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    I spoke against a "must win" analysis a few weeks back before one of our games. I'd call this a must win. We have to pick up some road wins and this one is just sitting there waiting for us with McIntosh out. I get that we can always pull out the "but we put together a late run in 2014" card, but that just doesn't happen very often. We have to win the opportunities presented now.
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    All three post players for NU played without committing a turnover against Stetson, that has to be a first this season. Two guys getting 10 boards from the post also has to be a first this year.
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    Sagarin/CBN Ratings (BigTen-Jan 1)...

    rank team record sos vs top 50 12 Maryland 13-2 189 1-2 13 Ohio St 13-2 18 3-2 20 Rutgers 14-2 21 2-1 21 Iowa 14-1 42 3-1 22 MSU 11-4 46 1-4 30 Michigan 12-3 169 1-3 49 Minnesota 12-3 219 0-0 60 Purdue 10-6 50 0-5 81 Nebraska* 10-5 96 1-2 84 Indiana 7-8 19 1-4 87 Penn St 9-6 88 0-2 117 NW 8-8 64 0-3 130 Wisconsin 7-8 49 0-3 191 Illinois 9-7 174 0-5 *creeping up...πŸ˜‰
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    I certainly hope recruits are taking notice. I think they should, anyway. UCONN doesn't have room for all of them anyway!
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    Sagarin/CBN Ratings (BigTen-Jan 1)...

    I'm going out on a limb here a bit in saying that my hope now is to end up a little better then 7th place. This team is playing really tough defense which is some what unusual for such a young team. I also like Kissinger coming off the bench.
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    I would perhaps be better if I chose based strictly on my head...and not with my heart and Nebraska soul.
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    Bugs, it looked like we wore Minn out to some extent today. They didn't have much spunk late in the game. It did seem to have some affect. We play at a pretty good pace and with our subbing a lot...you better have some gas in the tank to keep up. A huge stat in the box score..our team shot 50% ...best of the year and look what happened. Love it !!
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    Nebraska Cornhuskers (10-5) vs Northwestern Wildcats (10-5) Date: Tuesday Jan 2, 2018 Time: 8 pm CST Arena: Allstate Arena (Rosemead, IL) TV Broadcast: BTN Nothwestern Info Head Coach: Chris Collins Location: Evansville, IL Conference: B1G Nickname: Wildcats Mascot: Willie the Wildcat Last time out: Beat Brown Typical Rotation Depth: 9 Line: NW by 8.5 Arena: Welsh-Ryan Arena is undergoing a complete reconstruction and all games are being played 45 minutes away from campus at All-State Arena in Rose Tempo: Slow Defense: Man Style: High assist % / High 3pa% 4 Factors Good: Doesn't turn the ball over, protect the defensive boards 4 Factors Bad: Putting teams on the line Four Factors Effective FG%: 52.1 124 51.4 200 50.8 Turnover %: 17.1 59 21.5 61 19.1 Off. Reb. %: 27.5 223 24.5 32 29.2 FTA/FGA: 33.7 183 41.8 300 33.9 Most Frequent Lineups over the last 5 games Nebraska PG SG SF PF C Pct 1 5 Glynn Watson 6-0 173 Jr 11 Evan Taylor 6-5 208 Sr 24 James Palmer 6-6 210 Jr 14 Isaac Copeland 6-9 221 Jr 32 Jordy Tshimanga 6-11 268 So 13.8 Northestern PG SG SF PF C Pct 3 23 Jordan Ash 6-3 200 Jr 20 Scottie Lindsey 6-5 210 Sr 4 Vic Law 6-7 200 Jr 44 Gavin Skelly 6-8 235 Sr 5 Dererk Pardon 6-8 235 Jr 5.6 Here is the most likely starting lineup with Bryant McIntotsh probably out for this game. Ash had been starting for the injured Vic Law and it looks like Collins is comfortable playing him at the point. Ash hasn't shown a lot of scoring punch nor setting up his teammates; his biggest attribute is not turning over the ball. Isiah Brown will also be in the mix and provides a bit more scoring punch though is turnover prone. Freshman Anthony Gaines should also see minutes Players to watch: Dererk Pardon Pardon famously played his first full game against Nebraska two years ago dropping a still career high 28 points. He followed that up last year with a 22 rebound game and Pardon is 4-0 vs Nebraska. The Skinny It's not quite the hangover that Nebraska had coming off their tournament but this Northwestern team the brought most everyone back hasn't been quite as good. While the schedule has been tougher, Northwestern's defense has been off and this year's close games have turned into a few losses. In Northwestern's first game without McIntosh since 2014 in their temporary home where there should be little crowd factor, Nebraska has a real chance to show themselves as the team we all hope they are. It's tempting to look at what Northwestern is giving up from 3 and attack from outside but what really stands out is the amount that Northwestern is putting teams on the line, especially if McIntosh isn't playing. Defensively Northwestern had been a problem with their 3pt shooting but the Huskers have sold out stopping the 3 at the expense up giving up some easy buckets inside. How much double teaming and switching will Nebraska do against a team that will eat you alive with passes to open players? Who is capable of guarding Pardon 1-on-1? Nebraska catches a sleeping Northwestern tonight Prediction: Nebraska 74 - Northwestern 70 View full article
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    Down to 7.5 now
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    In addition to what Dimes wrote, I saw this opinion from a poster who lives in Ill. "This is a winnable game against an inconsistent, injury-rattled Northwestern squad, in what also amounts to a neutral site game. While NW's stadium is being remodeled this season, NW is playing miles away at All State Arena. Expect a weak crowd and no home court advantage."
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    One day preps

    Yeah, this schedule is so goofy. I don't think this will be a trend, but I'm not sure it was worth it just to get to play in MSG.
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 08

    This somewhat makes up for my bowl predictions. Unfortunately, I had some monetary interests there. I am most impressed with the number of posters exceeding that Pom guy this year.
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    It looks like it's due to an edited score made before the game that wasn't caught. I'll check all other edits to make sure they were recorded as soon as I have some time.
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    I'm curious how I scored '69' when 75unlgrad had '63'. My score for the game was 89-64 while grad had 94-68. Just wondering, @HuskerFever
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    OT - Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, HHCers. GBR
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    my how expectations are climbing!πŸ˜€πŸ‘ on this 3 game road trip, about a week ago, i was hoping they could go at least 1-2 (thinking minny at williams would be a sure loss). now---should be no less than 2-1 and have a real good shot at going 3-0!!! going 3-0 would be huge! i really don't see any reason the huskers couldn't walk away with "w's" from nw and illinois!
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    You mean to say you're no longer Thrilled????
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    Yeah, If minny can't run and gun they can be beat. I brought up the points in the paint, I didn't it was that lopsided and they didn't get many second chance points as well.
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    Noah, did you live in the Piper wing of Neihardt from around '05-'08? I think I know you from real life! I was the R.A. on Love 2 in Neihardt from '06-'08.
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    Sometimes you get the feeling some folks can’t quite buy in😁
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    Red Don

    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    And Look at that Attendance; only 3,284. (Husker Ladies had 4,383 vs Ohio State; 4,404 vs Wash St; and 3,635 vs Florida Atlantic, all @ PBA) It will be a Happy Flight Home Tonight For New Year's Eve! (Top recruits are beginning to take notice of the fun the team is having, the stellar facilities, and even better fan support/crowds at our games! These are some of the reasons Kate Cain chose Nebraska )
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    love your optimism, but, we all know a long ways to go---but, i hear ya! listened to the game call with matt and jeff. since i can only go by that, what impressed me the most, i think there were around 6 minutes left(?) and things seemed to be unraveling. matt was saying the same thing. i was hoping coach would call a time out----but the huskers pulled themselves together and settled things down. that showed me something right there! haven't checked the stats yet, but, if someone told me Bell would get almost(?) 30 and minny drained 12 3's------i would have stated "loss". oh, man. i'm kinda giddy!!! GBR!
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    Tanner played a bit against some of the stiffer competition earlier this season and many were saying the Tanner Borchardt experiment needs to be over. He had a critically timed good game for us against Stetson. Personally I like the energy Duby gives us. His game against Minnesota was what I hope he can deliver for us in the big ten. I’m happy to see TB progressing into a viable option when we need him.
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    McIntosh injured

    Just needs a little reboot...
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    I think we will likely need all three post players in the Big Ten league games.
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    He's a much better passer than last year. His assist % has doubled so his passes are leading to scores.
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    I know Tanner will never be a superstar but how much will we regret burning his sophomore year of eligibility for like 3 min in 1 game? Hes a nice safety net to have if we strike out on our other big men recruiting targets.
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    I sat next to Papa Gordon tonight, and we both agree that it's the damn hippity-hop music that distracts the boys during warmups, throwing them off for the rest of the night. Oh, and the tattoos. Always the tattoos.
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    I was surprised to see NW a 8.5 point favorite. Hmmmm.