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    They're a bunch of idiots. Same can be said about the bunch over at HuskerBoard.
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    Now the owner has told me I could make the winery a Nebraska watch site!
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    A win's a win, but should've beat these clowns by at least 15.
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    Why yes we could!
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    Actually, we had been doing decent this year. BC, NW, Minny were teams we put away at the end. Seemed to relax a little when we got up 9, and Wisconsin made some contested 3's. Need to do better, though.
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    Well, whennthis Wisconsin bunch comes into town, you know you'll witness one of the worst games ever, and they did not fail to disappoint.
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    Win win win... that’s all we need!
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    This is going to be a long 54.7 seconds...
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    you realize happ was getting POY consideration last year? he's just good.