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    Seeing some posts and tweets kind of reminds me of our offense just a complete 180. When our offense is on, the posters/tweeters are off. When our offense is off, the posters/tweeters are on.
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    Anton Gill = Player. Finally.
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    1st Half: That was as good of a start as I can remember NU getting off to in a very long time. They started the game shooting 72%, you knew that wasn't gonna keep up. Foul trouble to Jordy and Duby was problematic. At least one of Duby's was dubious. Roby's injury is worrisome. If he's out for awhile, that makes the front court pretty thin. He appears to have a bit of a catalytic effect on the team as well. Roby being out for a while would be a big blow. The biggest issue of the season for me is still how they're gonna manage when Glynn's off the court. He's not just the straw that stirs the drink, he's the drink a lot of times. too. If Gill is finding his sea legs, that's a huge piece of the Nebrasketball puzzle this season. He and Copeland have really come on as of late. The last two games, NU's played with a lot better energy. They have to play with that and more when the schedule ramps up over the next couple of weeks. The fast start came on the heals of good to great defense. When that disappeared, the offense struggled, big time. A lot of that happened with Roby, Jordy and Duby unavailable and Watson on the bench. 2nd Half: Out of the break, they found the energy again and found the offensive rhythm again. Our big men have to figure out how to turn post feeds into layups or dunks when they get clear looks at the rim. They expose the ball to smaller defenders way too much. I take that back, NU's front court play is the biggest cause for concern right now. Timely bucket from Allen who I think sat and watched the first 35 minutes of the game before getting subbed in unless I missed it. I assume he's progressing from his fall last week? We can't seem to do anything easy. The goal was two wins this weekend. They got it. Big game on Wednesday that's just as much of a must win as this was. I may have more thoughts, but I gotta run for now.
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    I hope that they don't bring him back until he is healthy. The season is not a sprint, we need him throughout the season. I know we are in the midst of a tough stretch, but Isaiah is an important player for us. We need to be better safe than sorry.
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    Bad combination of an injury and foul trouble left us with no idea how to defend the paint in both halves. Need to figure that out, especially if Roby is out for longer than a couple of weeks.
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    that was closer that it need to be.
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    Glad we got the "W", but it's apparent moving forward that Duby and Jordy will be our achilles heel. If they aren't going to score they at LEAST need to rebound and stay on the floor.
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    I miss Dave Hoppen right now.
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    How did Duby get that foul?
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    Not out best lineup: 1. Taylor 2. Gill 3. Palmer 4. McVeigh 5. Borchardt Helped give LBS some confidence on the offensive end.
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    38-19. What the heck is going on here? This is the same team that scrambled to score 20 the first half 3 nights ago, right? Don't jiggle the cord, please.
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    7-7.5 now. We must have done well
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    This is crazy...

    Bama is forced to play with 3 against the Gophers, and only lose by 5. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/21558686/alabama-finishes-game-3-players-entire-bench-ejected-scuffle
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    We had 23 assists. It would seem as though the LEWIS influence is becoming part of our game. Miles era best. Our most since a feb game vs K-state in 2010
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    2017 B1G-ACC Challenge (all times Central) Monday, Nov. 27 6 pm – Maryland at Syracuse, ESPN2 8 pm – Wisconsin at Virginia, ESPN2 Tuesday, Nov. 28 6 pm – Northwestern at Georgia Tech, ESPN2 6 pm – Florida St at Rutgers, ESPNU 7 pm – Louisville at Purdue, ESPN 8 pm – Iowa at Virginia Tech, ESPN2 8 pm – Illinois at Wake Forest, ESPNU Wednesday, Nov. 29 6:15 pm – Clemson at Ohio St, ESPN2 6:15 pm – Penn St at NC State, ESPNU 6:30 pm – Michigan at North Carolina, ESPN 8:15 pm – Miami at Minnesota, ESPN2 **8:15 pm – Boston Coll at Nebraska, ESPNU 8:30 pm – Duke at Indiana, ESPN Thursday, Nov. 30 6 pm – Notre Dame at Michigan St, ESPN NU History (3-3) 2016 – at Clemson 60, Nebraska 58 2015 – Miami 77, at Nebraska 72 (ot) 2014 – Nebraska 70, at Florida State 65 2013 – at Nebraska 60, Miami 49 2012 – Nebraska 79, at Wake Forest 63 2011 – Wake Forest 55, at Nebraska 53 Series History (ACC leads all time, 11-5-2) 2016 – ACC 9, B1G 5 2015 – B1G 8, ACC 6 2014 – B1G 8, ACC 6 2013 – (tie) B1G 6, ACC 6 2012 – (tie) B1G 6, ACC 6 2011 – B1G 8, ACC 4 (B1G leads 3-1-2 since Nebraska joined) 2010 – B1G 6, ACC 5 2009 – B1G 6, ACC 5 2008 – ACC 6, B1G 5 2007 – ACC 8, B1G 3 2006 – ACC 8, B1G 3 2005 – ACC 6, B1G 5 2004 – ACC 7, B1G 2 2003 – ACC 7, B1G 2 2002 – ACC 5, B1G 4 2001 – ACC 5, B1G 3 2000 – ACC 5, B1G 4 1999 – ACC 5, B1G 4
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    Without Roby back for MSU & Minnesota we have ZERO chance (you saw how thin our front court was stretched without him). Also, I think it's time for Allen to get more minutes. He certainly looks like he's ready, and we need more play makers.
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    Didn't get to watch this one. Looking at box scores, score logs, and reading posts for this take. Losing Roby for a week or two hurts. Losing Roby for longer hurts a lot more. Be thankful that he might just be out a game. Gill is going to be our glue scorer off the bench. Shooting looks as though it is starting to come around for some of our guys. Copeland, Gill, Allen are should only get better. That is a good thing. Palmer is going to give us 10+ PPG a night. Same with Glynn. Other guys will fill it up some nights and be quiet others. Happy to go 2-1 in Orlando. We needed that one. A win is a win. 2-1 is a lot better than 1-2. 5-2 is a lot better than 2-5. If 5-2 means we are in for a long year, than I will take a long year every 7 games we play. Sure we have 2 losses. Both against so-so competition. We haven't had a great team to play at home yet. I expect the atmosphere to be a little better for BC, and then a lot better for Minny/KU. I think how we fare in those three games will tell us a lot. Protect the home court, that was one of the goals. If you would have told me we would be 5-2 with a loss at St. Johns and 1 loss in Orlando, I would have taken that in a heart beat. I don't care how we got there, a win is still a win. You probably don't hear Minny complaining that they beat a team playing with 3 players. To them, that will be a win later on and that is all that matters. Now the fun begins. 1 win is a must in the next five. 2-3 would be great! 4-5 would be fantastic.
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    From an offensive side of things. I feel good that at least 3 players will get into double figures, it may not be the same 3 but, usually it's 3. I also liked how at the start of both halves we got out an ran a little off of turnovers. Hopefully that can continue. I really like having Anton come in off the bench and get some timely 3's. That was nice. Once Isaiah went out and Duby and Jordy got into foul trouble I felt like our rotation got off track a bit and that lead to some bad matchups and them getting back into it. I'm waiting for Jordy to start playing again like he did down the stretch, I have a feeling some of it is mental and him still not having a wealth of skills down low. 2-1 out of this tournament is good. Nice to see some shots falling today.
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    Also, how many teams outside the SWAC and MEAC have played seven games so far, only three on their home court, and still have a 5-2 record?
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    Fortunately it looks as though he just rolled it and should be just fine. No swelling Sent from my VS500PP using Tapatalk
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    Rolled his ankle in the first half. Apparently a low ankle sprain. Degree of injury not yet disclosed.
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    Bad ankle sprain. his foot was at a 90 degree to his leg.
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    Officials did their best to keep Long Beach State in this!
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    Can't put Duby in the game because of his free throw deficiencies.
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    I go get lunch and this happens? Sigh. Obviously the hoops gods don't like Po Boys.
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    Karl Hess in the game?
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    I thought California was the one known for long droughts...
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    Yussuf is also initiating the contact when he makes a move to the hoop. Slammed into Jordy twice before pushing him to get the rebound.
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    Okay can #4 for LBSU just push him with both hands because he is getting away with pushing with one hand and his body.
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    Ughhh, Duby is simply playing like poop today.
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    Better than a high ankle sprain.
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    I hate it when we don't get those good low ankle sprains!
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    The game is in Florida right? Now what would Moos be doing down there???
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    Don't know, nothing has been said.
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    May have left Tanner in a little too long.
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    I'm sure Rick Pitino would be a fantastic fit at that party school. Does the job posting require prior football coaching experience?
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    Can we play like this all year?????????????????????????? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just hoping Roby is ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bugeaters must have been on the other side of the international dateline-maybe Samoa. In fact Nebraska already has a new football coach there.
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    Shawn Eichorst's Toupee


    Syracuse says here's our 2-3, now go ahead and beat it.
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    This is why I'm in favor of majority zone for this team. We don't have a ton of lateral quickness, but we have good straight line speed and we're lanky and skilled. Zone gives us the chance to run more and get to our spots. I just don't think there are a ton of teams that can pick apart a zone in 2017. The game is so pick and roll/iso dominated now that zone seems to force midrange jumpers, which is now the most uncomfortable shot in basketball.
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    Marist will hurt the ol' SOS but I think the neutral game will soften the blow. Long Beach St tends to do alright in the wins department so it should be a net negative. If this is a team with a tough schedule in need of some confidence games, it helps in that regard. At the end of the day you are what you're records is, as Miles likes to say. Right now our record is we haven't beaten anyone of note.
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    Molinari's new boss 81 Molinari's old boss 69 We won't get fooled again.
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    Marist shot 55% (48% 3PT) against West Virginia. They shot 38% (38% 3PT) tonight. That can be a huge difference between winning and losing.
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    Dean Smith


    We don’t have a possession offense. I’m not even sure what a protect the ball offense is, running the shot clock down every possession? If that’s what you mean, we don’t do that. We are trying to run. It’s hard to do that after made baskets and the packline defense we run is designed to not give up easy shots so that means it doesn’t create many turnovers. Go ahead and give your opinion but you should stop making technical comments because you don’t seem to really understand the game on a more than surface level.