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    Red Don

    Rachel Blackburn update?

    Let me just add something, Dlrrk; a quote from Row6Seat10, made earlier in July re: Predictions for this season's non-con record.
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    This years starters

    Maddie is going to play a lot at the stretch 4 and do well -- nicea and Hannah should b ready to have very nice seasons now that they have a year under their belt. -- I would not be surprised if Jas surprises people and I hope she does because she is a nice kid and deserves it -- we desperately need Rachel to stay healthy enough to play a lot -- Kate is a big strong kid and good talent. People need to remember she is young and the speed of the gm bothers most posts for a considerable time while as they adjust (Jess was an exception as a freshman not the rule ) -- Bria and Janae both add needed athleticism Bria has all the physical tools and skills to be a very good pg Biggest adjustment willl be learning to b a vocal leader at a position that needs to b vocal -- darrien has lost weight and is moving better and healthy and will show flashes of athelticism that surprise people - grace will battle her tail off and should b more comfortable as a soph - all 12 kids including Emily will play some because we only have 12, and its girls bball so people will always b banged up -- team chemistry and sr leadership are way better and schedule is more manageable -- toxicity is gone and coaches can truly coach.-- tough situation last year when the most talented player doesn't buy in Creates a toxicity that cannot be under estimated. -- we will still have ups and downs but the program will steadily begin to return to where the fan base wants it. We have a very good 2018 class signed and r in on some great 2019 and 2020 kids. Young players are now being exposed to a work rate and work ethic that is needed and have good upperclass examples to follow
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    Next Years Starting 5

    Maybe Miles said that just to keep his players on their toes.
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    Next Years Starting 5

    I don't see how Duby Okeke could NOT be included in the rotation. Any rotation (8-man, 10-man, whatever) HAS to include Okeke. We didn't sign him to NOT play him.
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    Coach Williams Presser 10/9/17

    No worries, doctor playing it safe....she could lose the boot and play this afternoon if she had to.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    Some good stuff for all us hoops junkies today. Hopefully there'll be a podcast we can post here for those who missed it.
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    Row6Seat10 (read in)

    oh and let me add FUCK CANCER.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    * Doc Sadler approves of the title of this segment.
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    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    That's the big question. We turned Nick Fuller from a 3 star to a 2 star trying to fix his shot. (someone correct me if I'm wrong on this)