the day when NBA 3s are no longer en vogue in a tie game late. We need better from Watson in those situations.
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    One thought I had while finishing up the chatter was that this week we saw Roby talk about this team being a brotherhood. It's things like this that really undermine that. We saw those that were there tonight really battle out there, but the start of the game they looked all out of sorts. How much of that was due to the events of the past couple of days? One of their brothers was missing. If Jordy makes the decision that he is more important than the good of the rest of the group, that will be really disappointing.
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    My wife is FISTING THE COUCH!!!
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    1st Half: That was mostly hot garbage. They played like they just had one of their buddies quit on them. Glynn started off on fire. Sadly, nobody else showed much energy. They went up 15-12 with 11:14 left in the half and only scored 9 points after that the rest of the half. We're not doing much in the paint on either end. Getting lost on pick and rolls way too much. Making it really easy for Penn St. Thomas Allen did do some nice things, but had some costly sloppy play, too. The whole team did. Free throw disparity is discouraging. NU really inefficient from 3. 2nd straight game at least for that. 2nd Half: First segment was more of the same. Second segment, something or someone light a fire under them. Copeland led that charge. Welp, couldn't sustain it. When Jack and Tanner are on the floor together, we lack the skill to play with most big ten teams. They're find spot or roll players, but they probably shouldn't be on the floor together very much. Glynn really cooled off after that hot start. Man, the glimpses we get of Roby are so tantalizing. This game felt a lot like the Purdue game. We had our chances to get back in the game but could never convert when those opportunities came. Penn St. really controlled most of this game. Crispin said at the beginning of the 2nd half that NU looked sluggish in the first half. And that's probably the best way to describe this game from a Husker perspective. Palmer's worst game as a Husker. I like Trueblood's leadership on the bench. The numbers look like NU did better rebounding than it felt like during the game, but that attempt right before Copeland's 3 to cut it to 5 before the under 4 where PSU got 3 chances felt like a dagger. Watson had a good first half of the first half and Copeland had a good 2nd half, but that's about all NU got today. Almost nothing from anybody else. ***Watson just hit a 3 to cut it to 2*** (things basically become stream of consciousness from here on.) The zone was effective. Looked like Evan was leading the way in the huddle after that 3 by Watson. One thing NU did really well today was take care of the ball. Then the possession after the free throws where PSU got 3 chances was killer. NU needed to get a rebound there. Now we've got a battle. NU could have folded down 16 and they didn't. That's a good sign to me, win or lose. It's a great sign if they win. Missed a couple of free throws down the stretch that feels big. OOOOOOHHHHH! Gotta grab that air ball. Wow that zone threw PSU out of their rhythm! Evan Taylor with the HUGE steal! Didn't love that shot by Watson at the end of regulation. Hoped they'd have something better drawn up for that spot. Overtime: Interesting that he stuck with five that finished regulation. We struggle to rebound out of the zone. Really bad possession all around on the shot clock violation. Our offense really turned to mush in overtime. Gill with a HUGE shot to tie it up! And then Carr makes a great play. And then they couldn't execute the play at the end. Tough loss. Good fight. A few postgame thoughts: This turned from a lethargic clunker into a character building moment for this team. Hopefully for Jordy, too. NU's slow start cost them big time tonight. They did well to scratch and claw back into this thing, but, the hold they dug in the first 30 minutes or so was just too much. Credit Penn St. for that. And credit NU for battling back, but it looked like the events of the past 24 hours was weighing on them early. Then they snapped out of it and we saw more of what we expected from this team. There are definitely things that Miles can use as learning experiences, but this will be a tough one to swallow for a bunch of reasons. I expect Palmer will rebound. Rough game from him. Again, slow start doomed what could have been a great comeback. View full article
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    On EVERY shot in the paint, Duby goes for the blocked shot. When he does so, his man is free to rebound. On one occasion, he came over to help on a player that broke free from Evan, Evan basically stopped, the dude missed his shot and Duby's man got the put back. I commented in the game thread when it happened. It was a dunk/put back.
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    Michigan vs Nebraska Game Thread

    i believe KC has a pretty good chance to hang with Thome. Gustafson is a little quicker with her moves and may cause more of a problem for Cain than Thome. like i stated before, if KC can stay out of foul trouble----could see an interesting battle.
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    Revisiting this thread on the morning after a game like this one is like going back to the party room after New Years Eve. You might find a savory hors d'oeuvre someone overlooked or you might step on the puke under the table. My take: We would have won this game 1. with Jordy available, 2. with Palmer playing at the end 3. by hitting free throws at our normal rate. OK, time to move on and show Illinois we are for real.
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    I am now agnostic...and not feeling great. For the record, NyQuil does not mix well with rum.
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    Miles is terrible at the end of games
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    We need Lewis to hold back Miles anytime he tried to call a TO late in games. Anything Miles draws up in those situations is hot freaking garbage.
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    What the hell is going on at your house the Bug?
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    No possible way we should be within 5 right now.
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    Michigan vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Maybe we should all pray for a miracle. Stranger things have happened.
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    Michigan vs Nebraska Game Thread

    sure would be nice to get some good minutes out of RB tonight. squeezing out close to 10 productive minutes would be a big help. one can hope anyway.
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    Which loss hurts the most?

    All of them
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    Glynn looked great in the first half, but wound up missing as many shots (13) as our next most prolific shooter took (Copeland). Would have been nice to see more Palmer, but with 1 for 9 and picking up three fouls early it wasn't his night. I don't think Jordy makes a difference in this one if he had played. Tanner Borchardt is outplaying Tshimanga and Okeke as a conventional post and I think Roby/Copeland with three guards is our best option. If I could persuade Miles, I'd suggest switching defenses multiple times in the game. I think 1-3-1 with Copeland/Roby and McVeigh gave us a disruptive element that offset rebounding assignment concerns, but I would like to see the switches happen when give up 2 or 3 buckets in a row. I have had enough of our 14 point comebacks from 15 point deficits.
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    Miles for better or worse is a play the guy who knows his defense sort of dude. Jordy and whoever is in his ears is hearing the footsteps of a stretch 4 and a guy that hasn't even committed? Nah. I think it's probably as simple as lack of attention and attention paid to Okeke's highlight reel blocks and Borchardt's minutes. Considering I saw Tanner and Jordy hanging out after TB's big game vs Stetson I don't think it's coming from Jordy himself.
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    No, you can play well and/or coach a great game and lose.
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    I get what you're saying, but having him as a threat on the floor maybe helps get us a better look. Those things matter despite his poor night.
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    i'd rather go down losing with my best players in the game. mcveigh is not one of our best players.
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    PSU has talent...but they were the #120 ranked RPI team coming into the game.
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    We already got a signature road win and there are plenty of opportunities coming up. Keep the faith. But I agree, I would have liked to see Glynn get the ball to Jack for the wide open corner 3, but instead he hands it to Roby. Make or miss, that's the shot I wanted to see there.
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    Nice comeback to give us a chance. Hero ball doesn’t work for us at the end. Unfortunately, games like that separate the contenders and the pretenders. Have to win the next two.
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    32 minutes of bad basketball, then 8 minutes that brought us back. Should have won it at the end of regulation.
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    We suck at offensive sets at the end of games. Can't we hire a ga for that
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    Our turn to win a buzzer beater
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    well, helluva comeback regardless. proud of these guys not quitting.
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    1-3-1. shouldve run it all game, in retrospect.
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    Dear God...let us have nice things tonight....and for our remaining games.
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    Bad call, the ball went off of PSU
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    HIT YOUR FREE THROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    simple remedy: make your shots and we can make this a game. we're just missing is all.
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    what's encouraging...and perhaps people who have jumped on later than us tortured souls don't understand this... is that we never could say that in the past. When you have any modicum of confidence in your huskers team, that is an unbelievable feeling.
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    I know I say this a lot... but we certainly look the better team.
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    Watson. What a sight for sore eyes!
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    Oh wow, there are a lot of empty seats.
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    Don't fuck with semicolons!
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    I'd pretty much do anything not to go to Penn State, either, but this seems extreme.