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    So UCF was too big for us to match up with and SJU was too small for us to match up with.
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    Creighton - Nebraska

    It's Coach Amy's game style. The plan I assume is to wear the other team out, and save your own players. We'll see how it works...but just only a few games...or one year isn't enough time to evaluate. If the bench is good enough then it may work. If we have 5, 6, or 7 lets say, and their obviously far better than the rest, and they don't get the minutes, then I'll begin to wonder a bit too. For that matter, not so sure we now have deep enough bench to play 12 effectively. I't just where we are now. Next year we'll be deeper. And the next year may be deeper yet. Depends how we develop. I watch closer when it's crunch time, just how the substitutions go. I do think you'll develop your players faster playing everyone a lot. Granted it not the usual ...most teams play the most skilled ....the most. So, we'll see how we progress, not just this year, but later.
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    We lost another great rocker on November 18th RIP Malcom.
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    That's a half worthy of the hot seat.
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    no ryhme or reason to any subsitution patterns
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    Red Don

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving All! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOOOOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both WBB & WBB!
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    We got this. Eat hearty, boys.
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    Shirt Promo for the Minnesota game

    Note the XL shirt and appropriately start to diet or pack on lbs as needed.
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    Chuck Taylor

    2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    With the Nebraska media on hand, it will seem like a home game!