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    How is that not a foul on 4 for NW???? He literally landed on the back of Watson.
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    Okay, I am sorry, but they were all over Glynn and no fouls??? Seriously!
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    T-Rank is wrong. This team has more than six more wins left in its tank. We’ve avoided the demoralizing losses of last year. I see us going on a run to end the season. A run of wins this year.
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    Okay this is by far the worst Penn State 42 spots above us. Same record much worst schedule. So Kenton may not be the most accurate representation of where we’re at right now. I do think you’re right though dimes the close wins against the last 3 teams probably hurt us a lot in ken Pom but won’t be something I see the comitee being too worried about
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    He does the fundamentals much better. And please notice, he has hands.
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    Borchardt is better than Jordy
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    We have had chances to take the lead dang it.
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    Even just the normal scorers scoring would be nice.
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    I think it's a must win if the Huskers want any momentum going into the heart of the conference schedule. They do have other potential road victories in Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Illinois. But this team can also lose games at PBA they have no business losing So, if they don't get a dub tonight, chances are (overrated as a restaurant ), they struggle to get on the bubble and Bill Moos is hiring a basketball coach. So it's probably a must win. Get the job done, men. GBR!
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    My wife and I dislike our black unis. I think for me at least it is really hard to read the numbers