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    Not to pick on Roby but he was -10 tonight whereas Jordy was +16 (thought it's not quite that simple). The lineup of death was killing us. Happ could blow through Roby whereas he had to work around Jordy in addition to beating a double team. It simply wasn't a great matchup for Roby. That's one of the nice things about this team: We have enough different options where we can match up against different teams
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    Jordy deserves a lot of props tonight, especially after all the "why is that guy still starting" stuff. No one else could body up to Ethan Happ. And, on the offensive side, he was looking more like the player we ended last year with.That's a good thing.
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    Jimmy, you hit on an interesting point. There were a number of "fans" who left early last night. I always wonder about the reasoning. Did they truly believe the game was over when they left? Did they have a collective meeting to attend? Were their collective parking meters about to expire? Did they have medicine to take? Were they bored? For those of us who do not leave early, it is hard to comprehend the reasons for leaving early...
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    The Official Media Thread

    The butt assist made #8 on sportscenter top plays Sent from my LGUS992 using Tapatalk
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    Great win baby! Wisconsin muddies games up and we did enough to win. Survive and advance. Fellas we just equaled last years win total with 13 games to go. We also beat the Vegas spread! So pumped to get the W. Especially reading posts from earlier that said Wisconsin has made every game close.
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    Held serve. Better than the alternative.
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    I'm a bigger fan of Puzzled Chambers.
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    One Miles decision last night really irked me. I get that Watson has been in a major funk, not scoring-- maybe even struggling on D a bit so we went with the big guard line-up (Taylor, Gill, and Palmer) But.... we are up SEVEN W/ 1:14 left after getting a stop and a defensive rebound. We have THREE timeouts left and we bring the ball up the court--- I was pleading with Miles to call a timeout as Taylor was getting pressured up the court. Call a time-out, put in your best ball handler-- and run 30 seconds off the clock or shoot FT's... but Taylor makes a jumping overhead pass to JPJ who turns it over for an easy bucket and Miles goes bananas cussing them out. I totally get it-- those guys have played a ton of basketball, they need to be stronger with the ball but... Glynn is a 3 year starter at point guard. Get him back in the game and let him control the ball there.
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    A couple have mentioned it, but it's a real testament to the talent and depth of this team that we can go out, play so poorly, and still notch the win against a Wisconsin. It wasnt long long ago where if we didn't bring our best against a conference opponent it was lights out, no chance, even against the leagues worst.
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    I think that ends this year in Lincoln.
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    Final 5 minutes of the first half was just awful - we had a chance to put the game away and were a mess offensively. This stretch was the only reason this game was even somewhat in doubt at any point in 2nd half. Defense was excellent in that stretch, but offense killed us. By my count, we had 9 possessions in final 5 minutes - went 1-5 on FGs with 3 bad shots, turned it over 5 times (granted, with 2 questionable charging fouls) and scored after an offensive rebound. Plus two of our live ball turnovers gave Wis immediate layups. In a game where Wis was doing nothing in the half court, giving up layups off turnovers is especially magnified. So essentially, our offense was minus-2 points in the final 5 minutes of the half. We'd have been better off with 9 shot clock violations. Final 5 minutes first half – NU 24, WIS 14 Watson turnover Davison off-balance 3 – GOOD NU 24 – WIS 17 Tshimanga wild miss Happ miss Copeland rebound, immediate turnover Iverson steal, layup – GOOD NU 24 – WIS 19 Copeland miss 3 Prizel miss 3 Palmer wild miss 3 Reevers miss 3 Taylor charge in transition – questionable call Ford miss layup, Copeland block Roby/Watson turnover Happ steal, dunk – GOOD NU 24 – WIS 21 Watson miss 3, NU off rebound, Roby FG GOOD NU 26 – WIS 21 Happ miss, WIS off reb, Pritzel FT GOOD NU 26 – WIS 22 Watson charge, turnover – questionable call Davison miss 3, blocked Just a lack of focus, I think. Perhaps we thought it would be easy after we took a 10-pt lead? Actually it seems like we've done that multiple times this season - get a big lead and relax. Need to change that mindset - nothing's easy in league play. I guess the good news is we didn't relax defensively during that stretch and continued to play well on that end. Always good to win, and yet have a film that's full of things to fix. I think the coaches will have the guys' attention for a really important game Friday. Win that one on the road, and it'll look very good on the NCAA resume.
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    Interesting stat of the day: The team was a horrible 14.3% from 3-pt range; Anton Gill was a very solid 40%. Outside of Anton Gill, the team was 0% from three. Gill (or "Ton" as Miles calls him) is still shooting a torrid 48% from three land on the season. Extremely happy for Anton Gill and the season he is having. I was worried he'd not be able to come back from that injury he had last year, but he's not only recovered but he's pretty much back to the player we thought we were getting when we watched him at that first scrimmage after he transferred. He's a kid who can get us some buckets and isn't afraid to shoot with a defender in the area.
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    Jordy (9) outscored Watson (3), Taylor (1) and Roby (4) combined.
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    We're better than this team. Let's impose our will early and go get this W. Lol I saw a sign I the student section: "isconsin: we'll take the W"
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    Kind of a strange game. Glad to get the win. Not sure what's up with Glynn. He can't string 'em together. Thought we did a good job on Happ for the most part. He got loose a bit down the stretch. He's just a bowling ball, really tough to match-up with. Part of that good effort was because Jordy had his best game in a long time. I don't think we win without him. Hopefully this is a confidence boost for him and he can string a few together. This was Palmer's game. He did a little bit of everything. But that turnover at the end of the game will make ya tear your hair out. So, the numbers said saw we shot terribly from 3. I thought we got a ton of good looks, though. How many did we have rim out? At least 3. We had at least 3 more that were dead on just a little long. That happens sometimes. Hopefully that corrects itself on Friday. They put on a dunk show in pregame warmups. Really entertaining stuff. I thought they were gonna come out loose and free. In the postgame, Miles seemed to view it as a lack of focus instead. I don't think he was as happy with the effort. I thought the effort was intermittent. We had a few times where we threatened to run them out of the gym and just couldn't land the knockout blow. We got up 24-14, I think, with about 6 minutes left before half. Then we had about five just terrible possessions and let Wisconsin back in it. Really frustrating stretch. Wisconsin has some nice young talent. They're gonna get a ton of experience this year that will probably pay off for them in a couple of years. Davison was tough as nails. Not sure they've got any front court replacements for Happ, though, unless they've got something coming in. They just really muck things up and make it difficult to pull away. Tough team to play. NU won this game because this game they were able to get to the line and they were excellent from the line. Anything from 3 tonight and we're probably talking about a 20 point laugher. It really felt like we controlled most of the game. Speaking of laughing, that play by Roby from his keister was pretty great. Thought the crowd was meh tonight. Got some really good minutes from Allen tonight, too. He had one of those 3's that rimmed out. We got our 12th win tonight. Equaled our win total from last year with at least 14 games left. Every game from here on out is the biggest game of the year. They need to treat them with the same urgency they did Minnesota, Creighton and Kansas. So, it wasn't a work of art. I don't think we played all that well, but we got the win despite it. Let's go get one in Happy Valley on Friday.
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    NU vs the B1G since joining the B1G (thru Tuesday) .800 Rutgers (4-1) .500 Penn St (6-6) .500 Minnesota (5-5) .500 Northwestern (5-5) .500 Indiana (4-4) .400 Illinois (4-6) .300 Michigan St (3-7) .300 Iowa (3-7) .273 Purdue (3-8) .273 Wisconsin (3-8) .200 Maryland (1-4) .167 Ohio St (2-10) .000 Michigan (0-8)
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    What? We beat Wisconsin and no one rushed the court? What is going on here? Actually it was clever of the team to make all those who left early stand in the aisles until the very end. OK, that one is over. Now we have to play a better game at Penn State or we'll be back to a .500 team. Should be an interesting game which I'm sure Penn State thinks is winnable. Let's hope we can cause Pat's face to break the existing record on the Fran-o-meter redness scale.
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    No we didn’t shoot well but the close game was self-inflicted. Our biggest problem was shot selection. Pull ahead by 10. Jack up 4 to 5 bad shots and fall to a 3 point lead - repeat. Palmer was the best player on the floor. Unfortunately he was only Nebraska’s best player half the time and was Wisconsin’s best player the other. Going to need all of the “big three” as BTN calls them to make better decisions. Good to see Jordy have a good game.
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    Can't believe I'm typing this: We looked bad, downright awful at times, offensively. Yet, we still beat Wisconsin! I'll take that anyday!
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    Without Jordy we don't win this game. That's all.
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    Purdue beats Michigan and we are tied for 3rd!
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    I was going to post this comment in the postgame chatter but it hasn't shown up yet so I'll say it here. We don't win this game without Jordy tonight. Good job, Jordy!
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    They're a bunch of idiots. Same can be said about the bunch over at HuskerBoard.
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    I'll take the 'W' no matter how we get it.
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    These Tuesday night games stink. Doesn't our AD know that Tuesday's are bottling night?
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    I've been constantly conflicted this whole game between "I have confidence in this team, but I also know the definition of Nebraska basketball." It's a roller coaster.
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    My wifes on the couch, I can get her do the fisting.
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    Easily Jordy's best game of the year
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    When you boil it down, Big Ten officials are still human beings. Soulless, heartless human beings who deserve to languish in prison, but human beings nonetheless.
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    He's learning. Still a long ways to go on a few of those post moves, but he's big and plays hard. Glad to have this kid.
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    Sure is nice to have more bracketology threads than "hot seat" threads this time of year!
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    Norm Peterson

    State Penn

    Been seeing PSU stuff on other threads so thought I'd start a place where people can throw their random thoughts on PSU. If we're good enough to get into the bubble discussion, we're going to have to start leapfrogging some teams and trying to get a top 4 or maybe top 5 finish in the league. Another club hoping to be there in the end is PSU. With that in mind, I thought I'd look to see how tough or easy is their finish to the regular season schedule. Short answer is it's not. You know the old expression, "Make hay while they sun shines?" Their sun is shining right about now. And even at that, it's partly cloudy with a chance of showers. Here's how their last 10 games shake out: @ Ohio State, Rutgers, @ Michigan St, Iowa, Maryland, @ Illinois, Ohio State, @ Purdue, Michigan, @ Nebraska. Of the road games, they're probably hoping to win 2 and maybe sneak a third win against us. For home games in those last ten, they can probably only pencil in 2 Ws (Rutgers and Iowa) and hope to pick up 1 or 2, if possible, out of Maryland, Ohio State and Michigan. I think the honest PSU fan is realistically hoping to go .500 over the last 10 games. Of their last 5, three are on the road, and the home games are against Michigan and Ohio State. That's a tough close. They could lose all 5, whereas we have 4 of our last 5 at home and the one road game is against a team (Ill.) near the bottom of the league. So ... Their final regular season game is a road game at PBA. And there may very well be something big on the line for both teams (and both coaches.) A season sweep of the Nits would go a long way toward helping us realize our post-season ambitions.
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    Totally agree with your comment on Eades. He lectured Evan Taylor after he shot the ball from the foul line after the whistle blew so they could check who was fouled. Evans flicked up a shot and missed and you can see Eades telling him that he should make him have only one shot left. The shooter was then switched to Glynn. Why doesn't your crew figure out was fouled and get the right shooter to the line in the first place? There are only 5 dudes to choose from. Boom!
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    OK, apologies in advance, but I'm going negative. Sobered up, gave it some time, but I'm still a bit bent. The game: Positives: Jordy finally playing decent, and Thomas Allen attacking the rim. Very impressive. Palmer the best and most consistent we have, and attitude of toughness exudes from the guy. The rest--not very good. A step back against a bad Wiscy team. Played below our talent and ability. Important game, coming off a loss, and our effort seemed average. Our bench wasn't into it; didn't have a good look. A lot of selfish play. Evan has been bad for 3 games in a row now. And who knows WTF up with Glynn. I'm amazed at the lack of talent on Wiscy--that seems to have happened very quickly. The Crowd: Even without regard to the leaving early stuff that has been beat to death already on this thread, the crowd flat out sucked. I don't care how it looked on TV; I was there and am at almost every game, and our fans brought nothing last night. I don't want to hear about not having much to cheer about. Big game, plenty at stake, and the place was dead city. I was up a lot cheering, and got more looks like I was the guy on Mars than ever before. Sorry to interrupt a bunch of naps. We gotta do better than that. Especially in games where we're not playing great. The refs: We got embarrassed by Big 10 officials 2 nights in a row (football reference there). The first half I thought we clearly got the raw end of the calls. Might as well play all road games.The second half, they were just bad both ways. And Eades is an insufferable ego-driven prick, not to mention a horrible official. The officiating is truly taking the fun out of the game; not sure the frustration is worth it. Might have to go with volleyball; while there are a few judgment calls, mostly its just seeing whether the ball is in or out. Or bowling. Maybe rifle. Well, it's a win. But we gotta play better to get where we need to go, and where our talent should allow us to go. Despite the win, a step back last night. Good thing was coaches and players all seemed to know it and were pretty morose after the game.
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    Road to 20

    I am going to bet that he has his academic issues cleared up by Friday I am also betting that it was a paper that was due or something like that.
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    Unfortunately was watching that game at home last night. On that play, Glynn and Evan both got fouled at the same time. Evan actually got mugged pretty bad.
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    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Not a perfect system..but not one system is. Wisconsin doesn't get blown out. We do. Wisconsin blows bad teams out. We don't. It's a statistical compilation and we aren't a very good team statistically. When that isnt on your side, you better have a lot of good wins (we have one at best) or you better do it for an extended period of time (which the season is too young yet)
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    Now the owner has told me I could make the winery a Nebraska watch site!
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    Yknow, for all the crying about it, we actually shot really well from the line (75%)
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    A win's a win, but should've beat these clowns by at least 15.
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    So now someone can claim we defeated the Happ-less Badgers.
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    Brad Davison working his way up my disliked players in the conference list. The man flails around like a fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That Allen kid is going to be very good.
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    I think Wisconsin has more fouls called against them in the 1st 3 minutes of the 2nd half than the whole 20 minutes of the 1st half. Miles did a very good job before going to the locker room talking to the refs.
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    Those numbers cannot be official. Those flop numbers are too low.
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    Every time we play Wisconsin, we state the fact that Wisconsin doesn't foul much. Then, they knock us around, and get called for nothing.
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    Handy Johnson

    Scouting Wisconsin

    I've got a sneaky feeling Allen goes off for a career high tonight, gets hot from downtown and keeps fillin' it up!