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    Rock Chalk Tock

    I hope you're alive in March!
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    Rock Chalk Tock

    Don't you remember? You went to the game with your dad and came home with your mom.
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    Rock Chalk Tock

    somebody's parents were really *really* excited about beating Kansas!
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    Peaceful visitor from the South

    There is a pretty good garage just south of the arena. Pretty easy in and out for the Indiana game last year. I too would suggest getting tickets beforehand. We saw just a few scalpers before the game last year against Indiana and this is a much bigger game. Tickets that are outside the arena for this game will probably be going for an arm and a leg as well. Plenty of food options as mentioned. Enjoy the atmosphere down there as it should be quite a big night for Husker athletics. Best of luck tomorrow and I feel a little bad that we are going to have to send you on a 3 game losing streak...
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    2017 Husker volleyball

    You sir are a better man than I. You should get to hold that trophy up tomorrow along with the ladies.
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    Rock Chalk Tock

    Really that isn't bad at all... let's see you get $25 for plasma... hmmmmmmm........
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    Rock Chalk Tock

    Looks like $500. Not bad for 12 tickets. http://www.leadershiplincoln.org/arena/pba-faq.html A flat fee, determined by the ticket price for the event, will be charged for use of the suite which includes twelve tickets and four arena garage parking passes. The arena garage is attached to the Pinnacle Bank Arena on the west side of the building. Women’s Basketball $300 Men’s Basketball $500 Pretty reasonable if you ask me.
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    Anton Gill

    PLEASE! Don't ever make me hear that again!
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    Dead Dog Alley

    Rock Chalk Tock

    It was all downhill after Schissler left. 6 seasons over .500 out of 43 years. Truly a dark era.
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    big red22

    Nick Fuller is Graduate Transferring

    This makes me even more concerned about Miles coaching ability. Nick Fuller is a perfect example of Miles not getting the most out of his players. Things of Note... Field Goal % = 60% Game against Duke = 7/11 and 16 points 3pt Field Goal % = 40% Point Average = 8.3 per game on 15.2 minutes We could of used this last year, and I knew the damn kid was decent behind the arc! I just don't get it, because he now looks to be playing at the level he did in high school. Miles offense must not fit his style I guess? Miles get Roby more freaking minutes!