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    In guys don't redshirt news, guys don't redshirt. I do hope-expect Brady to next year
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    Row6Seat10 Musings

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    Signing Day 11/8/17

    That is just a cool picture. Assume that is a Senior Picture.
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    In terms of teams we finished behind last season that we could potentially finish in front of this season.
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    The Official Media Thread

    We don't have to leap frog anybody. Nobody's played any games yet.
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    Red Rum

    Husker Signing Day

    oh my
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    Hey, this isn't too bad [turns on TV, no Big 10 Network]
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    Thor's a little different. He's here to learn to play ball and get a contract in Europe. Doesn't make sense to redshirt. I'd hope Nana sees the benefit of the redshirt season.
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    Palmer is definitely a surprise--an enormous, fringe NBA talent surprise. Amazing get. Allen is exactly what I thought he would be. He has an unteachable talent for scoring the ball and will go down as one of our best guards ever. I'm very encouraged by what I see with Copeland. He's got three games under his belt and has been contributing more and more each game. 12pts on 5-12 shooting isn't bad. I think his 3p% will climb and have no problem with him taking that shot. I'm thrilled that his athleticism is the same level as it was when he was healthy in prior seasons. His full stat line: 12pts, 4rbs, 3st, 1blk, 0 TOs is pretty darned good for game three. I think he'll get better and better.
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    Red Don

    Updated article on Kate Cain

    Good Article HUD. Thanks for Posting. I'm glad she chose Nebraska. I think Lincoln is a great place and one of the best kept secrets for student-athletes.