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    I came back just to bitch about that soft ass tech.
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    Dont feel like that at all. Of course it wouldve been nice to win, but we fought hard on the road against a good team.
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    #VegasDoesntKnow #BetTheSkers Refs screwed us... Copeland and Glynn and Gill struggled. Only lost by 12. We can win every single game from here on out. This was 1 game. Let’s get it done against Wisco.
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    with a different crew to work the game though.
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    Name of the bald ref? haas clapped in his face afterwards...technical?
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    I'm on the Haarms hate train.
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    Man, this feels like a missed opportunity... There must have been more to the story on Cope's T. Not sure if something had been brewing, but it was a weak call. NU have every chance to be in this game. Every time they had a chance to get back in the game and really make things interesting, they literally gave it away. Glynn seemed to struggle today. Frankly, most of the back court did, at least offensively. Roby did some nice things, I thought it was one of his better games, actually. Purdue was allowed to be really physical in the perimeter today, especially early. Really harassed NU into a bunch of turnovers, which may have been the difference in the game. That Haarms kid is skyrocketing up my most annoying player leader board. I'd really like to see NU mix in the press more in the middle of games, not just when they're trying to make a miracle comeback. I'd like to see them ambush teams with it. It seems to produce results just about every time they use it. They don't need to do it a lot, just occasionally. For a team with a dominant front court, NU sure dunked a lot. Jordy didn't play in the 2nd half. He hasn't played much in a bunch of 2nd halves. Why is he still starting? Tanner is solid, but he's got some nuances he's still figuring out. Had a couple chances to pickup some offensive fouls but didn't. I think he'll learn how to pick those up. Thomas Allen going through a few of those Freshman blues? For the second game in a row, the rebounding improved quite a bit after halftime. Let's see if we can get that figured out before the break next time. NU shouldn't fear Purdue if they face them again. Hopefully they get another shot at them in New York. Alright, that's enough for now. Here's to getting back on track on Tuesday vs. Wisconsin. View full article
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    That's so close. I wish my initial prediction of an NU win had occurred, however.
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    So isn't that a tech on Haarms?
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    Good thing Roby didn’t look at any Purdue players after that dunk.
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    Coming out of relative lurkerdom to note that I didn't think many people could match the jackwagon-ness of DJ Byrd from a few years back, but lo and behold, there in another Purdue uniform, there he is... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    H-A-A-R-M-S. Double A's for a double dose of douchery.
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    At one point the announcer who isn't Kugler complimented Purdue for elbowing our guy in the head.
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    How can you bobble the ball, let it hit the floor, regather it, and dribble again? Isn't that double dribble?
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    Start Borchardt on Haas. 16 minute mark....get the best 5 out there together again
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    6-2 advantage in the 3 minutes since we put our best team on the floor, with several very good missed opportunities
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    Things are moving quickly in KenPom land now: Projected record: 18-13 9-9
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    Enjoy today's video.
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    Red Don


    Dimes bringing Facts into the conversation again!
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    I only recall the one late in the game. My main point is that Nebraska is very athletic.
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    LOTS of mismatches, not enough stops & not enough easy buckets. I didn't think we played that poorly, but beating a team as good as Purdue on the road is a tall order (pun intended).
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    I did and I kind of chuckled. Not professional at all, but funny.
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    That was North Carolina's Joel Barry, who had been grabbed up the court, as the ball flew the full length of the ball untouched.
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    V V V Vagner!!!!
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    Effort was there. Defense was there. Certain players played well, others did not. Offense struggled, at least in part due to their defense, in part because we missed some bunnies and open looks. But we need to take that intensity (with better offensive execution) into each remaining game.
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    Didnt play well but match Purdue's intensity. Played hard and tough. Just experimented too much early with lineups that dug too big of a hole. Competed well in the most difficult game we have remaining on the schedule. Huge week for us. Wisconsin is a must win and Penn State is a good team on the road which creates a big opportunity
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    Flailing and yelling by Haarms, where's the T?
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    We had so many damn opportunities where it even seemed like Purdue was handing a chance to get back into this thing, and we couldn’t convert a single time. Yes, the officiating is atrocious too, but it all comes down to execution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Maybe it's a make-up for not calling the testicle fouls earlier.
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    @hhcdimes, we need a death stare gif At the 3:21 mark in the 2nd.
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    That was a complete horsecrap call.
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    If we can get this back under 10, I'd consider that a win.
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    Seems like we always have a ref that fucks the Huskers.
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    Washut tweet
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    Jordy isn’t a bulldog. As a rebounder, I’m not sure he’s in our top 8...
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    I’m not sure why Miles continues to start Jordy if the plan is once he makes his first two mistakes he gets yanked right away for Duby.
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    I’d feign a strike to Harms midsection every now and then just for giggles...
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    Someone tell Purdue’s cheerleaders about spray tan...
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    No Haarms, no foul.
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    How was that on Tanner???
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    lol kent calling out the ref by name now. ouch!
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    I hate to say it, because I want him to be good, but Jordy is hurting us if he cant score and can’t rebound and loses his man on defense...Jordy should probably be third string...
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    Compare this (Lynch suspended) to the situation at Princeton a couple of years ago where the starting point guard got kicked out of school the second semester of his senior year because his ex-girlfriend decided after the fact that she really hadn’t wanted to have sex with him again after all. He was accused of a non-crime of “sexual misconduct” because #believewomen and dismissed from school. Unreal.
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    Love it. UCF wants to get under the skin of the committee, Georgia and Bama. You don't like it? Play us. The fact of the matter is teams like Bama and Georgia will refuse to play a team like Boise and UCF during the regular season and the playoff committee won't let them play in the post-season. UCF has one option left on the table - run your mouth until one of the big boys on the play ground swings first. Bait one of the big boys into a fight or run your mouth until they do.
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    Roy Williams: A drop step is not a post move it's a layup and everyone needs to be able to make layups. Post players need ONE move and the counter. That's all." Jordy's go to move is the jumphook to the middle. He needs to learn a double drop when that move ist taken away and he's good. Catch the ball, Drop step either way if available, if not go to your go to move, if they take that away use the counter, if that's not there kick it out and repost. There should be no "thinking" in that process. Just train the muscle memory and then go through the progression everytime you catch the ball.
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    Going forward